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..::team Ug-c Presents:-- ::ramas Repack::..

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Join Date: May 2005
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After hard work and much days, i have maked a new Repack.
This Repack uses much less CPU and Memory and its very fast.

This Repack is not correct like blizz,
The problem is, in the normal repacks is the problem, a lvl 30player cant win vs lvl 35mob, its too hard.
And the elite mobs are too hard too, a player lvl 40 cant win vs. lvl 28 elite mob.
I mean its really to different.
So i modified the classes, the players have now a little bit more hp, x1.5.
I think this is much better.

The Changelog:

+---With working Mail Posts (by Golgoroth, very nice and work well)
+---I have complete rewrited the Startup for much more speed in wowemu.(~8kb)
+---Better canagro and unagro procs (canagro proc by neo)(modyfied by me)(more speed and distance fixed)
+---Ai splitted, seems better, easyer to modify, splitted in AIcreatures and AIwowemu (much modified by me)
+---Nneos 0.71tcls(special edition) (rewrited by me (now smaller=more Speed))(~5mb)
+---Nneos and Nurris v1 (worldsave)(very good)(the best one smile.gif)
+---Spirits Honor System v3.20 (very nice and good)
+---Working tame beast spell and feed pet, i have maked it in the classes
+---Golgorth's InstanceLimiter (modified for travel to auberdine)
+---Much New Commands writed by me.
+---Extra Folders (like Pluginfolders)(seems nicer)
+---Rewrited Casses.scp (more Blizzlike and tame beast, feed beast insert and more what u cannot learn by trainers)(this classes is extream like blizz)
+---Fixed all innkeepers, GryphonMasters, HippogryphonMasters, WindRiderMasters, ZeppelinMaster and more...
+---Fixed above 100quests...
+---Added the 4 dragons on their right places
+---Added Account Prunner (made by nneo) I have modified it a little bit (unused account after 15days, empty accounts, clean
+---New WWW Style (maked by me, very very nice now)
+---AB&AR autorestarter by ST3VO v3.3
+---Fixed Spells By BAD (spells from 04.12.05)
+---Nurris Creatures 4.4 (modified by me)
+---SmartWorks Masterscript v2.1.2 (Modified by me for much faster start)
+---Raverouks Items 25.11.05 (modified by me added new ones and add/delete scripts=...)
+---Boats fixed by Dtf Team
+---Travel from darnassus to auberdine fixed by ravarouk

----Removed Battlegronds, Warsong (you can't catch the flags)(and for much faster emu)
----Removed the old Honor system (added Spirits System) command deleted (.help eat to much space, stupid command) (.cleanup is very very dangerous, if you do, you lost all gameobjects and much spawns, much spawnpoints)

++++And much more.

+++Nurri, for her nice Creatures and Items and World.
+++nneonneo, for the account prunner xD
+++Neo2003 for the nice 0.71Tcl pack and world. (hehe xD)
+++ST3VO, for her Autorestarter and crashrestarter.
+++Golgorth, for working mail, instancelimiter and more scripts...(big thx to golgorth xD)
+++BAD, for her Spellfixes, thx bad.
+++Smortwork, for her very nice masterscript and more...(i love the masterscript)
+++Spirit, for her best honor system.
+++Skite, for this nice forum^^ smile.gif.
+++BeeBop, for her very nice guide and descriptions.
+++Team-CR, for her Crack
+++Blackstorm, for her Itemarray generator.
+++Raverouk, for the nice item.scp
+++And all others who i forgot^^ smile.gif.

This WoWemu Repack is full optimized for Speed, i have rewrited the startup now it have ~8kb and i have rewrited the complete Tcl folder for much faster load and speed.
This is the fastest and workest one Repack.
Example how to modify XP-Rate or XP-mutiplicator:

Open the startup and u will see this:
set DEBUG 0

namespace eval WoWEmu {
proc CalcXP { killer victim } {

set exp_rate_mod 1 <------XP Rate, 1=100%, 2=200% and...
set max_player_level 60 <-----Maximal Player level...



Note: The fixes are always fixes from last fix.
If you have version 1.0.2 you need only the fix 1.0.3....
If you heve version 1.0.0 you need the fixes, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, 1.0.3.....

For the Mail/Post
The other is, u and all players, need this plugin:
You need this plugin to use the mail post.
1st).....Download the Plugin.
2.)......Put the plugin in your wow client, in the....interface/addons/...folder.
3.)....Enyoj xD

Have fun, Rama
*Nein, ich hab das Repack nicht gemacht ^^*
**For which version of WoW is it? 1.8.2**
***Thanks to "Sunshine" ***

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A NEW REPACK THNX A LOT &#33;&#33;&#33;

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Old 12/08/2005, 00:08   #3
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*i cant edit this post *
**its not my repack **
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Old 12/08/2005, 13:57   #4
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Karma Up, Version 1.8.0 only?

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Old 12/08/2005, 14:48   #5
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Originally posted by Hrhr-Haha@Dec 8 2005, 13:57
Karma Up, Version 1.8.0 only?
It&#39;s just for 1.8.2, maybe 1.8.0/1.8.1/1.8.2
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Old 12/08/2005, 15:07   #6
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Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 490
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New Version out:

New Commands:

.langall (with this, you can speak all languages, only for gms, plevel<4)
.learnall (learn usefull things, example to can use all things and more... only gms, plevel <5)

.addtele NAME (to add a teleportation point, only GM, plevel <4)
.deltele Name (te delete a teleportion point, only GM, plevel <4)
.listtele (to list all teleportion places, VIP, plevel <0)
.tele NAME (to teleport to that place, VIP, plevel <0)
.bug BLABLABLA... (to add a bug, mark the NPC or your sself, than type, Normal player, plevel no)
.listbugs (to list all bugs ingame (thx for golgorth, who maked that for me xD))
.honor rankings, info <name>, del <name>, change <(+-)points> commands for GMs (;odifikate or look for honor)
.imit 7 blablabla... (mark a player and type it, 7 is for common, 0 is for all.... try it out, max is 33)

.mergewp (....I have never used this command xD)
.setwp (set a waypoint for a npc)
.addwp (add a waypoint for a npc)
.addswp (dont no xD)
.showwp (show the waypoints from selected npc)
.startway (startway for the npc)
.endway (endway for the npc)
.recroute (record the route, dont no, never used xD)
.saveroute (save the actually route in to the saves folder)

.ctf (Display scores, and information about who has the flags, update map information)
.ctf open (Open the battleground, so players can join)
.ctf close (Close the battleground, when you have enough players and you don&#39;t want more to join)
.ctf add (Select a player to add him manually)
.ctf del (Select a player to delete him manually)
.ctf list (List of players)
.ctf spec (Add yourself as a spectator, to have the map information)
.ctf help (Help about other commands)

.ctf (Display scores, and information about who has the flags, update map information)
.ctf list (List of players)
.ctf give (If you are carrying a flag, give it to a teammate, I&#39;d suggest making macro for this)

.pass <newpass> - changes your account password

Plevel 2:
.acclist - shows accounts list in gossip
.banlist - shows bans list in gossip
.chpass <account> <newpass> - changes password of selected account
.accinfo <account> - shows general account information in gossip
.+qflag <qflag> - sets qflag for you
.-qflag <qflag> - removes qflag for you
.emote <num> - emotes selection
.cast <spellid> - casts spell on selection
.go <selection> - teleports you to selection
.gospawn <selection> - teleports you to selection&#39;s spawn

Plevel 4:
.+ban <account> - bans account
.-ban <account> - unbans account
.+lock <account> - locks account
.-lock <account> - unlocks account
.kickban <select> - kicks and bans account of selected player

Plevel 6:
.plevel <account> - changes account plevel
.+acc <account> <password> - creates account with specified name and pass
.-acc <account> - removes account
.tcl <command> - evaluates tcl command

More comming soon....


Note: Update only from the prevous version&#33;
If you have version 1.0.2 you need only the fix 1.0.3....
If you have version 1.0.0 you need the fixes, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, 1.0.3.....

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Old 12/08/2005, 16:36   #7
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Tutorial coming soon if needed
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Old 12/08/2005, 20:18   #8
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I dont thing you need to do an tutorial i mean.. its just like the other emus , just the name is not the same
// edit : nice sigs Hrhr-Haha ^^
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Old 12/08/2005, 20:30   #9
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Dank nicht mir, sondern Wakka, der hat gute Arbeit geleistet
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Old 12/08/2005, 23:51   #10
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hab ich das jetzt richtig verstanden Hrhr-Haha das du noch ein Tut in deutsch schreibst? Ich bekomme es nämlich irgendwie nicht installiert
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Old 12/09/2005, 01:51   #11
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abarv3.3.exe <-- doesnt work for me...
"Die Ausnahme "Unbekannter Softwarefehler" (0x0eedfade) ist in der Anwendung an der Stelle 0x7c81eb33 aufgetreten"
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Old 12/09/2005, 07:44   #12
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Originally posted by Dealer@Dec 9 2005, 01:51
abarv3.3.exe <-- doesnt work for me...
"Die Ausnahme "Unbekannter Softwarefehler" (0x0eedfade) ist in der Anwendung an der Stelle 0x7c81eb33 aufgetreten"
it doesnt work for me 2 just dont use it ...

1.) Lade den Emu runter.

2.) Entpacke den Emu.
Mit dürfte das kein Problem sein

3.) Einstellen der Hostdatei:
Öffne die hosts mit einem Editor, die Hosts befindet sich in C:&#092;WINDOWS&#092;system32&#092;drivers&#092;et c
füge das ganz unten in ein:

# Copyright &#40;c&#41; 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# Dies ist eine HOSTS-Beispieldatei, die von Microsoft TCP/IP
# für Windows 2000 verwendet wird.
# Diese Datei enthält die Zuordnungen der IP-Adressen zu Hostnamen.
# Jeder Eintrag muss in einer eigenen Zeile stehen. Die IP-
# Adresse sollte in der ersten Spalte gefolgt vom zugehörigen
# Hostnamen stehen.
# Die IP-Adresse und der Hostname müssen durch mindestens ein
# Leerzeichen getrennt sein.
# Zusätzliche Kommentare &#40;so wie in dieser Datei&#41; können in
# einzelnen Zeilen oder hinter dem Computernamen eingefügt werden,
# aber m?ssen mit dem Zeichen &#39;#&#39; eingegeben werden.
# Zum Beispiel&#58;
# # Quellserver
# # x-Clienthost localhost

4.) Entpacken der Maps:

..Starte den BatCreator in deinem maps ordner
..Drücke "find" und wähle das verzeichnis deines WoW spiels und drücke "auswählen" (muss auf dem selben computer sein)
..Dann drücke "Create", ok und dann "extract".

...----Lösche nicht die W0WEmu.exe.bak in deinem W0WEmu verzeichnis

5.) W0WEmu Keydatei editieren:
...--Führe Bloodys [] aus
..Öffne W0WEmu.key in deinem text editor (z.B. notepad)
- ändere server_name (z.B. server_name=My WoW Server), also nach dem = zu deinem namen, was du willst.
- ändere ws_host (z.B. ws_host= oder (, also jeweil zu deiner IP, oder deinem DNS namen.
- Speichere und schliese

6.) Accounts machen:
..Starte DButil.exe in deinem W0WEmu ordner
..Drücke auf Exclusive Mode
..Dann Clear Accounts
..Dann Edit Accounts
..Schreib in das erste Feld deinen accountnamen, denn du haben möchtest, danach unten drunter dein passwort und noch tiefer den plevel den du haben möchtest (gm level, höchstens lvl 6; normaler Spieler hat lvl 0), (0=normaler Spieler, 1=VIP, 2=Premium VIP, ab 3 kommt GM)
..Drücke Add/Replace
Die normalen plevel 0 accs, können sich die user selbst machen unter (Mann kann sich hier keine GM-acc&#39;s machen)

7.) Die W0WEmu starten
Bevor du die W0WEmu startest, lade vorher das .NET Framework 2.0 runter (Download:.NET Framework)
...Benutze entweder den Launcher oder ähnliches in deinem WoWEmu ordner oder direkt den WoWemu.exe, um die emu zu starten.

hoffe es hat dir geholfen ^^
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Jo, dieses ewige hin und her wegen den Emus installieren ist argh, seitdem ich meine msn adresse hinterlassen habe, hab ich keine ruhe, denke ich werd mal nen Big tutorial schreiben^^

Am besten in flash oder so oO

Nice repack, gleich lutsche eh saugen *geil^^*
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Cant get any of the files get on all 404, file not found, even on the hotfix Error on rapidshare and filefront. Creativ, you removed the files?
Or am I the only one getting this error?

Cheers seth

EDIT: Was a temporary problem, most links work at the moment.
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Wo krieg ich den 1.8.2 patch her ?

Edit : Hat sich erledigt

Edit 2 : "Fehlgeschlagen" ... -.- ich gebs auf ...

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