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Skoudra Online l Cap 110 l Open Market l Old School l Earn System l Go:12.05.2023

Discussion on Skoudra Online l Cap 110 l Open Market l Old School l Earn System l Go:12.05.2023 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Skoudra Online l Cap 110 l Open Market l Old School l Earn System l Go:12.05.2023

Skoudra is a classic server without many edits to keep the classic feeling of Silkroad alive.
However, some client-side quality of life modifications have been added to make your overall experience easier.
The level cap is 110, as it's is. This server is a long-term server with low rates to keep players engaged in all forms of content (Rise Of Clans).

BETA Phase : Its not a totally time waste, as we want it to check our project...

We made it for you to because of tones of events comes in makes you earn silk for the grand.

Don't waste your time waiting for the grand opening
Grind before the real start!

And all silk you gain in beta phase guarantee in GO
And top uniques killer get silk in beta phase only the top rank 2000 Silk
Silk per hour activated in beta phase and grand opening.

Skoudra Rising

Note : All earned silk from events will be granted on grand opening

Open Beta:

05.05.2023 20:00 SERVER TIME.

Grand Opening:

12.05.2023 20:00 SERVER TIME.

Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer

CAP 110
EXP/SP Medium
GOLD Medium

As a isro rates server we decided to help you in your adventure,
We've add some exp scrolls to your inventory,
And gives you a hand with some experience points to rise faster.

Since our server is long-term and hard rates we decided to give you fine gear that help you to achieve your last gear easier
You can either buy it from NPC, or use our new special button that can be found near the filter menu.

The first 100 players to reach level 110 will receive a reward as the following rewards:

1 = Usain bolt #1 Title and 1000 SILK
2 ~ 8 = 500 SILK
9 ~ 16 = 400 SILK
17 ~ 50 = 300 SILK
51 ~ 100 = 200 SILK

In Skoudra Online Battle Arena is the center of all activities and fun.
We have 2 kind of Battle Arena

1 - Battle Arena CTF Match

Capture the Flag is similar to Point Battle type of event, but it also
allows you to grab the flag and place it on your team's flagpole for a large point boost.

These points only count at the end of the battle arena time,
so it's crucial to make sure the flag is on the flagpole by then,
no matter what happened before.

2 - Battle Arena Score Match

Opponents fight against each other and earn points by killing enemy players or mobs.
The team with the highest point total at the end of the battle is declared the winner.

Winner team Rewards: 10 Arena Coins
Loser team Rewards: 3 Arena Coins

Constantinpole Monsters Level Range (Lv.90-100)
Samarkand Monster Level Range Sylakenth (Lv.107)
Alex North Monster Level Range (Lv.101-109)
Alex South Monster Level Range (Lv.101-109)
Baghdad Monster Level Range (Lv.101-110)
Ch Solo Room (Mobs 110)

Play 2 Win

In Skoudra Online, we've implemented the old-school gaming system that rewards those who put in the effort.

Our currency system is designed to be challenging but fair,
with various ways to earn silk and valuable items through gameplay.
Everything is droppable, so the more you play, the more you can gain.

So you will get silk upon killing uniques, completing quests, participating in-game events
or participating outside the game events such as discord and facebook giveaways.

In most of our events, we provide gift silk as a reward.
Gift silk has the same value as regular silk, but it cannot be used to purchase silk scrolls or traded.
However, it can be used to buy anything from the item mall.

Everyone knows how boring and time consuming is that to rebuff all the time whenever you teleport or die,
that's why we have enabled the permanent buffs to save you some time and help you to enjoy Skoudra to the utmost.
You don't have to be afraid of getting caugth without buffs and hide yourself anymore, almost all buffs have 28-days of duration!

Yes, Skoudra will be an Open Market server. Well, what does it mean?

You can sell and buy your accounts and items for silks.
Furthermore, you will be able to sell and buy accounts, items, and silks for real money!
Some servers tried to limit their players' trades, but players found a solution to sell their items and accounts every time.

In Skoudra, we aim to create a fair environment for all players;
there is a chance for new players who don't have enough time to farm,
they can buy accounts or items from other players instead of investing their time,
and there is a chance for players to make some profit while playing and having fun at the same time!

This scene always contains one or more scammers,
we can't detect and remove them directly but we can offer you a middle-man service to guide you through your trades.
In return of little amount of middle-man service fee, safety will be guaranteed!

Keep in mind that dealing on your own is completely on your risk and we won't assist in case anything happens.

We are all aware of the lack of energy and how sluggish everyone is these days.
Therefore, we've decided to implement Inventory Auto Sort!

The most cutting-edge and simple feature, yet the most useful.
We were able to add a button to inventory that ,when clicked, will automatically sort everything in your inventory.

Automatic Stats Button

New function to help everyone automatically adding stats to save time and effort.

Improve your character's abilities and customize their appearance with a wide range of new scrolls,
items, avatars, and pets available in our Item Mall.

We know how fun the forgotten world is, so we decided to enable this thrilling great system,
you will be able to obtain Egy A weapons/shields by collecting the 8 talismans.

The rates are the same as original silkroad, we don't want players
to get end gear weapon in the first couple weeks ofcourse, good luck collecting the talismans.

Dimension Hole [Shipwreck - ★★★★]
You can buy it from Skoudra Mall for gold.

In this amazing dungeon, you can enter it solo or with a party to make it more easier.

Inside you will find few monsters you have to hunt them down to spawn the 4 unique monsters
(Dungeon Salamander - Dungeon Sylph - Dungeon Gnome - Dungeon Undine).

Dimension Hole [Devil's Garden]
You can buy it from Skoudra Mall for gold.

Our new and improved job suit system provides you with extra stats to help you be more powerful while fighting enemies.
You can buy the special suits from F10 item mall and upgrade them from Lv1 to Lv5 with our upgrade scroll
from Skoudra Mall for Skoudra and Gold.

Everyone loves a good job fight around uniques that add more challenge and let you control the event.
We provide you with the Zealot Hideout event which have 3 Uniques inside and counter for kills between Thieves and Hunters/Traders.
However, these 3 Uniques are powerful and have very worthy drop.

Zielkiaxe, Babilion, Baal.

Event Duration: 60min

We provide a Magic Pop system that offers a wide range of rare and valuable items as rewards.
So if you're feeling lucky, you can give it a try.

Flag 7 str 7 int, scroll luck 3% & 5%

Since the magic pop was important part as premium helping and none premium aswell
we decided to bring it back with balanced sun and some helpful items.

All model switchers until 15th degree are available on Item Mall for silks.
You can give some different look to your items.

On the other hand, this feature doesn't effect or change your item stats and it is just a visual effect.
You can purchase model switchers on Item Mall for silks.

We're glad to say that we are a Play2Win Server
So We decided to create a new earn system which means play to earn
There is many quests daily to do, to earn a real silk in game
for more experience and better for the open market servers
You have to get one quest per day for 24 hour, you need to finish it before the time gone
if you don't finish it in the decided time so you have to start all over again,
so takecare while you choosing the quest you are able to do

there are several ways to get silk without donating, for example:

Hunting Uniques: You will get free silk upon killing a uniques. (The more active The more rewarding )
Automated Events: Participate in the events to win free silk.
Giveaways/Sharing events: Follow the news on our Discord.

Server Rankings:

We have several ranks that will give you silk.

Rankings Rewards:
1st Unique Killer gets 1000 Silk / Week and a special title
2nd Unique Killer gets 750 Silk
3rd Unique Killer gets 500 Silk
1st of each job type gets 300 Silk / Week (Ranking acquired by doing trades)
Alchemy ranking increases on each +6+ plus success.
1st on Event gets 500 Silk / Week and a special title

All ranks reset Friday 00:00 server time.

Wanted System

As an oldschool server we decied to make wanted system
The wanted system gives you advantage of your enemy
within massive buffs and huge counter power.

We've made a little edit for the devil spirit which gives you more power and more useful at your fights
for jobing or events or event uniques.

Devil duration is 15 min CD
Active time 10 min
Plus available to +8 Max

Attack pets was a great part all over the journey!
So we decided to do a good looking and worthy fellow pets.
We've increased fellow pets attack 3x to become more valuable.
So every one can ride it and helps you in your job and uniques kills.
Take care of it!

We have some quests that gives you helping
and worthy stuff to be done through our quests npc located next to Alexandria bank.

We've added some valuable items on this npc to help you ingame you can buy it with Arena coins & gold & Skoudra coins

We bring a brand new ranks alive which means play to gain cool ranks
you can get the ranks by doing any activity in the game like jobing events
for Example killing players in events like survival
and arena,capture the flag,last man standing, job fights area and much more.

Academy System

Honor points are acquired by leveling up newcomers.

Jangan ~ Donwhang / Hotan only has npcs.

You may buy a 5 star trade for 20m and sell it for 70m from Jangan to Downhang, the longer distance the higher gold.

For each trade you deliver you get 25 Skoudra-coin
no matter what the distance is with a limit of 250 Skoudra-coin per day (Applies to all job types).

Hunter gets (5x Skoudra Coins) & 15m from a trade.
Thief gets (5x Skoudra Coins) & 20m from a trade.

Skoudra coins help you to buy a rare items from Skoudra Mall npc.

Starting from Hotan to Petra - Twice a day.

Uniques was a great part of silkroad we decided to make worth to search for them,
and we added more 6 uniques with the following drops:

Tiger Girl, Cerberus , Uruchi, Captain Ivy:

Immortal~Astral 50/50 , 1x Magic POP, 1x Reverse Return Scroll, 3x Skoudra Coin
and 1x Global Chatting and 2* 25 gift silk random scroll and 2 Unique Points.


100% 1x immortal Or astral 2x Magic POP, 2x Reverse Return Scroll, 2x Global Chatting and 6 Unique Points.

Lord Yarkan & Demon Shaitan:

1x immortal ~ 1x astral 2x Magic POP, 2x Reverse Return Scroll, 2x Global Chatting and 10 Unique Points.

Arabian Uniques:

1x immortal D11, 1x Astral D11 , 1x Silk Scroll Random 1~25 , 10 Unique Points.

Job Event & Job Uniques:

8x Job Package included (5x Skoudra coin - 1x Lucky silk scroll 1 ~ 100 - Random immortal~astral - 2x Silver and gold coins )

Medusa INT & STR:

8x Medusa Package included (20x Arena Coins, 1x 100 Silk Scroll, 2x immortal,
2x Astral, 2x Magic pop, 1x Lucky Magic Powder and 30 Unique Points.)

Note : Arabia uniques Spawn Normal uniques spots.

Uniques Spots:


You Can obtained from all level 101~110 monsters with hard rates.

There will not be normal

Egy A Weapons:

You Can obtained them by collecting 8 talisman books from Forgotten World.

Egy A Shields:

You Can obtained them from Ghost Serenes in Forgotten World.

Egy A Sets:

You can buy it from Egy A items Shop by Silver and Gold Coins.

Egy A Accessories:

You can buy it from Arena Manger by Arena Coins

Note : Egy Items will be Disabled for the first 4~5 weeks of the game.
(Depends on the game terms)

Tiger Girl SlayerKill 10 Tiger GirlTiger Girl Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Cerberus SlayerKill 10 CerberusCerberus Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Captain Ivy SlayerKill 10 Captain IvyCaptain Ivy Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Uruchi SlayerKill 10 UruchiUruchi Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Isyutaru SlayerKill 10 IsyutaruIsyutaru Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Lord Yarkan SlayerKill 10 Lord YarkanLord Yarkan Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Demon Shaitan SlayerKill 10 Demon ShaitanDemon Shaitan Slayer nametag & 100 Silk
Snake SlayerKill 10 MedusaSnake Slayer nametag & 1000 Silk
Arabian Slayer (STR)Kill 15 Arabian UniquesArabian Slayer nametag & 1000 Silk
Unique ThugKill 500 uniqueUnique Thug nametag & 1000 Silk
Rise of The PharaohKill 10 HWT UniquesRise of The Pharaoh nametag
Devil's NemesisKill 6 Job UniquesDevil's Nemesis nametag & 1000 Silk
ExecutionerKill 3 Zealot's HideOutExecutioner nametag & 500 Silk & 100M Gold
UnstoppableWin 50 times in Last Man Standing eventUnstoppable nametag & 2000 Silk
InauspiciousFail 2000 times in alchemy on d11 sox itemsInauspicious nametag &Lucky silk scroll &2x immortal & 3x magic pop & 25m
Alchemy SpecialistSucceed 5 times in making +10 d11 itemAlchemy Specialist nametag & 2000 Silk
Mythic FashionBuy 200 avatar parts from Item MallMythic Fashion nametag & 6000 Silk
Battle CryWin 2 fortress wars as a guild leader.Battle Cry nametag & 8000 Silk
Super StarWin 20 times in Survival (Solo) eventSuper Star nametag & 2000 Silk
Ancient GladiatorComplete 100 quests from the Quests NPC.Ancient Gladiator nametag & 3000 Silk
Try HarderPlay 500 Magic POP cards.Try Harder nametag & 250M Gold
The WriterWrite 500 globals.The Writer nametag & 200 Silk & 100 Global Chatting scroll
The TravellerUse 500 reverses.The Traveller nametag & 200 Silk & 100 ReverseReturnScrolls
Most WantedReach Wanted lvl.5 10 TimesMost Wanted nametag & 1000 Silk & 250M Gold
Royal HunterWin 10 Times Caputre the flagRoyal Hunter nametag & Lucky silk scroll & 25m & 20k sp
Hot ShotWin 30 Times Battle Arena MatchesHot Shot nametag & 500 silk scroll & 100m Gold
Glimmer of HopeSlay Ghost Sereness 10 TimesGlimmer of Hope nametag
Brokerkill 100 players while both wearing job suitBroker nametag & 100 Silk & 100M Gold
Safe GuardDeilver 150k Goods as HunterSafe Guard nametag
FinancierDeilver 50k Goods as TraderFinancier nametag
Stealthily ShotDeilver 50k Goods as ThiefStealthily Shot nametag

Daily Unique Event (STR/INT)

We offer a massively enjoyable event where a specific number of uniques are spawned.
You'll have to face the challenge of defeating them, and you'll receive points for each kill.
The player with the most points at the end wins the event.

Survival Arena (Solo)

Fight against everyone who register to score one of the highest 3 scores.
Rewards are: 1st: 150 Gift Silks & 2nd:100 Gift Silks 3rd: 50 Gift Silks

Survival Arena (Team-Random)

All players inside the event are divided into 4 random teams.
Blue, black, white, red and start to fight against each other,
killing the opponent give you 1 more Point
and whichever team score the highest wins 150 gift silk each

Defend The Tower

You will find 2 towers, your tower and the opponent tower,
you need to protect yours and destroy theirs, whoever succeed, wins the event.
Reward is 150 Gift silk for each player in the winner team.

Last Man Standing

Fight against everyone who register in order to survive and become Last man standing.
Rewards: 100 Gift silk for the Winner

Silk Lottery

You will have to pay 25 silks to participate and once the event ends,
3 random registered players will be selected and rewarded with the collected silks equally.

Gold: Can be obtained by doing trades.
Silk: Can be obtained from pretty much all ingame Job uniques and Earn system quests.
Gift silk: it can be obtained by all game activity and events
Skoudra Coin: Can be obtained by doing job Like trade - hunter - thief and some uniques
Arena Coin: Can be obtained from CTF/BA .
Gold and Silver Coin: to be decided

PHP Code:
[B][CENTER][URL=""]Skoudra Online l CAP 110 l EU-CH l Open Market l 5x Rate l Earn System l GO 12.05.2023

[IMG=expandable0][/IMG][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/CENTER] 
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Good luck looks promising
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Originally Posted by Spanky* View Post
Good luck looks promising
thanks alot
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Best server ever

Best server ever
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Best server ever
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IGN: Skampy
GL ppl
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Best server lets goooo
IGN : AsmonRaa
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I hope pets will be useful now, thanks!!
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Originally Posted by RanstaMonsta View Post
I hope pets will be useful now, thanks!!
thanks you so much ransta
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IGN : Morphex
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Great Work
IGN: Venos
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i'm in
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