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Chatting Virus possible or not ?

Closed Thread
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Chatting Virus possible or not ?

Hi elitepvpers Community

Someone wrote that he can send a Virus when someone PMs him in SRO.
So my Question is , is that possible or not ?

greetz Blacknapalm

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Old 05/31/2010, 18:42   #2
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Yes, it's possible
A turk guy pm'ed me yesterday and he said that I get hacked tomorrow, I was like WTF lol...
And today, I logged in...****, sos protector set d11 gone, sos+7 sword gone...7b gold and 5 premium gone OMFG
**** ALL HACKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be careful guys!!

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Old 05/31/2010, 18:44   #3
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Virus cannot be send in packets lol
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Old 05/31/2010, 18:45   #4
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of course it works.
joymax was hacked like that. then MHTC / ECSRO came up

and if you don't give me 1 BIL at isro, i'll hack you.
i already hacked you because you read this post!!

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ƒE ;s"ƒ} „\ ‹MM9‹ }Eƒ‹+m EH“@ #M‹U+‹‹Fm‹N‹ƒƒ„ <
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‹M‰ –‹M‰‹M‹M 9M‰M4ŠM‹u*ˆM ‹M B ;rEG‹;Ms  €*€`ˆMf‹ƒf‰M
‰u +M‹UŠ€PƒEˆU‹Uf‹ f‰M
‹M‹Uj+^‹;Us‹ ‹E‰;Ur‹E‹M‹ujZ…t3‹M3j‰ u”L_‹O#;:t+] Mjƒ^‹N#u;2u‹U*E‹M‹UƒE;U‰M Ž
39Et ƒ}tƒ_^[$ %[email protected] %[email protected] %[email protected] , @   ” „ r d R Ɓ  €܁ h€ X€ H€ 2€ € € €  Žy *y y y y y y z z 4z Jz Rz bz pz †z šz z z €y z z z { { .{ >{ L{ \{ n{ ‚{ { { { { { ry fy Zy >y 0y "y y x x x x x šx |x `x Tx Hx w 6x *x x x w z € € € ”€ €€ € } } }
~ ~ ,~ <~ N~ ^~ l~ ~~ Š~ ˜~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  } 4 F T f z Œ ž    R} <} 0} } } | | | | } *} } ~} r} $ b} | œ| Š| || t| d| R| B| 0| "| | | { { | v‚ `‚ N‚ 4‚ $‚ ‚ RichEdit RichEdit20A RichEd32 RichEd20 .DEFAULT\Control Panel\International Control Panel\Desktop\ResourceLocale [Rename]
%d Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch   

      # + 3 ; C S c s ƒ                      p p      
  ! 1 A a   0@`                

 F F  Fu { `p v  lq *u v€ <p v  Pq du p Œu (p w D‚ xr w ‚ hr , @   ” „ r d R Ɓ  €܁ h€ X€ H€ 2€ € € €  Žy *y y y y y y z z 4z Jz Rz bz pz †z šz z z €y z z z { { .{ >{ L{ \{ n{ ‚{ { { { { { ry fy Zy >y 0y "y y x x x x x šx |x `x Tx Hx w 6x *x x x w z € € € ”€ €€ € } } }
~ ~ ,~ <~ N~ ^~ l~ ~~ Š~ ˜~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  } 4 F T f z Œ ž    R} <} 0} }


this was the virus!
now go format your pc, never come back to this topic, and change your SRO accessdata!


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Whoever wrote you that is a complete ******.
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A virus through a pm in game ? He's kidding ?
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Nah man i think too that its only **** what they tell.
But i just wanna be sure that this is a lie so i asked you Guys

Thanks for fast reply
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Originally Posted by ph33n1x_ View Post
Yes, it's possible
A turk guy pm'ed me yesterday and he said that I get hacked tomorrow, I was like WTF lol...
And today, I logged in...****, sos protector set d11 gone, sos+7 sword gone...7b gold and 5 premium gone OMFG
**** ALL HACKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be careful guys!!
This is impossible that a turk guy pmed you a full sentence, because the got only 7 buttons on their keyboard : 10k plz ( and yes this are 8 button, because of the space bar and the Enter that i also include )
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Originally Posted by glialka View Post
This is impossible that a turk guy pmed you a full sentence, because the got only 7 buttons on their keyboard : 10k plz ( and yes this are 7 button, because of the space bar that i also include )
8 buttons
What happened to [ENTER] Button? Did you forget about it?

Btw it is possible if the so called virus will be treated like a file not as a text.
But i can be wrong of course.
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Originally Posted by tomekosisay View Post
8 buttons
What happened to [ENTER] Button? Did you forget about it?

Btw it is possible if the so called virus will be treated like a file not as a text.
But i can be wrong of course.

****, you're right..ill edit it straight away, anyways, i reported this thread, before it gets into another spam wars !
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[insert something funny, yet insulting here]

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