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Hi ich habe mir den bot rb v312 fixed .zip runtergeladen.Doch ich habe keine Ahnung was ich jetzt machen muss.Bitte um hilfe.Wenn es geht ohne so komische wörter sondern das ich es auch verstehe!
Thx schonmal

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also ich habe jetzt instaliert.Dann steht da RUN BOT doch immer wenn ich da drauf klicke sthet da windos must be run maxizimesd oder so.Und dann das ich alt+TAB drücken soll.
bitte hel mir doch einer (heul)*

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Wenn du den Realmbot meinst:

Setup for World of Warcraft

Please follow these instructions on setting up Realm Bot to work with world of warcraft. There are several steps you must perform, however once you complete them, things will run smoothly.

STEP ONE Download the BOT:


the current working build is 2.03 and is only TEMPORARY until RB3 is released.

STEP TWO Ensure you have the .NET 1.1 SP 1 Framework installed on your computer. This is easy to find out if you have it. Simply try to run the bot. If it gives you an error about missing .DLL files, then you need to go to and select custom, and under 'optional updates' you should see the .NET Framework. Once you install the .NET framework, you will need to reboot your system, go back to microsoft updates, and install the service pack for .NET.

Q: Why must I install the .NET framework?

A: I was too busy to program an installer with the application. Installers are nice little "wraps" that you use to 'install' a program. This is just a stand-alone EXE. I am so busy with other things, and since it works just fine with the .NET framework, I am releasing the program without an installer. The .NET framework is a nice package anyway, and XP Pro machines usually have this pre-installed, so it is great to have it regardless.


Now that you have the .NET framework, and can run the program, you need to authenticate. You will only need to do this once. If you get an error message about "data access components" then go to this link and install MDAC 2.8. Enter your restrictedrealm account credentials and you will enter the main program area. If you can't authenticate, make sure your firewall allows the program access to the internet. You can disable your firewall just for a few seconds in order to clear the program (last resort). If all fails, please let me know on the forums.

Once you are 'in' the program, now its time to pause. We have some other things to do first.


Configure WoW to run in windowed mode. Edit the World of Warcraft shortcut on your desktop. RIGHT-CLICK-->PROPERTIES.

add -windowed after the end like this

"C:\mygames\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe" -windowed


There is one in-game macro that you will need to set up. I'll show you step by step how to do it. Open your WoW game and press SHIFT + (any number, I use 2) to get a brand new toolbar. We need to create a new toolbar, but don't want to erase the one you are currently using.



Open your new toolbar. Create a new macro.

Click the balloon, then click 'Macro'

Now create a new macro

GIve it a name. Any name- dont matter. Choose an Icon for it, then click Okay

in the 'Enter Macro Commands:" type "/script TurnLeftStart(GetTime());

click 'complete'

When you launch Realm Bot, you will need to tell it what slot you are putting your in-game macro in. This is that macro. Choose a slot to dump it and tell Realm Bot where it is.

Now, in slot #1, put in your default weapon. This is also critical, or the bot will fail.

You have now configured your WoW client.



Start the Realm Bot. The first thing to do is click 'SET LOCATIONS'. You have to configure the Bot to 'understand' your WoW client. This can get tricky, but again, once its done, its done.

TAKE TIME DOING THIS. DONT RUSH. The more precise you are doing this, the smoother your bot will run. And you only need to do it once. If you don't do it precisely, however, you may need to do it again, and you don't want to do that.

IN the program to control box, type World of Warcraft

Make sure your game is running, and your WoW window is maximized. Use ALT-TAB to switch windows. Dont minimize with your taskbar. Click 'try'. CLick Next


Move the mouse to the far right of your helath bar and click.

You want to make sure that you click in the 'green' area. Leave yourself a bit of green to the right of where you click, but not much. When you click, the Bot window should come up automatically. If it doesn't, just click on your toolbar.


Now it gets a bit tricky. You need to attack a creature, and turn your back on it to generate a "You are facing the wrong way!" message. You will see multiple messages spamming on your screen. On the TOP message, click in the RED part of the 'Y' as shown:

Once you click, go back to the Bot Setup screen and it will tell you the RED VALUE and show you a box with the color that you clicked. IT MUST BE RED, if it is not the bot will fail. It must be red and should have a RED VALUE of 255. You can accept lesser red values, but it might not work as smooth as a pristine red=255. You may need to do this numerous times. The entire bot depends on you getting this right. If you dont get it right the first time, just click the "Click to Begin" button and do it again. A solid red color with a red value of 240 or more worked for me every time in test. However, I never tested anything less than RED=240


This is the same process. If you plan on using any ranged attacks or spells, you should not skip this step. Turn your back to a creature and start spamming a ranged attack to generate the "Target Needs to Be in front of you!" message. Click in the RED part of the 'T' in the TOP message. I never got a RED=255 on this part. If you do, that is the best. All I ever got was RED=220-241. You definitely don't want less than RED=220

Click Next.

The last step is easy, just click in the left side of your green health bar. Just like you did earlier on the right side, but this time on the left.


You have now setup the first half of the bot!




The first thing to do is to get in the game and setup the rest of your toolbar. You have number slots 2-9 to use for special attacks and anything else. Decide what kind of 'creature' you will be killing while AFK. You will place your character in a spawn area and be attacking the same thing over and over again. So, what does it take to kill CreatureX? What keys do you press on your keyboard to kill CreatureX and how many seconds in between keys? For example, with my Rogue, I will enter combat mode and press 2, wait a couple seconds, press 2 again, wait a couple seconds, then press 3. Ill wait about 6 more seconds and repeat the same thing. 100% of the time, CreatureX will be dead when I do this. Once you 'decide' what keys you press and when to kill creatureX, you are ready to go!


Each 'command' you tell the bot to send, you seperate it with a comma. There are four special commands you can give the bot: the % sign, the ^, the F, and w

The % sign will cast a spell on yourself (presses the ALT key). The w will wait for X amount of seconds. ^ presses CTRL and F will designate a FUNCTION key

%5 = cast toolbar slot #5 on myself

w5 = wait 5 seconds

^7 = ctrl 7

F7 = press F7

%5,w5,3 = cast slot #5 on myself, wait 5 seconds, press toolbar slot #3

2,w5,4,w6,%8,w3,F5 = press #2, wait 5 seconds, press #4, wait 6 seconds, cast #8 on myself, wait 3 seconds, press F5

Once you figure out the right commands to FULLY KILL creatureX, enter them into the FIGHT SEQUENCE text box. You dont want it to go too long, nor do you want it to go too short. Optimal AFK means creatureX is dead near the end of your fight sequence. If creatureX keeps dying long before your fight sequence is up, then you should shorten it. If your fight sequence finishes before creatureX normally dies, then you should lengthen it.


There are 2 non-combat loops. These are where you put in 'buffs'. Designed specifically for spellcaster. Every 29 minutes, my preist will need to cast his 30 minute buff. To cast a spell on yourself, you use the % sign.


The moment your healthbar drops to the point where you 'clicked' it in the setup, the Bot will assume combat has begun. At the moment of combat, this command will run. (i.e. a priest will cast his powerword shield spell). I use %5 as my initialization comand. This casts a shield on myself.


Only active when AGGRESSIVE MODE is turned on. If you are in aggressive mode, then you will be constantly sending the {TAB} key (trying to target something) and then pressing your RANGED ASSIGNMENT key (trying to attack something). If you successfully start a fight, then you will stop pressing TAB until combat is over.


Might be wise at times to set only 60 or 120 minutes of AFK as to prevent any other players from getting suspicious. When this timer runs out, you will auto-logoff the game. If you have perpetual mode checked, you will be AFK until stopped.

One thing you might want to do is add this line to your file

SET TargetNearestDistance "45.000000"

this will greatly increase the targetting distance of your TAB key, useful in Aggressive mode


Make SURE your 'F1' key is the default and not changed. it should auto target yourself

while in aggression mode, you can tell realm bot to fire off a nuke sequence when it gets a target (good for mages). You tell realm bot what a neutral and hostile target 'looks' like. I've noticed that each time I start the WoW game, these colors can change. So, each time you go AFK, if you plan on nuking from long range, its good to reset these. its easy and only takes a minute.


click on your chat window, create new window, call it whatever you like.
set the color to 100% solid black
now configure realm bot to get an incoming whisper.

send a whisper to yourself and click the purple 'T' of 'To:'
whenever you go AFK, while in WoW, bring up your black chat window and realm bot will see all incoming whispers.
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geht auch auf deutsch?^^
aber thx

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benutz lieber wow!bot, der is um einiges besser und einfacherer


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