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FFIX is now out on Steam!

16 Comments - Tag: FFIX, RPG, SQUARE ENIX, STEAM
Apr 14 - 18:13, by Arby

FFIX is now out on Steam! With plenty of Final Fantasy games coming out on Steam, it seems like FFIX is the one which has just very recently came out. Knowing the old classics have came out, such as VII and VIII, it seems like this one is receiving positive feedback. FMVs can be skipped, which may have put off people from trying it out beforehand, and people have been saying that battles are at 60fps and not being locked at 30.

If you are interested in purchasing FFIX, you may do so here. For this week, it is also discounted by 20%. Pricing it currently at $16.79, 12.79 or 16.79 depending on where you live.

This game does include a few extras, such as, achievements, seven game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes, autosave and High-definition movies and character models

Interested more about it? Please, check out the steam page or this trailer down below!