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⚔️🖤Viking Sro Cap 140 Degree 16🖤 ⚔️

Discussion on ⚔️🖤Viking Sro Cap 140 Degree 16🖤 ⚔️ within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Cool ⚔️🖤Viking Sro Cap 140 Degree 16🖤 ⚔️

Welcome to VikingSro

Greetings Viking and welcome to Viking Sro where only the brave thrives!
We strive everyday to present you with a game experience that you will never grow bored of, and Im are so
excited to bring the community together in a server where they will find their Favorite game features adopted.

Hello my friends from VikingSro
I'd like to welcome you all and thank you for waiting so long for us to be back in the world of the Silk Road and I've been with you for over three years of fun.
I know I've been away for a long time, but we can't leave this beautiful world. It is like a life addiction for many of us
When I decided to go back again, I had to go back in the same way as in the past, with the same trust from everyone and the appearance of very good new servers. I had to work hard to develop the previous level.
So it is the reason for the delay. I had to make some improvements within the server and add new and interesting things to be able to keep up with this great development that has happened.
I hope everyone is having fun and having a good time with us
Thank you again my friends you are the best for me.
Everyone wants to know more information about the server
Now I will explain that, and I hope that I will succeed in explaining all the services inside the server in a good and detailed manner .
And Silkroad remains one of the most intense, thrilling and fun game that ever made, despite being 17 years old, the game still has one of the best fights all over the MMORPG games, everyone enjoys job activities, fortress wars and killing Unique's, despite having a lot of servers with some over edits, it still manages to deliver the purpose of gaming which is having fun, that's why we had to do some kind of improvement to the old school systems in order to make it more challenging, in another hand, We didn't want to ruin the essential conceptions of the original game-play, so we kept it as simple as possible.

⏳Main idea behind the 16th degree:
We truly understand how frustrated most of the Silkroad players picking their favorite degree, and how hard for the developers to make the perfect server that matches all players' categories. But, after a long negotiation with the staff and many of Silkroad players, we settled on the 16th degree because itís the most loved and balanced degree.

Beta version 15/8/2023

Grand opening day September 1, 2023

�� 2nd Skill bar feature is now available!
�� Automatic STR/INT feature has been added to Character's window
�� Event Registers UI has been renewed using client's interface system.
�� New MS & FPS live counter
��Alchemy: The item lose warning due to immortal's confirmation box will now only show when using elixirs only.
��Inventory Automatic Sort
��Chest Inventory
�� nventory Automatic Order
�� Chat Paste feature! Ctrl + V
�� Auto Event's
�� char Icon
�� Color Name


When You Join you will get Some items to help you get started with the Viking server

Starter Items
1000x HP XL
1000x MP XL
5x 20% damage resistance
5x 20% damage increase/absorption
10x Reverse Return Scroll
Cat Grab Pet 7-Days
10x Moving Speed Scrolls (100%)
10x Berserker Scroll
5x Instant Ressurection Scrolls
Premium 7-Days
God Blessing 5% 7-Day
Devil's Spirit A grade M

Start items

�� -When you join us, you will find yourself in an area isolated from the world, which is a room with a power level in the area. There you will find many unique rooms that help you rise to the unique level there, from 20 to level 100. You can get a
level there up to level 110, and this is the maximum level of the class. Equipment with which you can perform self-teleportation to get a degree of level, be careful and do not leave this room before you reach the level.
�� -You will also find some elements that will help you in the beginning .
�� -unique Drop iron coin to can buy more items from Npc shop to get items Degree 16 that for new player only This items you can't make upgrade but this items help you to go to attack all mobs in all map and you can wear this items When get level 140
but when get level 110 need to go out this room and go to main town jangan to wear items degree 14 from npc and to to Alex or Constantinople to continue power level
��you can find mobs level 101 to 110 in Alex town
��and u can find mobs level 120 to 130 in Constantinople
��and you find mobs level 130 to 150 in Samarkand
��and Hight mobs level 150 to 160 in Mirror Jupiter
��Alex job cave mobs level 140

��What happens after reaching the maximum level ? ��
1-When you can reach the maximum level 140 This will be the beginning of the research phase
Because now you want to get items Degree 15 or Degree 16
First, I will explain to you how to get it Degree 15
Now You need to go to One of those areas Samarkand or Mirror Jupiter
in Samarkand You will find many Mobs of Genie mobs level 150 This mobs in all around This mobs Drop Items Degree 15 ( nova - moon - sun ) but You need to collect Sun items need to get a lot of sun items to make plus 12 without adv
or Go mirror and mobs Drop same items Degree 15
3-Togui Villagee ( FGW )

One of many reasons choosing the 16th degree was the interior system of the skills, Silkroad has done a great job balancing the skills at this particular degree, although it wasnít perfect enough, the Chinese characters have had reasonable damage toward the monsters. however, due to the face that European characters have some over-powered skills which work perfectly against the Chinese race, we worked on the balance to make it even better by fixing some skills and adding a passive booster for the Chinese race. We also nerfed some of the Europeans' skills which made them over-powered.
Note: We will be testing the skills at the beta and we might change them at any time.
We have adjusted all skills to suit the level cap 140
and to be more balance
Chines Skills

Euro Skills

**You don't need to level up Your Mastery**
This system depends on killing of unique
By killing the specified number of unique , his skill will be unlocked

Unqiue Kill amount Spawn
Ball 50 time you will find it in Jupiter room
Hirisun 50 time you will find it in Map
Noob Mangyang 50 time you will find it in Map
Thor Odin Son 50 time you will find it in Map
Thanos 50 time you will find it in Map
Dark Pumpkin 50 time you will find it in Map
Soul of Glaive 50 time you will find it in Map
Medusa 35 time you will find it in out jangan cave
Black Roc 30 time you will find it in event unique /
Roc 30 time will find it in roc room Need to buy key from npc to can join this room

we have many way about that
1- Make vote quest
There is an explanation of that task in detail
2- All unique Drop Silk
Certainly the reward is different based on the strength of the unique
3-Solo pillar
It is a simple challenge, when it is completed, you will get the Reward only once a day
It is preferable to play this challenge after the Forgotten World
4- We have a lot off quest give You silk
5-CTF - arena manger
6-Some Event

1- arena coin Drop from job cave Mobs
2- for some quest

1- only from Trade job

1- From trade
2-When you collect some items, you can sell them Gold

need to just created one and when u kill any one from job will get honor Point
u can check Your point Every 2 hour in game or live in website

Who among us does not like to go to the Forgotten World, so this has been done in this version and all the Forgotten Worlds have been opened.


Since it is the best and easiest, we added a reward to it, which is one of the most important rewards in the server (Viking Stat point Scroll ) when You collect 8 Book need to Hand it over to Npc Viking quest and Get reward Scroll Stat poin and this Scroll give You more STR / INT stat point to get more Damage in ur account you can make this quest 40 time for Your account

2-Togui Village

It actually existed in the past, but no one knew anything about it until it became part of the Forgotten World, so we remind you of it again and add special prizes to it as well.
when collect all 8 book you can Get Items Sun Degree 15 and there when attack mobs and unique you will find one of Special Element To help You when need to awaken legendary Scroll upgrade

3-flame mountain

It is the most difficult, but when you finish it, you will get a special Reward , which is items Degree 16 and Special Element To help You when need to awaken legendary Scroll upgrade

4- Solo pillar

There you will find 5 unique kill and get arena and skill

Now when Finish FGW u can buy Scroll to remove time and another one to remove Book to can get This Quest again ( u will find all pillar about FGW in NPC ) and quest in NpC viking Quest

��how You can get Items Degree 16 ? ��

Frist when You have items Degree 15 plus 12 or more and find all Element ( fire - water - wind - earth ) From mobs Mirror Jupiter mobs 156 or more ( drop )
Now You need to Have Awaken Scroll to get Scroll upgrade .
1-Quest Geenie Quest for awaken Weapon scroll
2-Quest Samarkand Hunt Quest awaken Shield scroll
3-Quest Mirror Dimension Quest I awaken Set scroll
4- Holy Water Temple Part one Quest awaken Accessory scroll
Then u can use awaken and get upgrade scroll Input Your items in your frist slot in inventory and right click for scroll upgrade then your items will change from sun D15 +12 To Nova D16 plus 12 need to make that 3 time to Get sun items Degree 16 .

2-flame mountain (FGW )Reward when u collect all book .
3- Magic pop card .

��Sun Degree 15 Plus 12 - Mandatory For all Items
�� Sun To Nova Degree 16 Mandatory For all Items
��Nova To moon Degree 16 Mandatory For all Items
��Moon to Degree 16 Mandatory For all Items
��Add Glow for Your weapon ( only Effect ) Mandatory For Weapon / shield
��Add Egy Style for Your Set ( get more Damage ) Mandatory For Items Set
��Add style mode in your weapon ( get more Damage ) Mandatory For Weapon/ shield
��Upgrade model weapon To legendary ( get more Damage ) Mandatory For Weapon / shield
��Upgrade Egy Set To legendary ( get more Damage ) Mandatory For Items Set
��Add Egy model Style ( only Style ) Optional For Weapon / shield
�� Change your Model style Egy to new Style ( only Style ) Optional For Weapon / shield

New upgrade Viking System

job level 15
increase reward for your level
It's the best thing that distinguishes Silk Road from other games, so there had to be something special
the work system has been linked for Honor buff The system works according to system kill You must kill your competitor in the other job get point and honor point buff get every 2 hour and last weekend will get more reward for arena
now speak with job mode we have 3 job's Trader hunter and thief's
when make trade from town to town will find many mobs thief's need to kill you to drop ur trance pet so you need to get hunter to help you and when u finish and delivery ur trade u will get arena and element and silver coin and more gold and ur hunter will get same but if u thief and get this trade u will get same reward
There is, too job skills can wear this job suit and use skills when your get 7 or more
every weekend top ranking will get Extra reward and Tittle and buff and silk
During that week, it will also be special for him. He will get me Notice all server know when open and close account

In this version, work has been done to ensure that the server is not monopolized by one person, but must be dependent on the team
So it's all been modified all unique in game in terms of unique Hp - Damage - Defences
There will be unique STR
The awards were classified according to that classification

Unique Time reward
Normal 30 min Silk - revers scroll and viking lucky box
Strong 45 min Silk - revers scroll and viking lucky box
titan 1 Hour Silk - revers scroll and viking lucky box
all unique In Map 1.3 min Silk between 30 to 500
Holy water Templet Twice a day arena Coin
New job Area 6 Hour Silk and Scroll Stat 100 %
Viking Boos 12 Hour Silk and Legendary lottery scroll

We have placed all the Unique round the towns and of all of their hunt and made them (Normal - Str)

Unique Spawn

Event Time reward
Trivia 3 hour 20 silk
Lucky Party Number 4 hour 20 silk
Kill The GM 3 hour 50 arena coin
Hide & Seek 2 hour 50 arena coin - 2 magic pop card
Alchemy 3 hour Immoral stone 2 - 2 magic pop card
Last Man Standing 8 hour 50silk -200 arena coin -2 magic pop card
Survival Arena 6 hour 200 silk
Lucky Global 4 hour 20 silk
Madness 6 hour 200 silk / 200arena coin
War of Leagues 12 hour 500 silk / 200arena coin /50silver coin
nique Event Weekly 0

CTF RewardCount
Kill Reward Silver Coin + 1 viking gold coin 1 X 1 kill
Win Reward Silver Coin 5

Arena Manger RewardCount
Win Reward Silver Coin + 300 arena 10
Lose Reward Silver Coin + 100 arena 5

Every Saturday

Ranking reward
Top unique Best Buff Scroll -1k arena coin - 250 silk - Tittel bes weekly rank - login notification
Top Trader Best Buff Scroll -1k arena coin - 250 silk - Tittel bes weekly rank - login notification
Top Thief Best Buff Scroll -1k arena coin - 250 silk - Tittel bes weekly rank - login notification
Top Hunter Best Buff Scroll -1k arena coin - 250 silk - Tittel bes weekly rank - login notification
Top Honor 1k arena coin - 250 silk

10 Time warning
20 Time you will lose half Silk owned
30 time you will lose all silk and Gold and inventory items and reset skill and premium and godbless time and kick from ur Guild )
It will be reset every month Alert This is done based on the User id Not char

Team Members

Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer
09/19/2019ِAkadoServer Admin
________________________________________________ ________________________________

Sro File Hash
vsroplus_lib.dll ff07c89cf30d5b473d83ba93016d6ba1cf16a717e851569d8a137e0b41ef69a4
sro_client.exe 612bb9fe467653bbbe93133ad0b886a5cab39229749e6bef86882c54158dddc4
BSClient.EXE 2bca50727dcb8a8daad4b41b85f58a8e5548a4fbd6a6e7fb0f754eaedc50af16
Replacer.EXE 2716af9ba9eb9bf342ef33fc0ab7cc7992c61060e47560c17b84ece87532fa39
BloodySroLoader.exe 0b7372ba9a7f597f72a6ed04b06756ec07e5a601d811d58eab19987c63e14872

[IMG=expandable: 1, title: Logo][/IMG]

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the server is really only to be recommended.
very good work by the owners.
take a look at it yourself.
judge for yourself.
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Good Luck @
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Really cap 140 with X5 exp ???? Need x300
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i'll play here but 5x exp at 140 cap? nah
the website says 100x exp
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Originally Posted by lordjaggi View Post
i'll play here but 5x exp at 140 cap? nah
the website says 100x exp
This beta brother u can change the Exp rate if you don't like this you can change it to a percentage that suits everyone
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So far this is a great server. Looking forward to the Grand Opening

IGN: UnKnown
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The game that i love back again, thanks and good luck.
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Nice system

Nice server
IGN : Zoly5a
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Originally Posted by 0MAXOU0 View Post
Really cap 140 with X5 exp ???? Need x300
u need to less then 1 hour for 140lvl
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IMG=expandable: 1, title: Logo]https://d.***********/p_2579434od1.png[/IMG]

Great work tbh
Ign: Impaler
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Welcome back..
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PC Limit 8
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great server best of luck <3
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