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[Release] GM-Commands für die neuen Ascent-Cores

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[Release] GM-Commands für die neuen Ascent-Cores

Hallo Leute!

Ich versuche mal wieder die Anzahl der Threads hochzutreiben, die etwas sinnvolles darstellen. Und vor allem die erstellt wurden, weil sie einen eigenen Thread benötigen und nirgendwo anders reinpassen. *auf die ganzen Servervorstellungen zeigt*

Auf alle Fälle haben sich, wie ihr wahrscheinlich schon alle wisst, die GM-Commands mit den neuen Cores geändert und weil ich sie hier noch nirgends gefunden habe, also bis auf einen kleinen Teil in einem Thread, werde ich sie mal posten.


hp Health Points/HP
mana Mana Points/MP
rage Rage Points
energy Energy Points
level Level
armor Armor
holy Holy Resistance
fire Fire Resistance
nature Nature Resistance
frost Frost Resistance
shadow Shadow Resistance
arcane Arcane Resistance
damage Unit Damage Min/Max
scale Size/Scale
gold Gold/Money/Copper
speed Movement Speed
nativedisplayid Native Display ID
displayid Display ID
flags Unit Flags
faction Faction Template
dynamicflags Dynamic Flags
talentpoints Talent Points
happiness Happiness
spirit Spirit
boundingradius Bounding Radius
combatreach Combat Reach
emotestate NPC Emote State
bytes Bytes
vendoradditem Adds to vendor
vendorremoveitem Removes from vendor.
npcflags Changes NPC flags
deletenpc Deletes mob from db and world.
info Displays NPC information
addAgent .npc addAgent <agent> <procEvent> <procChance> <procCount> <spellId> <spellType> <spelltargetType> <spellCooldown> <floatMisc1> <Misc2>
listAgent .npc listAgent
say .npc say <text> - Makes selected mob say text <text>.
yell .npc yell <Text> - Makes selected mob yell text <text>.
come .npc come - Makes npc move to your position
return .npc return - Returns ncp to spawnpoint.
spawn .npc spawn - Spawns npc of entry <id>
spawnlink .spawnlink sqlentry
possess .npc possess - Possess an npc (mind control)
unpossess .npc unpossess - Unposses any currently possessed npc.
select .npc select - selects npc closest
createpet Creates a pet with <entry>.
renamepet Renames a pet to <name>.
addpetspell Teaches pet <spell>.
removepetspell Removes pet spell <spell>.
kill .kill - Kills selected unit.
killplr .killplr <name> - Kills specified player
revive Revives you.
reviveplr Revives player specified.
demorph Demorphs from morphed model.
mount Mounts into modelid x.
dismount Dismounts.
resetreputation .resetreputation - Resets reputation to start levels. (use on characters that were made before reputation fixes.)
resetspells .resetspells - Resets all spells to starting spells of targeted player. DANGEROUS.
resettalents .resettalents - Resets all talents of targeted player to that of their current level. DANGEROUS.
resetskills .resetskills - Resets all skills.
additem Adds Item.
removeitem Removes item %u count %u.
learn Learns spell
unlearn Unlearns spell
getskilllevel Gets the current level of a skill
getskillinfo Gets all the skills from a player
learnskill .learnskill <skillid> (optional) <value> <maxvalue> - Learns skill id skillid.
advanceskill advanceskill <skillid> <amount optional default = 1> - Advances skill line x times..
removeskill .removeskill <skillid> - Removes skill
increaseweaponskill .increaseweaponskill <count> - Increase eqipped weapon skill x times (defaults to 1).
clearcooldowns Clears all cooldowns for your class.
removeauras Removes all auras from target
paralyze Roots/Paralyzes the target.
unparalyze Unroots/Unparalyzes the target
additemset Adds item set to inv.
advanceallskills Advances all skills <x> points.
castspell .castspell <spellid> - Casts spell on target
npcfollow Sets npc to follow you
nullfollow Sets npc to not follow anything
formationlink1 Sets formation master.
formationlink2 Sets formation slave with distance and angle
formationclear Removes formation from creature
showitems test for ItemIterator
removesickness Removes ressurrection sickness from the target
spawnbot .pet spawnbot <type> - spawn a helper bot for your aid


castspellne .castspellne <spellid> - Casts spell on target (only plays animations, doesnt handle effects or range/facing/etc.
aggrorange .aggrorange - Shows aggro Range of the selected Creature.
knockback .knockback <value> - Knocks you back.
fade .fade <value> - calls ModThreatModifyer().
threatMod .threatMod <value> - calls ModGeneratedThreatModifyer().
calcThreat .calcThreat <dmg> <spellId> - calculates threat.
threatList .threatList - returns all AI_Targets of the selected Creature.
gettptime grabs transporter travel time
itempushresult sends item push result
sendpacket <opcode ID>, <data>
sqlquery <sql query>
rangecheck Checks the 'yard' range and internal range between the player and the target.
setallratings Sets rating values to incremental numbers based on their index.
testlos tests los
testindoor tests indoor
getheight Gets height


add Add wp at current pos
show Show wp's for creature
hide Hide wp's for creature
delete Delete selected wp
movehere Move to this wp
flags Wp flags
waittime Wait time at this wp
emote Emote at this wp
skin Skin at this wp
change Change at this wp
info Show info for wp
movetype Movement type at wp
generate Randomly generate wps
save Save all waypoints
deleteall Delete all waypoints
addfly Adds a flying waypoint


getticket Gets GM Ticket
getticketbyid Gets GM Ticket by ID
deleteticketbyid Deletes GM Ticket by ID
banaccount Ban account. .account ban name timeperiod
unbanaccount Unbans account x.
createaccount Create account. Pass it username password email.
changeemail Sets email address on account. Pass it username email_address.
changeflags Sets flags on account. Pass it username and 0 for Non-TBC or 8 for TBC.
setprivileges Sets gm level on account. Pass it username and 0,1,2,3,az, etc.
changepassword Sets password on account. Pass it username password
mute Mutes account for <timeperiod>.
unmute Unmutes account <x>
banchar Bans character x with or without reason
unbanchar Unbans character x
kick Kicks player from server
list Shows active GM's
off Sets GM tag off
on Sets GM tag on
agro .agro - Toggles your agro on and off.
invisible .invisible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY and INVISIBILITY (mobs won't attack you and nobody can see you, but they can see your chat messages)
allowwhispers Allows whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.
blockwhispers Blocks whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.
disconnectplayer Disconnects the player with name <s>.
disconnectaccount Disconnects the session with account name <s>.
addipban Adds an address to the IP ban table: <address> [duration]\nDuration must be a number optionally followed by a character representing the calendar subdivision to use (h>hours, d>days, w>weeks, m>months, y>years, default minutes)\nLack of duration results in a permanent ban.
delipban Deletes an address from the IP ban table: <address>
renamechar Renames character x to y.
forcerenamechar Forces character x to rename his char next login
whisperblock Blocks like .gmon except without the <GM> tag
getstanding Gets standing of faction %u.
setstanding Sets stanging of faction %u.
logcomment Adds a comment to the GM log for the admins to read.


create Creates a guild.
rename Renames a guild.
members Lists guildmembers and their ranks.
removeplayer Removes a player from a guild.
disband Disbands the guild of your target.


select Selects the nearest GameObject to you
delete Deletes selected GameObject
spawn Spawns a GameObject by ID
info Gives you informations about selected GO
activate Activates/Opens the selected GO.
enable Enables the selected GO for use.
scale Sets scale of selected GO
animprogress Sets anim progress
export Exports the current GO selected
move Moves gameobject to player xyz
rotate Rotates gameobject x degrees


setbgscore <Teamid> <Score> - Sets battleground score. 2 Arguments.
start Starts current battleground match.
pause Pauses current battleground match.
info Displays information about current battleground.
menu Shows BG Menu
setworldstate <var> <val> - Var can be in hex. WS Value.
playsound <val>. Val can be in hex.
setstatus .setbfstatus - NYI.
leave Leaves the current battleground.


status Shows active cheats.
taxi Enables all taxi nodes.
cooldown Enables no cooldown cheat.
casttime Enables no cast time cheat.
power Disables mana consumption etc.
god Sets god mode, prevents you from taking damage.
fly Sets fly mode
land Unsets fly mode
explore Reveals the unexplored parts of the map.
stack Enables aura stacking cheat.
triggerpass Ignores area trigger prerequisites.


addhonorpoints Adds x amount of honor points/currency
addkills Adds x amount of honor kills
globaldailyupdate Daily honor field moves
singledailyupdate Daily honor field moves for selected player only
pvpcredit Sends PVP credit packet, with specified rank and points


list List recall locations
port Port to recalled location
add Add recall location
del Remove a recall location
porttarget recall ports player
appear Teleports to x's position.
summon Summons x to your position
start Teleport's you to a starting location
worldport Teleports you to <map> <x> <y> <z> (<o>).
gotrig Warps to areatrigger <id>
exitinstance Exits current instance, return to entry point.


addboth Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as start & finish
addfinish Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as finisher
addstart Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as starter
delboth Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as start & finish
delfinish Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as finisher
delstart Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as starter
complete Complete/Finish quest <id>
finisher Lookup quest finisher for quest <id>
item Lookup itemid necessary for quest <id>
list Lists the quests for the npc <id>
load Loads quests from database
lookup Looks up quest string x
giver Lookup quest giver for quest <id>
remove Removes the quest <id> from the targeted player
reward Shows reward for quest <id>
status Lists the status of quest <id>
spawn Port to spawn location for quest <id>
start Starts quest <id>


announce Sends Msg To All
wannounce Sends Widescreen Msg To All
masssummon .masssummon - Summons all players.
info Server info
saveall Save's all playing characters
setmotd Sets MOTD
reloadtable Reloads some of the database tables
shutdown Initiates server shutdown in <x> seconds.
restart Initiates server restart in <x> seconds.
castall Makes all players online cast spell <x>.
dispelall dispels all negative or positive auras on the realm. Specify 1 for positive, otherwise, negative auras will be removed.
playsound plays a sound id to the entire server
rehashconfig reloads the config file
renameallinvalidchars renames all invalid character names on the server


commands shows commands
help shows help for commands
gps shows your current position
lookupitem looks up an item string
lookupquest looks up a quest string
lookupcreature looks up an item string
createarenateam creates an arena team

Ich hoffe ich konnte euch damit ein wenig helfen!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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