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elitepvpers Newsletter January 2021

Feb 08 - 19:55, by kovuus

elitepvpers Newsletter January 2021
Dear Community,

first we would like to apologize for the small delay. Still, we hope that you have all started the new year 2021 well ... whatever that means for you in the current situation. In the last few weeks we have taken care of the coordination of internal processes. For us, a new year means that we take a closer look at current processes, evaluate project statuses and discuss further plans. If you have suggestions and feedback yourself, feel free to post them in our Suggestions & Feedback forum as usual. Did you know, that you can look up all the old suggestions and feedbacks? You can check them out in our Suggestions & Feedback Archive.

In this newsletter we would like to take a closer look at elitepvpers as a platform. Many new members have joined us in the past and the young new year. With this newsletter we would like to help you on your new and exciting journey through our sections.

Should you have missed the first edition of our newsletter and are wondering what this fuzz is all about, you can find the first issue here.

The following moderators left the team during the last month:

To make it easier for you to get started on our platform, we have put together a few frequently asked questions for you and given the corresponding answers. But always take a look at the section-specific announcements and general announcements. There you will find a lot of important information that is required to be known in many situations (e.g. section rules and general board rules).


1. What is this Elite and Premium stuff?

As well as you we also have to pay our bills. In order to help us with this, there are various ways in which you can support us. One of these methods is to acquire a paid rank. In particular, there is currently the elite rank and the premium rank. Both are more aimed at different groups of users. The premium rank is aimed at each of our users bringing some quality-of-life changes. Besides that the elite rank is aimed particularly at our active trades. For this purpose, the elite rank offers many smaller and larger features that can make a traders' life easier. To find out more about the two ranks, you can click here for further information about the premium rank, as well as here for further information about the elite rank.

2. What is the official elitepvpers Discord for?

Pretty much exactly what you think it is for. The Discord server is intended to make it possible to stay in contact with the community outside of the forum. Be it through gaming sessions in one of the voice chats, or exchanging your current music recommendation. Feel free to join our Discord. However, please read our Discord rules, because trading on our Discord (as a little example) is completely forbidden.

3. Moderator, Support, Global Moderator... What are those Rangs?

Like any larger platform, we also have a large team, which actively helps take care of our sections. Without our helpful and friendly team, we would quickly lose track of everything. In order to know exactly which rank has which permissions, you should have look at this thread.

4. What is the difference between hard and soft ban?

We rarely issue a hard-ban. These are the users with the strikethrough and brown names. These users violated our rules in a special way and therefore have restricted access to our forum.
On the other hand, we issue a soft ban more often than a hard ban. Those can be both temporary and permanent. With such a ban, it is still possible for users to stop by as a silent reader. Furthermore, they can still contribute to ongoing complaint area tickets, for example to get their account unbanned.
Side Note: Please note that a house ban is issued separately from a ban. This does not only have to happen in the case of a hard ban, this can also be done in the case of a soft ban. We no longer want to grant these users access of any kind to our platform. A ban does not automatically mean that a person has been permanently banned from our platform, but it can mean exactly that.


1. How can I ensure that I currently talk to one of elitepvpers staff member?

Due to the increased support volume, contact with the team is much more of an issue for our traders and buyers. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that other users pretend to be part of our team and want to get account-related information. Please keep in mind that members of our team will never ask you for your password. These are of none interest to us at all, we don't want to log into your account. We strongly advise you to only address your ticket to the team via the Complaint Area and our Support Section. Contacting a member of the team via Discord is always associated with a risk, because none of the Discord names can always be 100% assigned to a person. You should also have a look at this thread, with more information on this topic.

2. How can I contact a trader?

We as a team recommend that you always exclusively communicate via elitepvpers. You can send a private messages and use our epvp*messenger as a quick method of contacting other users. However, many of our traders also use third-party software for their communication. We never want to put our traders under general suspicion, but be aware that we cannot validate chats from other communication platforms. This considerably limits which chats we can use in case of a support ticket. Discord is also far from being tamper-proof. Each message can both be edited and deleted. Here you can see the problem with this ways of communication, because should a problem arise during a trade, we can only check our communication channels for authenticity and completeness. If you use a platform other than elitepvpers to communicate while trading, please keep in mind that we will probably not be able to give you full support.

3. I want to report a scam!

First, we want to assure you that we are doing our best to put a stop to fraudsters and to make our platform as secure as possible. Of course, this is only possible to the full extent if you use elite*gold to trade, acquire it from the system and use our communication channels. However, we are also aware that not everyone will do this. So if you have fallen victim to a fraud, we will try to help you as far as we can. Please use the Complaint Area for such a report. Should you need our support in this case, we would like to point out that this help may be reserved for our premium users. If you decide to file a police complaint, please also note that we do not share any user data with other users. However, you can give the police our contact details at any time, and we will then forward all the information we have to the police. For more information on this topic, please read this thread.
Side Note: Public fraud allegations are prohibited on our board. So we are not on the side of a fraudster because we delete your allegation. We are happy to assist you with legitimate allegations via our support sections. However, the presumption of innocence applies to elitepvpers. In order to give everyone a fair trial, we cannot allow accusations. It is not uncommon for an alleged fraud to be a misunderstanding. So if we should now leave an unjustified accusation, it damages the reputation of a trader based on an unfounded claim.

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