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elitepvpers New Years Newsletter 2022

Jan 05 - 15:14, by Kim

elitepvpers New Years Newsletter 2022
Hello, Bonjour, Servus, Salut, Shalom, Selam! Community,

what a year we have behind us!

We had many changes, not only here in the forum but also outside there was not only one topic. In this newsletter we'll give you an overview of what happened here last year.

All things considered is that we probably got off easy in 2021. Let's hope that the pandemic will end soon and the normal everyday life that everyone misses will return.

We are happy to be able to go another year with you and look confidently into the year 2022. We also hope you all started well into the new year and made a few new year's resolutions.

Following Members were added to the team despite if they are a Moderator, Guardian or Editor. Again thank you very much for your time and effort to support elitepvpers.
Furthermore, we added three new Administrators last year.
Unfortunately, some have also left us last year. Be it due to getting older and spending less time at the computer, starting a family or other circumstances. Thank you also for your effort and time.

Not only changes to the team but also to the forum structure and settings were made. Here you get a detailed overview of all changes that have taken place in the last year.

Added Categories:

Changes in the forums:
  • 1 month elite membership can now be bought with elite*gold.
  • The redirection delay for new threads marked for the moderation queue has been increased.
  • "New member" badge was added to trade-ratings for new members registered < 30 days.
  • Phone verification was removed entirely.

Here are the top topics that attracted particular attention in 2021. Unfortunately we dont have much news for our english speaking visitors, thats why we are linking you the translated german news. You want to write native english news? Then please consider to apply for the content team.

Gaming-News - DE:
In Other News:
Artist Battles:
In the last year two bigger events took place with us where you could win a lot of things. The events elite*Summer and elitepvpers Christmas which are mostly every year, will most likely take place again this year where you can win a lot of prices!

Of course, last year there were again some Artist Battles which we do not want to withhold from you and briefly present the winners here again (you can win up to 600 elite*gold in each artist battle).

elitepvpers' Artists 2021

Thank you to all those who make elitepvpers what it is today, whose contributions are contributed to our forum in 2021.

You have contributed to the 145,809 posts and 27,719 threads that have been created, with approximately 85,000 daily visitors.

It's said far too rarely, thank you. We want to thank each of you. Those who visit our site daily and are a part of the community. But also to those who are only silent readers.
We try to be there for you again in the new year, to give our best, to give back something to the community and to give you a feeling of security.
We would also like to thank the whole team, without you the forum wouldn't be clean and the sections wouldn't run so well, thank you!

Thanks to all of you!

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