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League of Legends: No power to feeders

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Jun 29 - 21:23, by Inѕane

League of Legends: No power to feeders Everyone knows it, and everyone hates it. There’s nothing worse, than having feeding mates in their team. They do not only take away the fun of the game but are also responsible for many of our losses. Riot Games now wants to take action and announced to take care of these so-called “feeders” with various means. To ensure tweaks in this field, adjustments to the game need to be made.

League of Legends is one of the most acclaimed MOBA game in the world. However, there are plenty of cheaters, hackers, and trolls on the go. These players are annoying, damage causing creatures, who spoil the fun for all parties. Thereof, feeders are mostly the worst. Such people run into the enemies to get killed on purpose. The enemy team, as a result, gets stronger and stronger and the game can be considered as lost. As the game ends, it’s your right to report such players, but it’s doubtful if the player has to expect a real punishment.

Due to increased numbers of feeders, Riot now piped up. They want to take care of the known issue and try to find a solution to restore the gaming fun, that we lack sometimes nowadays. A system to detects flames has already been successfully integrated into the game. Nevertheless, Riot is having a hard time stopping trolls wreaking havoc. The development of such a system will take a while and in the meanwhile manual actions will be exacerbated, according to Riot. The new system will be able to detect feeders automatically and take appropriate actions. Also, far-reaching interventions to the game are possible to keep feeders in the bay.

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