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Makro Guide

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Weiss nicht, ob es sowas schonmal gab, aber hier mal eine Art Makro Guide. Hab auf jedenfall länger dannach gesucht, hab aber, bevor ich hier gefragt hab, nochmal gegooglet und vielleicht ist es ja nicht nur mir eine Hilfe.

Und btw imo ist "Part 2" bischen nützlicher für Anfänger. In Part 1 wird zuviel gelabert. XD

Waren jetzt nur 2 Sachen die ich bei google auf die schnellere Variante gefunden hab und da ich bis eben auch keine Ahnung von Makros hatte, dachte ich mal ich poste sie.. Wie gesagt, vll. hilft's ja jemandem. ;(

Hier als erstes aber mal der Download Link für Part 1 & 2.


Have you noticed the macro button in the options of World of Warcraft and wondered what you could do with it? The macro is a very simple yet effective and powerful tool which can make your gameplay more enjoyable. I have come across a few macros already and will be posting them in this short and simple guide.

To start a macro you can either type /macro or hit escape and bring up the macro option in the game menu. Then simply:

1) Select new macro.

2) Select a macro icon in the window of available icons.

3) Type in a name for the macro and hit Ok.

4) Enter the macro commands in the window and note that you can cut and paste the macro from this article into the window by selecting the text, using control-c to copy and control v to paste.

After you have created your new macro drag the icon down to an open space on your toolbar - it does not need to be on your main gaming bar. You will need to activate the macro each time you exit a session and start another.

Note: whenever you see Rank # replace the # with the appropriate spell rank number.

Here's a list of macro's I have tested so far:

Quick quest text scroll Macro (11/30/04)

/script setglobal('QUEST_DESCRIPTION_GRADIENT_CPS' ,600000);

Assist Macro (11/30/04)

/assist %t
/script AttackTarget();

Macro to send a whisper to heal target when your healing them (11/30/04)

/script if ((UnitName("target") ~= nil) AND (UnitIsPlayer("target") = 1)) then SendChatMessage("Incoming Flash Heal!", "WHISPER", "COMMON", UnitName("target") ); end
/cast Flash Heal (Rank #)

*** Note that if you are using a different healing spell and rank you'll need to edit the spell name and rank ***

Pulling Macro (11/30/04)

/script TargetNearestEnemy();
/p Pulling %t
/script AttackTarget();
/v inc

Switching Hotbars with a macro (11/30/04)

/script ChangeActionBarPage();

*** Change X to the action bar of your choice ***

Toggle Between Windowed and Fullscreen Mode (12/01/04)

/script SetCVar("gxWindow", 1 - GetCVar("gxWindow"));
/console gxRestart

Hunters Mark (12/01/04)

Casts Hunters Mark on a target and automatically orders pet to attack it.

/cast Hunter's Mark(Rank #)
/script PetAttack();

Hunter Melee (12/01/04)

Automatically casts Aspect of the Monkey, attacks your current target and switches to a new hotkey bar for melee attacks (Replace X with hotkey menu # of your choice).

/cast Aspect of the Monkey(Rank #)
/script AttackTarget();
/script ChangeActionBarPage();

Hunter Range Macro (12/01/04)

Automatically casts Aspect of the Hawk and switches to a new hotkey bar for range attacks (Replace X with hotkey menu # of your choice, change # in 'Rank #' to the highest version of Aspect of the Hawk you currently have as an ability).

/cast Aspect of the Hawk(Rank #)
/script ChangeActionBarPage();

Mage Sheeping Macro

/p Sheeping >>> %t <<<
/cast Polymorph (Rank X)

Weapon Swap Macro (12/03/04)

/script PickupInventoryItem(17);if(CursorHasItem()) then PickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupContainerItem(4,1); PickupInventoryItem(16);else PickupContainerItem(4,1);PickupInventoryItem(16);P ickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupInventoryItem(17);en d

(this should be all one line)

Put your main hand item in left most bag upper left slot, offhand item to the right of it. put your 2h weapon in your inventory. Now this button will swap the two sets back and forth.

Target Unit Macro (12/06/04)

*Change "Hello. How are you doing today?" to whatever you like *

/script SendChatMessage("Hello. How are you doing today? ", "WHISPER", "COMMON", UnitName("target") );

Assist Target Macro (12/06/04)

Posted by Ami and updated by Seldan
Assist Macro
/assist %t
/script AttackTarget();

Self Bandage Heal Macro: (01/10/05)

Not sure if I saw this in the posted ones yet

This macro will also work for potions as well just put a potion in the slot called in the macro.

MACRO script:

/target YourNameHere
/script UseContainerItem(Bag#, Item#);
/script TargetLastEnemy();

My macro example:

/target Domandred
/script UseContainerItem(0, 3);
/script TargetLastEnemy();

UseContainerItem is set for packslot, itemslot. 0 is the backback, they count 0 to 4 RIGHT to LEFT. Slots inside the bag count 1 to X left to right where X is the size of bag. 6 slot goes 1 to 6 for instance.


Bei Zeit, Lust und Laune werd ich es mal in&#39;s Deutsche übersetzen, fals es Leute geben sollte, denen das Englisch Probleme bereitet. ~,~ Betroffene Personen sollten sich dementsprechend bitte bemerkbar machen, damit ich weiss ob sich&#39;s überhaupt lohnt. ;p

edit : Waaaaargh tut mir Leid, könnte das bitte jemand in&#39;s AddOns Forum verschieben? ~,~ Hab mich beim posten vertan, sorry.

edit² : Okay ich werde morgen das ganze mal in einer in einer Textdatei zusammenfassen, da das hier ja ein bischen unübersichtlich wirkt.[B]

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Part 2 ~

Slash Commands
Chat Commands

/chat, /chathelp - List of chat commands
/s - Say (local ambient chat)
/p - Party say (group chat)
/g - Guild say (guild chat)
/y - Yell (broadcast to surrounding area; use sparingly, as this can be construed as spam)
/w <player name> or /t <player name> - Whisper (or "tell" - conveys a private message to another player)
/r - Replies privately to a whisper you&#39;ve received.

Party Commands

/invite <player name> or /inv <player name>- If you are the group leader, this command invites a player to your party. (If the player is close by, click on them, then right click their profile to invite, alternatively.)
/uninvite <player name> - Kicks a player from your group (group leader only).
/random <number> or /roll <number> - Randomly generates a number between one and the number specifed (group leader only).
/ffa - Sets the "free for all" loot policy (group leader only).
/master <player name> - Sets the player to be "master looter" (group leader only).
/roundrobin - Sets the "round robin" loot policy (group leader only).

Status Commands

/afk, /dnd - Raises your "Away From Keyboard" or "Do Not Disturb" flags
/follow or /f - Auto-follows another player. Be careful using this command in dangerous areas (e.g. lots of aggro, cliffs, etc.).
/sit - Sits your character down. Players regenerate faster when sitting.
/stand - You stand up. Alternatively, just move.
/pvp - Puts your character in Player vs. Player mode, making you vulnerable to attack from other players.

Guild Commands

/ghelp - For a list of guild commands.
/gquit - Removes you from your guild.
/ginvite - Invites a player to join your guild (officers / leaders only).
/o - Sends a message to officer chat (officers / leaders only).
/gpromote <player name> - Promotes a player one rank (officers / leaders only).
/gdemote <player name> - Demotes a player one rank (officers / leaders only).
/gremove <player name> - Removes a player from the guild (officers / leaders only).
/gmotd - Sets the guild message of the day (officers / leaders only).
/groster - Shows the guild roster (officers / leaders only).
/gleader <player name> - Allows the current guild leader to grant guild leadership to another player.
/gdisband - Disbands the guild (guild leader only).

Misc Commands

/em <message> - Creates an emote
/played - Reports the amount of time you&#39;ve played the game with that character.
/who - Lists the players online.
/time - Tells you the official game time. WoW days and nights run on the real-time day / night cycle.
/trade - Invites the targetted player-character to trade with you.

Chat Channel Commands

/#, /c, /csay - Send a message to a certain channel # (E.G. /3 omw&#33
/chatlist, /chatwho <channel>, /chatinfo <channel> - List channels or channel members.
/cinvite <player name>, /chatinvite <player name>- Invite a player to a channel
/announcements, /ann - Toggle join and leave announcements in a channel
/ban, /unban - Ban or unban a player from a channel (moderator only).
/join <channel name>, /channel <channel name>, /chan <channel name> - Join a channel
/kick <player name> - Kick a player from a channel
/leave <channel number>, /chatleave <channel number>, /chatexit <channel number> - Leave a channel (or all channels if unspecified)
/mod, /moderator, /unmod, /unmoderator - Change a player&#39;s moderator status
/moderate - Toggle moderation on a channel
/mute, /squelch, /unvoice, /unmute, /unsquelch, /voice - Change a player&#39;s permission status. Mute and squelch are the same thing. (moderator only).
/password, /pass <channel name ><password> - Change the channel&#39;s password (moderator only).

Combat Commands

/cast <spell name> - Use in macros to cast spells and combat abilities. Usage: /cast <full spell name> - ex. "/cast Rend (Rank 3)". Shift-click a spell on your hotbar or spellbook to automatically add the /cast command plus the full spell name to the macro line your typing up.


Emotes are fun little slash commands which are shorthand for a particular action or emotion, for example: /smile will type out the text "You smile" or "You smile at <target>." and your character will beam a smile. For a complete list of emotes, check out .

Macro Basics

Access the macro interface through the main menu. Choose "New," then pick a name and an icon (any name / icon is fine, you can change it later if you like). In a macro, you can type up to 250 characters but can only cast one spell (one spell is the limit, even if the spells cast instantly) in the body section. To cast a spell, use the /cast command outlined above (under combat commands). There&#39;s no "save" button, just close the interface or create a new macro to save the macro you just created. There&#39;s no way to nest macros in other macros or any of that tomfoolery, but you can bind a macro to a key by dragging the macro icon.

Here&#39;s some more tidbits about macros:

- Use "%T" to report your current target. This is useful to tell your group what you&#39;re about to pull, e.g. "/p % incoming&#33; Be ready&#33;&#33;"

- Want to assist your pet? Put the following in a macro: " /script if UnitExists("pet") then AssistUnit("pet"); end"

- For other pet scripts, check out the Blizzard UI forum.

- If you&#39;re not disposed to another type of UI mod, Cosmos reportedly allows you to put a pause in macro via the /in <number of seconds> command (i.e. begin casting fireball and say "eat fire&#33;" 3 seconds later when the spell actually casts.)

Note that the voice emotes (ex. "/v help" to send out an emote with sound) have been temporarily removed from the game.

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nice work&#33;
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