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Evil Within 2: What hellish nightmare can we expect?

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Jun 26 - 19:08, by Leng Chai

Evil Within 2: What hellish nightmare can we expect?
Not much information has been given regarding the newly awaited sequel from Tango Gameworks & Bethesda Softworks 2014 survival horror game, The Evil Within. However, there is still a few little details about what hellish nightmare Sebastian Castellanos (the main protagonist of the game), will be facing in the next upcoming game in the franchise.

The Evil Within 2 will take place three years after the original sequence and will be a story of redemption. In the original The Evil Within, through the collectables you pick up, you can learn more about the characters including Sebastianís past. One of the biggest things we know from Sebastianís past is that Sebastian had lost his daughter in a house fire and his wife left him shortly after. After the events of the first game, Sebastian finds himself back working with his protťgť, Juli Kidman, who tells Sebastian that there is a good chance that Sebastianís daughter, Lily, is most likely still alive. To save her, Sebastian must go back into yet another hellish nightmare within STEM, (the system in the first game that Ruvik created that allows many minds to be connected) and uncover the mysteries revolving around his daughter's disappearance.

Seeing how this game will play out is going to be very interesting as it is more of a personal story and will most likely capture some of Sebastianís inner fears as well. One thing we are looking forward to most is figuring out the mysteries as to what precisely happened to Sebastianís daughter, his wife and why exactly did these things happen to them? Will we also see Ruvik or Leslie make another appearance into the game? It would be interesting, and we are very excited for The Evil Within 2 and have high hopes that it could be better than the first!

The Evil Within 2 will release on Friday, October 13th, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What a grand date for a survival horror game, right?

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