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Immortality + MaNGOS Item Dupe! New Stuff[Updatet]

Closed Thread
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1.0-All hacking programs work with 1.12.1 some with TBC
1.1 WOWemu Cheat macros
1.2 Gold making Guides
1.3 Stuff that is working 50/50 % fixed or is still working on old mangos servers
2.0 Other peoples cheats, tips.


WOWEmu immortality macro and other cheat macros.


To create a macro go to the main menu go to macros and make a new macros then tipe the text that listed below.

Immortality Macro.
/Script RetrieveCorpse() buy using this macro you can restore hp and revive your self. If you use spam micro , instead of the normal text put my micro you will be immortal.

Guild ultimate promotion
/gpromote xxxxx <--------your name it will ceap promoting you all the way to guild master if you wont to.

Complete the quest for you without doing it.
/script CompleteQuest(1) or /script CompleteQuest() <---idk it does not work for me any more but it might work for you assept quest and pres the macro and it completes the quest. ( Some ppl say it only work with the quests where is continue button)

Money by mail.
For the servers who use Rivera_Mail addon
.maildo_send #your name here#BIG thanks from tornado#More Money#999999999

Speed macro.
Here when some one slows you down use this micro and it will increase your speed buy 100% then if you use
mount it will increase buy 200% have fun
/script TargetUnit("player")
/g .dismount

/console logout <-----logs you out without 20sec waiting


Gold making guides.

Download my all in one archive and use my filters.
Gold1 first.
Gold2 second.
2.Normal Blizzlike servers
Just use megablax to make money.

Mangos Read in the bottom.


Not tested might not work.
Ok if you play on mangos server there is a bottle that drops from the mobs i think it adds 25 xp this is what you do make a macro .save drink that bottle and keep pushing the button it adds health idk if it works with other bottles

Who plays on mangos servers here what you do IN WESTFALL there is a farmer with quest if you kill him he got lvl 50-60 stuff you can make alot of money

In tauro vilage that connects mulgore with Barrens there is a pig in the cage it has a quest after you complete it you
can complete another quest ......then you hawe to escort him to crossroads i think so after you complete it goes forever it gives you 7k xp everytime

Mangos bug
if you cast polimorph 3 times on mob it will not see you at all works on lich

NOT tested might not work
Ok one more idk if it works IN thunder bluff there is a neveranding quest on 12 leather its call LIGHTLATHER 5k xp each time

Other one idk if it works when there is a world save you pu the same helmets on, they will add alot of stats

If you dont wont to spend your BOTTLES use this /script UseContainerItem(0, 1); 0 is number of bag 1 is the slot in the backpack

Other bug on armor here is is
YOU hvwe to die first then go to angel and revive your self and you get the resurrection sickness then log out and log back in after 10 min it adds more stats to your armor


1)start the program
2)fined the path to wow dir
3)Press start
4)if in the menu the "Setting hash" not going to appear press "Change realm"
5)Check the mark "dupe items"
6) drag items from one spot to another (suppose to be in back pack)

Request of some ppl here is megablax 1.1
MANGOS ITEM DUPE VIDEO IS HERE ......on construction

trade with someone press trade then put empty bag in the window open the gray bag....then pot the item in the bag and tell opponent to trade... thats all

Other people tips , bugs and cheats.

QUOTE(Whoostah @ Nov 28 2006, 04:47 AM) *
I found this bug with a dagger called "Julie&#39;s Dagger" which has a equip spell that has a chance to heal you on hit, now thats all normal but when you got TWO of these daggers, one in your backpack and one in your hand, they heal you 70 hp on EVERY HIT&#33; makes your pretty much immortal . Its on Mangos.

Feel free to add this to your list, tornado, if you want.

QUOTE(Marik @ Nov 30 2006, 01:38 AM) *
yeah how about the mining one start to mine a vein and when the cast bar reaches the middle press M to bring the world map up w8 3 sec&#39;s and then return to the game and you will notice that the vein didn&#39;t dissapear but instead you gained one mining skill

QUOTE(awdawdawd @ Dec 28 2006, 09:23 PM) *
Ok i know a few bugs....

first off, if your a rogue,,, Go stealth then go up to a monster and .s so it will detect you, on some servers it will increase your Attack power by 300-500 and u can do stealthed attacks in reg mode, i found a way to stack this but not sure how it realy works somthing with deing or w/e dunno i can&#39;t do it anymore. on rogues random combo point, im pretty sure if u put talents points in ruthlessness u get random, combo points when fighting monster.

Easy Mount stack&#33; get 2 differant kinds of mount, start one mount when it&#39;s at (--Gay Mount---| ) like that much done hit escape then your ohter mount if u did it right u will finish the first mount and then mount the other one, u can add this to rapter glitch aswell to get 300% speed, Sprint before you mount to get extra speed for x amount of seconds,

On a hunter if you get to lvl 63 u can tame any Beast boss on ANY mangos server, tho some servers make make hunter pets broken so that people won&#39;t hit 5k damage because they tammed a pet from naxx.

if your server allows past lvl 60, and u get to say 70 and u can&#39;t find anything more to lvl on no worries, just if your a walock kill ur pet with spells and u get loads of xp depending on the server, if your not ask a lock/hunter if u can farm their pet for xp tho hunters can&#39;t kill their own pet soo ur better of trading lvls with a hunter, If a hunters pet kills you he will get xp if u kill pet u get xp so just make a trade or somthing. i got to lvl 255 in one day on my server......also full t3 that a gm gave me &#33;&#33;

NOTE" the best pet for a hunter is a spider from naxxramas preferably the green one (biggest one) he hits for 5k, note most servers take away pet hp after u dissmiss. tho he will keep his uber damage&#33;

i got a naxx pet and went threw aq 40 one hitting the trash mobs.

Note: Wrath this guy in ts with me is a fag hope he dies&#33;~

(ove @ Jan 2 2007, 10:07 PM) *
here&#39;s how you can duplicate money and items, with the .save command:
Lets say you have two pchars (1 and 2).
lets say the char 1 has 10k gold.

Player 1 types in the save command .save
Then player 1 gives all he&#39;s money to player 2
player 2 types .save
Now both players have 10k gold
Only the server has to crash. loggin out will save again and one of you won&#39;t have the money.

So, you eighter run many wow&#39;s (dual or tripple log) and wait for the server to crash, or crash the sevrver yourself. There are many ways to do it, but if you don&#39;t know how, than you better wait for the server to go down, as if hundreds of players know how to crash a server, what good would the game be. And ....there are many people already crashing servers, so if you play on the "rights server", it should go down some times in every day.

(banger @ Jan 13 2007, 03:23 PM) *
well I need a new server cause hardly any of these work on mine
coughraidenwowcough but i have found one exploit which may work for you. if you die while the server crashes when you log back in you get double the attack bonus from your items. It may not work for you but it worked for me my 70 rougue has 5k attack power =D

What I do is grap a bunch of fairly low level mobs that would eventualy kill me and then just wait for crash or make it crash ( I know some mangos emu bugs that make the server crash )

tells you HOW to taim a pet from naxx
(Whoostah @ Jan 14 2007, 12:46 PM) *
Here is another one for all you hunter creeps out there:

First you need to be on a server where you can get past lvl 60 (min level for this to work is lvl 62-63) Ok so get a pet with somewhat high health, say 5k+. Then go to naxx and find one of the big green spiders (any spider will do but the green one does most dmg), they are located in the first room to the south if i remember correctly. Get you pet to attack it and then start taming the spider. Then BEFORE your current pet dies abandon it (I will die trust me) Now you can tame the spider without it attacking you. The green spider hits for about 5-6k and has about 20k hp so you can solo pretty much everything with it. This also works on all beasts just remember; Get you current pet to attack the beast, start taming, abandon current pet before it dies. Note: This doesnt work on ludmilla servers

(banger @ Jan 16 2007, 02:41 PM) *
its cool isnt it. But you should go to razor hill and kill the razor hill grunts and get 27g if ur alliance watch out for horde though lol and if you horde just go to your reputation bar and put at war. then you can kill em and get loot.

Download all in one.

Thanks to Tornado from hsforum

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Super, vielen Dank

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Das mit dem escorten is glaubich Quark. Der gibt einem nur dämliche Buffs für diese Blutsplitter da.
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Kein Problem

Aber hm Titel lesen wäre net schlecht

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Ich danke dir auch wenn das funktioniert wäre das ja mal übelst geil.


Ok one more idk if it works IN thunder bluff there is a neveranding quest on 12 leather its call LIGHTLATHER 5k xp each time
Ist glaub ich von Server zu Server unterschiedlich.

.maildo_send #your name here#BIG thanks from tornado#More Money#999999999
Mit oder ohne die " # " ?
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ich denke mal des ist nur nen platzhalter sprich der charakter heist tim dann machste dat so
.maildo_send tim#BIG thanks from tornado#More Money#999999999
probiers mal aus bin momentan an nem eigenen server am bastenln aber wäre cool wenn ihr mal reinschreibt obs funzt
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Request of some ppl here is megablax 1.1
Link dont work

I download other megablax1.1 but always send me "error hacking lacd..."
The program load and select icon launch to wow, press start and say me "error hacking wow"
In cr1 video, u have more folders : megablaxloader_secure and megablaxObj_secure.
I try this in mangos server.
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hm dont no if this the version of your request but this is another v 1.1
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i get a "you cannot have both a horde and an alliance character on the same PvP realm" when i use megablaxx 1.10
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Originally posted by deathgods@Dec 7 2006, 07:37
i get a "you cannot have both a horde and an alliance character on the same PvP realm" when i use megablaxx 1.10
I have the same problem.
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This Version dont work for Mangos.
I think you must buy the newest Version of Megablaxx there you can loot without killing, create charakter any lvl any items and gm status
just use google to search or use search option from this Forum.

//I reuploaded these Files:
MANGOS ITEM DUPE on 2 mirrors.
Megablaxx 1.1
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why everytime that i try use this hack i got error 132???

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maybe its outdated :I

(did try&#39;d it on tbc-mango server v. 2.0.10 and get same error)
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Originally posted by Pwnzer@Mar 24 2007, 23:55
maybe its outdated :I

(did try&#39;d it on tbc-mango server v. 2.0.10 and get same error)
Posted: Dec 4 2006, 18:53
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I tested the macros. Non of them works on the normal 1.12.1 servers. I think they work on very old version servers like 1.6 :P

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