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WoW 1.21.1 Addons (Download)

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WoW 1.21.1 Addons (Download)


nachdem jemand ein Addon für die o.g. WoW-Version gesucht hatte, dachte ich, ich könnte das Addon Pack mal wieder hochladen.

Ich möchte übrigens anmerken, dass das Paket nicht von mir stammt. Ich habe es lediglich wieder hochgeladen.

Dieses Pack enthält folgende Addons (für WoW 1.21.1):

! ImprovedErrorFrame - hides the error issued addons;
!! FonTabulous - addon to replace the fonts in the game (Diablo, etc.);
!! Warmup - shows how much memory is loaded and spends every addon;
! OmniCC - visual display of cooldowns on the action bar;
! StopTheSpam - removes the message about downloading add-ons from the chat room;
ABHEFS - informs the control points in the battleground Arathi Basin;
Accountant - shows how much and where you spend / earn money;
Ace, Ace2 - the libraries needed to run some add-ons;
AceNameToggle - allows "zabindit" options displaying text over the players;
Adapt - ZD portraits in the standard unit frames;
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - improved window professions sorts recipes, etc.;
AdWS - calculates weapon damage depending on the characteristics of the character;
AfkAlert - warns when you go into AFK mode (with sound and a large inscription);
ag_UnitFrames - replacement for the standard unit frames;
AggroAlert - Shows aggro on someone is your current target;
AH_MailCollect - automatically collects money from all successful auctions in the mail;
AH_ShowBid - mark the items for which bids are made (someone) at the auction;
AHFavorites - Memories in the search for the auction;
AlfCast - cast on yourself when you press "Alt";
Align - grid on the screen to adjust / align the interface;
Alkitron_HonorTab - replaces the tab "Honor" for more details;
AlphaMap - Card: do not close the survey, view all locations, including underground;
AnkhCooldownTimer - for Shamans: number of Anchovy, timer reincarnation;
Antagonist - Shows cast bar and the duration of buffs of the opponent;
AntiDaze - for hunters: Cancels an aura of acceleration for dizziness;
Arcanum - for magicians: it helps relieve the interface;
Archaeologist - setting the standard frame: x, mana, class icon, buffs, etc. (/ Arch);
ArchiTotem - for Shamans: totem bar (all the totems on the 4 buttons);
ArcHUD2 - the original map unit frames in the form of "brackets" on the sides of the player;
ArmorCraft - helping to pick the best armor in your profession;
AsmoMOD - automation of many functions (including PvP), mana conservation, etc.;
Atlas - shows maps of dungeons, chains of quests, loot from bosses and the chance to loot;
Attack_bar - shows the duration of the attack;
AuctioneerPack - simplifies the trade at the auction, adds information about subjects;
AuldLangSyne - an improved form of "window with your friends / ignore (you can make notes, etc.);
AutoAttack - for any attack on you to send in an attack mode;
AutoBar - adds an extra socket with food, stones, bottles, scrolls, etc.;
AutoBuff - watching your buffs and updates them automatically;
AutoEmote - automatically answers emotion on emotion;
AutoHideBar - automatically retractable bar for bottles and other things;
AutoInvite - automatically adds the group of those who wrote in a personal "invite me" (a filter);
Automaton - automation of many functions (Ace2);
AutoProfit - More a button in the menu dealer to sell all gray items at once;
Bagnon - a big bag / bank, remote viewing of the bank;
Banana - an interface for the management of trust icons raid mark hunter, etc.;
BanzaiAlert - audible and visual warnings about taking aggro;
Bartender2 - allows you to completely change the display panels of action;
BattlefieldCommander2 - information about the composition of the parties on BG, flags, etc.;
Beastmaster - for hunters: sorts pet skills in a convenient manner;
BEB - an alternative, fully customizable bar experience;
Bebentotem - for Shamans: reports on the finding in the zone of another tremor totem shaman in the raid;
BeneCast - adds buttons of different (friendly) spells next to a framed players;
BestBuff - throws the best rank buff depending on the purpose;
BetterWaypoints - shows the distance to Quester and direction;
BGFlag - window, which shows the player's nickname, is flying the flag on the battleground;
BibMod - setting the size and location of interface elements with the mouse;
BigWigs - displays timers abilities of bosses, announced their application, etc.;
BlockSalvation - for the soldiers: automatically cancel hung on your Salvation;
BMRecLevel - the recommended level of locations, institutes (on the map and on the screen);
Bongos - setting panels of action and the rest of the interface;
BookOfCrafts - remembers what recipes / scheme your characters (viola) have already learned;
BookStore - copies and stores all of the books seen in the game;
Bookworm - remember all the texts read in the game;
BossBlock - blocks CT_RABossMods oRA_Bigwigs and spam;
brDamageText - displays the damage done directly to the portrait of purpose;
Buffalo - Customize Icons buffs / debuffs (location, size, etc.);
BuffWatch - shows the buffs of all members of the raid;
BuyEmAll - will help to make bulk purchases from a vendor when you press "Shift";
BuyPoisons - for thieves: the purchase of reagents for poisons with one button;
CallOfElements - for Shamans: totem-bar, change the set of totems, depending on the situation;
CallToArms - monitor / filter LFG channel (to help find a group at the Institute, to get rid of spam);
CandyDice - shows the duration and cooldown abilities Rogue and other classes;
Cartographer - Map: location, view, unexplored areas, maps of dungeons;
CasterStats - displays a bonus "Spell Dmg" box to the characteristics of the character;
Catalyst - faster loading locations;
CCWatch - shows stripes with a timer at the time of the enemy bunkers, mills, etc.;
cEasyHealer - beaten in the raid shows the players in descending order, etc. to heal;
CEnemyCastBar_Natur - Shows cast bar targets, bunkers;
CensusPlus - statistics on online on the server (all on guilds, races, classes, etc.);
cgCrafty - a convenient interface for "linking" recipes and search box to professions;
CharacterProfiler - addon for downloading data character in the roster;
CharactersViewer - view stats, inventory and bank all the characters on the account;
Chatbar - a convenient interface for switch chat channels;
ChatKeys - allows "zabindit" standard in the chat channels;
ChatLink - realizes the opportunity "to link" items in PM;
ChatMOD - Chat settings (scrolling, time, color classes in the chat room, removes the buttons, etc.);
Chronometer - Timer bunkers, poisons, Sapov, mills, effects, totems and other things;
ClassIcons - icon shows the classes of players and mobs on the standard unit frames;
ClassicTooltip - tooltips since the first releases of WoW;
ClassViewer - icon shows the classes and the rate of attack players (/ clv);
Clean - allows you to quickly hide the interface;
CleanChat - Alternative ChatMOD;
CleanMinimap - setting the mini-map (moving, scrolling, add W, E, S, etc.);
CleanPlayerFrame - shows the number of HP / MP + 3D portraits in standard frames;
ClickHeal - addon for healing, very informative, lots of options;
Clique - allows "zabindit" spells, macros, etc. on mouse click (good for healing);
cMinimapButtonBag - round button for opening the bags;
ColoredWhoClasses - adds color classes in the window, "Who";
Combatants - shows who is the group "in battle";
CombatSentryGizmo - scans the combat log frames and shows you all attacking enemies;
CombatStats - provides statistics on the battle: Strike, miss blocks, dodges, crits, etc.;
CompactComboBar - shows a small window xn mana / energy you and your goals;
CompareStats - shows in the tooltip thing as it adds / takes away the paper (detail);
CooldownCount - analog! OmniCC on Ace2;
CooldownTimers - shows cooldowns separately (in strips), displays a warning;
CountDoom - for a warlock: spell timers;
CritLine - stores and displays the best crits (healing, melee, spell);
Cryolysis - for magicians: The convenient interface control spells (based on Necrosis);
CT_AllBags - allows you to open up to 11 bags at a time;
CT_BagMod - allows you to rename the handbag;
CT_BarMod - adds 4 additional action bar;
CT_BottomBar - allows you to remove / move elements of the main panel (griffins, etc.);
CT_BuffMod - alternative custom map buffs;
CT_ExpenseHistory - maintains statistics on the lessons learned;
CT_HailMod - lets welcome anything that you can see, the touch of a button;
CT_ItemBuffs - addition CT_BuffMod (displays buffs weapons);
CT_MailMod - convenience for e-mail (mass mailing, etc.);
CT_MapMod - Map: location and the opportunity to make notes;
CT_MasterMod - shell (core) is required for most addons CT;
CT_MovableParty - lets you move the frames of the group;
CT_PartyBuffs - displays all the buffs / debuffs group;
CT_PlayerNotes - can take notes in the windows of the "Friends";
CT_QuestLevels - shows the level of quests in the journal;
CT_RABossMods - addition CT_RaidAssist, warns Boss Abilities;
CT_RaidAssist - implements the various functions to assess the general condition of the raid RL;
CT_RaidTracker - automatically keeps a log raid (who got the loot, etc.);
CT_ShieldMod - for priests: shows how many survive the shield in a separate window;
CT_TickMod - shows mana regeneration and the lives of a tick in a separate window;
CT_Timer - flexible timer, a large number of settings;
CT_UnitFrames - display count mana and health in the standard unit frames;
CT_UnitFrames_epf_rare - CT_UnitFrames + your frame style rarnika (a dragon);
CT_Viewport - allows you to resize the visible part of the world on your screen;
CThunWarner - will help deal with the boss C'Thun in AK'40;
CTRA_Spy - addition to CT_RaidAssist and oRA2;
DamageMeters - shows inflicted damage / heal the raid, DPS;
DeathAlert - prevention of death in the raid;
Decursive - automates the process of removing debuffs from you or from your allies;
DefendYourself - avtoataka, an opportunity not to beat the "sheep" and the like;
DepositBox - will help to keep a certain amount of random spending;
DetachedMiniButtons - the ability to move the buttons on the mini-map (anywhere);
Detox - an analogue to Decursive Ace2;
DeuceCommander - interface for adjusting most addons to Ace2;
DiscoDice - for thieves: timer modes;
Discord - a complex add-ons: textures adds, changes and adjusts the frames, panels, etc.;
Distance - displays the distance to the goal;
DoctorDruid - to the Druids: a variety of different functions;
DoTimer - timer pillboxes / Khotov (lots of options);
DoubleClickSelfCast - cast on yourself by double-clicking the mouse;
DruidBar - to the Druids: Shows mana bars in the forms of cats and a bear;
DruidFunc - to the Druids: the possibility of "Bindi" different functions;
DruidHelper - to the Druids: add-class leaders;
DuelInspect - information about calling you to a duel (in which dressed, etc.);
EasyUnlock - for the robber: adds a button "Unlock" in the inventory / trade (skill level);
EasyWho - easy search for classes in the window "Who";
EavesDrop - an alternative the combat log (color, with icons);
eCastingBar - configurable casting bar, shows the cast time, rank, spells, etc.;
EgoCast - cast themselves: anyone have a target / enemy, cast on one another: in each target;
EmoteButtons - round, sliding the button with the emotions;
EN_NinjaRate - shows the next thing on how it suits you (for roll);
EnergyWatch2 - shows a "tick" of energy (in the form of strips) robbers and druids;
EQCompare - analog EquipCompare on Ace2;
EQL3 - more convenient quest log;
EquipCompare - displays a tooltip worn on your things close to the comparable thing;
EX_MashManaConserve - preservation of Mana (against overhila);
EzDismount - removes mount when trying to execute some operation;
FactionGrinder - simplifies the pumping reputation with certain factions (shows an item ..);
Fastcast - removes the pseudo-delay between castes have players with high ping;
FastQuest - shows the level of quests, color, announces the completion of the chat;
FearDance - for the soldiers: shift macro rack;
FeralFighter - to the Druids: activates buffs and avtoataku in the form of cats;
FeralSkills - to the Druids: allows you to hang multiple abilities on one button;
FilterFix - sets the filter box to show only coach available capacity;
FilterKnown - illuminates green (default) color have studied recipes in the auction;
FishEase - allows you to quickly throw a fishing rod, right-click;
FishingBuddy - FishEase + what, where, how many are caught, etc.;
FixCTGroups - aligns the frames CT_RaidAssist;
FlexBar - adds (one) custom buttons to the user interface;
FlexTotem - for Shamans: totem-bar (/ flextotem default, / flextotem lock);
FlightMap - map of flight (time, route);
FollowMeEnhanced - automatically follow the other players (in teams of them);
FriendShare - synchronizes Friends / ignore to your viola;
FrowningCircle - for Shamans: allows "zabindit" on the forests of the 4 totems on one button;
FruityLoots - positions the loot window under the mouse cursor;
FuBar - adds a toolbar plug-in interface;
FuBar_AmmoFu - number of rounds of ammunition;
FuBar_AnkhTimerFu - for Shamans: analog AnkhCooldownTimer;
FuBar_Aspect - aspect for the hunter;
FuBar_AssistFu - the selection of targets in raids;
FuBar_AtlasFu2 - interface addon for Atlas;
FuBar_AuctionsFu - information about the auction;
FuBar_AuditorFu - a detailed calculation of income and expenditure of your characters;
FuBar_BagFu - a place in the bags;
FuBar_Bartender2Fu - interface for add-Bartender2;
FuBar_BattlegroundFu - about BG;
FuBar_BGQueueNumber - sequence number for BG;
FuBar_CloakHelmToggle - on / off. maps of the cloak and helmet;
FuBar_ClockFu - hours;
FuBar_ConjureFu - for magicians;
FuBar_CorkFu - buffs, debuffs, etc.;
FuBar_CRDelayFu - Delay Timer resurrection;
FuBar_CustomMenuFu - any custom menus;
FuBar_DakSmak - Features (Miss, Dodge, Parry, Block, Glance / Crush, Crit, Hit);
FuBar_DamageMetersFu - interface for add-DamageMeters;
FuBar_DPS - DPS monitor;
FuBar_DurabilityFu - information about the strength, auto repair equipment;
FuBar_DuraTek - the percentage breakdown of equipment, the amount for repairs;
FuBar_EmoteFu - extended menu with emotions;
FuBar_Experienced - experience;
FuBar_ExperienceFu - information about the experience, the analog / played;
FuBar_FactionGrinderFu - interface for add-FactionGrinder;
FuBar_FactionItemsFu - information about the things necessary for the reputation with the factions;
FuBar_FriendsFu - Friends;
FuBar_FromAViewToAKillFu - the opportunity to appoint dynamic radar target icon;
FuBar_FuXPFu - strip experience / reputation;
FuBar_GarbageFu - sell gray items, freeing space in the bags;
FuBar_GCInFu - information about the memory used by addons;
FuBar_GroupFu - convenience to roll (/ roll 1-100, displays the winner, etc.);
FuBar_GuildFu - a list of guilds;
FuBar_HeyFu - Lichk;
FuBar_HeyFuArchive - addition HeyFu (archive);
FuBar_HonorFu - information about glasses of honor;
FuBar_ItemBonusesFu - information about bonuses from things;
FuBar_KCIFu - interface for add-KC_Items;
FuBar_LocationFu - information about the location (coordinates, dungeons, levels);
FuBar_LockFu - ability to "lock the" standard action bar and chat;
FuBar_MageFu - for magicians: different functions;
FuBar_MailFu - Mail (with sound);
FuBar_MCPFu - add-ons manager;
FuBar_MicroMenuFu - a small main menu;
FuBar_MiniClockFu - a simple clock;
FuBar_MiniPerfsFu - a simple performance monitor;
FuBar_ModMenuTuFu - add-ons manager;
FuBar_MoneyFu - count the money;
FuBar_NanoStatsFu - interface for add-NanoStats;
FuBar_NavigatorFu - simple coordinates;
FuBar_NetStatsFu - network monitoring (ping);
FuBar_NinjutFu - for thieves: work with poisons, powders;
FuBar_oRA2CooldownFu - addition oRA2 (shows current cooldowns);
Fubar_PerfectRaidFu - interface for add-PerfectRaid;
FuBar_PerformanceFu - Performance Monitor (FPS, memory, ping);
FuBar_PetInFu - information about your pet;
FuBar_PoisonFu - fast rebaff weapon (poisons, sharpening, oil, etc.);
FuBar_PotHerbFu - information for the alchemists' (lists of potions, herbs, etc.);
FuBar_ProfessionsFu - menu with professions;
FuBar_PursueFu - Search for the minimap;
FuBar_QuestsFu - Job Log;
FuBar_RareTrackerFu - interface for add-TNE_RareTracker;
FuBar_ReagentFu - number of reagents for buffs;
FuBar_RecapFu - interface for add-Recap;
FuBar_RegenFu - regeneration of life / mana, usually 5-seconds;
FuBar_ReloadUI - restart the interface;
FuBar_RestFu - level of relaxation for all characters on your account;
FuBar_SkillsPlusFu - menu with skills / professions;
FuBar_SpeedFu - speed of movement;
FuBar_SpellStatusFu - about cast spells;
FuBar_SWStatsFu - interface for add-SW_Stats;
FuBar_TankPointsFu - Specifications for the tanks;
FuBar_TCDFu - a list of all the professions charov cooldowns on the account;
FuBar_tcgTradeskills - buttons to professions;
FuBar_TinyTipFu - interface for add-TinyTip;
FuBar_ToFu - during migration;
FuBar_TopScoreFu - analog CritLine;
FuBar_TrackerFu - a simple search on the minimap;
FuBar_TradeTrackerFu - monitoring the count of things for the profession in the bag and bank;
FuBar_TransporterFu - quick access to travel;
FuBar_uFriends - a simple list of friends;
FuBar_VolumeFu - volume control;
FuBar_WeaponRebuffFu - interface for add-WeaponRebuff;
FuBar_WhisperCastFu - interface for add-WhisperCast;
FuBar_WindFuryFu - for Shamans: Information on WindFury;
FuBar-compat-1.2 - Plugin Compatibility Pack FuBar-1.2 with FuBar-2.0;
FuBarPlugin-2.0 - the libraries needed to run some additions FuBar;
Fury - for the soldiers: the possibility of "zabindit" different abilities;
FuTextures - a collection of textures for FuBar;
Gatherer - remembers the location of the ore and herbs on the map;
GatherSage - adds additional information in tooltips ore / herbs;
GFW_AdSpace - shows in the tooltip prescription where to buy (conveniently at auction)
GFW_AutoCraft - lets put some things in place to create a box to profit;
GFW_DisenchantPredictor - shows in the tooltip on the subject that he dizenchantitsa;
GFW_EnchantSeller - addon for advertising and selling enchants;
GFW_FeedOMatic - for hunters: simplifies the process of feeding your pet (one button);
GFW_Gemologist - shows in the tooltip of stones from any deposits they can get;
GFW_HuntersHelper - for hunters: the mobs will look with the necessary skill for a pet;
GFW_Linkerator - allows you to automatically make reference to an item;
GFW_ReagentCost - shows the cost of reagents for crafting (prices taken from the Auctioneer);
GFW_ShoppingList - help finding things on the auction (at competitive prices);
GLOCK - calculator resilience purposes of magic;
GMail - analog CT_MailMod on Ace2;
GogglesCastHelper - custom cast with one click in PM;
GoGoMount - zabindit allows one button to mount;
GotWood - totem timer);
Grid - displays a raid in a small window (useful for healing in combination with Clique);
Grim_Riders_Target_Tools - a convenient interface for managing raid target icons;
GrimoireKeeper - for warlocks: remember what books were bought from demon trainer'a etc.;
GroupCalendar - calendar for the guild (recorded at the Institute, etc.);
GroupHeal - healing spells button next to the portraits of the group and the raid;
GroupTags - shows the number of raids (eg, [G6]) for each participant in the chat;
GuildAds - shows the profession and their level of development in the guild, etc. (If installed at all);
GuildBook - Notebook for the guild;
GuildEventManager - addon for scheduling guild raids and events and record them;
GuildHi - shows window with the guild greeting every time you boot;
GuildMap - shows guild members on the card (if installed at all);
GuildProfiler - addon to load data into the guild roster;
Gypsy - a complex add-ons: changing frames, action bar, the map buffs and so on;

Viel Spaß damit

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Originally Posted by Ravenstorm View Post
VirusTotal? Für eine zip-Datei, welche lua-Datein enthält? Nicht dein Ernst, oder?

Außerdem ist er ziemlich trusted
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Originally Posted by Ravenstorm View Post
"Maximum file size: 32MB"

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Lol out of curiosty whats the addon memory in total of all them lol :P ?
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hat jemadn das addon packet runtergeladen?
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Danke sehr.
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no sekir la mete
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'Make account to see link'

Page not found
Error: 404

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Link fixed.
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thanks mate

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