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[BOT] Silkroad Private Server Bot [Fully Translate]

Discussion on [BOT] Silkroad Private Server Bot [Fully Translate] within the SRO PServer Guides & Releases forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

Closed Thread
Old 08/12/2008, 19:21   #256
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the language of the skills its like arabian or egypcian something like that =/ how do i change the language? to chinese or idk
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Old 08/12/2008, 20:04   #257
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and can some1 upload the normal sro client pls?
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Old 08/12/2008, 20:35   #258
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sigh i already uploaded the link for the original sro at page 25 so did some1 else
also just guess and check thats the only way to work at most it should take 15 minutes
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Old 08/21/2008, 11:16   #259
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and where can i get ECSRO client download ?
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Old 08/22/2008, 21:19   #260
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Bicheon Swordmanship

Strike n' smash 飛天一劍
Stab n' smash 飛天一斬
Crosswise smash 飛天月牙劍
- 飛天雙鱗劍
Illusion chain 連環劍一式幻影
Blood chain 連環劍二式血壁
Billow chain 連環劍二式血浪
Ascension chain 連環劍三式升天
Heaven chain 連環劍三式敗天
Castle shield 強盛防盾術
Mountain shield 泰山防盾術
Ironwall shield 鐵壁防盾術
Blood blade force 飛劍落花
Soul blade force 飛天花網
Demon blade force 飛天無敵
Flower bloom blade 天殺訣斬魂
Flower bud blade 天殺訣斬魔
Dragon sore blade 天殺訣藏鬼
Soul cut blade 破血劍氣
Evil cut blade 破魂劍氣
Devil cut blade 破鬼劍氣
- 破魔劍氣
Snake sword dance 人劍合一血蛇
Petal sword dance 人劍合一飛花
Shield protection 盾術強化

Heuksal Spearmanship

Wolf bite spear 滅絕狼牙槍
Waning moon spear 滅絕殘月槍
Yuhon spear 滅絕流魂槍
Bloody fan storm 血風輪舞
Bloody wolf storm 血浪輪舞
Bloody snake storm 血蛇輪舞
Dancing demon spear 黑殺鬼神槍
Jade breaking spear 黑殺碎巖槍
Spirit crash spear 黑殺鎖魂槍
- 黑殺無風牙
- 反攻槍無間
- 反攻槍無心
Soul spear-Move 離魂槍動
Soul spear-Truth 離魂槍震
Soul spear-Soul 離魂槍魂
Ghost spear-Petal 鬼槍術落花
Ghost spear-Prince 鬼槍術太子
Ghost spear-Mars 鬼槍術新軍
- 鬼槍術龍王
Chain spear-Tiger 破輪槍一式飛虎
Chain spear-Nachal 破輪槍二式羅剎
Chain spear-Shura 破輪槍二式修羅
Chain spear-Pluto 破輪槍三式冥王
Chain spear-Dragon 破輪槍三式蛟龍
Flying dragon-Flow 飛龍流
Flying dragon-Fly 飛龍雨
Cheolsam Force 黑殺強身術

Pacheon Bowmanship

Anti devil bow-Missile 退魔弓術閃
Anti devil bow-Wave 退魔弓術光
Anti devil bow-Steel 退魔弓術霞
- 退魔弓術滅
2 Arrow combo 霹雷箭二連矢
3 Arrow combo 霹雷箭三連矢
4 Arrow combo 霹雷箭四連矢
5 Arrow combo 霹雷箭五連矢
White hawk summon 召喚白鷹
Black hawk summon 召喚黑鷹
Blue hawk summon 召喚青鷹
Demon soul arrow 破天追魂箭
Bloody soul arrow 破天血靈箭
Dragon soul arrow 破天臥龍箭
- 破天鳳凰箭
Autumn wind-Flame 秋風花翎箭
Autumn wind-Snake 秋風靈蛇箭
Autumn wind-Blood 秋風鐵血箭
Berserker arrow 戰神爆烈箭
Demon arrow 狂魔爆烈箭
Devil arrow 魔獸爆裂箭
Strong bow-Spirit 絕殺弓心
Strong bow-Vision 絕殺弓狂
Mind concentration 明鏡止水

Cold Force Mastery

Ice river force 冰鋒
Ice jade force 冰玉
Ice ocean force 冰河
Ice cloud force 冰雲
Weak guard of ice 冰氣護體壹嵐
Soft guard of ice 冰氣護體貳霜
Power guard of ice 冰氣護體參若
Might guard of ice 冰氣護體肆寒
Cold wave-Arrest 霜氣彈冰縛
Cold wave-Binding 霜氣彈冰懾
Cold wave-Shackle 霜氣彈冰魄
Crystal wall 水晶冰壁
Snow wall 天山冰壁
Extreme wall 極道冰壁
- 萬年冰壁
Frost nova-Wind 烈冰訣疾風
Frost nova-Woods 烈冰訣枯林
Frost nova-Storm 烈冰訣寒風
- 烈冰訣冰霜
Snow storm-Ice shot 暴雪 第一式
Snow strom-Ice rain 暴雪 第二式
Cold Armor 玄冰護體

Lightning Force Mastery

Thundertiger force 電刃雷虎
Thundersky force 電刃雷鳥
Thunderking force 電刃雷神
Thunderdragon force 電刃雷龍
Must-Piercing force 雷息貫通寸雷
Flow-Piercing force 雷息貫通震雷
Speed-Piercing force 雷息貫通迅雷
Force-Piercing force 雷息貫通氣雷
Grass walk-Flow 奔雷步流影
Ghost walk-phantom 鬼影步亂影
Grass walk-Speed 奔雷步風影
Shock lion shout 獅子吼地震
Heaven lion shout 獅子吼海嘯
Earth lion shout 獅子吼逆天
- 獅子吼怒吼
Concentration-1st 鳴禪 第一層
Concentration-2nd 鳴禪 第二層
Concentration-3rd 鳴禪 第三層
Concentration-4th 鳴禪 第四層
Wolf's thunderbolt 狂雷十狼陣
Tiger's thunderbolt 狂雷白虎陣
Heaven's Force 雷天閃

Fire Force Mastery

River fire force 炎刃 第一式
Extreme fire force 炎刃 第二式
Poison fire force 炎刃 第三式
Soul fire force 炎刃 第四式
Fire shield-Phoenix 炎靈咒盾烈鳥
Fire shield-Flower 炎靈咒盾暴焰
Fire shield-King 炎靈咒盾炎神
Fire shield-Emperor 炎靈咒盾炎皇
Flame body-Wisdom 火附體 離炎
Flame body-Power 火附體 奇炎
Flame body-Extreme 火附體 疾炎
Basic fire protection 火靈護體 星火
Divine fire protection 火靈護體 焰火
Hard fire protection 火靈護體 烈火
Fire wall-Tower 炎壁術赤塔
Fire wall-Mountain 炎壁術火山
Fire wall-Castle 炎壁術要塞
Flame wave-Arrow 火箭暴焰波
Flame wave-Burning 烈火暴焰波
Flame wave-Wide 狂暴暴焰波
Flame wave-Bomb 火彈暴焰波
- 炎火暴焰波
Flame devil force 暴焰魂

Force Power Mastery

Self breathe heal 內療術 治療
Self force heal 內療術 治癒
Self wounds heal 內療術 痊癒
Self vital heal 內療術 元氣
Force cure-Poison 淨化術 第一層
Force cure-Body 淨化術 第二層
Force cure-Condiion 淨化術 第三層
Force cure-Vital 淨化術 第四層
Heal-Medical hand 醫療術 水窮
Heal-Ghost hand 醫療術 雲起
Heal-Taoist hand 醫療術 漪溟
Soul rebirth art 復活心訣 歸靈術
Ghost rebirth art 復活心訣 歸命術
Spirit rebirth art 復活心訣 歸魂術
- 復活心訣 歸魄術
Harmony theraphy 六御神醫陣
Adaptation theraphy 十二天神醫陣
Whole theraphy 一體神醫陣
Vital Spot-Muscle 點穴術 曲池
Vital Spot-Spirit 點穴術 陽關
Force Increasing 五內經

all the skills translated ^^
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2 Users
Old 08/27/2008, 01:55   #261
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help in the skills list i can only see certain symbols but its not in chinese its like percent signs and stuff can anyone help me? and when i push F6 it doesnt do anything and when i manually target something it does a buff...
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Old 09/05/2008, 00:59   #262
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hmm this can be detected.???? i mean it's detected or not??
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Old 09/05/2008, 08:40   #263
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why isnt the Bot auto selecting?
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Old 09/06/2008, 07:02   #264
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hey can someone help me

im haveing some problems as u can see in the picture, i cant read my skills there in wack words. can smoeone help me
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Old 09/07/2008, 15:44   #265
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the bot dont work:/ wehn ich press F6 i play on ecsro vip...
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Old 09/08/2008, 03:43   #266
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Old 09/14/2008, 06:49   #267
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not working on vip anymore o.0
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Old 09/14/2008, 19:59   #268
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No longer works on main Ecsro server :S How could they patch it ..
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Old 09/15/2008, 00:05   #269

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don't know that's interesting
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Old 09/15/2008, 17:25   #270
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this bot
is working with the nodc client?
i got it working but
i dont get server full ^^
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