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PC Building Simulator 2 | The Fantasy Machine

Nov 23 - 06:47, by Jed7

PC Building Simulator 2 | The Fantasy Machine Assembling a PC has never been a pleasure for me. The hours spent tearing off fingers to pass cables, the anguish of not placing a fan in the right direction, the little screws that fall under the motherboard and that you have to go and find with a magnetic screwdriver... Not to mention the possible trauma of seeing a blue screen on the first startup.

But if there is one thing that convinced me it was the game "Gas Station Simulator", it is that you could simulate a very boring activity in a very playful way. So I thought PC Building Simulator 2 had a chance. So here I am at the head of a computer store whose two activities are PC repair and assembly. As far as graphics and interface are concerned, the progress made compared to the first episode is impressive. Everything is more beautiful, more practical, and the number of available parts is huge. You have 1200 products from Intel, AMD, Asus, Gigabyte, Cooler Master, Corsair, Fractal, MSI, Razer... It's like being in an LDLC warehouse. Once turned on and shining with their 295 RGB LEDs, the PCs are splendid, with a very fine level of detail on each component. Technically, it's pornography for computer fetishists.

Once the PC is turned on (and if there is no blue screen), it is even possible to access its BIOS and run different benchmarks on a fake OS. They really went to the end of the concept.

For artists rather than businessmen. The purely entertaining aspect of PC Building Simulator 2 is a little less exciting. The Career mode, where you chain together tasks for customers (beefing up an old PC, painting a case, mounting a flashy watercooler...) quickly becomes repetitive. After the fiftieth side panel to disassemble, you'll get tired of it. The management side is weak and the possibilities of decorating the store very limited. We are far from the richness and variety of the content of Gas Station Simulator. On the other hand, I really liked the Creative mode, where you can go crazy and build dream PCs with no budget limits. So this is more the way to look at PC Building Simulator 2: a nice utility to create spectacular setups, harmonize parts and colors, then fantasize about the result while waiting to have enough money to afford it "in real life".

My opinion? PC Building Simulator 2 is not really a good game (the store management is basic, the jobs repetitive), but it is by far the best utility to test expensive configurations, color schemes or watercooling circuits. Unbalanced people who want to give their PC a new look by adding RGB fans or colored cables will be able to spend entire evenings tinkering with this perfectly made tool.

What do you think about it?

Genre: PC tinkering, management
Developer: Spiral House Ltd (UK)
Publisher: Epic Games Publishing
Available Platform: Windows
Tested Platform: Windows
Download: 2 GB
Languages : French, English
Price : 25 for the software

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