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League of Legends Levelling, IP and Rewards News

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Sep 07 - 18:09, by Leng Chai

League of Legends  Levelling, IP and Rewards News
The World Championship is fast approaching and Riot is already preparing the ground for the next season. Also, on the occasion of its 8th season, League of Legends will get a whole new levelling system and will see the replacement of its currency in the current game. As tradition has it, every start of the season is a symbol of a vast number of changes for League of Legends. Chief producer of Riot, New001 has unveiled so much in the official video statement.

A new levelling system is set to be introduced which will end the level 30 cap. Also, the Influence Points will be merged with the Blue Essences, introduced earlier with the Hextech craft system.

One of the long standing problems was veteran players were accumulating a large quantity of IP without anything to spend it on. The next season, therefore, will be the occasion to solve these problems, or at least bring real solutions to them. Starting with the limit at level 30. There is no longer any limit. Riot is modernizing its system by proposing a version much more attractive to every player, even the oldest ones.

Thus, instead of winning IP after each game, capsules will be assigned to each level up. The capsules will contain fragments of champions and blue essences. At certain specific levels (every ten levels maybe) special rewards can be obtained, such as gemstones or emotes. By proposing such a change, Riot wants to offer players an enjoyable experience for levelling their account and provides them the rewards for their dedication to the Summoner's Rift.

To fine-tune the game, Influence Points, the game's currency since the debut of LoL will become obsolete and will make way for blue essences. Once the change is in place during the pre-season, a "Blue Essence Shop" will be available for a limited time. This shop should contain ward skins, icons, chromas and more. This type of stop should repeatedly appear over the course of a year, though we do not know how often at this moment.

Finally, given that the runes will be free from the next preseason, Riot has unveiled the "rewards" or rather the compensations for the players who have purchased runes and rune pages. They are as follow:

• You will receive 100 Blue Essences for each rune of tier 3 purchased before Season 7
• You will receive 300 Blue Essences for every quintessence of tier 3 purchased before Season 7
• Conversion of rune pages purchased with IP for each page purchased before Season 7, the player will receive 1500 Blue Essence.
• Conversion of rune pages purchased with RP, players will receive an epic mystery skin for every four pages of runes.

All runes purchased between the beginning of the 2017 season and 1st September will receive a full refund in Blue Essence. Runes purchased after September 1 will not be reimbursed.

Want an easier way to calculate how much Blue Essences you will get once Season 8 arrives? Check out this calculator created by League of Legends Youtuber, Phylol: Phylol's Blue Essence Calculator

Only a few months away from the next season and we can not wait to see the result of these massive updates from Riot. Let us know if you are looking forward to these changes as well as your thoughts on how it will impact the game!

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