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Tools for World of Warcraft Emulator & WowwoW

Closed Thread
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I decided to make a thread where I unite all the useful links I found in other places regarding wowemu.


Game masters travel maker, make it much more easyer to travel across the WoW-globe. Maybe not working in wowwow (not sure).

Finally a tool to change the dropprates of gren, blue, purple, orange items and of the money dropped from the creeps. (make a backup of the script-folder befor you use it&#33

Nice tool to create items. Unfortunetly missing an option to add spells to an item, but except from that its easy to use, you only need to lookup the model of your weapon, rest is settable in the creator.

GM tool for cahnging GM level banning player changing passwords etc...

A tool box, it has a lot of cool features ( i havent used this but it looks good)

Another tool, this one is a creature viewer and editor:

A good model viewer that allows you to basically see each model in world of warcraft

Another GM toolbox (haven´t tried this one too)

Nothing useful but fun to watch ^^

COMPLEX TOOLS (need indepth coding knowledge more or less ^^):

---> DBC to CSV and vice versa Converter:

I've written a program for converting DBC to CSV, and back. THere are DBC editors, I know, but they aren't fully functional in all cases.
This program makes guesses about data types, and usually gets that information correct.
The 8 detected data types are:
str : String data
long : General Numeric Data
flags : Flag Data (determined by how many bits are set in a data field)
binflags : Binary Flag Data (flag data saved as a binary string). This is only accessible with the -b option (but CSVs with this type can still be read)
float : Floating Point value, determined by a float limiter
None : Column consisting of solely zeros; this speeds up the processing somewhat
bool : 4-byte column consisting solely of zeros and ones (fixes a few issues with the string conversion)
byte : one byte of data
They are outputted to a single row at the top of the CSV.
This row is also read in by this program when it reconverts the CSV files.

When run without options, this program will do what the normal DBC.exe does, parsing each DBC in the current folder and converting them. You will notice that the converted files aren't full of weird string fields and unconverted floats (see TaxiPathNode), because this program accurately determines the real data type.
To convert a single file, drag & drop a CSV or DBC file on the program and it will create a file of the opposite type.

I hope this helps someone


*Update: Added console functionality (see DBCUtil -h for details) and fixed a few reconversion bugs with some DBCs, added the bool type to correct issues in Spell.dbc.
*Update: Misc. fixes, more console options, fixed bug involving blanked CSV files (all data fields removed; only one line for the data types)
The console functions can be used to change the behaviour of the detection functions, notably for the flags (which are difficult to detect properly).
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet suppresses 'processing' messages
-y, --overwrite Don't prompt to overwrite
-n, --no-flags Disable flag checking code, speeds up converter but no
flag fields will be generated
-b, --binary-flags Causes all flag fields to be output in binary.
-t FLAGTOL, --flags-tolerance=FLAGTOL
Flags Tolerance (0..1); higher=more flag fields
-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
Output Filename
-f FLOATACC, --float-accuracy=FLOATACC
Floating Point Accuracy in CSV
-k DEFTYPE, --force-type=DEFTYPE
Force column type. Column numbers start at 1.
--forcetype column type

New in this version: Comment Saving!
When editing a .CSV, you can add comments by adding a line where the first entry begins with ##.

This should make it easier for devs to record what the columns are.
The comments are saved into the .DBC in the string table. The comments are completely ignored by WoWEmu and any other DBC reading programs, only this program will read them.
Finally I got a image of a sheet of Paper from a Friend which was poorly scanned and "read" it with finereader and then fixed 2 hours the misspelling the programm did, well still much more less work then typing the whole thing again ^^. Be warned, I'm sure there is still some misspelling left!
This would help a lot when you try to edit things in the spell.dbc file.
The 3 main triggers are marked with "---->" just experiment with the other ones. Well I never said that this kind of stuff is done easy

Here are Fields name's(Index) for spell.dbc:
Field 0=0 Spell ID
Field 1=1 School
Field 2=2 Category
Field 3=3
Field 4=4 SpellDispellTypelD.dbc
Field 5=5 SpellMechanicID.dbc
Field 6=6 Attributes *New
Field 7=7 AttributesEx *New
Field 8=8
Field 9=9
Field 10=10
Field 11=11 Targets
Field 12-12 TargetCreatureType
Field 13=13 spellFocusObjectlD.dbc
Field 14=14 CasterAuraState *New
Field 15=15 TargetAuraState *New
Field 16=16 RecoveryTime
Field 17=17 Category RecoveryTime -------> CAST TIME
Field 18=18 Category RecoveryTime *New
Field 19=19 InterruptFlags *New
Field 20=20 AuralnterruptFlags *New
Field 21=21 Channel InterruptFlags *New
Field 22=22 ProcFlags
Field 23=23 ProcChance $h
Field 24=24 ProcCharges $n
Field 25=25 MaxLevel
Field 26=26 BaseLevel
Field 27=27 SpellLevel
Field 28=28 SpellDuration ($d) D8C
Field 29=29 PowerType
Field 30=30 ManaCosts
Field 31=31 ManaCostPerlevel
Field 32=32 ManaPerSecond
Field 33=33 ManaPerSecondPerLevel
Field 34=34 Spell Range Index
Field 35=35 Speed
Field 36=36 ModalNextSpell
Field 37=37
Field 38=38 Totem [1]
Field 39=39 Totem [2]
Field 40=40 Reagent[1]
Field 41=41 Reagent[2]
Field 42=42 Reagent[3]
Field 43=43 Reagent[4]
Field 44=44 Reagent[5]
Field 45=45 Reagent[6]
Field 46=46 Reagent[7]
Field 47=47 Reagent[8]
Field 48=48 ReagentCount[1]
Field 49=49 ReagentCount[2]
Field 50=50 ReagentCount[3]
Field 51=51 ReaqentCount[4]
Field 52=52 ReagentCount[5]
Field 53=53 ReagentCount[6]
Field 54=54 ReagentCount[7]
Field 55=55 ReagentCount[8]
Field 56=56 EquippedltemClass
Field 57=57 EquippedItemSubClass
Field 58=58 Spell Effect[1] ($M1)
Field 59=59 Spell Effect[2] ($M2)
Field 60=60 Spell Effect[3] ($M3)
Field 61=61 EffectDieSides[1] \
Field 62=62 EffectDieSides[2] ----> Random damage, I dont know what kind that means :-(
Field 63=63 EffectDieSides[3] /
Field 64=64 EfTectBaseDice[1]
Field 65=65 EffectBaseDice[2]
Field 66=66 ErfectBaseDice[3]
Field 67=67 EffectDicePerLevel[1]
Field 68=68 EffectDicePerLevel[2]
Field 69=69 EffectDicePerLevel[3]
Field 70=70 EifectRealPointsPerLevel[1]
Field 71=71 EffectRealPolntsPerLevel[2]
Field 72=72 EffectRealPolntsPerLevel[3]
Field 73=73 EffectBaseDamage[1] ($s1) -------> Base Damage of spell (there might be no mindmg - maxdmg here...
Field 74=74 EfTectBaseDamage[2] ($s2)
Field 75=75 EfTectBaseDamage[3] ($s3)
Field 76=76 EffectlmplicitTargetA[1]
Field 77=77 EffectImplicitTargetA[2]
Field 78=78 EffectlmpiicitTargetA[3]
Field 79=79 EffectImplicitTargetB[1]
Field 80=80 EffectImpiicitTargetB[2] ---------------> SPELL DURATION
Field 81=81 EffectImplicitTargetB[3]
Field 82=82 EffectlmplicitTargetB[1]
Field 83=83 EffectImplicitTargetB[2]
Field 84=84 EffectImplicitTargetB[3]
Field 85=85 EffectRadiusIndex[1]
Field 86=85 EffectRadiuslndex[2] -------------------> SPELL RADIUS
Field 87=87 EffectRadiusIndex[3]
Field 88=88 EffectApplyAuraName[1]
Field 89=89 EffectApplyAuraName[2]
Field 90=90 EffectApplyAuraName[3]
Field 91=91 ErfectAmplitude[1]
Field 92=92 EffectAmplitude[2]
Field 93=93 EffectAmplitude[3]
Field 94=94 Effectunknown[1]
Field 95=95 Effectunknown[2]
Field 96=96 Effectunknown[3]
Field 97=97 EffectChainTarget[1]
Field 98=98 EffectChainTarget[2]
Field 99=99 EffectChainTarget[3]
Field 100=100 EffectltemType[1]
Field 101=101 EffectItemType[2]
Field 102=102 EfrectltemTvpe[3]
Field 103=103 Spell 1 (creature etc)
Field 104=104 Spell 2 (creature etc)
Field 105=105 Spell 3 (creature etc)
Field 106=106 Link To Spell[train>learn]
Field 107=107 Casting Spell
Field 108=108 EffectTriggerSpell[3]
Field 109=109 EffectPointsPerComboPoint[1]
Field 110=110 EffectPointsPerComboPoint[2]
Field 111=111 EffectPointsPerComboPolnt[2]
Field 112=112 Spell Visual.dbe
Field 113=113
Field 114=114 IconID
Field 115=115 Active Icon ID
Field 116=116 Spell Priority
Field 117=117 Spell Name
Field 118=118 NameAlt[1]
Field 119=119 NameAlt[2]
Field 120=120 NameAlt[3]
Field 121=121 NameAlt[4]
Field 122=122 NameAlt[5]
Field 123=123 NameAlt[6]
Field 124=124 NameAlt[7]
Field 125=125 NameFlags
Field 126=136 Rank
Field 127=127 RankAlt[1]
Field 128=128 RankAlt[2]
Field 129=129 RankAlt[3]
Field 130=130 RankAlt[4]
Field 131=131 RankAlt[5]
Field 132=132 RankAlt[6]
Field 133=133 RankAlt[7]
Field 134=134 RankFlags
Field 135=135 Description
Field 136=136 DescriptionAlt[1]
Field 137=137 DescriptionAlt[2]
Field 138=138 DescriptionAlt[3]
Field 139=139 DescriptionAlt[4]
Field 140=140 DescriptionAlt[5]
Field 141=141 DescriptlonAlt[6]
Field 142=142 DescriptionAlt[7]
Field 143=143 Description Flags
Field 144=144 BuffDescription
Field 145=145 BuffDescriptionAlt[1]
Field 146=146 BuffDescriptionAlt[2]
Field 147=147 BuffDescriptionAlt[3]
Field 148=148 BuffDescriptionAlt[4]
Field 149=149 BufTDescriptionAlt[5]
Field 150=150 BuffDescriptionAlt[6]
Field 151=151 BufrDescriptionAlt[7]
Field 152=152 Buff Description Flags
Field 153=153 ManaCostPercentage
Field 154=154 startRecoveryCategory
Field 155=155 StartRecoveryTime
Field 156=156
Field 157=157 SpellFamilyName *New
Field 158=158
Field 159=159
Field 160=160
Field 161=161
Field 162=162
Field 163=163
Field 164=164
Field 365=165

Here an little nice spelledit if you want to have really fast mounts (I'm tired of the .setspeed command)
Ok here is a way to edit your mountspeed !

What to Do:

Let's take "Swift White Steed" as an example... mounts are considered spells, so find the spell ID for the "Swift White Steed". To do this, open the spellcost.scp file (located in WoWEmu\scripts folder) in a text editor and search for "Swift White Steed". Just above the spell name you'll see the spell ID (for "Swift White Steed" the spell ID is 23228). Make note of this ID.

Now, use the DBC to CSV Converter(the link is in the above stuff). Open up the Spell.dbc file located in your WoWEmu\scripts folder. The first column you'll see is "Index". Scroll down in the CSV file and find the ID that you noted in the previous step (23228 for the "Swift White Steed"). Now, scroll over to column 74. You should see a value of 99 in there. Change this to your desired speed. To get 300% speed, put in 199, for 400% speed put 299, for 500% put 399, etc. Save! Convert CSV back to dbc. Next time you restart the server, you'll have a really fast "Swift White Steed" mounts. Note: other mounts will be unaffected. You can basically change the speed of any mount using this procedure.

Hope this helps some people.

Found this one a nice tool for editing quests and this kind of stuff!

---> A new www Theme with graphics from the burning crusade:

Link :
Other : To open Honor or Status, click on link on the menu, and see


--->recently found on blizzhackers, nice idea:

All important and cool armorsets have now been scripted to be added to your bag with a single command.
Just look up the name of the set you want and enter it with the command .AddArmorSet <setname>

Extra options have been added for easier navigation such as an index (accessable in-game) and alternative spelling input options.
For the menu type .AddArmorSet Armors

Place the file in your .../Scripts/Engines/Commands directory

A lot of time went into this by me and a few others (names included in the file).
I hope I got something suitable for everybody.
Well I am just gathering these links, not maintaining their status or giving help on usage. Try it or leave it

cheers seth

Edit: Added the more complex stuff
Edit: Removed first www theme due deadlink
Edit: Added the index of the spell.dbc file description
Edit: Added more description and an example
Edit: Added some nice Guides found on gp in an extra post due too much text for 1st post to edit&#33;

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Danke seth0815

gleich mal testen^^

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Hier ein paar hints...

Der Travelmaker ist spize, mit dem kann man selbst in Instanzen direkt zum boss hinkommen. Das prinzip des tools ist es mittels flashapplikation die Komplette Worldmap (zoombar) darzustellen. man klickt den gewünschten blauen Punkt an wo man hin will, geht per alt-tab wieder ins game macht den say prompt auf, drückt strg-v --&#62; enter, schwups bist du dort^^.

Das mit der Dropraten ändern funktioniert auch spitze, krieg von jedem elite lvl30 über 3gold und massig grüne items (muss ich noch den wert besser anpassen), aber das tool funktioniert spitze.
Empfehle Remas Repack dafür , da raidens repack mehere items-files hat und bei Remas alles etwas übersichtlicher ist. Gut möglich das das droptool da probleme bereiten könnte bei raidens repack.

Der itemcreator ist auch sehr angenehm zu handhaben.
Einfach das ergebnis mit cut und paste ins items.scp pasten, server starten und item mit .add ins inventar hinzufügen.

gruß seth
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Werde alle runterladen und in ein Zip Archive packen und dann in meine Threads einbauen, Karma Up wenn ich sehe das alles funzt&#33;

Edit: Link 3 down, bitte neu machen&#33;

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Originally posted by Hrhr-Haha@Dec 16 2005, 20:02

Edit: Link 3 down, bitte neu machen&#33;
Sorry sah das der itemcreator eine falschen link hatte (cut&paste fehler), hab ich gefixt. Hab alle anderen Files kontrolliert, funktionieren einwandfrei... vielleicht hast du bei rapidshare dein tägliches limit ereicht, bitte später noch mal um Kontrolle, was nicht rapidshare ist kann schon mal lange dauern bis response kommt, aber die files sind da. :-)
Eventuel ein Sticky wert?
Gruß seth
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Denke nicht das der Thread Sticky Need hat, eher das wir den gesamt Link in die Emu Tuts einfügen wo alle diese Programme gehen.
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Originally posted by Hrhr-Haha@Dec 17 2005, 10:34
Denke nicht das der Thread Sticky Need hat, eher das wir den gesamt Link in die Emu Tuts einfügen wo alle diese Programme gehen.
Auch eine gute idee, gehn noch alle links?
lg seth
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ALLE gut^^hasste supa gemacht
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UPDATE *push*
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Originally posted by kikky@Jan 4 2006, 15:25
ALLE gut^^hasste supa gemacht

Btw... neuer ava Seth?^^
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Originally posted by Strike-+Jan 17 2006, 16:41--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Strike- @ Jan 17 2006, 16:41)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteBegin--kikky@Jan 4 2006, 15:25
ALLE gut^^hasste supa gemacht

Btw... neuer ava Seth?^^[/b][/quote]
Jo der alte war mir doch zu Blizzlike.
Mein erster war das berühmte Auge von M.C. Escher das ich seit dem Film Donnie Darko liebe (den Film sowiso)
Mein 2. war von einem US Blizzard-poster geklaut.
Tja und der jetzige verkörpert für mich das Aussehn von Drizzt Do&#39;Urden, meinem Lieblings - Drow^^.
LG seth
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und wieder ein Update:
erstes wowwow "tool" geadded
titel umbenannt ...

Vielleicht wirds mal ein sticky, dan spar ich mir das *bump*
LG seth
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Nice, sticked&#33;

#Sticked by Hrhr-Haha

Reason: Useful Tools.
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Danke Hrhr-Haha
Werde mich bemühen den Inhalt demenstprechend zu pflegen :-)
LG seth
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first www doesnt work

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Closed Thread

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