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The summary of all servers, i guess?

Discussion on The summary of all servers, i guess? within the SRO PServer - Discussions / Questions forum part of the Silkroad Online category.

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The summary of all servers, i guess?

Well, before the server files were released, owning completed ones were the dreams of some people, people would jizz all over the keyboard at the thought of having them and creating their own server.. but now we've got them.. look at what we've come to.. moaning, failures and donation begging? Peoples dreams have come to, now they've become greedy. for example, boredomsro, the server is down, and apparently the admin is applying the dedicated server, he is not, he is waiting for someone to donate him 70$ so he can buy one, another lie which the server files cause people to make.

Another problem is instant 90/100/110/120 pvp servers.. people will want silk, and then gold, and then items, and then everything, 100% blues, and all.. Once the players get what they wish, they're not thankful and just carry on begging for shit? and once a server goes down for inspection, people start ranting- over what? your instant lv110 ff char? that's nothing.. and most owners lie, and say they're moving to dedicated server, which they are not. They are just wanting people to donate, for nothing. Another problem i forgot to mention is actually donating itself. What's the point? in an instant server, starter items, let's say SOM +7 weapon from NPC, what difference will it make if you have a sun +15 100% blues item? yeah you will be strong, but the game won't be fun anymore, because you will beat everyone.. and the money just goes into the GM's pocket, which will then once the gm has acquired enough money, he will close down the server, and open another in a new name and do the exact same all over again.

What i'm trying to explain here is that when the server files were released, what was achieved? Nothing but a new section full of people spamming. Then there is more ranting from people because the hamachi servers are full.. I myself, have probably not achieved anything from this, but my summary is,

The owners of servers will only,

- Scam money out of you, pretending it's being used for a dedicated server, or maybe sun items(the server will be down anyway) as i have seen in about 5+ servers so far..

What i'm saying is, what was the point in releasing the files? servers like that one which Eckoro made, that's a good one because it's got fair gameplay, fair rates, a helpful team and an advanced server, plus they don't beg for money.. this will probably be closed because it's useless ranting but nevermind, thanks for reading:-p

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Fair gameplay? #Negative, all pservers have the same *** da**ned gameplay, there is only 1 good thing in Zelos, and that is lower required amount of sp

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we achieved something actually we now have variety of servers to choose from , and we all know that the servers which beg for money , have bad Game play and closes too much will sooner or later fail.
and if the files weren't released we wont have servers like Zelos or other servers
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You're right.

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Read that 18andlife
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people donating on a server that isnt on a dedi yet should have their brain checked
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Low rate servers will stay open.
Highrate, will close soon.
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excuse me, but this advert section
not lets complain section
#request 4 close
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In my opinion, if you wanna run a decent server you should have at least a couple of hundred dollars to start with, not beg people for donations to get a better server like most of the private servers atm.
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Originally Posted by anders890 View Post
In my opinion, if you wanna run a decent server you should have at least a couple of hundred dollars to start with, not beg people for donations to get a better server like most of the private servers atm.
If you want make money, you have to invest money first.
Then start using brain and creating a bugless server.

*This messge wasnt to you, but to all kids out there, who beggs for donation*.
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Originally Posted by Callum View Post

The owners of servers will only,

- Scam money out of you, pretending it's being used for a dedicated server, or maybe sun items(the server will be down anyway) as i have seen in about 5+ servers so far..

Since 2011 and you've been right about everything, @
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Originally Posted by Blacklite. View Post
Since 2011 and you've been right about everything, @
Its humankind which is predictable, that every greedy one will act in a specific way, which has been listed here as: Scamming.
Nothing new. Does exist since the stone age.
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Sad but true, mankind has no salvation.

As long as those things exist:
-Big server wanting to milk money
-rich players wanting to be someone in a 1 month-lifespan server
-poor players farming everything in game to sell for silk and then real money and finally quit

psro scene will exist and repeat the cycle over and over again. No one enjoy the game anymore and people don't want new things, most of people will complain if you add the slightest difficulty to the game (like stronger thief npc, low drop rates, etc) as the only thing that they want is to afk farm resources to get some bucks or get everything fast to get their 15 minutes of fame and quit. True improvement will never come, true brand new features will never come, you'll always see the same vsro188 server with new cosmetics and people will join them and repeat the cycle.

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Would someone even play on a "non modded" 120 cap server with low rates, which does NOT "Sell" (donate for silk) stuff?
When I take a look at the current player base, I only see people who want to grind with no effort and rule the world.
What about GM activity? All of the players want a Clown (aka GM) who entertains them with "events".

I really miss those old days where you were playing on a non-modded server, wehre there was absolutely no GM interference, and where was absolutely no "donate-to-get-[insert_something_valubale_here]". Maybe we can make that come true again. The base for this would be a dedi which existence is not depending on donations (got it).
What else? Ah.. player base.. well, that's the problem.

What grinds my gears:
Since about 4 years, I own a "little" dedi on the net. 16g ram, i7. The costs of it are about 25€ / Month. I run personal stuff on it as that was the main reason I rant it. I always thought about just putting a sro server there for the fun, as the server is being paid and used anyway - no matter if there is an empty or full sro server on it.
I was thinking of putting a basic sro server on there, and just let it run: no updates, no big events, no GM interaction, no donation possibilities, but enough ways for the player to get silk by playing. As said - no possibility to buy anythign with real money.
I had that dream in just hosting woithout having to log on the game every day (as I work quite a lot and don't want to "work" to clown-entertain other people). Because the most joy people had on SRO, was when they were on their own.
Anyway... taking a look at the player base, I think that it would just have been a waste of time setting up the server I guess.
4 Years long, the ressources on the server have been used for maybe 10%, yet I still have more or less the same ideology: "Why wasting the ressources of it, if it could bring joy to someone for free?"

Let me know if you already had experiences with "host-it-and-let-it-run-by-itself-without-interefering" aka "absolutely no-profit-hosting" servers and how they are doing. Maybe that would make my hopes up.

Last Words: before someone judges: don't come up telling me that nobody would spend money to offer something for free - In my case I need a machine, no matter if there is a SRO server running on it or not - I have the need of it and its costs are calculated in my fixed costs (like Credit payments, savings, gas, electricity, food, insurance etc..). I'm not financially dependent on 25€ more per month

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