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Newsletter May 2020

Jun 01 - 12:00, by kovuus

Newsletter May 2020
Dear Community,

there have been only a few minor changes to our board in the past month. However, since most of you are currently forced to stay at home, the volume of trade is increasing. Therefore, we have created a small quest that you can now fulfil to make your next trade more secure. If you have suggestions and feedback yourself, feel free to post them in our Suggestions & Feedback forum as usual. Did you know, that you can look up all the old suggestions and feedbacks? You can check them out in our Suggestions & Feedback Archive.

Should you have missed the first edition of our newsletter and are wondering what this fuzz is all about, you can find the first issue here.


Staff Changes

The following moderators have left our team during the last month:

Quest: The Black Market - Increase your trading security!

Last month, we adjusted based on your feedback, both the verified trade badge and the unverified trade badge. Previously, these were a little too pushy, which is why many of you have requested a change. Since most of you have more time to trade, we invite you to revisit our trading guidelines, rules and systems. Please follow our rules and guidelines, otherwise we cannot guarantee you any support in the event of an incident!

1. Request-a-Trade!

One of the most important systems in our Black Market is the Request-a-Trade system. This gives you access to our forum-internal rating system and, in the event of an incident, you can also report the trade to our support. Please keep in mind, we cannot support you if you have not used our trading systems. Compare elitepvpers to any other trading platform: If you want to complain about an article on Amazon, or want to report a fraudulent action, you will only be able to open a ticket if you bought the article on Amazon. You can easily request a trade as in the entire Black Market section, a request-a-trade button is displayed next to each user's post. Should a trader deny to trade with you via this system, then it might be time to find a new trading partner?

2. Use private messages and the elitepvpers messenger!

Most of you are already aware of this, but for those of you that do not know this: We cannot check chat histories from third-party applications! Since there is always the possibility to manipulate images, or the option to delete messages or part of messages, we simply cannot allow these chat histories as evidence. It might happen from time to time, that we can somehow validate a chat, but this is by no means the rule. We have a messaging system and currently the beta of our elitepvpers messenger is still running. Please use these systems and do not switch to any other software! Should a trader deny communicating with you via these systems, then it might be time to find a new trading partner?

3. Impersonators!

3.1 Impersonators on third-party applications

It doesn't really matter whether it is an elitepvpers staff member or an active trader, sooner or later somebody will try to use someone's name for themselves. You should have already noticed that the two upper systems are meaningful countermeasures to prevent even the need to use third-party applications. If you trade and communicate on elitepvpers, you cannot fall for impersonators on Discord, Skype etcetera. Especially on platforms like Discord, where users can fake a name very easily (for example, using special characters, or the function of discriminator choice (the numbers behind the "#") for nitro subscribers), it is quite easy to scam users. Systems like our elitebot on our official Discord offer a fake check, but you still take the least risk by communicating and trading via elitepvpers. Should a trader contact you via Discord, send him a message via elitepvpers. Let them confirm their identity, so that you know if the Discord user you are talking to is the trader you are looking for. Then you should continue the conversation via private messages on elitepvpers. If the trader refuses to confirm his identity, or if he wants to urge you to complete the trade before the confirmation, it might be time to find a new trading partner?

3.2 Impersonators on elitepvpers

Yes, even on our site it can happen that you encounter an impersonator. But there are many ways to protect yourself from falling for these people. Whenever you want to trade with a user, make sure that the User ID also matches the User ID of the person you want to trade with. If you are not so sure about this, you can check the User IDs by comparing the IDs of the users in the address bar of your browser (as soon as you are on their profile page). If you want to double check: You can also "send" elite*gold to both users (without having to complete the transaction process!). Once you have opened the trading window, you will see the user ID of your trading partner there. In case you want to trade via elite*gold, the process is of course the same ("send" elite*gold and compare the User ID in the transaction window with User ID in the browser address bar on the profile of your trading partner). You should also check whether your trading partner has special characters in his name or not. In order to support you with this research, e.g. with special characters that might be hard to recognize, there is a little note on the TBM profile of each user with special characters in their name:

4. No elitepvpers staff member will ever contact you outside of this platform (e.g. Skype or Discord) to discuss support tickets, or any elitepvpers account related things (e.g. your password)!

I know that is a long title. But everyone who just skims over this text should know this point! In advance: Pay attention to impersonators too! It is of course quite lucrative for impersonators to pretend to be an elitepvpers staff members, as they often enjoy a small trust bonus. Please keep in mind: No elitepvpers staff member will ever contact you outside of this platform (e.g. Skype or Discord) to discuss support tickets, or any elitepvpers account related things (e.g. your password)! Always discuss tickets or account-related matters on elitepvpers and: Should a supposed elitepvpers staff member contact you via Discord send him a message via elitepvpers. Let him confirm his identity, so that you know if the Discord user you are talking to really is a staff member. Then you should continue the conversation via private messages on elitepvpers.

Side note: From time to time, users try to impersonate a staff member. Please always make sure that you really write with one of our staff members.

5. Helpful links and information!
  • Please read our Black Market Rules! *LINK*
    • Rule 1.1: Threads to accuse other users are forbidden. If you have been scammed, use our rating system and/or warn other users in the thread corresponding to your trade(and only there!). You can also try to get the user banned via the Support. Anywhere else accusations are forbidden. Keep in mind, that our rules also apply to negative feedback (especially #4.2).
    • Rule 4.2: Post only if you are interested in a trade or if you can constructively contribute to the topic. Please ensure, that your feedback is always given a reason. Meaningless posts (e.g. one-word posts like “Scammer”) are considered spam and violate our rules. If you want to post negative feedback, please take a look at #1.1.

    Probably the most discussed rules are Rule 1.1 and Rule 4.2. If you follow our rules and use our trading systems, we can take action against scammers, but if you use third-party applications for communication, or if you do not use our systems at all, it is often impossible or very difficult to help you. Negative feedback is of course allowed, but it takes a little more than "SCAMMER!!".
  • Please read our Black Market Guidelines, to get all the information you need about trading! *LINK*
  • Read this thread to get more information on how to identify fakers! *LINK*
  • If you are a trader, you most likely need to read our topic about hack- and purchase receipt inspection! *LINK*
  • Please read our Complaint Area Guidelines before posting there! *LINK*
  • If you got scammed, you should read this topic! *LINK*
  • If you ever need the help of our elite*gold support, please read the section rules before posting (e.g. Posting in other threads then your own ticket is forbidden!)! *LINK*
  • If you ever have a problem with our elite*gold system (e.g. you need to reset your elite*gold PIN), please read this elite*gold support FAQ to get all the information you need! *LINK*
  • To increase your account security, please activate 2-Factor-Authentification! *LINK*
  • Last but not least: Please read our general board rules! *LINK*

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