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Overwatch: Champion Buffs and Nerfs, new map and first player level 300

Jun 12 - 18:38, by ŴOLF

Overwatch: Champion Buffs and Nerfs, new map and first player level 300
Overwatch can take you into its spell. Since the start of Shooter to Blizzard, the game has won over 30 million people. In this game you can spend several hours playing, but 6 hours a day, since the release? That's impressive.

Desterix_452 is currently the first player in the world to reach Level 3000 in Overwatch. With a total of more than 17,000 played games and 2217 game hours, he has a considerable statistics. Even though he rather ignore the competitive mode in Overwatch, he can shine with a general profit statistics of over 60% and a score of 3600.

What happened in the overwatch universe? The official PTR servers have got a new patch. Including champion buffs and nerfs, bug fixes, new skins, and no one expected a new map called Horizon Lunar Colony.

Let's look at the Champion Buffs and Nerfs, what has changed. In Roadhog players have to adjust to a strong Nerf on their champion. On the other hand, the Champion gets a smaller Hitbox for head shots, but loses 33% of his Scrap Gun damage. Reaper will be delighted to see this patch. He dropps healing balls after killing an opponent. With the patch, his kit changes as soon as he heals 20% of his damage.

Many have thought it a rumor, now it is here. Blizzard presents the Map Horizon Lunar Colony in the course of this patch. This is an Assault Map. What makes them unique is the small exterior of the map. By lower gravity, players can perform large jumps. In our opinion, a cool idea with a lot of potential. You can find further changes to the patch in the official patchnotes.

What level do you currently have in Overwatch? And what do you think of the changes on the PTR server? Let us share your thoughts!

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