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Vote: Article of the Month 01/2018

Feb 07 - 14:43, by kovuus

Vote: Article of the Month 01/2018 As throughout the whole year, the editors of have made great efforts in the past month to bring you the most interesting and exciting news from the world of computer games. And as if that were not enough, many non-editors in the user submitted-section have also written articles about the gaming world and have helped, together with the editors, to cover a wide range of gaming news issues in recent weeks for you. These articles reflect the interests and the individual style of each author. Since its a known fact that you can discuss style and taste excellently, let us just do that! Which article of the last month did you like the most? Which one was exciting to read and well written? To participate simply post the name of your favourite article of the last month in the comments. The winner-article gets a place of honour on the portal page, and the author himself receives 400 elite*gold. Besides that, 100 elite*gold will be raffled among all voting users. The elite*gold is provided by the administration. Thank you for that.

Everyone can participate and vote. Up for voting are all articles published in the Gaming News - DE, Gaming News - EN, In Other News and User Submitted News sections during the period from 01.01.2018 to 31.01.2018. End of the vote is 15.02.2018.

- You may only vote for one article per month only.
- You shall not vote for your article.
- "Thanks" shall not be given to vote posts.
- Manipulating votes, e.g. with bribery, is not allowed.
- Obvious "fun articles" are excluded from voting.

You want to write articles too and maybe win the vote for the article of the month yourself? Then just publish an article in the User Submitted News section. Or apply now as an editor and support with your writing You can find all information on this regard and on the other content ranks here.

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