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*** Professional COMBAT ROUTINES for Live 6.2 Servers [] ***

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Thumbs up *** Professional COMBAT ROUTINES for Live 6.2 Servers [] ***

HandsFree – WoW best available combat routines


Fully automatized high-quality PvP and PvE damage and healing combat rotations with a variety of useful tricks to be always at the top!
Designed with support of multi-gladiators/R1s, following reliable PvE rotation guides and simulcraft, the CR has proved its ultimate advantage anywhere you run it - arenas, RBGs, dungeons and raids!
Flexible functionality settings. Enable the options you want to have for your class or make it do everything for you and get the maximum efficiency of best available CRs for WoW 6.2 (live) coded by highly experienced professionals!
HandsFree is quick, smart and stable combat rotation as it’s based on FireHack - a WoW multihack with Warden protection, which is known to be one of the safest at the moment.
Hurry to be the first and the best in your arena team, raid group or RBG party here and now!
Personal customization: several options for setting your gameplay the way you like

1. Choose style: AOE to hit/heal everyone without changing the target or Single target only. Also you can Disable rotation and leave simple features like kicking, dispelling etc.
2. Choose mode between PvP (Arenas/BGs/RBGs/dueling) and PvE (dungeons, raids and outdoor)
3. Facing hack allows player attack any unit regardless if he faces the unit or not
4. Auto queuer automatically queues, accepts ready check and leaves instance. Works with Ashran queue invitation as well. When enabled, you need to choose zone type to make proper queues (Arena, BG, Skirmish or Ashran)
5. Auto move can be used with Auto queuer on BGs or Arenas and make it farm Honor Points or Conquest Points for you fully AFK [Beta release]
6. Mark team healer option draws a line to party healer in arena and colors it depending if he can heal you or not (credits to Ben Phelps)
7. Status bar frame – creates the frame where most important Routine settings are displayed
8. MoveOnCast hack allows player to move while casting an ability (credits to l0l1dk)
9. Pring&Log enabled opens a new chat window where major script actions are printed out. Also saves a log for debugging reasons if needed
10. Smart pause option pauses rotation when player uses any spell manually
11. Kick settings button opens kick settings window
12. Class settings opens your class additional settings window
13. Start/Stop routine is used to start or stop the Combat Routine. You can do that also by left-clicking on the crown minimap icon (changes color when clicked)
14. Save&Close will close the window, save user setting and automatically restore it on the next launch
Advanced kick logics: designed for countless PvP battle conditions

1. Set kick interval field allows player manipulate kicking % interval
2. Set kick delay sets a delay after spell cast start in milliseconds to make it less obvious that you’re scripting
3. Choose kick from a variety of options depending on your play style. Pick Smart mode to have a balanced kicking logics or Only healer to counter enemy healers’ abilities. Break chain is used to save your team healer from a chain CC advanced conditions and DR tracker. For PvE you can go with Kick all to kick everything except the Ignore Spells list
4. With Spells list you can remove a spell or add a new one
5. Kick after option sets a better kicking communication within the team. You can Kick first (regardless the possibility of team members to kick) or Kick if teammates can't or even Kick if a specified team mate can't
6. Set minHP to kick heals will set a minimum enemy player HP when to start kicking healing abilities
Epic performance: the rotation uses all possible class advantage and opportunity to have the maximum efficiency

1. Choose stance mode between Smart (sets the stance depending on current ingame situation), Always defensive or make auto stance Disabled
2. Smart fake is a great alternative to old juking scripts which no longer work on WoD. The Rotation imitates human faking mechanics and proves to be very useful!
3. Then goes a List of abilities that CR will use automatically. More information for your class you can find below or visit our website
4. Use CP abilities allows the CR automatically use combat points taking abilities such as Eviscerate or Ferocious Bite
5. DoT enemy healer sets whether the Rotation DoTs the enemy healer or not to have him CCed
6. Set reaction delay places a delay in milliseconds before instant actions, such as dispel, totem stomp etc. to look less botish
Macro-based configurations: multiples your ingame success

Settings window macros to:
- start/stop rotation
- choose CR style (AOE/Single Target/Disabled)
- enable/disable Facing hack
- enable/disable Auto queuer
- enable/disable Mark healer function
- enable/disable CastOnMove hack
- switch kick mode
- switch stances modes
- enable/disable Smart fake
- enable/disable DoTing enemy healer
- enable/disable using CP taking abilities
- show/hide minimap icon
- enable/disable Smart pause
- enable/disable Print&Log function
- set the start of the kick interval in X %
- set the end of the kick interval in X %
- set the delay for the kick in X MS
- set the minimum enemies HP to kick heals in X %
- set reaction delay for instant actions (dispel, totem stomp etc.) in X MS

General macros to:
- automatically create most important class specific macros
- save player power (rage, runic power etc.) to reach specified value X. Value X is optional, you can leave it blank to save power to maximum
- queue a GCD-taking ability to the rotation on specified unit with the highest priority and attempts to cast for the specified period of time
- continue CC on the specified unit (including target, focus, arena1-5 or even enemy healer) as soon as previous CC fades
- kick a unit manually and not miss your kick (built-in antifaking checks)
- use PvP trinket / Every man for himself with a check for actual CC / roots on you and not waste it

Class specific macros to:
- silence a unit manually and not miss it (aura mastery check): DK (Strangulate), Priest (Silence), Rogue (Garrote), Blood elf (Arcane torrent)
- set purge a higher priority than DPS rotation - DK (Icy touch), Priest (Dispel magic), Shaman (Purge)
- trinket a CC with a proper ability used by DKs (stun – Ice bound, fear – Lich born, else – PvP rinket / Desecrated ground). 1 macro replaces 4 buttons!
- use DK Death grip if the unit is not rooted
- disable/enable feral’s Rip usage
- jump forward with Hunter’s Disengage
- set the pet type to summon for Warlock (“Kick pet”, “Tank pet”, “Dispel pet”)
- Shockwave (Warrior) your target and not miss it!
Class description: a brief overview of amazing HandsFree functionality for every class

General features:
- Fully automatized high-quality PvP & PvE, damage & healing rotations
- All talents / glyphs support
- BG& arena full AFK botting
- Advanced kicking logics
- Juking helper
- Move on cast hack
- Facing hack
- Positioning helper (not to lose your healer)
- Totem stomp
- Stealth detect
- Auto dispel
- Healing assistant (hybrid classes)
- Self-preservation behaviour
and many more…

Death Knight (Frost, Unholy):
- Unholy pet behaviour (kill totems, pet kick, pet stun AM)
- Auto-simulacrum
- Purge important buffs
- AMS incoming CC

Druid (Balance, Feral, Restoration):
- Shapeshifting incoming CC (restor)
- Blink form traps (restor)
- Root melee with DR tracking (feral)
- Shapeshift roots

Hunter (All):
- Accurate trapping moving units with prediction logics
- Pet behaviour control (kill totems, freedom, RoS)
- Binding shot on 3+ units around
- Explosive trap kicking

Paladin (Holy, Retribution):
- Situational Sac (retri) and BoP team members
- Pre-sac incoming CC (including traps)
- BoP smoke bombs
- Keeping denounce debuff up (holy)

Priest (Discipline, Shadow):
- Pre-MD incoming CC on team healer (shadow)
- Purge important buffs
- Auto angelic feather logics
- HolyFire incoming CC

Rogue (All):
- Auto Shadowstep logics
- Smart re-stealthing
- Re-Sapping mechanics
- Teammate support

Shaman (All):
- Improved grounding logics
- Smart freedom / tremor totems usage
- Auto capacitor totemic projection to enemy healer / target
- Purge important buffs

Warlock (Affliction):
- Advanced pet behaviour (kill totems, kick, dispel)
- Auto-click green targeting area circle at mouseover position or unit
- Pet sac for double-kick
- Perfectly time Fear with QueueCC macro

Warrior (All):
- Auto reflect / mass reflect function
- Rally low-HP team members
- Intervene to catch Wyvern from team healer
- Triple shockwave
Interested to get more info? Simply visit our website, contact a consultant online or in Skype (wowhandsfree)
TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!!! Welcome to

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sieht ja alles sehr Interessant aus,
aber was sollte mich dazu bewegen von Soapbox Routines
zu gohandsfree zu wechseln? ^^

PS: wenn das ganze nichts kostet, wo ist dann der Hacken?
Wird es irgendwann mal etwas kosten, ist es mindestens genau so
Safe wie Soapbox? bzw ist es genau so gut wie Soapbox oder besser?

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There are several differences between Soapbox and HandsFree: 1) we are based on FireHack () - the safest known WoW scripts platform 2) we support both PvP and PvE, have proven to be very efficient in all ways 3) we have active live support and always able to help our customers.
We are confident in our product that's why we offer 3 days free trial access per class with all features enabled (but you still need to have active FireHack subscription to run the routines). Then if you like it, you can purchase lifetime access.
For more info visit our website Thank you!
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Old 11/09/2015, 20:59   #4
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mh okay, aber 49€ für 1 Routine ist echt mehr als teuer ^^
Ich meine ich bezahle seit monaten 30€ bei Soapbox und da habe ich dann alles.

Das wären dann 450€ für alles. :/

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Old 11/09/2015, 21:28   #5
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HandsFree rotations are of a different quality + safety insurance, you'll feel it when if you try, that's why we have a slightly higher price. 49eu is one time purchase with no need to resubscribe every month. We also offer discounts for pack of classes. If you plan to play WoW for more then 10 months and buy all classes, you'll get both money benefit and awesome routines.
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Old 11/15/2015, 09:08   #6
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49€ pro Klasse empfinde ich einfach als zu teuer.
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Old 11/15/2015, 23:43   #7
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We do not make you purchase the scripts. It's totally up to you. That's why we have 3 days free trial per class so you decide if you need it or not. The quality and safety insurance cost some money.
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Old 11/18/2015, 03:42   #8
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Great routines! Definitely worth the money. Wayyyy better than the **** on famous botting site.
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Old 11/18/2015, 20:15   #9
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Thank you, dxdave! We work hard to make it best quality. Lots of saticfied customers with Glads and even a few R1s this season. Go Hands Free!
p.s. We've just added new comfortable KeyBinds system to all the routines! [Update 17.11.15]
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Old 11/19/2015, 00:49   #10
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Are these possibly better than Soap?
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Old 11/20/2015, 09:20   #11
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You could give it a (free) try and see yourself. We are confident in the quality of out product, proved by many satisfied users and positive feedbacks on different forums.
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Old 12/18/2015, 09:48   #12
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We are glad to announce that HB banwave haven't hit us anyhow. Staying safe!
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Old 12/26/2015, 01:57   #13
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Well tbh, if Firehack would be discovered you also would have been, so of course HB Ban Wave did not affect you :-)


I tried your Demo, compared to Sandbox.

It is good but not worth 50 Euros per Routine

You would make much more Profit if you aim the 19.99 Target

uses Firehack and FH never was hit by a Banwave yet
3 day free Trial with Full Access
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Old 01/05/2016, 17:49   #14
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So i tried it on live server as "Pala Retri" @Dragon Soul @Kazzak @Mops in Tanaan

It is good and running that you can play "HandFree" but at recount you are always slow. But recount does not matter. It takes me 2 times longer if i would play to kill the mops for my quest for like tanaan.

It's for people how are think it's boring or can not play their class.
The price i think is ok because other sites charge $30 a month and on you lifetime for same price by one time coast if i buy all
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Old 02/02/2016, 15:42   #15
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Thank you for your kind feedback, we are constantly improving both PvP and the PvE part of the routines (atm it's not balanced for outdoors levelling usage, so you may lack some DPS there). But overall, we keep the product at a very high level; mainly targeting experienced players to achieve even more with the help of HandsFree routines in arenas, BGs, Dungeons and Raids!
p.s. Also notice that our Skype support team is willing to help you with the settings to get maximum advantage of using the scripts!

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