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Ascent Server guide (source code)

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Ascent Server creation guide (from the source code)

Benifits of making a server from the source code are:
You know that you have the latest version when your doing it
You might want a server like blizzards, which you can easily make (repacks usually don't work, or have random vendors all over the place, which you can make yourself if you want a funserver)
and well... Its the first time a server worked for me! (There are more but i cant remember them)

Required Programs through this guide;
This will be used to download the Source Code.
Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition - And this is for Compiling it.
(note, there are more programs further through the tutorial.)

1) (Downloading Ascent Source Code)
When you have downloaded&installed the programs above, make a new folder, call it "SVN". Inside the folder SVN create a folder called "Ascent". Go inside "Ascent" and right click, then click "SVN Checkout". In URL of Repository type like so; . Click "OK", when it asks for a user/password type in anonymous for username and leave password blank and click OK. Wait untill that has finished.
When it has finished downloading, you should have three folders. "branches", "tags" and "trunk". "Branches" is the latest stable version of Ascent that is guarentied to work and "trunk" is the latest un-stable version which isnt guarentied to work, but might do, in this guide i will be using "Branches". To update your Ascent source to the latest revision, go into your SVN folder, right click and go to SVN Update.

2) (Compiling Ascent)

Ok, now that the source code has finished downloading, Open "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition"

At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest branch is "3_8_stable", so in my SVN folder, i will go to "Ascent/branches/3_8_stable/win/" and open "ascentVC90.sln".
When youve opened it, it should look like this. press Build then Build Solution.

When thats finished it should look something like this;

Now go to "branches/3_8_stable/src/scripts/" and open "scripts2008.sln". Now compile it like we did before.
Wait untill that has finished.

Now go to "branches/3_8_stable/bin/debug/", your ascent files will be in there and you should have these:

Now, go to "branches/3_8_stable/src/" copy all the .conf files into the same folder as your compiled ascent server files ("branches/3_8_stable/bin/debug/")
copy all the .dll files from "branches/3_8_stable/dep/lib32" into there aswell.

Now the "debug" folder contains your Ascent server, just copy it to a location of your choice and rename it to whatever you want.

3)Setting up MySql
first of all, download MySql

Now install MySQL and select a Typical install. At the end of the install, you will get an option to "Configure the MySQL Server now", make sure this box is checked and continue. Now follow below.

Click Standard configuration then click Next.

Make sure "install as a windows service" is ticked, make sure the service name is MySql, and make sure "Launch the MySql server automatically" is ticked. Leave the other options unticked. Click next.

Make sure everything is unticked then click Next then click "Execute"
If everything goes right all the circles should have ticks in.

Next, go to Start > All Programs > MySQL and open MySQL Command Line Client
When it asks for a password just click enter. If it makes a beep and then closes itself, reopen it and type in "root" as the password.

Now type (this will set your new password for MySQL):
SET PASSWORD FOR [email protected]=PASSWORD('newpasswordgoeshere');
SET PASSWORD FOR [email protected]=PASSWORD('ascent');
Then type
CREATE database world;
And finally
CREATE database accounts;
4) Importing a DataBase
Now go to the SVN folder that you made before and make a new folder called NCDB. go into this folder and right click and then click on SVN checkout again, but this time, put as the repository, as before, when it asks for a user/password, type in anonymous for the user and leave the password field blank. When that has finished, go to Tool.bat, right click it and click Edit. Change the settings to what it is in the pic;

Save& close Notepad (Or the text editor your using.)
Open it as you would normally when it asks for the option, press "W" (Install NCDB World Database (Wipe current DB)
Now exit it.

Now download&install (any other thing like this, e.g navicat, SQLYog etc, will also work, but I prefer "HeidiSQL".)
Open it, when it says "Connection to MySQL-host..." and comes up with a screen of info , enter the info like on here (Put your password to what you changed your MySQL password to)

Click Save&connect

Now click on "accounts" then, at the top, click Import and then Load SQL-File (note if your using any other program you could probably just right click it then click Restore from SQL Dump)

Navigate to your SVN folder and go to /Ascent/branches/3_8_stable/sql/ and select the logon_structure.sql then click execute.
Do the same for character_structure.sql in that folder.

Now we are going to create the account you will use in game.

Right-Click Accounts and then click "Refresh".
Now find "Accounts" double click on that and if you aren't allready go to "Tables" tab at the top. unless we do this step, you will get an error halfway through logonserver, and your accounts wont be loaded because it cant find a certain Field.
right click anywhere under forceLanguage and click "Add Field"

Change the settings to like it is in this picture here:

Now we have done that, click on "Data" at the top.

Where it says acct, leave it blank, it will automatically make that.
in Login, put a username
in Password, put a password, under GM, put AZ, if your making an account for someone else and you dont want them to be GM, leave that field blank.
in Banned enter 0.
In Email enter your email.
skip all other fields up to Flags, in flags, put 8 (this means that the account is TBC)
in "Force Language" put enUS
leave Muted blank
make sure that it saves at the bottom.

5) Extracting MAPS

Now, we have to extract the maps that the server will use.
[url= THIS.[/url]
Now, extract it and find your client version (enUS = US client EU = Europe client etc)

Place ad.exe into your World Of Warcraft directory, and make a folder in your World Of Warcraft directory called "maps". Then run ad.exe and it will extract the maps. (This may take up to 30 minutes depending on your PC)
If you get an error saying that it cant find file ******** then you are using the wrong one.
6) Extracting DBCs.
When that has done Download THIS DBC Extracter and follow the instructions in the Readme(this shouldnt take as long as Maps). When that has finished, copy the DBC folder into your Ascent folder.
[size=5]7) Setting up Ascent configuration files.[size]
(What you need to change is in RED)
There are four configuration files that you get when you compile Ascent (the config files are all located in your compiled Ascent folder or "release" folder.). "world.conf", "logonserver.conf", "realms.conf" and "Voicechat.conf".
All we need to edit for now is "world.conf" , "Logonserver.conf", and "Realms.conf"

First of all open up Ascent.conf

Press CTRL+F and type in WorldDatabase. Click "Find Next"
you should see this:

<WorldDatabase Hostname = "host" Username = "username" Password = "passwd" Name = "database" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
<CharacterDatabase Hostname = "host" Username = "username" Password = "passwd" Name = "database" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
change it to exactly this (with the exceptions of whats in red, change that to what you set it as)
<WorldDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "[color=red]yourMySQLpassword[/color]" Name = "world" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
<CharacterDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "[color=red]yourMySQLpassword[/color]" Name = "accounts" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
Now press CTRL+F and type in "die msg" press find next again. infront of that line, put a # infront of it (so it should now look like)
#<die msg="I am a newb who didn't even read half my config file!">
Now press CTRL+F and type in "die2 msg". press find next again. put a # infront of that aswell so that looks like
<die2 msg="I read nearly all my config file, but not the whole thing!">
Now press go to the top of the file CTRL+F again and search for "RemotePassword" then press find next yet again. (you may need to press it twice untill you find
<LogonServer DisablePings = "0"
             RemotePassword = "change_me_world">
Once you have found that, change "change_me_world" to any password of your choice (You need to remember this password for the next .conf we edit)
Save and close Ascent-world.conf

Now open "ascent-logonserver.conf"

Scroll down untill you see
<LogonDatabase Hostname = "host"
               Username = "user"
               Password = "pass"
               Name     = "dbname"
               Port     = "3306"
               Type     = "1">
Change that to exactly this (with the exception of the red text, change that to your MySQLpassword)
<LogonDatabase Hostname = "localhost"
               Username = "root"
               Password = "[color=red]yourMySQLpassword[/color]"
               Name     = "accounts"
               Port     = "3306"
               Type     = "1">
Scroll down untill you find
<Client MinBuild = "6739"
        MaxBuild = "6739">
change this to
<Client MinBuild = "6739"
        MaxBuild = "7799">
now scroll down to the bottom and you will see
<LogonServer RemotePassword = "change_me_logon">
change "change_me_logon" to what you changed it to in the ascent-World.conf file.
Save it and exit it.
Open ascent-realms.conf, scroll down to the bottom and you should see
<Realm1 Name = "Test Realm"
        Address = ""
        Icon = "PVP"
        Colour = "1"
        Population = "1.0"
        TimeZone = "1">
change "Test Realm" to what you want your servers name to be.
8) Blizzlike or Funserver
Here you have a choice; you can either make your server have blizzard rates or into a Funserver.If you want it to be blizzard rates, then skip this step, if you want it to be a fun-server (instant seventy), then Open ascent-world.conf, press CTRL+F and type in "Rates Health"
you should see this;
<Rates Health="1"
change this to something like this;
<Rates Health="1"
now save this and close it

9) Starting And connecting to the server.
Great! we are almost finished!
Now, all we need to do is start the server up, and change our realmlist!
so, open Ascent-Logonserver.exe first, and then Ascent-World.exe
while they are loading up, go to your World of Warcraft folder and open Realmlist.WTF ( If it asks to choose a program, then use notepad or wordpad)
it should say either
"Set Realmlist"
"Set realmlist"
Or something like that
Change that to "Set Realmlist". Save and close it.
Now, make sure that it says "Realm '(yourrealmname)' registered as realm 1 on the ascent-world.exe that you opened, If it is still loading things, wait untill it has said that, and then open world of warcraft, and login with the account details that we made in HeidiSQL earlier. If it sticks at "Connected" simply click cancel, then choose the realm. if it keeps on doing that, restart WoW.
if all goes well then;
Congratulations! you've successfully setup a WoW private server from the source code made an account and connected it.

a Program that i suggest that you use is attached at the bottom of the page, it searches through spells,skills,items,npcs,mobs etc. (I take no credit for this program, i did not make it)

I'll soon add more guides like:
How to make it so that people can connect to your server,
how to make a registration page
how to make custom items.

but untill then: I hope ive helped you, and that you have no problems cya.
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wow, this is very detailed. thanks.

i've done up to step 4 now, the ncdb cannot be retrieved from that svn server (always version 0 with 0 files).

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What do we do if we want friends to join over the internet...obviously you would change it so you connect through your IP but where would you change that?
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sticky please^^

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agree, the ncdb wont work for me either. Where can i get those files? e.g Tool.bat
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The NCDB file can you get here . Take this link for step 4 and it will work. The Tool.bat is in there.
But the link for the DBC Extracter in step 6 dont work can you fix it mooseberry?

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I have had no trouble up to step 4 but now i have encountered a problem. When i go into my Accounts in HeidiSQL there is no "accounts" subcategory. Does anyone know how i could fix this?
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Could you repair the link for the DBC extractor or post a link for them? I only have the German ones... when i start the ascent_world.exe it gives me an Error with unnown format from UK DBC files.
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Hi a'm new here. Sorry to boder but i have a problem with my ascent server i start may server and is ok but when i start wow it doesnt se my server but conects to the internet. I have set the relm list to my ip but still doesnt work. Please help.

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