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elitebot joined the game! [Beta]

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Dec 30 - 22:41, by iMostLiked

elitebot joined the game! [Beta]
Dear community,

today we are happy to present the elitebot, an official Discord bot by elitepvpers.
It comes with utilities such as user search or tag search throughout the whole forum, but also introduces two crucial features which will impact the way you communicate with the elitepvpers staff members and with any other user via Discord.

You haven't joined our Discord server yet? Click here.
Please note that you can only use our bot in the #bot-spam channel.
Let's dig right into the commands!

User and tag search

Both features should be pretty self-explaining. As the name already implies, you can search for users and tags throughout the whole forum. The bot will always display the first 15 results.

Command :search <username>
Aliases s, epvpis, user

Command :tagsearch <tag>
Aliases t, tag

Discord verification

We finally automated our Discord verification process! As of today you don't have to wait for a Global Moderator or Community Manager anymore in order to verify your Discord account with your elitepvpers account. You can also remove your verification with this command.
The command supports both your elitepvpers userid as well as profile link.
You can obtain your userid through your profile link. (e.g.

Command :verify <epvp userid> OR <epvp profile link>
Aliases v

Please note that we have removed all existing verifications. This means that you will have to verify your Discord account with this feature again!

Since you won't be able to change your Discord nickname on your own, you can use this command in case you should change your username on elitepvpers.
Command :verify update
Aliases v

Identity checks

Remember the two crucial features I mentioned above? The main reason we decided to launch the elitebot is because of these both features.
As you might know, there are quite a lot Discord fakers around. They use unicode chars (e.g. the Cyrillic script) to choose Discord usernames which look similar to the ones of our staff members in order to deceive our community.
We thought about a way to solve this issue and came up with two commands.

When using one of the two commands, make sure to copy and paste the Discord id instead of retyping it.

Fake check

With this command, you can determine whether a given Discord id belongs to a staff member of elitepvpers or not. Additionally, Guardians and Content Team members are also included in this check.

Please note that only the user groups mentioned above, to be precise Administrator, Global Moderator, Community Manager, Moderator, Developer, Designer, Content Team and Guardian can be checked with this command!

Command :fakecheck <username>
Aliases f, fake, check

As you can see on the screen shot, the username I provided in my last message contains the cyrillic letter e. There is absolutely no way you could distinguish solely with your eyes whether the user is faking our Community Manager or not. But now there is the possibility. And we're looking forward to everyone of you using this feature when a staff member suddenly contacts you via Discord and says that he wants to inspect your cheat or that you'll get banned if you don't transfer $50 to [email protected]
These examples sound surreal at the first glance, but believe me, there were several cases in the past and we wouldn't take such a step in order to prevent this issue if this wasn't a big deal.


Since there are also fakers of non staff members, we thought of a command which determines whether a given Discord id contains special chars or not. This command won't tell you for sure if a given Discord id belongs to the specific user (unlike the fake check command) but it unveils special chars. As a rule of thumb, only fakers use letters which can't be distinguished from the latin alphabet.

However, you should always verify one's identity through elitepvpers, even if this command throws a positive result!

Command :unmask <username>
Aliases expose, reveal

Let us know what you think and feel free to suggest changes or new features in our Suggestions & Feedback section!

Please contact us via the Complaint Area if complications or bugs should arise.
The elitebot is still in a beta phase and needs you to improve!

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