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Far Cry 4: Onwards to the Himalaya

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Feb 07 - 20:53, by John​

Far Cry 4: Onwards to the Himalaya
Those responsible at Ubisoft confirmed that there will be a sequel to the action shooter "Far Cry 3" in last summer already. Back then, Tony Key, vice president of the marketing sector of the French publisher, promised to provide information on the announced game soon, yet no details have been announced so far. What we know already is that they will continue to rely on an open world, in order to guarantee a varying experience rather than a linear one.

Now Twitter user "superannuation", who has previously gotten attention due to unconfirmed rumours which have proven themselves to be true, causes a stir with another rumour. If he's right, we'll get to know the Himalaya mountains a little better in the next part of "Far Cry". The mountain range is in a strong contrast to the previous regions, such as the tropical island from "Far Cry 3" (2012) for example, which could lead to interesting, new experiences. In his Tweet, "superannuation" also writes about "monsters", but there's a question mark behind it will we see unnatural creatures?

Now it's your turn! Do you like the idea of spending your time in between the heights and depths of the Himalaya mountains? Ubisoft did not confirm this so far, thus it should only be considered a rumour. Share your opinion.

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