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weiß einer in welchen emu diese roten items sind

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Habs in UWC 1.1 gefunden:
[item 18582]
name=The Twin Blades of Azzinoth
damage=162 169 0
damage=40 60 5
damage=60 40 6
bonus=3 75
bonus=7 100
bonus=5 150
spell=22988 1 0 -1 0 -1
spell=22989 0 0 -1 0 -1

Kleiner Tipp, schau einfach im \scripts\items.scp (textfile) nach und suche mit Strg-F in dem file z.B. nach Azzinoth.
kannst es aber gleich auch mit ".add 18582" probieren dir zu geben.
LG seth

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natürlich hab ich es nich in mein emu drinne ... kannsu mir ma ein link zu UWC 1.1 hab mit search funktion nix gefunden ôÔ
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Mein Gott, der Thread ist sogar der 1. gepinnte in diesem Topic . O_o

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nur das da nix von uwc drin steht ) ^^ naja habs aba ... danke ^^
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Ramas Repack akA. UWC :>
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kann ich doch nich riechen :> naja ... kann mir noch wer ne gm command liste geben ... dann gibts karma
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Informational commands:
.HELP - Displays command list
.WHERE - Displays map number, coordinates x,y,z and orientation h
.INFO - Displays selected object info
.FACTION - Displays selected object faction
.ONLINE - Displays connected players count on server
.TARGETGO - Selects nearest gameobjects and displays its info
.PINGMM - Displays selected NPC on mini map
.LISTSP - List of learned spells
.LISTSK - List of learned skills

Creation commands:
.ADD - Add item to your inventory, can't grant items to other players
.ADDNPC - Add paralysed NPC at your location with your orientation
.ADDGO - Add gameobject at your location with your orientation
.ADDSPAWN - Add empty spawn if called without parameters
.ADDSPAWN - NPC add single NPC spawn
.ADDSPAWN - NPC N add single spawn for N NPC's

Deletion/Kill commands:
.DEL - Delete selected object (your reputation not changed)
.KILL - Kill selected NPC (your reputation decreased)
.KILLALLNPC - Kill all NPC around you
.DELALLCORP - Delete all player dead bodies

NPC/Objects manipulation:
.TARGETLINK - Select spawn for currently selected NPC (not displayed on screen) - i.e. if spawn is unreachable, you can select its NPC then .targetlink and call for spawn to .come)
.TURN - Rurns NPC/spawn to look at you
.COME - Asks selected NPC/spawn to come to you
.SETLEVEL - Sets level for NPC/player/GM
.SETMODEL - Sets model for NPC/player/GM
.SETSIZE - Sets size for model of NPC
.SETSPEED - Sets speed for animation and movement of selected NPC
.SETSPAWNNPC - Sets NPC id and (optional) amount to be spawned
.SETSPAWNGO - Sets gameobject to be spawned
.SETSPAWNDIST - Sets spawn radius (or two radii min and max)
.SETSPAWNTIME - Sets interval (or two intervals min and max) to spawn new
NPC/gameobject instead of killed one
.SETXP - Sets XP for player/GM
.PARALYSE - Paralyse or free selected NPC
.MOVE - Moves targeted gameobject (selection not visible on screen) relative to its current X Y Z

Characters commands:
.RESURRECT - That's it
.EXPORTCHAR - Exports character to separate file
.IMPORTCHAR - Loads character from separate file. WARNING! make sure that there is no player in the world who has same guid! Also the same for every item in player inventory.
.LEARN - Learn some spell for player/GM
.DELSP - Forget some spell (spell list is limited! do not learn everything)
.LEARNSK - Learn some skill for player/GM
.DELSK - Forget some skill (skill list is limited! do not learn everything)

Teleportation commands:
.GO - Teleport to (map x y z) coordinates. DO NOT forget map parameter!
.GOTRIGGER - Teleport to trigger number
.GONAME - Teleport to player by name
.GOGUID - Teleport to object by GUID
Server control commands:
.SAVE - Save world and players
.SHUTDOWN - That's it
.RETCL - Reloads all tcl scripts
.RESCP - Reloads all SCP databases
.REHASH - Rehashes objects (dunno what's that shit about)
.CLEARQFLAGS - Forgets about all completed quests
.EXPORTSPAWNSXY <map> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> -filename- - Exports rectangular world area to file

Misc commands:
.PPON - Turns on pathpoint collection
.PPOFF - Turns off pathpoint collection
.DISMOUNT - Dismounts you in case you have lost your mounted icon after logoff
.BYTES - For debug
.ADDDYN - For debug
.STARTTIMER - For debug
.STOPTIMER - For debug
.TEST - For debug
.SETAURA - For debug
.EXPLORATION - For debug
.FLAG1 - For debug
.SETFLAGS - For debug

Added in WAD 0.4222.6:
.SHUTDOWN - Shutsdown the server
.CLEARREP - Clears all reputation, nice to have when using .killallnpc
.CLEARQFLAGS - Clear quest flags, I think

WAD Commands (v0.4222.5):
.Add <ItemID> - Adds item to your backpack
.AddGo - Add gameobject to your coordinates.
.AddDyn - Just for testing
.AddNpc <CreatureID> - Adds paralysed NPC to the world
.AddSpawn <CreatureID><Number of NPC?s> - Add spawnpoint to your position
.Bytes - For debugging
.Come - Targeted NPC or Spawnpoint will come to your position
.ClearQFlags - Clears all of your character?s quest flags
.Del - Deletes targeted NPC or object
.Dismount - Dismounts you from your mount
.DelSpawns - Might do what it says. Visual range or Massive scale?
.Exploration - Open up your map location
.ExportChar <Char Name><FileName> - Export your character to external file
.ExportSpawns - Unknown
.Flag1 - Set debug flags
.Faction - ? Set Target NPC?s and Spawnpoints Faction?
.GFlags - ? Get Flags?
.Go <WorldID><X><Y><Z > - Go to World Coordinates
.GoGUID - ? Usage? .GoGuid <GUID>?
.GoName <Name> - Teleport to Character Name, PC or NPC
.GoTrigger <Trigger Number> - Teleport to trigger number
.GType - ? Get type?
.Help - Shows the GM commands
.Info - Shows the info for an NPC or Spawnpoint
.ImportChar <FileName> - Imports character from an external file
.ImportSpawns - Unknown
.Kill Kill - selected PC or NPC, sometimes works with Spawnpoints
.KillAllNpc - Kill all NPC?s in visual range
.Learn <Spell ID> - Learn spell by number
.Learnsk <Skill ID> - Learn skill by number
.ListSk - List your skills
.ListSp - List your spells
.Move - Move objects
.MoveLog - Unknown
.NameGo - Teleports PC to you
.Online - Unknown
.Paralyse - Stops the targeted NPC from moving
.PingMM - Make point on your MiniMap
.PPOn - Turn on PP System
.PPOff - Turns off PP System
.Rehash - Rehash object
.Resurrect - Resurrects selected PC
.ReScp - Reload SCP scripts
.ReTcl - Reload TCL scripts
.Rotate - ? Rotates objects?
.Save - Saves world
.SetCP - Set your Talent Points
.SetHP - ? Hit points?
.SetXP - Sets Experience for your character
.SetAura - Set aura by number
.SetFaction - ? Sets faction of targeted NPC?
.SetFlags <FType><Flags> - Sets flag bitmask for PC or G.O.
.Setlevel <Desired Level> - Sets the level for PC or NPC
.SetModel <Model ID> - Set model number to PC or NPC
.SetNPCFlags <Number> - Sets the NPC to hostile or friendly, 4 is Merchant etc..
.SetRestState <1-5> - Set new restate for testing
.SetSize <Desired Size> - Set size for NPC. 1=Normal 2= twice the size etc
.SetSpawnGo - Unknown
.SetSpawnPC - Unknown
.SetSpawnDist <Min Distance><Max Distance> - Set Min and Max distance for spawn
.SetSpawnTime <Min Time><Max Time> - Sets Min and Max respawn times
.SetSpeed <Desired Speed> - Set speed for PC. 1=Normal 2=Twice as fast etc
.StartTimer - parameter(s) : TimerID(0..2) value maxvalue scale type spell
.StopTimer S- top Visuals, parameter(s) : TimerID(0..2)
.TargetGo - ? Go to target?
.TargetLink - Unknown
.Test - For debugging
.Test2 - For debugging
.Turn - Turns selected NPC or Spawnpoint to face you
.Unlearn <Spell ID> - Unlearn a spell
.UnlearnSK <Skill ID> - Unlearn a skill
.Where - Displays map number, coordinates x,y,z and orientation h

WAD Commands (v0.4115.5):
.setmodel <ModelID***> - Set model number to pc or NPC
.learn <SpellID****> - Learn spell by number
.save - Save world to file
.rehash - Rehash object
.flag1 - Set debug flags
.ppon - Turn on pp system
.ppoff - Turn off pp system
.turn - Turn targeted NPC facing to you
.come - Targeted NPC will come to the your position
.go <WorldID> <X Coordinate> <Y Coordinate> <Z Coordinate> - Go to world coordinates
.gotrigger - Go to world area trigger location, parameter: trigger_number
.kill - Kill selected pc or NPC
.killallnpc - Kill all NPC&#39;s in visual range
.resurrect - Resurect selected pc
.setsize <desired size> - Set size for NPC. Times normal size
.setspeed <desired speed> - Set speed for pc or NPC. Times normal speed
.setflags <ftype> <flags> - Set flags bitmask for pc or g.o.
.addspawn <CreatureID**> <number of NPC&#39;s> - Add spawnpoint to your position.
.setnpcspawn <CreatureID**> <number of NPC&#39;s> - Add entry and number of spawned NPC&#39;s to spawn point
.setnpcgo - Set entry for spawn gameobject to spawnpoint
.setspawndist <Minimum distance> <Maximum distance> - Set min and max distance for spawn
.setspawntime <Minimum respawntime> <Maximum respawntime> - Set min and max respawn time
.setxp <Desired XP> - Set XP for pc
.paralyse - Paralyse and unparalyse selected pc or NPC
.setaura <Aura Value> - Set aura by number
.exploration - Open up your map locations
.dismount - Dismount you.
.listsp - List your spells
.listsk - List your skills
.delsp <SpellID****> - Unlearn on spell
.delsk <SpellID****> - Unlearn one skill
.info - Give you info about selected NPC
.online - Show numbers of players online
.setreststate <1-5> - Set new reststate for testing.
.exportcharacter <char name> <filename> - Export character <with inventory> to external file
.importcharacter <filename> - Import objects from external file
.goname <name> - Teleport to charname, pc or NPC
.goguild <guildname> - Teleport to guild
.targetgo - Trying totarget nearest gameobject
.targetlink - Trying to target link of selected objects
.move - Move objects
.retcl - Reload TCL Scripts
.rescp - Reload SCP scripts.
.clearqflags- Clear quest flags from me
.bytes - For debug
.pingmm - Make point on your minimap
.adddyn - Just for testing
.starttimer - parameter(s) - timerid(0..2) value maxvalue scale type spell
.stoptimer - Stop visuals, parameter(s) - timerid(0..2)
.test - For debug


.SETPASSWORD password -define password
.CHANGEPASSWORD oldpassword -must be done before .setpassword if you have already define à password and you need to change it
SAVE password - Save world and players
.SHUTDOWN password - That&#39;s it
.RETCL password - Reloads all tcl scripts
.RESCP password - Reloads all SCP databases
.REHASH password - Rehashes objects (dunno what&#39;s that shit about)

.honor change (-/+) [points] - Adds(+) or Takes(-) honor to a Player
.addmoney [number] - Adds money to the target
.dellmoney [number] - Take money from the tager
.emote [number] - Make the Npc to Emote
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da fehlen noch die UWC-only GM comands^^ :
GM commands ONLY for UWC repack(s):

.langall (with this, you can speak all languages, only for gms, plevel<4)
.learnall (learn usefull things, example to can use all things and more... only gms, plevel <5)
.addtele NAME (to add a teleportation point, only GM, plevel <4)
.deltele Name (te delete a teleportion point, only GM, plevel <4)
.listtele (to list all teleportion places, VIP, plevel <0)
.tele NAME (to teleport to that place, VIP, plevel <0)
.bug BLABLABLA... (to add a bug, mark the NPC or your sself, than type, Normal player, plevel no)
.listbugs (to list all bugs ingame (thx for golgorth, who maked that for me xD))
.honor rankings, info <name>, del <name>, change <(+-)points> commands for GMs (;odifikate or look for honor)
.imit 7 blablabla... (mark a player and type it, 7 is for common, 0 is for all.... try it out, max is 33)
.tame (for tame a mob, self as the spell, full working, only for hunters)
.refresh (after /pvp you can type this, so you dont need to relogg)(it teleports you to you)
.addmoney (add money to a player)
.delmoney (delete money from a player)
.additem (add a item to a player)
.delitem (delete a item from a player)
.tame (to tame a mob)

- .ctf (Display scores, information about who has the flags, update map information)
- .ctf open (Open the battleground, so players can join)
- .ctf close (Close the battleground, when you have enough players and you don&#39;t want more to join)
- .ctf add (Select a player to add him manually)
- .ctf del (Select a player to delete him manually)
- .ctf list (List of players)
- .ctf spec (Add yourself as a spectator, to have the map information)
- .ctf start (start the game, the battleground will also be closed)
- .ctf help (Help about other commands)

- .ctf (Display scores, and information about who has the flags, update map information)
- .ctf list (List of players)
- .ctf give (If you are carrying a flag, give it to a teammate, I&#39;d suggest making macro for this)

Quick discription about UWC&#39;s battleground:

.ctf open
Let players join the battleground. players can talk to the honor npc to get teleported.

.ctf close
Optional. When you have enough players and you don&#39;t want more to join.

.ctf start
Optional. All players will be teleported to their bases before the game starts.
If you are using auto start (see advanced configurations), the game will start automatically when the teams are balanced.

The game will end when a team has first captured 3 enemy flags. The winners will have to talk to the battlemaster to get their rewards.
Players can exit the battleground anytime by taking the exits or by using their hearthstone, but they will not be able to enter back.

LG seth
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ist auch bein afgahn warrioz fun server dabei
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Hi erst ma habe auf meinem privi ne insel gemacht und habe bisle gebaut habe zu viele sachen flasch gespawnt und mit .del oda .targed gehts net weg das gameobject

info: serva typ mangos 2.3.0

könntet ihr mir ma sagen wie ich die gameobjecte löschen kan

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