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Ex Online | 100 CH | 30,000 TL Real Prize | November 17, 21:00!

Discussion on Ex Online | 100 CH | 30,000 TL Real Prize | November 17, 21:00! within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Ex Online | 100 CH | 30,000 TL Real Prize | November 17, 21:00!

Since 2013, ExSRO has been providing uninterrupted service, inviting you not only to a gaming world but to a family.
With years of experience and our constantly innovative approach, we are now bringing the excitement of 100 cap to our new server.
With rich content, balancing updates, and events filled with rewards that we offer to our players, ExSRO is always the top choice for those seeking the best.

Are you ready?
On our new server, a grand prize of 30,000 TL and more await you.
Join ExSRO and become a legend!

In the Silkroad industry, the words 'temporary' and 'flawed' are frequently encountered.
As ExSRO, our goal is to break these patterns and provide players with a permanent, reliable experience.
Being in the market since 2013 is the greatest proof of our commitment to this goal.
With our deep-rooted history and a constantly innovative approach, we will maintain the same quality on our new 100 cap server.
Balance, fair competition, and entertainment are the most important principles for us.
ExSRO is not just a Silkroad experience; it's a way of life.
With us, you won't just be a player; you'll become a legend.

Starting Gifts Await You!
At ExSRO, as soon as you take your first step into the game, many special gifts await you to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
You will start the game with 8 dg +3 full blue equipment.
Additionally, when you first log in to the game on your computer, you will find 10m gold in your storage section.
Start the game with a fast and advantageous beginning!

Easy Start, Rapid Progress!
At ExSRO, where you start at level 64, your rush to open skills is over!
Now, with the automatic skill opening feature in the Action (A) section, you can open all your skills with a single click.

Moreover, you also have the option to reset skills whenever you want.
You can freely use this feature within the city to create the most ideal skill combination.
Enjoy the game, the rest is up to us!

Automatic Equipment Update!
At ExSRO, we've introduced the Auto Equipment system to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.
During your leveling process, your equipment is automatically updated to +3 and full blue attributes up to 9 DG class items.
Now, enjoy the game without worrying about searching for equipment!

More Slots, Faster Progress!
At ExSRO, now you can level up continuously and comfortably.
Thanks to the new mob slots added to many maps, you can develop your character more rapidly without experiencing slot issues.
Hunt freely and take your potential to the highest level!

Here to Support You in Your Mission!
At ExSRO, we've added several helpful NPCs to provide a better experience for our players.

Here are these NPCs and the services they offer:
◈ Quest Manager - Zephyros: Manages in-game quests and offers you new missions.
◈ Event Manager - Lyra: Helps you track and participate in special events.
◈ Special Shop - Orion: A special store where you can purchase rare and exclusive items.
◈ Ex Coin Shop - Astra: Allows you to buy special items with earned Ex Coins.
◈ Gold Shop - Calypso: A shop where you can purchase various items and materials in exchange for gold.
◈ Stone Shop - Fenrir: A store where you can buy the necessary stones to empower your items.

These NPCs are here to support you and make your gaming experience in ExSRO more successful and enjoyable.

Special Rewards and Exciting Moments!
At ExSRO, we offer a carefully designed SOX System to make your in-game experience more rewarding.

Chance to Obtain Seal of Moon
Every 200,000 mobs slain, one Seal of Moon drops!
However, please remember that this rate may vary depending on the total number of mobs killed across the server and the player ratio.

Additional SOX Rewards
But the story doesn't end here!
Additionally, there are special rewards like Moon Shield and Moon Necklace available.
You can obtain these items from Medusa, Job, and FGW events.

With the SOX System in ExSRO, you're not just playing Silkroad; you're also constantly seizing the opportunity to win valuable rewards.
Mob hunting has never been this thrilling!

Jangan - Hotan Caravan Route: The Heart of Trade Beats Here!
The Jangan-Hotan caravan route offered by ExSRO is a paradise for traders and thieves alike.
Set up your caravan, take risks, and reap great profits!

How Does It Work?
Purchase goods from Jangan or Hotan.
Travel either to Jangan or Hotan via ferry.
Reach the other city along the caravan route and sell your goods.
Price Details
Purchase price of goods: 10M
Selling price: 25M
Thief Earnings: 10M

Special: Taklamakan Special Caravan
Additionally, more excitement, more risk, and more earnings with the Taklamakan special caravan!
How Does It Work?
Purchase goods from Jangan or Hotan.
Deliver the goods to the special NPCs in Taklamakan.
Please note that you must complete the special mission first to be able to pull the special caravan.
Price Details
Purchase price of goods: 15M
Selling price: Hotan 30M - Jangan 45M
Thief Earnings: 15M

Double the Competition!
In ExSRO, we offer two different Honor Systems to increase player competition and interaction.

In this system, you are ranked based on the Honor points you earn from activities such as events and uniques, excluding the Job mode.
Participate in events, defeat uniques, and have the opportunity to rise in the rankings!

You are ranked based on the Honor points earned from activities in the Job mode, such as events and Job uniques.

Elevate the competition to new heights with the ExSRO Honor System!
Different excitement, different competition in each mode!

ExSRO's Thrilling World

Tiger Girl, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, Captain Ivy, Cerberus (STR/INT)
Time: Every 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 16, 18 minutes
Rewards: 1-4 Reverse, 1 Devil Elixir %5, 1-2 Magic Pop Card %50, 1-2 ExCoin

ELITE versions of Shadow Uniques are available.

Shadow Tiger Girl, Uruchi, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, Captain Ivy, Cerberus
Time: Every 2-3 hours
Rewards: 4-8 Reverse, 1 Devil Elixir %100, 2-4 Magic Pop Card, 4-8 ExCoin

Jupiter (INT), Yuno (STR)
Time: Every 30 minutes
Rewards: 4-8 Reverse, 1 Devil Elixir %10, 1 Magic Pop %100, 4-8 ExCoin

(Solo & Party STR&INT)
Rewards: %10 Moon Necklace, 2-8 Reverse, 1-8 Devil Elixir %100, 1-8 Magic POP %100, 2-8 ExCoin

Anubis (STR), Isis (INT), Selket (STR), Neith (INT)
Rewards: %5 Moon Necklace, 8 Reverse, 8 Devil Elixir %100, 8 Magic POP %100, 8 ExCoin

Time: Every 1 hour
Rewards: 10 Battle Pass EXP

Each of these Uniques, with their own difficulty level and rewards,
makes the ExSRO world even more exciting.
Join the battle to see which Uniques you can defeat!

Profit with Daily and One-Time Tasks!
At ExSRO, you can earn extra rewards and SP by completing various tasks.

Here are the noteworthy tasks:

By completing these tasks, not only enhance your in-game skills but also strengthen your equipment with various rewards!

Thanks to the task system, the time you spend on ExSRO becomes more meaningful and profitable.
Complete the tasks, and claim your rewards!

Events: Race, Challenge, and Victory!
ExSRO's heartbeat is in its rich and diverse events. Here are the events offered:

Capture The Flag
◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

Battle Arena
◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin, Lose: 5 ExCoin

◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

Squid Game
◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

Chaos Arena
◈ Rewards
: Win: 25 ExCoin

Battle Royale
◈ Rewards
: Win: 100 ExCoin

Legend Of League
◈ Rewards
: Win: 100 ExCoin

Tower Defend
◈ Rewards
: Winning Group: 25 ExCoin

Unique Clash
◈ Rewards
: Winning Group: 25 ExCoin

Kill Race
◈ Rewards
: Winning Group: 25 ExCoin

Guild Survival
◈ Rewards
: Winning Guild: 100 ExCoin

Guild Clash
◈ Rewards
: Winning Guild: 100 ExCoin

Each event not only brings you to an exciting challenge but also leads you to a path filled with grand prizes.

Hotan Castle: The Epic Center of Battle
ExSRO hosts the Fortress War event in the Hotan Castle, the dream of every guild, which is a test of true strategy and skill.

The Battle Begins
The event starts with the demolition of the massive towers guarding the castle, witnessing the fierce competition among all guilds.

Main Target: 25,000 TL!
The towers are just a warm-up.
The main goal is to capture the castle and win the massive prize of 25,000 TL.

Strategy, Collaboration, and Skill
It has it all: strategy, collaboration, and skill.

How strong are you and your guild?
Come and see for yourself at Hotan Castle.
Hotan Castle, with its grand prize that only one will win, is the apple of the eye for all guilds.

Are you ready for the battle?

Full of Prizes and Adventures!
At ExSRO, the challenges of the forgotten world and magical rewards await you.
Grab your chance to join the Forgetton World with the "hole stone" you can obtain in exchange for gold from the Calypso NPC.

But be prepared; this world is filled with challenges awaiting you!
Gather your courage and battle to claim the prizes!

Teaxsure Box Drops

Ghost Sereness Drops

Combining Rewards and Excitement!
In ExSRO, we've introduced the Battle Pass feature to offer our players events with more purpose and more valuable rewards!
We offer you two different choices: Classic Pass and Elite Pass.

Levels and Tasks
Both types of passes offer 50 level tasks.
By completing the tasks, you can earn PASS Exp and win prizes that make a difference in the game.

Here are the tasks you can earn EXP from:

With the Classic Pass, by completing basic tasks, you can win general rewards.
This type of pass is perfect for casual players!

Elite Pass offers higher value rewards and extra tasks!
This pass is tailor-made for those aiming to be the best.

Now in ExSRO, you have more reasons to become not just a Silkroad player, but a legend!
With the Battle Pass, you'll both make events more meaningful and improve yourself.

The League Full of Competitive Events!
In ExSRO, we present the Season League, where all events come together, and competition peaks.
The league is reset twice, on the 5th and 20th of each month.

Buff Distribution
Buff is distributed automatically every day at 00:00.

On the 5th and 20th of each month, TAG + Silk rewards are distributed.

Race, compete, win!
With the Season League, the best of the month are determined, and the prizes find their owners.
Join this competition and be the owner of the rewards!

Season League offers a unique platform in ExSRO to showcase your skills and win prizes.
Mark your calendar and don't miss out on opportunities!

Sell, Earn, Continue Playing!
In ExSRO, we offer an innovative feature for you to easily and quickly sell your products: Open Market!

How Does It Work?
Enter the Open Market in the ExSRO Gui, and you can sell your products for TL or Silk.
Also, there's no need to open a stall here; you can continue playing in the background.

Commission and Earnings
Only a 20% commission is taken for each sale.
You can request to withdraw your balances earned in TL whenever you want.
With Open Market in ExSRO, you can not only enjoy the war but also enjoy trading and use your earnings as you wish.
Convenience, speed, and flexibility combined!

Create Your Own Challenge and Grab the Prizes!
In ExSRO, we offer you a special opportunity to take the competition to the next level: Challenge Manager!

How Does It Work?
Enter the ExSRO Gui and select any challenge you wish from the Challenge Manager and start immediately.
There's a specified Silk fee for each challenge.
This fee is delivered to the player who wins the challenge!

What Are Your Options?
◈ Unique Kill:
Be the one to kill the most Uniques with solo options.
◈ PvP: Display your skills against other players with solo options.
◈ Battle Arena: Try to be the best in the arena with solo options.

After a certain period from the game's launch, it will also be activated as Guild and Party.

With Challenge Manager in ExSRO, you can experience competition on your own terms and collect your rewards while winning.
Instead of waiting for your competitors, create your own challenge and grab the prizes!

Add Power to Your Power!
In ExSRO, we have added two new skills for each build.

These new skills are versions of your existing skills that deal 5% more damage.
They can be used every 2 minutes and are completely independent of other skills.

How To Obtain?
By farming sp from missions and many other places, you can unlock these new skills.
Don't miss out on these brand-new skills to add power to your strength!

Stand Out, Make A Difference!
In ExSRO, we introduce a brand-new feature to enhance your personal experience: Custom Title!

How Does It Work?
Enter the ExSRO Gui and access the Custom Title section.
For a certain Silk fee, you can easily activate your 12-digit rank.

With this feature, you're not just a Silkroad player, but also seize the opportunity to create your own style and stand out. Personalize your in-game identity with Custom Title and make a difference!

Give Your Items A Fresh Look!
With the Model Switcher feature offered by ExSRO, you can personalize your items and give them a brand-new appearance.

We know that items aren't just functional but also have visual importance. Easily apply the desired look to your in-game items with Model Switcher and showcase your uniqueness!

Your Items Are Now More Shiny!
At ExSRO, your items won't just be powerful, they'll also be dazzling! Add new glows to your items with Glow Switcher.

Let your shine continue not just on the battlefield, but also with your items. Glow Switcher transforms your items into not just functional, but also a visual feast.

Speed and Style Together!
In ExSRO, gain speed on the battlefield with Godbless and make your opponents envy with your stunning wings.
Godbless wings provide you with a 110% speed advantage.
Stay ahead, leave your competitors behind, and shine with style at every step!

Try Your Luck, Come Out Ahead!
In ExSRO, you can acquire numerous new items with the Magic Pop system.
New avatars, gathering and attack pets, new devils, and many more items await you.

How Does It Work?
Try your luck for the item you want using Magic Pop cards.
If successful, the chosen item will be yours.

Magic Pop will enable you to make a difference in the game.
Magic Pop awaits you to try your luck!

Don't Miss Out On Opportunities!
In ExSRO, special discounted sales are held on specific days and times.
A notification will be sent to the entire game when the sale starts.

How Do I Benefit?
By going to the 'Special Offers' section from the ExSRO Gui, you can check out and purchase the discounted products during their active hours.

With these timely and limited opportunities, grab the most exclusive products at the best prices!

Reach The Top Alone
Take your character to the next level in the weekly 1v1 Unique leagues and take the leadership seat.

This event offers an opportunity to show not only real strategy and skill but also how powerful your character is.

[B]Be the leader, and the rewards and reputation will be yours!

Become Unbeatable
Push your character's limits and climb to the top in the weekly 1v1 PvP leagues.

This event not only offers the chance to show your strength but also the opportunity to defeat your opponents and become a leader.

Prepare your character; the leadership throne awaits you!

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Another turkish corrupted server
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Originally Posted by Akih View Post
Another turkish corrupted server
Aren't you too prejudiced? How well do you know us?
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You should really invest in a thread design, just a little advice.

Best regards.
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nice game
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