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FREE WoW Bot - - Shadowlands Bot - PvP - Gathering - Skinning

Discussion on FREE WoW Bot - - Shadowlands Bot - PvP - Gathering - Skinning within the WoW Bots forum part of the World of Warcraft category.

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FREE WoW Bot - - Shadowlands Bot - PvP - Gathering - Skinning



Brobot is happy to announce our Alpha release on a new unlocker.

Since the project got hit hard with the collapse of EWT we are releasing our Alpha 100% FREE to everyone.

The only goal of Brobot is to make the best product on the market. We are extremely open to our community and we want to build this together with you.


- Fully AFK BG Bot auto queue/smart movement (best on market already)

- Fully AFK Herb/Mining/Skinning Bot (Free Profiles Included)

- Fully AFK Grind Bot (Free Profiles Incoming)

Bot is actively being developped
Multiple Daily Updates

Come join our community of already 175+ members and contribute to make the best bot all together.

Join us on for free profiles, best support on the market, more guides and a direct contact with the devs.

Check :
for a full easy Installation guide.
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Ich stelle mal die Deutsche Version dazu bereit:


BroBot ist glücklich endlich ankündigen zu können das wir die Alpha auf einem neuen Unlocker releasen können.

Da wir durch den Kollaps von EWT hart getroffen wurden, was die Funktionalität angeht, kann jeder der möchte Kostenlos den Bot ausprobieren in der Alpha.

Das einzige Ziel, was wir mit Brobot verfolgen ist, dass wir das beste Produkt auf den Markt bringen möchten. Wir sind auch immer offen für Vorschläge und Ideen aus der Community und möchten das mit euch zusammen aufbauen.


- Fully AFK BG Bot auto queue/smart movement (Aktuelle der Beste auf dem Markt)

- Fully AFK Grind Bot (Demnächst kostenlose Profile)

- Fully AFK Herb/Mining/Skinning Bot (Kostenlose Profile Inklusive)

Der Bot wird aktiv entwickelt und es kommen mehrere Updates am Tag.

Solltet ihr Interesse haben mit uns das Ziel zu erreichen könnt ihr euch gerne der Community anschließen.

Schaut doch hier: vorbei für kostenlose Profile und einem soliden Support, mehr Guides und einen direkten Kontakt mit den Entwicklern

Für einen komplett Installation Guide.
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We have revamped our whole Grind/Gathering behaviour come see how it works!
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Some little news:

Smart Grinding / Gathering Integration:
We have started integrating a smart grind and gathering system that will make you able to set your own values to mobs/ore/herbs and other things in the world around your bot which will change the decisions that your bot will take. This will increase the randomness of your routes versus other bots and will make it less likely to get ban.
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Come check out this bot guys its 100% FREE during its development and its worth a shot!

Together as a community we can build something strong!
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The project is back after 2 months downtime since the fall of EWT and Luabox. We are now back with Minibot Unlocker. Lets build a community together !
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Old 04/13/2021, 12:43   #7

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BroBot Updates, [09.04.21 08:41]
New Update live:

Nav takes much smoother turns and looks much more human like.

BroBot Updates, [09.04.21 10:57]
Gathering is fix

BroBot Updates, [09.04.21 21:19]
Fixed gathering config option not sticking and breaking gathering
Added delay to looting, it should not walk away from loot as often

BroBot Updates, [09.04.21 21:19]
Added version text to brobot window title

BroBot Updates, [10.04.21 05:49]
Deployed a few hundred offmesh links to PVP area's.

BroBot Updates, [10.04.21 22:16]
Navigation improved, more improvements coming tomorrow
Added mounting properly
Fixed task juggling
Added poly blacklisting (turn off areas that it cannot nav in)
Fixed LOS issues

BroBot Updates, [11.04.21 19:32]
More navigation fixes, more to come

BroBot Updates, [11.04.21 19:37]
30 odd more offmesh links added.

BroBot Updates, [11.04.21 21:32]
New Build:

A few more PVP offmesh links added.
Changes to Grind Internal logic. Should behave better and respect the self defense/pull settings correctly now.

BroBot Updates, [12.04.21 19:41]
Huge FPS improvements. should no longer see massive FPS drops by enabling the bot.

BroBot Updates, [12.04.21 22:08]
AutoQuest Improvements: Bot should now be able to solve a ton more types of quests on it's own and be better at detecting quest objectives in general. Some other autoquest fixes.

BroBot Updates, [12.04.21 22:16]
Note: If you find the bot not attacking targets. make sure to enable any "Auto Engage or Ignore Combat" options in the BadRotations settings.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 04:41]
New Update Live:

Swimming will no longer cause the bot to get immediately stuck.. Some other nav fixes to.
with Enable Pulling mobs active on Autoquest it no longer let the bot try and pull non quest mobs.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 04:56]
New Update: Bot will ignore combat dummies.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 05:31]
Bot can now solve a bunch of quest's involving using an Item that gives an AoE cast effect on a location/npc.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 05:43]
Nav should now avoid generating paths through lava.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 06:05]
Autoquest should no longer get stuck trying to interact with despawned units/objects.

BroBot Updates, [13.04.21 06:41]
PVP bot should now face the target direction more reliably.
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Old 04/16/2021, 17:13   #8

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BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:01]
Internal Changes to Target Tracking - Should make bot more responsive to adds.
Quest Interaction Changes - Bot Will now correctly use the clients value for interact range on a per object basis. not just a hard coded "interact" range.
Auto Quest Config - Removed some useless and extra config options that could lead to breaking auto quest if inconfigured correctly.
Some Quest Blacklist Fixes to improve the fact that quest gives get black listed and it takes 2 minuites to hand in a quest.
Debug Mode is no longer "on by default".
AutoQuest: Stop trying to quest Interact whilst in combat. Fight back.

More To come.

BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:38]
More Target tracking changes. this time to see if the hostile mobs are fighting something we have either summoned or own. (guardians/pets/quest ****). and not just ignore it..
Will no longer try to rest whilst dead..

BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:41]
Bot will no longer throw an error if you enable it before selecting a bot base.

BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:53]
Autoquest should no longer throw exceptions.

BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:53]
Gathering whilst grinding uses the new interaction range checks. Should enable it to get stuck approaching nodes less.

BroBot Updates, [16.04.21 08:57]
Fixed repair mount usage on alliance side (previously would get stuck unable to interact with a vendor unless you were horde)
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Old 04/16/2021, 18:09   #9
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just for SL
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BroBot Updates, [17.04.21 18:29]
Quest bot should be better able to find a path to its next quest destination at longer ranges.
Nav should no longer forget its current path when minibot has a hiccup and refuses to generate one for whatever reason.

BroBot Updates, [18.04.21 07:29]
Minor update to try and help with some of the "stop after 1 task" bugs. More to come

BroBot Updates, [18.04.21 08:26]
Some more internal improvements to what happens when minibot fails to find a path

BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 04:29]
Fixed Mounting in the maw
Fixed some more autoquest stucks,
Fixed some more nav bugs.
Added a bunch more offmesh links to pvp maps

BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 06:17]
"Hopefully" fixed the crash on pvp start/exit.
Improved PVP target selection It will try and focus on things in close range hitting it. rather than chasing a caster down.

BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 06:19]
Navigation will now actually consider water as more expensive and prefer a route around if faster.

BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 06:36]
BGBot should now take into account players proximity to certain battlefield objectives when deciding what to fight/where to go.

Someother Equally vauge update note entirely designed to enrage isle.

BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 07:02]
Better swimming detection. Should solve the "Spin on the surface" issues finally.
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BroBot Updates, [19.04.21 09:56]
This week along with all the insane updates the dev will be pushing.

We have another team who will work on completing the database so you will be able to start it anywhere in WoW. Still missing like 3 continents which should be done this week. We will also work on learning the bot safe zones, stuck zones, danger zones. Also another 200-300 offmesh links getting added.

We appreciate your reports here:

Even thought you might not see the updates probably until end of week or early next week, we already fixed some of them on our side. They will be pushed live at some point. Please don't double post a stuck, even if you see it still get stuck, chances are we already fixed it on our side. We will be deleting the stucks we fixed. If you don't see your stuck report anymore this most likely means its fixed on our side.

BroBot Updates, [20.04.21 07:55]
Multiple BG fixes.
Multiple Fixes to Database logic around professions. (or lack of professions).
Fixed some bugs where old navigator paths did not get cleared on teleports/zone change.
Rewrote the loading system for OffmeshLinks/NavPatches to better spread the load over multiple frames.
Delayed DebugUI creation untill required.
Optimized the startup process for the bot.

BroBot Updates, [20.04.21 08:43]
Autoquest should do a much much better job of finding its desitnation (and a path there). at the cost of performance.

Ill sort the performance issues out later.

BroBot Updates, [20.04.21 08:51]
Navigator now handles calling its update methods independently of the bots main loop. Should help it handle tight turns at lower fps better

BroBot Updates, [20.04.21 14:31]
Updated Backend Server.
Enabled Loading of the remote "stuck/road/other more advanced nav changes" database so the team working on all the stuck reports can actually deploy there work.

BroBot Updates, [20.04.21 20:53]
Fixed a crash bug involving mounting.

BroBot Updates, [21.04.21 09:21]
More Mounting Bug Fixes. Should be good now.
Also added a basic unstuck. It will attempt to free the bot and blacklist the spot untill the next /reload.

BroBot Updates, [21.04.21 09:59]
Vendoring fixed. It will now properly use the vendors / repairs npcs
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BroBot Updates, [22.04.21 13:36]
allow looting option now works

BroBot Updates, [22.04.21 17:23]
When Minibot fails to find a path. an alternate runtime navigator now takes over untill minibot starts working again. This should fix a bunch of the auto quest problems and nav problems in general. (Its not perfect. Its just a v1 - but it will help a ton).

Fixed a few other crash/stuck errors in auto quest that caused the bot to simple stop whilst questing.

BroBot Updates, [22.04.21 18:15]
Runtime Nav will now generate less lagged paths.

BroBot Updates, [22.04.21 18:27]
Fixed an issue with Runtime Nav being called to generate paths when it wasnt required.

BroBot Updates, [23.04.21 08:02]
New Build Live:

Addon Free Autoquesting:

New Checkbox on AutoQuest to enable a new internal scanner. It should be more accurate than the older TomTom/QuestPointer method.

You can disable TomTom + QuestPointer with this new option enabled.

The old logic is still available with the checkbox off. and the addons enabled.

BroBot Updates, [23.04.21 08:58]
For now it is recommended to use the older addons included version of autoquest whilst i work out a few more bugs in the new one.

BroBot Updates, [24.04.21 19:57]
New Release
Added Brotations, THESE ARE IN SUPER ALPHA AND YOU MILAGE WILL VARY, these will be maintained and updated overtime to suck less
Added rotations selection UI window, pick your rotation here
By default it will allow you to use BadRotations, KC, etc without you needing to pick a rotation

BroBot Updates, [25.04.21 18:18]
Fixed a possible issue with LoS checking not being correct

BroBot Updates, [26.04.21 20:33]
New Rotation System:

We are working with King Cobra as a provider for some leveling free and good rotations up untill level 60.

(either buy KC or use BadRotations at 60 untill we reenable our internal ones).

The next time you load the bot. It will automatically download King Cobra. You will need to restart WoW after this. This will only happen the once.

BroBot Updates, [26.04.21 20:33]
Also. Tooltips.

BroBot Updates, [26.04.21 20:34]
Rotations Settings ( When Below Level 60 and using King Cobra. ) are available under /kc

BroBot Updates, [28.04.21 04:24]
Fixed a bug stopping config saving from working and breaking some internal tools
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The auto questing without having hardcoded profiles seems a nice idea.
For now it requires the player to lend a hand though as it often stands still until you move it around a bit from the questgiver to the target area and back.
The basic kill and collect quests work fine so far.
But the updates are very fast so we hopefully see that figured out soon.
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free bot

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