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Black Mirror - a Gothic horror reboot

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Nov 26 - 14:47, by Leng Chai

Black Mirror - a Gothic horror reboot
Set in the dark days of 1926, Black Mirror transports the player back in time to 20th century Scotland, where they must play as David Gordon, a young man who just lost his father. For a return to his family roots, David returns to the family home that has housed so many of his ancestors before him; costing many of them their sanity.

Black Mirror is designed to mess with the characterís head, mixing what could be real and what isnít into one unrecognisable story from the perspective of David Gordon. Developed by KING Art and published by THQ Nordic, the game is that of a point and click adventure game, similar in vein to that of the Telltale series of games, except through the use of a brand-new story and IP. By taking control of David Gordon, youíll be set to explore the deep-dark corners of Gordonís ancestral home, where spirits and mysteries await around every corner.

Throughout every minute of gameplay, Black Mirror is not only going to have the main character questioning his sanity; you will be too as the player. Every new piece of information he acquires this ancestral place, he comes closer to the loss of sanity that claimed his estranged father only a few short days prior. Inside this house is potentially a curse that has taken the lives of every single member of the Gordon family that once resided in it, but is that only a story; an old wivesí tale? Thatís a question that can only truly be answered through playing the game, a feat that isnít set to be a disappointment.

Just like any good point and click adventure, thereís plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore as David Gordon, with items spread out around the mansion Ė all of which have their own uses, providing you can find their appropriate use. As a horror point and click adventure, there could be a moment of suspense or terror around any corner, and thatís a feeling that only becomes accentuated once stepping inside the game for the first time. Due to just how dark the game and the environment is, along with the creepy, eerie music that you can never escape, thereís a lot to keep your mind busy throughout this tantalising story.

This terrifying and beautiful remastering/retelling of the classic 2003 game of the same name is an ode to the fans that sat through this dark and intriguing point and click adventure that plays with your head so many different times, you never quite know where the story is going next. Set to release on the 28th, November 2017, Black Mirror is a gorgeous retelling of a game that fans are going to love the chance to play through once more. Not to mention, anyone for a penchant for the creepy or horror-like nature of video games are going to find numerous reasons to play Ė just be sure to keep the lights off and your headphones on for the full, eerie effect!

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