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[xxxx] CoBot v1.3 (under development)

Discussion on [xxxx] CoBot v1.3 (under development) within the CO2 Bots & Macros forum part of the Conquer Online 2 category.

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[xxxx] CoBot v1.3 (under development)

//edit Due to the topic creator not updating this and several reports of this not working and the download link being down; this topic has been closed to avoid needless spam posts. If the topic creator suddenly comes back or there is any other reason for this to be re-opened, PM a moderator.

After so much leeching off this site, I decided to give back some... hope you'll like it ^^

What is CoBot? Basically Kira2 with some improvements. And unlike Kira2 it only works in 1024x768 (full or windows). I was too lazy to add 800x600 resolution lol. And like Kira2 is pixel based (fully pixel based, so no matter how many updates tq releases it will still work) so most of the functions will require your window active.

To make it work almost perfect don't dye your armor/hat red or blue (or use an avatar that has red in it - had problem with a ninja girl avatar, contained some red)

All the functions that appear red are not working (It might look different from what u see in these pics, but you get the general idea).

I'm releasing the updates pretty slowly because I want to make them to avoid spamming keys, also busy with conquer .

To run multiple instances (e.g. you want one char to lvl skills in background and the other to bot) simply rename the bot from CoBot to CoBot2 or w/e you want.

I have one free spot in the Misc tab, accepting suggests on what to add there, also accepting suggestions on what functions to modify/remove/add to the existing ones. Also tell me what functions are bugged and I'll try to fix them asap

  • The search mob function has a problem where it runs to the right side and gets stuck near walls/map edge (still trying to fix it)
  • When the bot is turned on you can't write some capital letters (will be fixed in the next release)
  • Cltr+End won't stop the bot if is training skills (fast fix: use Ctrl+Ins to restart the bot)

Last update: 13.12.09

Functions list:
  • Attack on/off (mob hunting)
  • Jump on/off
  • Left or Right Mouse Button
  • XP skill on and off + Fkey select
  • Auto-pot (hp/mp) on/off + fkey set + level set
  • Random movement or wait
  • Met/DB pickup
  • Items pickup on/off
  • Token pickup on/off
  • Auto trains skills in background (mana and stamina based)
  • Auto trains SpiritHeal and healing spells using a horse (works in background)
  • Auto sit
  • Auto SH/med (based on stamina and hp/mp level, not key spam)
  • Auto Heal (based on hp level)
  • MapItemIcon.ani editor
  • Pixel Colors setup (if you mess it up, there is a reset button now, for default values)
  • Custom attacking area (again is better to leave it alone)
  • Auto Clicker
  • Health DC + scroll before dc (hope you can see the useful part) + screenshot before closing client or scrolling
  • Auto-Creates the needed files (MyDocuments\CoBot)
  • The bot is not bound by a certain path. As long as your co is in ProgramFiles (for the MapItemIcon editor - and the bot can work without this, but won't pick up items/gems/gold/tokens) the bot can be placed anywhere, even on a memory card lol

Last updates

After many test and search and question asked, I finally found a way to make SH lvler to work in background. Enjoy ^^
I've been slacking off lvling my chars on Co lol, only did the skill lvler. Except the SH, which needs your window active, all other skills work in background.
My laptop came back sooner than I thought from the repairs lol so I started working again.
There is an Auto Clicker now, like ConquerClicky (just that you can adjust the time between clicks).
Also finished the health disconnect, and added a scrolling function. I still have some problems with the time dc (the timer is messing with my brains lol).
Removed the auto-team-create and auto-chat-off; they where messing the bot start, might add them in a later release (they are still present in the file - both the exe and source - just that they are disabled).
Added 2 more functions to the MapItemIcon editor, so when you edit the gold you can choose which one to show and not; by default 2001+ and 5001+ are shown as GiftBags - I'm thinking of changing that by adding a 3rd option and leave the 5001+ by default (the dds checkbox was an idea I had, but it failed lol, so that will be gone on the next release).
It creates the needed files (even the settings.ini) in MyDocuments\CoBot. Also it will update them on the new releases (if needed) so you won't have to worry about that; you can place the bot wherever you want.
Finished the Info tab, all the explanations are there.
Well I wanted to finish the MapItemIcon editor yesterday but I fell asleep on the chair at home lol.
I finished it today at work (is nice to have nothing to do all day and still get paid ). Also enabled the pickup token function (items/gems/gold have a different dds then tokens).
To see the changes done with MapItemIcon editor you'll need to restart you Co client. Also I put elites together with supers (it would've been a waste of space - a space which I didn't had lol - to put them separately). For more info see detailed function explanation below.
Items dds:
Token dds:
I'll try to finish the SH/Med/Heal functions today, but no guarantees ^^

K, I finished SH/Med/Heal and auto sit functions. AutoSit can also be turned on and off with ctrl+shift+z combo (very useful in pvp when an archer/fire/zapper appears and you want to regenerate stamina lol). Enough updates for today lol.

Detailed function explanation:
Removed: see info tab in bot for more infos

Hidden functions:
Removed: see info tab in bot for more infos

  1. Start - Home
  2. Pause - ctrl+end (it was just end but the jump was interfering)
  3. Reload - ctrl+ins (this is useful if you want to customize your own bot, to test the changes fast)
  4. Exit - shift+esc closes the programs

This is about all. If you have any questions post them and I'll answer them asap. Waiting for your feedback.
I added 2 separate links for the actual bot and the source file.

Don't forget to hit the thanks button if you liked it.
Also I'm waiting some feedback from you guys.

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I try to use this hack but i can`t to started..
can help me?
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ill c if it works nice work
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clean, scanned with AVG and Ad-Aware, hope it works!
edit: works great, the auto cright click can be used to scatter with an archer standing in place.

to use this with private servers go to advanced/expert tab, and change the name to whatever your client is (do this by pressing the windows key, or ctrl alt delete, and you will see something like [CracyC] for crazyco and then CoBot1.3 running, you change the [Conquer2.0 Raiding Clans] to [ClientName] EXACTLY, and it will work)

here is the proof of cleanness
Antivir: Nothing found
ArcaVir: Nothing found
AVG: Nothing found
BitDefender: Nothing found
VirusBlokAda32: Nothing found
VirusBuster: Nothing found

Scanned by

works great!

for the blank space in misc, you should put a Revive Here function!
the coordinates for Revive Here are 999,620 (approx.)
this was found by taking a screenshot of a dead char, and then opening it in paint, and moving my mouse over the Revive Here function (coordinates are shown in the bottom left hand corner)

also clean, notice the .packed in the virustotal, thats just because it was packed with AHK.

great bot!

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i need some help i keeps going to the clear button no matter what color i choose please help thank you
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Can this work with private servers?
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Thanks and hope work and mayeb you try add select name to atk monster OR Try Learn Us To Make
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Originally Posted by rob3rt666 View Post
I try to use this hack but i can`t to started..
can help me?
Do you have atk turned on?

Originally Posted by sick3sicc View Post
i need some help i keeps going to the clear button no matter what color i choose please help thank you
Elaborate pls, I don't understand your problem (when it happens, what options you have turned on, etc). Also read the info tab on how to set the bot.

Originally Posted by sugarmoney1 View Post
Can this work with private servers?
Yes, is pixel based so it doesn't matter what type of server it is, as long as you have 1024x768 resolution.

Originally Posted by febrero View Post
Thanks and hope work and mayeb you try add select name to atk monster OR Try Learn Us To Make
You want something like adding a monsters name to attack that monster only? If so, it's not that easy (or it might be but I don't know the commands lol).
Basically it should work like this:
search text on screen -> if error level <> 1 -> get text x y -> click x-20 y-20
But I have no idea (so far) how to do that. I will try to find out tho.

Thanks for your input.
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No one has yet to scan, so here you all are. Im pretty sure its safe.

Antivirus Version Last Update Result
a-squared 2009.12.13 -
AhnLab-V3 2009.12.12 -
AntiVir 2009.12.13 -
Antiy-AVL 2009.12.11 Trojan/Win32.AutoHK.gen
Authentium 2009.12.02 -
Avast 4.8.1351.0 2009.12.13 -
AVG 2009.12.13 -
BitDefender 7.2 2009.12.14 -
CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2009.12.12 -
ClamAV 0.94.1 2009.12.13 -
Comodo 3234 2009.12.14 -
DrWeb 2009.12.13 -
eSafe 2009.12.13 -
eTrust-Vet 35.1.7171 2009.12.11 -
F-Prot 2009.12.13 -
F-Secure 9.0.15370.0 2009.12.14 -
Fortinet 2009.12.13 -
GData 19 2009.12.14 -
Ikarus T3. 2009.12.13 -
Jiangmin 13.0.900 2009.12.13 -
K7AntiVirus 7.10.918 2009.12.11 -
Kaspersky 2009.12.14 -
McAfee 5831 2009.12.13 -
McAfee+Artemis 5831 2009.12.13 -
McAfee-GW-Edition 6.8.5 2009.12.13 Heuristic.BehavesLike.Win32.Packed.C
Microsoft 1.5302 2009.12.13 -
NOD32 4684 2009.12.13 -
Norman 6.04.03 2009.12.13 -
nProtect 2009.1.8.0 2009.12.13 -
Panda 2009.12.13 -
PCTools 2009.12.14 -
Prevx 3.0 2009.12.14 -
Rising 2009.12.13 -
Sophos 4.48.0 2009.12.14 -
Sunbelt 3.2.1858.2 2009.12.13 -
Symantec 2009.12.14 -
TheHacker 2009.12.12 -
TrendMicro 2009.12.13 -
VBA32 2009.12.13 -
ViRobot 2009.12.12.2085 2009.12.12 -
VirusBuster 2009.12.13 -
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edit: never i got it

I have another question though, how do u edit the map item icon, i check the ones i want and click change and restart the client, but the gold is the same
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