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Counter Strike: GO - Firstly obstructed because of disability, now famous on Twitch

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Apr 23 - 03:30, by ŴOLF

Counter Strike: GO - Firstly obstructed because of disability, now famous on Twitch
His name is Adam "Loop" Bahriz, he plays ESEA Counter-Strike on a professional level and streams on Twitch with manageable success ... And even though he is almost blind he also suffers from a physical handicap. HSAN II, hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 2 is an extremely rare, hereditary disease that makes him feel little pain and deforms his face. He can hardly see anything, so he has to sit very close to the screen in order to play well. And still better compared to many who have no limited eyesight.

So far, he played ESEA (a platform in CS: GO for semi- and professional players) and streamed at the same time on Twitch. However, with manageable success. This should change. During a stream, Loop played on ESEA as usual, searched for a game and was packed with random players onto a team. Before each game, he informs his fellow players about his condition and asks for understanding. Because of his HSAN II illness, he has a strange voice, compared to non-disabled people, and difficulties in speaking. But this time his fellow players seemed to have no desire to have him. They said he'd just troll them and he'd think he was very funny, although Loop only asked for tactics and offered them a gun. It did not help, he was in their eyes dumb by everyone and they said he would be kicked right away. Although Loop tried to appease them over the chat, he no longer wanted to annoy them with his voice. He was finally thrown out of the match unanimously. Visually frustrated, Loop slipped his headset off and switched off the screen for the time being.

Although Loop does not have many spectators and fans, he's still engaged. The user PDeee promptly put a clip together and posted it on reddit to report to the CS: GO community about this incident. What happened after that, probably none of the participants would have expected. Several thousands of players found themselves on his Twitch channel, they wanted to show Loop their solidarity, "that the whole shooter scene is behind him and such exceptions are not for the community." At the same time, donations were received to support Loop. He collected the money for an operation on his nose, which will be as soon as he turns 18. That same night he had $6430.92 donated. He asked the audience not to donate any more since the sum was already together. However, he could not stop them, the account was filled up in the 5-digit area.

This alone is a great sign of solidarity and against bullying, in every respect, no matter where it happens. Then came the very big stars of the CS: GO community to speak. Whether Christopher "Get Right" Alesund from NIP, Gabriel "Fallen" Toledo from SK Gaming or Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko from Gambit, they all expressed their respect and compassion to the player and Streamer, Loop. The example of Loop, Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert of Cloud9, also got it and surprised him in a game ESEA, where he and Loop played together in a team.

Loop, which was finally brought to tears, thanked the entire community for the incredible support, while at the same time offering some highlights in this stream, which also landed on reddit. Because Loop played above average, despite him being handicap. The players who threw him out of the game for a void reason were blocked by the ESEA for three days each, and may have regretted that they acted without thought. Nevertheless, Loop owes them what he now has ... Although everyone could have given up on such painful experiences.

And the success does not stop. Even days after this incident his stream is well visited, thousands are now watching. Only one day later, on April 18, EnVyUs offered a highly personal contract to sign with him as an official streamer to represent the company.

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