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elitepvpers New Years Newsletter 2021

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Jan 01 - 12:53, by andii

elitepvpers New Years Newsletter 2021
Dear Community,

we made it - 2020 is over, and I am certain that we are all more than ready to start over. This year put is into new, challenging situations, and we are very happy that we all dealt with it in a good manner so far. We hope that all of you came through the year happy and healthy, and we wish you all the best for 2021.

In this episode of our newsletter, we would like to have a small review over 2020 and what happened during the year on elitepvpers.

Should you have missed the first edition of our newsletter and are wondering what this fuzz is all about, you can find the first issue here.

The following moderators have joined our team during 2020:
The following moderators have left our team during 2020:

Of course, we have done some changes to our forum during the past year.
Here you will get an overview of all changes that we applied during 2020.

The following games have been added to our Popular Games section:
The following forums have been added:
Other changes:
  • Thread ratings have been removed for all TBM and advertisment forums.
  • Sticky-Bumps got their own highlighted backgrounds.
  • In the TBM forums you are able to see the trade ratings of the thread creator, below the thread itself.
  • We visually adjusted our "Buy elite*gold"-page.
  • videos will now get embedded automatically. Same as for YouTube videos.
  • URLs are now getting embedded automatically.
  • We adjusted the social media icons in the footer.
  • Users with the elite*gold bade have now access to our messenger
  • New users with a certain amount of activity will automatically get access to our messenger.
  • We adjusted the "unverified trade" icon.
  • The middleman forum displays mediations instead of TBM ratings.
  • We adjusted the maximum file size for avatars.
  • We adjusted and improved the serach function.
  • Low amount elite*gold trades are now getting marked with a badge. (Below 100 e*gold)

The following articles were able to generate a great hype in 2020:

Gaming-News - EN:
Of course we also had some amazing events in 2020:
Our creative minds of 2020:
elitepvpers' Artists 2020

  • epvp*messenger
    Our epvp*messenger has been created for fast and effective communication between users on elitepvpers, without having the need to use any third party program. It is perfect for traders and the chat is also valid for our support in case of issues.

  • Sticky Bumps
    In all forums where our bump system is enabled, you can now use stickies for up to 30 days. Your thread will be the highlight of the section!

  • Auto Bumps
    They took our jobs! You do not have to bump your threads on your own. Our auto bump feature can do it for you nice and easy.

  • Elite-Rank
    Most of you already stumbled across a user with the elite-rank. This rank is primarily meant for professional traders but can also be purchased by any other user that wants to support elitepvpers.

  • Forum structure
    To clean up the board a little bit, we have archived inactive forums and moved the most popular games to the Popular Games section. Some forums also got a name change.

  • Added Forums
    During the last year we were lucky that quite a few new awesome games got released. We have added a total of 27 new forums in 2020.

  • elitebot
    elitebot is our offical elitepvpers Discord bot and it comes with a few handy features which brings our platform closer to discord and makes our everyday lifes a little bit easier. We are constantly working on the bot to improve it and add new functionalities.

  • Other Projects
    On our Trello Board you can always see on which projects we are currently working and in which state the project is in. We regularly check your Feedback & Suggestions and add them accordingly.

Now is the time to offically say "Thank You". Thanks to everyone who took part on our Board in 2020:
  • To our Guardians, who activly report posts that are against our rules. We really appreciate your support!
  • To our Moderators, who take care of all our amazing sections. This would not be possible without you!
  • To all users, who support elitepvpers by buying elite*gold or by purchasing on of your premium ranks!
  • To the creative minds, who make sure we always have something new to check out and are always up2date!
  • To all of you, who use their free time to make elitepvpers a better place!
  • To those, who post suggestions to improve our board!
...and last but not least a huge Thank You to all of You!
elitepvpers wouldn't be where it is today without our amazing Community

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