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Playstation 5 Slim Leaks - Video & Rumors

Aug 12 - 00:55, by Expel

Playstation 5 Slim Leaks - Video & Rumors

A new leaked video of the PS5 Slim version has appeared, as it appears thinner and lighter than the current device. This, of course, confirms the authenticity of the image that circulated earlier today when a picture of the device was leaked.

As you can see in the video below, we get to see the rumored PS5 Slim in the clearest possible way. Where we notice the thinness of the device and its low weight, which allows you to carry it with only one hand, as did the person who leaked the video.

We also notice a line on both sides of the device and its panels, and this may indicate the possibility of separating the disc reader from it. So it is believed that the slim version of the device may also be the version with a detachable disk. as shown below:

Sources From Twitter and Leaked Video Below:

Leaked Video Here!

•Description for the new PlayStation 5 skin (PS5 Slim)
•Carved arc in the middle of the sides of the device
•There will be visible black gaps in the middle of the arc
•There will be two Type C ports on the front
•Engraved with PlayStation □○×△ on the back

It is noticeable in the video that the device will have less weight while keeping the disk drive, as we note that the person who appears in the video can carry the device and flip it with one hand, and this is almost impossible in the current version of the device.

The source indicated that the new PlayStation 5 PS5 Slim, which will bear the CFI-2016 number, will be about 5 cm shorter than the current model. While it will be the same thickness without any change.

It seems that the official announcement of the new version of the device has approached. So stay with us if you find anything new. Share with us your expectations and impressions through what you have seen in this video.

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