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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Review

May 27 - 01:17, by Grapjas_

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Review Platforms

After our hour-long journey, everything went as planned. If we claim that We saved Princess Zelda We realize that we're really only witnessing the top of the iceberg during the very first few moments of Tears of the Kingdom. The game starts in the form of Zelda and Link exploring the underground vaults under Castle Hyrule. This is where we discover that the evil that's been repressed is far more as well. Ganon is really just the beginning of this process.

He is confronted by a huge mamma in the cellar, and the hands on the mummy catches our interest. Then we realize this hand has stifled this power for centuries. As you will see in the trailers this Mummy is actually our primary antagonist this time around, Ganondorf. I'm not going further into the introduction, but I will say that predictably the primary goal involves saving Zelda and the entire kingdom. After a series of incidents and events, we look up and realize that we have lost our power.

Gameplay dynamic

"Tears of the Kingdom" isn't breaking an existing system. Instead of working on the core that the game is built on, players discover that the team behind the game is more focused on the higher floors. In terms of the higher floors, I'm referring to both literally and metaphorically. The place we gaze is a huge sky-island!

As in the previous game, a specific region (Great Plateu) that we had to solve the puzzle until we had the Paraglider was added the same way. A similar procedure was implemented in the latest game. Naturally that this time the wheel operates a little differently when we set our eyes to a vast island dubbed Great Sky Island and have completely new features. We've said goodbye to our most basic features, like Remote Bomb and Stasis, as well as our power and health bar and health bar, we're chasing new features in the initial hours of play.

We go to four different Shrines on this vast island. And, just as in the previous game, we've gained our core abilities and have left a training component. It's now time to ask "I haven't played Breath of the Wild before, will I enjoy this game?" Let's find out.

Of of course, it's more fun if you play this fantastic game, but even when you don't play have the time, it's not a major issue. Actually, all of the games in the Zelda series are tied to one another in Lore in a way. Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are closely connected games. It's not that you can't learn the game's concepts without playing the previous one. If you're still given the chance, I'll insist that you don't miss this game.


The logic behind the Shrine is still in role in the game and is also operating the same function. These dungeons that are small, but in which we've gotten our most valuable features, which I'll discuss in a minute they are crucial to your longevity and health bars. In every Shrine you visit there are a variety of puzzles you can complete by using your abilities, and once you have completed each Shrine in a row, you'll receive an item called the The Light of Blessing. Similar to the first game, you'll have the ability to boost the stamina or health bar with each of the four items.

As you can see, it is clear that the Shrine method is important in the game. It is the basis to the entire game. The more you discover the game, how many Shrine you can complete and the more powerful your character will naturally grow. Breath of the Wild had 120 Shrines. I've managed to beat 30 hours in the game's new version and have discovered more than 20 Shrines so far. We are likely to will come across similar numbers during this game.

The game is split into areas. However, this time the tower-climbing game has been eliminated. The towers are disintegrated in various ways, and then are thrown up via the mechanism. After jumping a few metres, Link opens the map by using the Purah pad that he gave to Zelda. Purah Pad, in reality, is Sheikah Slate from the initial game. It features almost similar features, and uses However, this time they've changed their name.

Naturally, once the map is opened, the earth as well as the sky's islands are visible. While not all islands are as large like the Great Sky Island, where we began the game, numerous smaller and larger islands are also included. Island events have made a significant impact on the gaming world. While Hyrule seems to have somewhat similar structure initially but you realize how the map has evolved in the course of time. Naturally, some of the most famous locations have remained in place and, in the midst of the changes that they've experienced the map has been redesigned to include brand new stories.

Another aspect I'd like to highlight on the Map System are that of the sections underground! Yes, I admit that I was a bit surprised when I was able to see it for the first time. But I was also awestruck by the tears that the Kingdom in addition to the already massive sky and earth islands includes an enormous underground section. In addition, when you begin going down into this area it is where the overall atmosphere of the game shifts 180 degrees. In addition to being dim, the game also features an eerie atmosphere of the atmosphere.

Another thing about the game I enjoy is that the structure of dungeons alters at specific places. You can think of it as small dungeon quests to Shrines in the end. In the initial game, the actual Dungeons were loaded into an event dubbed Divine Beast. This time, a design that resembles the original Zelda dungeons was employed. I don't want to go into detail regarding this underground area and the dungeons not featured on the video trailers. Since, as you've guessed the core of the game is entirely discovery. You have to go on a journey and experience the first sensations in person.

Tears of the Kingdom is an action film with significant game mechanics to discover. Similar to the initial game, this one isn't a guide in any way, besides certain areas. What to do and what region to first explore is completely your choice. This game opens up to a new possibility of freedom. If a place begins to enslave you to leave, you realize that you'll have to go to it sooner or later.

I will not go over the mechanics of the game like your health bar stamina system, the capability to capture photos, ride on horses or cook food, glide through the air, or break your weapons when you play. The game's mechanics are similar to those in the original game. The existing structure has been altered by our new capabilities. Of course, more features were added in place of our existing capabilities. We have this time four essential capabilities: Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend and Recall.

New features

Ultrahand is a type of upgraded variation of Stasis feature. It also includes dynamic features such as turning and lifting objects, we can also combine these features or attach the Ultrahand to specific surfaces. This method added a lot of originality to both the open-world game's dynamics as well as the puzzles that are in the game. For instance, you could cut down trees and then tie the resultant logs together and you can create an amazing raft using the addition of a sailboat to it.

Additionally, the system is significantly improved by using specific items known as Zonai Device which you can purchase or give to children on the playground. It is possible to attach propellers and rockets to the rear of the raft you've constructed. It is also possible to build an raft that could fly through the air by creating a balanced basket of wood and affixing everything you can find on it, including propellers and rockets.

It is possible to build a motorcycle that has a flame-throwing tip tiny planes that is floating above the ground or a balloon that can transport you for a long distance. You can even construct a large vehicle that has the steering wheel. Zonai cars, unique items which act as batteries and this method of playing the game have been able to unlock a variety of doors to the game in terms of imagination and freedom.

My favourite thing about this area is the fact that the game doesn't place players in specific patterns. Also there's a large lake before you to cross. If you have the materials for making an raft, then of course you could build an edifice and then traverse it. On contrary, it is possible to demonstrate your creative skills and solve the puzzle by using different strategies. If you've played the initial game and you remember the different ways that the puzzles in Shrines had to be resolved, then you may be thinking that the whole structure is dispersed all over the board.

The Fuse feature allows this system of unification to shields and weapons. If you have an extended spear in your hands, you can connect the rock that you can see along the roadway to the end of the spear using the Fuse feature. Then, you can build your personal weapon with a few simple steps. or if you have an old bush, you could create an ax using just a tiny chunk of rock. There are a variety of options with regard to this and I'm still able to build different weapons despite the fact that I've played for hours. This allows you to complete your fights and battles by using your imagination.

One of the things I didn't like most during the initial game was the feeling of drowning in items after a specific amount of time. The goblin that I killed dropped the bat pieces, and I wanted to avoid making my inventory crowded. This game instead the useless items were a crucial part of playing with the Fuse system. For instance, if you put the bat's eye to the arrow's tip and change to create an arrow which follows the opponent. It is possible to attach an explosive device to the point of the arrow, locate something that can freeze the opponents, or use with a hot pepper.

Making use of all the objects that you have collected in this manner will increase the level of curiosity to a higher level and made the battle gameplay more entertaining. "I wonder what would happen if I put this on the tip of the arrow or the gun in my hand?" It is a constant trial and trial and. Even if your favourites appear after a time it isn't an way to stop it.

In particular with Zonai vehicles such as particularly with Zonai cars, like in the Ultrahand technology, this experience extends into other dimensions. It is possible to attach a flamethrower to the edge of your blade and let the swords burn when you hit opponents, or put in a battery to watch your electric shock.

Another unique feature we have is the Ascend feature. This feature is most prominent in the travel and platform section. It is possible to climb up the top by navigating most of the areas within the game, each of which are at a particular distance. Let's imagine that you enter an underground cave, then you're able to glide towards the ceiling and are able to traverse the cave like floating on water and then reach the top portion inside the cave. This makes the game extremely rapid and has sometimes led to blind dives. added excitement to the game.

The various solutions that are commonplace can also be used in this case. For instance, there are enormous rock bosses known as Talus that you might recognize from the very first game. After removing the creatures from Talus then you must climb over it and strike it from the weak point. The most inventive strategy in the initial game was to ignite the grass and then float over it with the resultant air wave. Naturally, one could continue to employ this strategy. This time, I decided to conduct a test, and ran it under Talus. I turned on the Ascend feature, and ran through it before getting the back of its head. I'm confident that this tiny instance is a good evidence of how efficient methods you can imagine are.

The final feature is Recall. It replaces with the feature of time stopping. It lets you rewind time for specific objects. For instance, there's a wall high inside the Shrine which you must reach but cannot climb it. First, you place an object of wood on the ground and then you climb the wall using Ultrahand. Then, you remove it. If you apply this Recall function to the board it rewinds the date for that particular object and then return to its original condition. This means that the board that is on the floor begins to return to the wall that you have taken it. As you climb up the floor, it will are at an elevation that you are unable to attain.

As you stroll through the playground, you'll see enormous rocks falling from sky islands. When you step on the rocks and then apply Recall, it will lift you into the sky as an elevator. By doing this you can get to the top of the island and also reach an area where you'll need to get there faster, gliding over the top. While you play with these features, like your Recall system, fighting and the dynamics of platforms, you start to realize how the game is actually changing in terms of game play.

Hyrule doesn't hide its charm from us when we play the newest game. There's a distinct detail each time that you visit. In terms of authenticity the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game are impressive. Sky islands' contribution to the overall atmosphere is huge.

If you climb you can see different locations of Hyrule from metres high. The freedom to move wherever your eyes go gives you immense pleasure. When you descend underground, you will encounter the opposite smooth and equally shifting dark tones. While you take in the scenery amid stunning landscapes as well as the accompanying music piano timbres, and even fast entries are a huge contribution to the overall integrity and authenticity of this game.

Offical Trailer

Technical details

Tears of the Kingdom does not technically grin in mobile mode. I'm able say it shares a lot of similarities with Breath of the Wild in terms the overall structure and quality of visuals. The technical quality, animation structure make it appear like the original game. However, with the additions I've listed You soon discover that the similarities are only in the technical and visual sense. Of course, there's more space than the original game, and the distance to view has been significantly extended.

If you change to Dock mode it's apparent that the graphics are somewhat old-fashioned in terms of technology. At this point, it's essential to distinguish between the technical and graphics elements that the game offers. The graphics in the game are breathtaking If you think of graphics, don't instantly imagine skins. I have no issues with it. When you take a look at the technical aspects it is clear that the game could be far more advanced than the present hardware. Also, if Nintendo announces an updated Switch model the day following tomorrow, and Tears of the Kingdom comes out on the console in a fresh way, I'll think "aha now they have given it right".

Like I said I'm very happy with the visuals and atmosphere of the game it was in the first game however, it is evident that it gets old with each passing day. However like in this game's first edition, they may not fully resolve the frame problem. In busy times frame drops in a flash can be felt.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Tears of the Kingdom was just as enjoyable as the previous game, with its amazing world as well as the combat system and puzzles. It was able to add more fun to it. The first part is the most surprising, perhaps you don't experience that huge shift with sharp lines, but after playing for hours you're always seeing new locations to explore and discover new aspects. This increases the feeling of discovery as well as the bound nature that the sport has.

  • A carefully crafted open world
  • Tons of details to discover
  • Fun fighting system
  • New features
  • Dynamics pushing different solutions
  • Rewarding survival system
  • Main story and side quest integrity
  • Musics

  • Frame problems
  • Minor bugs

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