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Feenix 1.12.1 // Almost unlimited gold with AH playing (10% hack 90% work)

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Red face Feenix 1.12.1 // Almost unlimited gold with AH playing (10% hack 90% work)

Hey there.

If im in wrong section, pls move this thread but dont delete pls.
This thread is for ppl that cant use wpe or dont know any bugs, exploits, but still want to make gold on 1.12.1
My english is not good, im from switzerland so sry!

Im pretty new on this site and since everyone starts with "LF hack gold item dupe bla", Im gonna start with a small and not very good guide, but it can make u rich on Feenix servers (and i guess other 1.12.1 servers too).

Basic rule is - the more gold u have, the more gold u can make. So its only limited to your fantasy.


So how is my story ??

Well. I started like i say below, 1.1k gold, and ended up with 259k gold after 14 weeks and about 3 bankcharacters full with flasks (titans and supremes).
I bought my mats (supreme as example) for 69g each flask ((dreamfoil 35g* 3 + 30g mountain silversage + 3g black lotus) / 2 = 69g each ). And sold it for 99,49g on ah (after 5% ah cut u get about 94g). So 25g profit on each flask.
In my best times i sold about 250 supremes and 300 titans each day. I made about 15.5k gold profit each day.

I used 2 alchemists with flasks recipes at the same time +
I payed 2 ppl 1k gold every day EACH person, just to buy herbs for me....
So i ended up with about 2 hours of work each day, for 15k gold profit.

Only thing i did was to go to my mailbox, take all mats, port to scholo, go afk while crafting, then come back, put flasks on the ah, go back again. U can carry 34 flasks without having problems, it fits perfectly with travelers backpack. 1 Run takes about 15 minutes. And because of your hack you can solo do this all day...


What do i need ?

What u need is about 900g + starting money and a 1.12.1 teleport/deathbug hack.

Addon: Auctioneer and CT_Mailmod

There are quite alot around, but i took the one from Lysolf (i dont know if i can post the link here, so just google for "1.12.1 lysolf multihack" or something, u should be able to find it).


The start is the hardest part!

U have to become an alchemist, and u need to have either Flask of supreme power, or flask of the titans (flask of destilled wisdom is the best, but u cant get it...). Its not so hard to do this, to lvl up alchemy to 300 u need about 150g on the AH, thats it + Flask of supreme (500-700G approx) + money for AT LEAST 1-2 flasks, 4 is better.

If u have this, then u can start making cash. And i tell u how.

Basically its a very simple economical funtion, but only like 10% of all players understanding it, and only 1% or less is doing it.

You buy mats, you craft flasks, you sell them for profit!
But what makes Flasks so expensive, is that u have to craft them in the lab (scholo or bwl). And most ppl need a grp for scholo. You have the hack.
What u do is simple, take a character that is heartstoned in UC, then go to scholo lab entrance (right before the scholo entrance) and save those coords.
Then go inside, go to the lab (use the "no clip" + "air jump" function of the hack to get to the lab without door bugging / non stealth classes / non mages), right before u get into the room with ras and the lab, save those coords again here as well. Ok, so u have : #1 Coords outside scholo and #2 Coords inside scholo lab and your heartstone in uc.

On feenix, u get disconected when u teleport somewhere, but when u do it (teleport, then do 1 step in any direction) u get saved at the spot where u got disconected. So u only have to take 1 DC and u are in the lab.
From uc, port to scholo outside, then run into the instance, teleport to the lab and get DCed.

Now u are at the lab. Go to the mobs that defend the lab and let them kill you. Now u use deathbug + unroot, and u can craft Flasks without having the mobs to attack you. When done, use HS / Auto Unstuck to get to UC. So thats first thing.


Now the work comes.

There are some rules u have to follow if u want to make serious gold.

1. Always be the cheapest, undercut HARD, dont let other ppl sell anything (=frustration)
2. Make GOOD contacts to herbalists that supply your mats! LOVE YOUR HERBS! Pay them good, pay them better then on AH or anybody else, so they sell all the mats to you and to nobody else!
3. Never CoD - never trade with lvl 1.
4. Make your prices be known, make some advertise macros, BUT DONT SPAM! (later u dont need aanymore)
5. Make 1 Horde and 1 Ally char, supply AND buy from both sides...
6. Never use ur hard money - if u need 10k gold, go make 10k gold. Dont lose gold.
7. Again, love your herbs... Tell em to put you on FL and to COD you whatever amount they want,
anytime, anyday, so they know u are a trusted and long time buyer!
8. Never buy other ppls Flasks from AH !! NEVER!!! They need to be frustrated so they get out of the bussines, dont let em sell anything !!
9. Watch out for your competition. Your real competition is not the person that farms mats for 4 flasks and puts them in the AH. Your enemys are the ppl that do it like you, that spamm AH with houndreds of flasks every day.

10. FIRST PAGE ON AH IS MOST IMPORTANT !!! MAINTAIN THE FIRST PAGE 24/7 !! 50 Items per site, so when u go to sleep make sure u have AT LEAST 100+ flasks on ah.

11. The 1-2 Rule. 1 side hates you, 2 love you. Your competition hates you
(other alchemists) cuz they cant sell flasks. Your herbalists love you cuz u pay them so good, and your customers love you too cuz u have the best prices !
12. NEVER waste your money! Especially at the start, or u end up broke again. Dont start buying useless shit as soon as u have a couple thousand gold... DOnt do it, even if u are bored... DONT! Dont start equipping your alts with this money.


What will happen then??

When u have enough gold then...

.. u can buy 24/7, and pay your herbs the best = other alchemist cant get mats

.. u can sell 24/7, if u maintain the 1st, 2nd and even 3rd or more pages,
ppl wont even look at last pages anymore, they will just buy from you and other alchemists auctions expire they get frustrated and hopefully change the bussines

.. you will be able to dictate the price, YES! on the long run u can do it, even if u have to sleep or do IRL stuff!
If everybody knows you and maybe your herb-buyers (try to get herb-buyers for you from different time zones!!), everyone will sell it to you. And that pushes other alchemists out of the way, herbs become more valuable (since u buy so much = demand & supply), ppl farm it more = more competition for farmers. After a while u will be the only one that REALLY buys and sells masses, some alchemists may try to sell their stuff on /tradechat, but thats only few flasks. You sell houndreds. After a while everybody knows you, Horde and Alliance, you are the only one on the AH that sells = monopol = you dictate the price, like all monopols.


If u follow these rules, all will be very fine and u will have enough gold for the rest of your gaming time or u sell the gold.


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sieht sehr nach c&p aus, falls ja quelle angeben...
ansonsten ist ganz nett aber nichts was wir noch nicht haetten...


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kannst vergessen, teleport funktioniert gar nicht mehr... soweit ich weiß
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