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Wo sind die GM Commands hin?

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Doofe Frage, aber wo finde ich die gm commends fr Ramas repack? Ich such hier alles ab aber is irgendwie nichts (Mehr) da, frher gabs sowas mal von Hrhr-Haha aber is irgendwie verschwunden ...

plz help

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ahh danke, hab gesucht aber naja bei mir stand da leider nix
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tja was in dem alten beitrag fehlt sind allerdings die GM comands die nur fr Ramas/UWC Repacks gelten...
Hier sind sie komplett:

GM Commands for emu 1.7/1.8 and 1.9:

Letter beside some commands indicates the command requires a selected object:
t=all targets

Informational commands:
0 .HELP [command] - Displays command list, and help about [command] if it is specified.
0 .WHERE - Displays map and zone number, coordinates x,y,z and orientation h
2t .INFO - Displays selected object info
2np .FACTION - Displays selected object faction
2 .ONLINE - Displays connected players count on server
4 .TARGETGO - Selects nearest gameobject and displays its info (selection will not be visible)
4n .TARGETLINK - Select spawnpoint for currently selected NPC - i.e. if spawn is unreachable,
you can select its NPC then .targetlink and call for spawn to .come)
2t .PINGMM - Displays selected NPC on mini map
2p .LISTSP - List of learned spells
2p .LISTSK - List of learned skills

Creation commands:
4 .ADD <ItemID> [Amount=1] - Add [Amount] items to your backpack
4 .ADDNPC <CreatureID> - Add paralysed NPC at your location with your orientation
4 .ADDGO <GameObjectID> - Add gameobject at your location with your orientation
4 .ADDSPAWN - Add empty spawn if called without parameters
4 .ADDSPAWN [CreatureID] [Number=1] - Add a spawnpoint that spawns [Number] of specified creature

Deletion/Kill commands:
2t .DEL - Delete selected object (your reputation not changed)
4n .KILL - Kill selected NPC (your reputation decreased)
4 .KILLALLNPC - Kill all NPC around you
4 .DELALLCORP - Delete all player dead bodies

NPC/Objects manipulation:
4ns .TURN - Turns NPC/spawn to look at you
4ns .COME - Asks selected NPC/spawn to come to you
4np .SETLEVEL <Level> - Sets level for NPC/player
4np .SETMODEL <Model> - Sets model for NPC/player
5n .SETNPCFLAGS <Flags> - Sets the NPC to hostile or friendly, 4 is Merchant etc...
4n .SETSIZE <Size> - Sets size for model of NPC
4np .SETSPEED <Speed> - Sets speed for animation and movement of selected NPC
4n .PARALYSE - Paralyse or free selected NPC
4g .MOVE - Moves targeted gameobject (selection not visible on screen) relative to its current X Y Z
4n .ROTATE - Rotates NPC.

Spawn control:
4s .SETSPAWNNPC <CreatureID> [Number] - Sets NPC id and (optional) amount to be spawned
4s .SETSPAWNGO <GameObjectID> - Sets gameobject to be spawned
4s .SETSPAWNDIST <min> [max] - Sets spawn radius (or two radii min and max)
4s .SETSPAWNTIME <min> [max] - Sets interval (or two intervals min and max) to spawn new NPC/gameobject instead of killed one
6 .EXPORTSPAWNSXY <map> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <filename> - Exports rectangular world area to file
6 .DELSPAWNSXY <Map> <X1> <Y1> <X2> <Y2> - Remove spawnpoints in rectangle
6 .DELSPAWNS - Remove all spawnpoints in current zone
6 .RESPAWNALL - Respawn all spawnable objects or NPCs
6 .CLEANUP - Remove all spawned objects or NPCs

Characters commands:
2p .RESURRECT - Restores target spirit or body to life.
6 .EXPORTCHAR <PlayerName> <FileName> - Exports character to separate file
6 .IMPORTCHAR <FileName> - Loads character from separate file.
4p .LEARN <SpellID> - Cause targetted player to learn spell
4p .DELSP <SpellID> - Cause targetted player to forget spell
4p .UNLEARN <SpellID> - Same as .DELSP
4p .LEARNSK <SkillID> [SkillLevel] [MaxLevel=SkillLevel] - Cause targetted player to learn skill
(many skills cannot be learned): to learn a weapon skill, use .learnsk <SkillID> 230 300;
to learn an armor skill, use .learnsk <SkillID> 1 1.
Can also be used to change the proficiency of an existing skill.
4p .DELSK <SkillID> - Cause targetted player to forget skill
4p .UNLEARNSK <SkillID> - Same as .DELSK
4p .CLEARREP - Clears all reputation changes for target.
0 .DISMOUNT - Dismounts you in case you are stuck
4p .SETXP <XP> - Sets Experience Points for target player
4p .SETCP <TalentPoints> - Sets Talent Points for target player
4p .KICK - Kicks player off server
4p A .getmoney (amount of money) - ONYL FOR UWC&#39;s repack this will add money to your character

Teleportation commands:
2 .GO <Map> [X=0] [Y=0] [Z=0] - Teleport to (map x y z) coordinates.
If X, Y, Z are left out, they are assumed 0. DO NOT forget map parameter&#33;
2 .GOTRIGGER <TriggerID> - Teleport to trigger number
2 .GONAME <PlayerName> - Teleport to player by name
2 .GOGUID <ObjectGUID> - Teleport to object by GUID
2 .NAMEGO <PlayerName> - Teleport named player to you

Server control commands:
6 .SAVE - Save world and players
6 .SHUTDOWN - Save World, PP, Players and quits server
6 .RETCL - Reloads all tcl scripts
6 .RESCP - Reloads all SCP databases
6 .REHASH - Rehashes objects
2 .CLEARQFLAGS - Clears all quest progress, including finished quests
4 .BROADCAST <Message> - Sends Message to every connected player as a System Message

Debug commands (don&#39;t play with these):
6 .PPON - Turns on pathpoint collection
6 .PPOFF - Turns off pathpoint collection
6 .BYTES - For debug
6 .ADDDYN - For debug
2 .STARTTIMER - For debug
2 .STOPTIMER <TimerID:0..2> - Stop timer visuals
6 .TEST - For debug
2 .SETAURA <AuraID> - Set aura by number
4 .EXPLORATION <ZoneID> <Mask> - Opens your map locations (?)
6 .FLAG1 - For debug
2 .SETRESTSTATE <NewRestState:0..5> - Set new rest state for testing
6npg.SETFLAGS <FlagsType> <Flags> - Set flags bitmask for target
6t .GFLAGS <GFlags> - Set gflags for selected gameobject
6t .GTYPE <GType> - Set gtype for selected gameobject

Honor System:
5p .SETHONOR <Points> - Set honor points for targetted player
5p .ADDHONOR <Points> - Add honor points to targetted player
5p .RESHONOR <Points> - Remove honor points from targetted player
5p .DELHONOR - Sets honor points to 0 for selected player
0p .GETHONOR - Get targetted player&#39;s honor points.
0p .GETRANK - Get targetted player&#39;s honor rank.

Jail System:
0 .FREE - If your time is up, then use this command to get out of jail.
4p .JAIL <Days> <Hours> <Minutes> - Jail selected player for specified amount of time.
Using this command on a jailed player will change the amount of time the character is jailed for.
4p .UNJAIL [PlayerName] - Unjail selected player, or player specified in PlayerName argument.

Autorescue System:
0 .STARTRESCUE - Begin autorescue countdown. Wait at least 5 minutes, then use .autorescue to be teleported home.
0 .AUTORESCUE - Teleport home; use .startrescue first.

GM commands ONLY for UWC repack(s):

.langall (with this, you can speak all languages, only for gms, plevel<4)
.learnall (learn usefull things, example to can use all things and more... only gms, plevel <5)
.addtele NAME (to add a teleportation point, only GM, plevel <4)
.deltele Name (te delete a teleportion point, only GM, plevel <4)
.listtele (to list all teleportion places, VIP, plevel <0)
.tele NAME (to teleport to that place, VIP, plevel <0)
.bug BLABLABLA... (to add a bug, mark the NPC or your sself, than type, Normal player, plevel no)
.listbugs (to list all bugs ingame (thx for golgorth, who maked that for me xD))
.honor rankings, info <name>, del <name>, change <(+-)points> commands for GMs (;odifikate or look for honor)
.imit 7 blablabla... (mark a player and type it, 7 is for common, 0 is for all.... try it out, max is 33)
.tame (for tame a mob, self as the spell, full working, only for hunters)
.refresh (after /pvp you can type this, so you dont need to relogg)(it teleports you to you)
.addmoney (add money to a player)
.delmoney (delete money from a player)
.additem (add a item to a player)
.delitem (delete a item from a player)
.tame (to tame a mob)

- .ctf (Display scores, information about who has the flags, update map information)
- .ctf yWzw (Open the battleground, so players can join)
- .ctf close (Close the battleground, when you have enough players and you don&#39;t want more to join)
- .ctf add (Select a player to add him manually)
- .ctf del (Select a player to delete him manually)
- .ctf list (List of players)
- .ctf spec (Add yourself as a spectator, to have the map information)
- .ctf start (start the game, the battleground will also be closed)
- .ctf help (Help about other commands)

- .ctf (Display scores, and information about who has the flags, update map information)
- .ctf list (List of players)
- .ctf give (If you are carrying a flag, give it to a teammate, I&#39;d suggest making macro for this)

Quick discription about UWC&#39;s battleground:

.ctf open
Let players join the battleground. players can talk to the honor npc to get teleported.

.ctf close
Optional. When you have enough players and you don&#39;t want more to join.

.ctf start
Optional. All players will be teleported to their bases before the game starts.
If you are using auto start (see advanced configurations), the game will start automatically when the teams are balanced.

The game will end when a team has first captured 3 enemy flags. The winners will have to talk to the battlemaster to get their rewards.
Players can exit the battleground anytime by taking the exits or by using their hearthstone, but they will not be able to enter back.

NEW COMMANDS for UWC 1.3.4 (latest so far...)

Type .ban to get full info of that command. You must ban by ip, ip can be found with .info. May require server restart for bans to take effect.

.setpassword (password) [password for some commands]
.changepassword (oldpassword) [changes password]

.jail (reason) [jails selected player with a reason]
.jail help [for help]
.jail free [frees selected player]
.jail list[list jailed people]

.ws lock [Locks the, starts locked when you start server]
.ws unlock [Unlock the]

N = Number, any number from 1 - 500
MSG = Your message...

.b MSG [Normal broadcast but with name as last]
.b save N MSG [save the message for use... The new message replace the old one.]
.b list N [Read the saved Message...]
.b use N [Broadcast the Saved Message...]

.emote (number) [Emote selected player with emote number]
.castspell (number) [Selected player casts numbered spell]

.invisible [Go invisible]
.visible m/f [Be visible, use m for male, f for female]

.isgm [Selected player is a GM or not?]
.problem (problem) [report a problem.

ich glaub mehr gibt es dazu nicht

LG seth
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