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The more you know... elitepvpers Newsletter

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Feb 22 - 18:26, by Dacx

The more you know... elitepvpers Newsletter
Dear community,

it is half way through the month so we figured it is as good a time as any to surprise you with a neat improvement which surely you will love! If so far you have had the feeling of not being kept in the loop about recent and planned changes or simply had the impression that you cannot contribute enough to decisions, then it is perfectly reasonable to ask yourself: Why the heck is there a Suggestions forum or the premium rank in the first place?

From now on we will inform you on a monthly basis (usually around the end of month) via a news post about implemented and planned changes, suggestions, feedback and other noteworthy highlights of the past month! We honestly want to get more connected with you and improve our general user communication to involve you - the users - in the development of elitepvpers. Here is what this means for you in practice:
  • You will get an insight on our current roadmap (a part of it to be precise) and offer premium users the possibility to vote on and discuss its contents
  • We want to react more quickly to your suggestions and feedback! In each month's last Admin-CoMa-Meeting we will look into the latest threads, choose relevant suggestions and add them to our roadmap
  • If you missed news regarding elitepvpers, changes on our team or forum structure or just great articles this is your chance to catch up on these things
  • The forum "Suggestions" was renamed to "Suggestions & Feedback" and now contains two new prefixes in order to separate suggestions from feedback
  • From now on you'll be informed about new threads in the e*pvp news forums via a notification (similar to PMs). You can disable this function of course (You can find the option here).


Staff Changes

The following Community Managers have left the team this month:
The following moderators have joined the team since the beginning of this year:
The following moderators have left the team since the beginning of this year:
The following users have joined the content team since the beginning of this year:
The following users left the content team since the beginning of this year:

Changes in the forum

The following forums have been added:
Changes related to the following forums have been implemented or rejected:
Changes related to the software have been implemented or rejected:
  • This suggestion regarding a bigger inbox for elite*gold has been accepted and will be implemented

Feedback Forum

With the introduction of a feedback category in Suggestions forum we want to encourage you to leave feedback. From now on, every user is allowed to create threads with the [Feedback] prefix applied in order to both give and receive feedback from other users. This will allow for problems and issues to come to light and be handled more quickly. In addition to that, CoMas may also create such threads to gather feedback from you.

We will use this option for instance when we encounter a problem and want your help in order to develop a solution that is in everyone's best interest.

Vote for priorities

In the future all Premium users can vote on selected topics. This approach will ensure, that changes that you find more important are implemented with a higher priority.

Your interests and overall experience has always been important to us. Unfortunately, our priorities did not always reflect that in the past. We want to change that! Let us know your opinion and make elitepvpers a better place.

You can find the current thread here!

Last month's highlights

The Coders Den has an unofficial Coders Underground now.

We want you!

You are elitepvpers. Sounds cheesy, but it is true. How so? Because you are the ones who have been filling elitepvpers with many valuable posts and discussions for years. Because you are the ones who breathe life into the forums on a daily basis. Because you are the ones who have been supporting elitepvpers, even during its toughest times, until today. A seemingly endless list with one common denominator — You.

Posts, articles, polls — User-generated content is the heart of this community. No machines, no algorithms and no robots can replace your opinions, not even remotely. Quite the opposite is the case, because for all those talented linguists, line typists, and event specialists out there, there is a special place offering more than the usual forum life: the Content Team!

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