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Mid-October Update: TBM Update, Goldmine, elitecases Affiliate Program

Oct 18 - 14:19, by dacx

Mid-October Update: TBM Update, Goldmine, elitecases Affiliate Program
Dear Community,

Welcome to this extraordinary announcement of some recent changes. Normally we would wait until the end of the month, but this is of high importance. We apologize for the rather high number of notifications this month. We try to reserve these only for important information and not to annoy you unnecessarily.
Now let's get to the changes!

Fundamental Changes to the Black Market Rules

First of all, you may have noticed that in the Black Market you will find one of the following two badges above each post:

What's that all about? Well, it's basically the same as "verified purchases" at Amazon. It indicates whether there is a trade in our system for the respective post. In other words, if someone leaves their feedback in a thread, you can now immediately tell whether the user has actually traded with the thread creator or not. If you click on the badge, you will see a list of trades between the respective user and the thread creator. With this you can now assess the credibility of a given feedback on your own and make a well-founded decision on whether you want to trust it or not.

This comes with the removal of one of our oldest rules: From now on we will no longer delete negative feedback (unless it contains insults or violates other forum rules)!

Until now, all negative feedback has been prohibited as there is a rating system for exactly this purpose, which is only available to people who have actually traded via our system. This was our attempt to prevent unfounded accusations as we cannot check every single post for correctness. For a long time we have been refusing to remove the rule, because in principle everyone could simply create a fake account and spam wrong feedback into a competitor's thread. Now that everyone can check if there are any real trades related to a given feedback, we don't consider it as problematic anymore.

Additionally, this change has the positive side effect that you can now recognize fake feedback much easier and also warn other users by posting your feedback directly into the respective threads, not just by giving negative ratings. All in all this should also give another incentive to use our trade system since verified feedback posts look significantly more trustworthy.

By the way: Occasionally there was some confusion around this, so we'll clarify it once and for all: You are allowed to create trade requests for vouches. While you are not allowed to rate them, because ratings are only allowed for real trades where you give something in return, you can and should always create a trade request. This way your vouch feedback will be marked as verified, too.

We know that this is a very drastic change, but over the years it has become clear that the community does not approve this kind of censorship of negative posts. We have finally fulfilled this wish, because we despise scammers just as much as you and don't want them on our platform. We hope that you will this change as much was we do!

elitepvpers Goldmine

You should probably all know about our board-internal currency elite*gold. You can buy it with a selection of payment methods directly from our system or with virtually any other means of payment in the Black Market from other users.

But now you can also dig for it! Purely virtual, of course, in our elitepvpers Goldmine!
You provide us with a share of your computing power and receive elite*gold in exchange. It's easy, just click on "Start Mining" and choose the settings to your likes. You'll also find a list of the 25 most successful miners there!

elitecases Affiliate Program

Well, we already told you the first updates would follow soon. This change has been requested by many of you and was right at the top of our priority list!

As part of our brand new affiliate program, you can create referral links and share these with your friends and on social networks. For each person who signs up after clicking on your referral link, you will permanently get 2% of all their expenses directly credited to your elitecases account.

You are an active streamer? Then contact us at [email protected] to discuss special conditions!

You don't want to be notified about our news? What a bummer!
Notifications can be deactivated here.

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