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elitepvpers Newsletter: Review of 2017 and Outlook

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Jan 01 - 18:39, by MrSm!th

elitepvpers Newsletter: Review of 2017 and Outlook
Dear community,

the relaxed/stressful holidays and New Year's Eve are over, firecrackers are all over the streets and we'll be on fire once more, too! We'd like to review the past year 2017 but also dare to take a look on what's to come in 2018.
Should you have missed the first edition of our newsletter and are wondering what this fuzz is all about, you can find the first issue here.


Staff Changes

The following moderators have joined the team during the last month:
  • Saaja (League of Legends)

Forum Changes

The following changes related to our software have been implemented or rejected:
  • elite*coin Blockchain Corp. Well, not entirely true... But you now receive a 20% bonus on your elite*gold purchase if you pay with crypto currencies! You can pay here with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies.


  • Review Event
    In cooperation with well-known sponsors we started the review event to fill our Hardware Review section with new content and give you the opportunity to win great prizes. The winner of the grand prize (Noblechairs Gaming chair) was [&] Delinquent with his review of the Kingston HyperX Cloud.

  • elitepvpers Newsletter
    It was an important concern for us to get in touch with you again and to inform you better about elitepvpers and everything around it. We also wanted to react faster and stronger to user requests. This "project" has been running since February and we are very satisfied with it! In the course of the revamp of the "Suggestions" forum we also got more feedback from you.

  • Technical optimizations
    Some old hands were noticeably surprised when the beloved/hated downtime at 4 am disappeared. But along with some changes we were able to improve the forum performance in April and set secure HTTPS connections as the default for everyone.

  • Local Rules Revamp
    Since we allow each moderator the freedom to shape his or her section, over the years some very different local forum rules have emerged which were either outdated or very different from one another. In cooperation with all moderators every rule in every forum has been checked. Since then all local forum rules have been updated and now have a uniform structure.

  • Guardian Revamp
    Guardians have been and will stay an important part of elitepvpers. Since the revision of the guardian rank they have more privileges, more opportunities to interact with us and we have also changed our requirements for applicants.

  • elitepvpers Discord Server
    We started the Discord Server as a general server with all kinds of channels (mostly games) and little to no direct relation to elitepvpers. Often it was about game hacks or something similar — a superordinate topic was rare. On the one hand the TOS of Discord itself don't like to see discussions about hacks and on the other hand we noticed ourselves that you ended up hanging out with friends on your own server for playing games. We changed the server a lot later. There is hardly anything going on right now — we know that too— but we see Discord as a channel for feedback/support and personalized help. We think that Discord has as an enormous potential that we want to make use of in 2018.

  • General Rules
    The global rules have been revised! General hints and links are now placed at the beginning of the text, the violations are sorted by their severity, ambiguous rules have been rephrased and obsolete ones removed.

  • elitepvpers PC
    We started our cooperation with in June this year. You can buy personalized elitepvpers PCs there!

  • Meme up!
    :jofrly: Since the middle of the year new memes and smilies are available.

  • elitecases
    We welcomed you with a happy Cyka Blyat to elitecases this October. Since the launch we already made some improvements like an affiliate system or a Welcome case. More information can be found in the announcement.

  • Legend rank
    Those users who have been significantly involved in the development of elitepvpers with a lot of commitment and dedication can be honoured with the legend rank since September. This rank is assigned individually to selected users and comes without fixed criteria.

  • TBM Update
    With an extraordinary announcement we published some fundamental changes to the Black Market Rules: From now on we will no longer delete negative feedback (unless it contains insults or violates other forum rules).
    Two new status badges (verified/unverified trade) enable you to recognize feedback that belongs to a legitimate trade. You can read on further details here.

  • Goldmine
    You can mine elite*gold... In our Goldmine. You provide us with a part of your computing power and receive elite*gold in exchange.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    After the internal team beta phase the 2FA is currently in the premium beta. The 2FA protects your account from unauthorized access and is very easy to set up.

Highlights of the last year

Following news articles attracted a lot of attention:

Gaming-News - DE:

Gaming-News - EN:

In Other News - DE:


Major innovations are on the horizon!

We want to release many small and big improvements for elitepvpers in 2018, improve the Black Market and further shorten the long list of user wishes.

We will soon release updates to the Bump addon that will bring you several new features such as automatic bumping. We want to continue working on our own Discord bot (If you have any feature suggestions: Feel free to send them to us!) and further improve the 2FA with the help of user feedback. We'll also be revamping the broadcaster group. As you can see on our roadmap we've got a lot to do.
Also elitecases will get more updates in the future, among other things you'll be able to pay with your steam skins, elite*gold or resell your balance with vouchers.

Thank you!

Last but not least we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thanks to all team members including the content team, to all guardians, to all supporters, to all creative minds and of course to all other users who make elitepvpers to what it is today. Because of your volunteer work elitepvpers is running and we really appreciate that.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2018 and are looking forward to fulfilling your long-awaited wishes during this year.

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