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GTA V: Cinematization upcoming?

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Dec 20 - 20:28, by John​

GTA V: Cinematization upcoming?
Whilst the cinematization of the Warcraft universe has put itself into the foreground by announcing a few roles of the adaption during the past weeks, new information regarding a possible movie of "Grand Theft Auto V" has been spread recently. Rockstar, the publisher and developer of the open world game, had spoken about their opinion on the idea of a movie or series in September already. Back then, vice president and developer Dan Houser mentioned that it might not be an entirely profitable thing to do, in fact it could involve negative results as well. He also raises the question how 100 hours of gameplay are supposed to fit into a single movie.

"We've got this big open-world experience that's 100 hours long, and that gives players control over what they do, what they see, and how they see it. A world where you can do everything from rob a bank to take a yoga lesson to watch TV, all in your own time. How do you condense that into a two-hour or 12-hour experience where you take away the main things: player agency and freedom?", said Houser.

Some fans are absolutely convinced that the "Grand Theft Auto" series would make a perfect movie with extremely good storylines. Obviously, the fifth part of the series, which has broken so many records by now, is in the center of attention. It is said to be a magnet for viewers. But is this the point of view that the publisher and developer shares? In a recent interview, Karl Slatoff, Take 2 Interactive president, talks about a possible risk the adaption would come with. According to him, a bad movie could affect the games and the overall reputation.

"If you’re going to invest in a movie--you can make a lot of money on movies--but as a licensor, you’ve got to look at what the success rate is, what the movie has to do for you to generate substantial economics that are worth taking the risk, so if it’s a bad movie, does that hurt your franchise or not? So there is always a balance that has to be struck there. But obviously, we consider those inbound requests. We take those inbound requests. So it’s something we consider at this point, but again it's not core to what we do.", stated Slatoff.

What's your opinion on a movie or even a series about the three amigos? A realization does not exclude losses and the whole series could be damaged. However, in consideration of the sales figures, the circumstances couldn't be better. Let us know what you think!