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Immortales | CAP 20 | Progressive to 110 | Enhanced Original | Truly Different

Discussion on Immortales | CAP 20 | Progressive to 110 | Enhanced Original | Truly Different within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Immortales | CAP 20 | Progressive to 110 | Enhanced Original | Truly Different

Immortales | CAP 20 | Progressive to 110 | Enhanced Original | Truly Different


DL Links (Only 1.2gb client):


Check this small fun readme about the server as you download:

(Downloads ask for a "key" in some browsers, just copy paste the text that comes after # icon in the link)

Don't forget to join our Discord!

Note: Please don't just read the bold texts and skip over the explanations. The actual interesting stuff is in the explanations.


You may have played on cap 80 and became decent, you might have done so on 90, 100 or 130. You may have played the last 10% of the game over and over.. Have you tried being the best at level 20, then experienced every cap upwards?

Have you tried fortress war in a server where everyone was 20 level?

Not much gap among players, everyone has a chance. Every character has worth. There may be people stronger than you, but you will be able to hold your own and make a difference, especially with a couple buddies.

Have you tried hunting Tiger Girl in a server where everyone was 20?

There won't be the obnoxious 130 level wizard looking for the unique that is 110 levels lower. This is going to be a fair battle. Lv 20 vs 20.

Who will take it first? When will it be possible to kill? You will most likely see it and pass by it, not daring to attack until you developed your set.

"So close, yet so far.."

Have you really explored those "Oh Scale" group of items?

How long ago did you check stalls for items that were being sold for 25k? Do you miss those times of being on a weekend, waking up early, logging easily into this mysterious world, and starting off by checking the stalls in Jangan with this great sense of exploration when you barely had 40k, and 20k of it were for pots and horse?

Are you tired of skipping 90% of the game and playing the last 10% over and over?

Are you tired rushing to max level at x35 exp, putting effort into building your character, then jumping to another server in a month or two because you're simply bored of playing the last 10% of the game, and all your effort going to waste?

Have you tried trading as a 20 level in a server where everyone else was also 20?

There won't be the debacle of getting 1 hit by an invisible 120 level wizard who has pain buff, or a prick from a 120 level rogue. Whoever wants your goods, will have to come and get it face to face. You will face your own levels and try to protect your trade. Or attack someone else's.

When someone takes something from you, or you take from them, it will not be because of level difference, or because one of you attended all the "activities" and got "activity coins", but because he managed to create a better build and better set.

You did 1 star trades to avoid high levels previously, but where's the fun in that? We made sure that even 1* trades will be exciting here. More on this later in this thread.

First questions first:

Before that, if you prefer EU chars and upset that Immortales is CH only, read this:

1) Why such a low cap? Are you crazy?

It has always been the same thing over and over. It's funny because even that sentence has been written over and over only to offer the same things again. Servers are full rush to 120 or whatever the max cap is, from then on buying pay2win items or "SOX boxes" till you get bored and quit.

Or, like running after a carrot on a stick, or like an hamster on a wheel, you keep trying to catch up to one "activity" after the other, being completely overwhelmed and tired of trying to learn every custom "system" they come up with, and trying to keep up with the schedules of these so called "activities".

And the attendance for these "activities" never meant that the players were enjoying them. You were almost forced to attend, because otherwise you would lose out on that stupid activity coin, or "point" which you needed, to "get closer" to that carrot tied to your back.

Since you don't get valuable items by attending "activities" here, -and I will always quote that overused word, because while it suggests a supposed fun, it is forced- the trade among players is important. Everyone has something the other needs. To collect nice items, you trade with other players.

This is different. Truly different.

Different from the typical pServers, not from the original Silkroad experience. Except it is the much enhanced version of it.

We won't have "custom systems" that you will have to figure out. We won't force you to "solve a bot question" or "kill a bot gm" every 30 minutes. We won't force you to disband your party and try to get that stupid party number every hour. We won't have fake numbers on our site, or fake characters in the server. We won't force you to amass some coins that we made up, to get a SOX that we locked up. We won't fill your screen up with ugly pop-ups and countless useless buttons. None of that mess will be here.

Here you will be able to take a breath, make a stall and go AFK, selling elixirs for some gold. You will discover here the levels and items of the game you always skimmed through, without the pressure of "rushing to 80's or 100's as quickly as possible".

You will discover different mechanics of low levels, while thoroughly enjoying the journey of Silkroad like you have just started the game. Every step of the way. You will be able to develop your character at the pace you want, without having to attend and keep a schedule of "activities".

Do you want to go full out, build a full sun set and dominate everyone? Be the undisputed king of the server? Go for it. Make deals with the players if they have the sun parts that you are missing, to complete your set.

Do you want to just chill, play and enjoy? Slowly improving your character? Go for it. You will not be an "irrelevant noob" who isn't wanted in guilds - you will still be a relevant player with a chilled approach as well.

Nothing is forced.

Need some gold? Make a stall, or do a trade run.

Don't have enough gold to risk? Become a thief. Try to steal without the risk of losing gold.

Don't want the notoriety? Become a hunter and help a trade out in exchange for gold.

Or gaze the stalls and pick off cheap items & sell them at a higher price.

Or build good items & sell for a profit.

Need elixirs or items to stall? Go grinding.

Trying to create a stronger character? Try to get the highest wearable items and do some alchemy.

Try to perfect your set with the means that you have.

Try making your set so good that you aren't even missing a single blue. Then you go to PvP area and see how good of a job you did. Or in CTF by having 40 trophies in one go. Or at the Fortress War. Or by making a high value trade and risking it. Or by taking on the Tiger Girl 1v1.

Did your guild also do a great job? What about a huge trade to Hotan?

It's all on your terms.

You don't need to keep a schedule of anything. You aren't forced to attend anything. You can simply login, and start improving your character from where you left off. You can go offline here and login later with excitement. Of course you could if you wish, but you don't have to be on 24 hours a day to stay relevant. Or when you're gonna be afk for a while, you can simply set up a stall. It is going to be a good way to make gold. (Consignment is disabled. Explained why later in this thread.)

We've removed the trash, but we kept the good ones: Chat Item linking, Pet filter for non-botters, PC limit, Job limit, Snow Shield INT limit based on character stats, Account lock, Ingame ranking, Plus notice, Unique history, FTW kill counter, Job kill counter, and Item comparison will all be available.

We have everything ready up to 110. We will go from cap 20, slowly, to 110, tasting every bit of SRO at a cap and then moving up. Of couse, there will be new things coming to the game as the cap increases, but these will be from the natural progression of the game, and not custom things. Maybe, just maybe, if we like a custom arena so much, or it is demanded by the players, we could introduce it.

There is only one custom NPC in Immortales: The Legacy Shop

You will find Legacy Shop in Jangan, between storage and So-Ok. She sells legacy items of the game.

We created this NPC to put interesting stuff in, while being able to keep the rest of the game, the original NPC's and Item Mall clean.

You will find some quirky, some useful, some funny, and some interesting (all original) legacy items in this shop. You won't have to wonder where another player got this weird item. You'll just go to the Legacy shop.

We wanted to add some old items to bring back the nostalgia. This will allow us to be able to add them while keeping the rest of the game uncluttered.
For example, the stall decorations that have been removed from Item Mall, sell for gold in this NPC. Since stall network is disabled, and stalling will be a part of the game, you can create some interest on your stall with different decorations.

We will change the contents of the Legacy shop from time to time, so it's not going to be always selling the same thing. There will be a lot of things to discover. Some you never seen, some you forgot, and some that you will remember.

There are very interesting challenges in cap 20 which you never faced before

You can do the quests of the next cap.

When you are level 20 and fully developed your set, you can try to do all the quests up to level 30 to prepare for a lightning start for the next cap, immediately getting all the rewards of all the quests on the day of the update. And imagine if the update came a day before the FTW (cough cough) - That would result in some interesting level advantage in the war.

It will be quite difficult though, to complete the quests all the way up to 30 while you are level 20. And it's going to be a bit tricky, since you may see a NPC and instinctively get the reward while still in 20 cap, so you should be careful. And of course, you will fill your inventory with quest items.

Since we start with 20 cap, and go up in 10 level increments, you can play here & be relevant and be part of the server quickly and enjoy, even if you have just started other servers, or even if you are playing in "chill mode".

Hooked yet? Join us at Discord:
Or FB if that's your thing:

Want to support the server? Use our signature.


Signature events and alike will be ready by the weekend. Prizes for attending will be announced on Discord and FB. And if you have questions which we didn't already plan to specify in this thread, we will answer them there.

You will be able to trade to DW, or if you dare, even to Hotan

Some might have expected that since we limit the cap, we closed off Hotan. That's not the case. All 3 main towns are available.

You can trade to Hotan, through the scary Dead Ravine at level 20, if you dare. Do you remember how scary Dead Ravine was? The area which we couldn't get through alive when we attempted trade runs from Jangan to Hotan and lost all our investments. Mostly because of those damn ghost eyes. Now that we are wiser, we can try a second shot at it.

Or you can use the other route among bandits, which is a bit less dangerous but quite a bit longer.

As long as you don't face this on the road of course:

And by the way, can you kill that?

Most times, the wiser option will be to move aside.

PvP Tournament - Challenge to determine the King/Queen of every cap

We will have PvP tournaments with prizes at every cap, right before the next cap update. We will determine who is the actual king/queen of the current cap before we move up.

Besides the prizes that will be for the top 3 of the tournament, the winner will also get a title, and blue zerk along with it.

The only title in the server will be awarded to the person who wins this tournament. There will not be any other titles. We explain why later in this thread. Plan is to give the prizes to 2nd and 3rd also, and maybe even extend it to top 10, but the title will be only for the winner.

We are expecting especially early PvP tournaments to be extremely fun, clean and precise, without all the controversy of higher levels and EU's. If you lose, you'll not be mad because of an ugly PvP style since it's just not possible, you'll just congratulate your opponent.

There will be two titles available. the King and the Emperor. Female counterparts are the Queen and the Empress.

Tournament winner will get "The King" title, or the female noun "The Queen".

If the winner also happens to be the leader of the guild that owns the fortress during the time of the tournament, he will get "The Emperor" title.

Winning the tournament in two different caps will also make you eligible for the Emperor title. The wins don't have to be back to back. If someone wins their second tournament, they will be eligible for Emperor or Empress titles.

The winner will keep his/her title until the next cap's tournament, where he will have to defend it to keep it. If he cannot defend, the title will be moved to the new king.

The owner of the title will be the only person with blue zerk.

The King title will have +10% damage absorption under zerk mode, while Emperor title will have +20% damage absorption under zerk mode.

And we will settle it properly. This is not going to be an "auto event", this will be actual, live event done with the GM's present. With the date and time chosen by the players.

As you see, really interestings challenges which you never experienced before, and there's even more. Away from that repetitive, see the colorful thread and get hyped, rush to max level, get bored and jump to the next server cycle.

You will be able to develop your next cap set if you want.

Similar to the Hotan example, some may have expected a lock, but there's no limitation here on items.

Since we limit the cap, you won't be able to wear 4D items. But we didn't remove 4D and higher items from the game, including the SOX items. If you are fully satisfied with your 3D set, you can go to Donwhang to drop 4D items in preparation for next cap. You could also finish the quests while building the set. Too hard? You can go with a party or with your guild. Since everyone will be at the same level, the whole guild can enjoy similar activities together.

One thing to keep in mind: It is going to be costly to do this. You most likely won't recoup the gold you spent on pots while grinding at 4D monsters. Which means everytime you go back to buying pots you will realize you are going there with less and less gold. This is due to the NPC-ing price changes we made to prevent mindless gold farming which we will talk about later.

"So then.. What about that guild trade run?"

2) Starting Items

Can you believe it?

No 9999 pots, no 9 trillion SP, no 99 mil gold, no Sun+999's, no auto equipment.
20 units of 100% speed scrolls, 20 reverse, 20 instant return, 5% Devil (3day), and a pickpet (1 week)

The only item you will get for free, will be the 1D SOS weapon, which you can get from the potion seller:

Realize this if you haven't: When you "get" something for "free" in a server, you don't actually get anything.

When you start the game with a given sun+9 set, are you stronger than anyone?

No. Right?

How come you are not stronger than anyone with a sun+9 set?

Because everyone has it. Duh, I know. It is literally worthless. Yes, you are stronger than mobs, as is everybody else, but is that the point? Or point is the competition among individual players, parties, different jobs, teams, guilds, and unions?

And what happens in a server in which you don't get free 9999's, and you drop a normal +4 weapon? Or you make a +7? Now you are stronger than many others in the server. You grind faster, and you level up faster, and you make more gold and drop more items.

When noone starts with anything, the 16+4 bow you dropped, or a nice item you made is worth more than the whole Sun+9 set that is given for free. The 50k you have here, is worth more than 5m in a 999999 server. When you get free stuff, nothing you do matters until you get to that last 5% or 10% of the game. Which you quickly get bored of, then jump to another server.

You will get a few more useful scrolls from quests including reverse scrolls, 100% speed scrolls, horses (useful in Immortales - explained in this thread) and alike. You will also have a chance to get 100% super speed scrolls by bringing CTF tropies to So-OK. We won't sell speed scrolls for silk.

3) Balance Changes: Fair, Clean, and Understandable

Three awesome balance changes for Cap 20:

Pacheon mastery: At cap 20 default, Pacheon is extremely weak. Not only that it is weak, it doesn't even have enough skills to hit without falling into cooldown.

To remedy this, we have enabled the area (bomb) skill to open at level 20 instead of 25. We like making these changes clean and understandable. So we did not change the stats of the skill, but just the required mastery level to open it. Therefore the skill can only be upgraded in the next cap, on level 27.

The skill's cooldown has also been reduced from 8s to 7s, so that bowers wouldn't fall into CD in the action. (They were getting into CD territory even with the area skill opening at 20)

Even now, it will be a challenge to keep the skills flowing. You will need to line your skills up correctly.

Although we didn't lower the stats of the skill, it does not in anyway make this mastery OP. Pacheon was too weak, and this change barely brings it back up. The changes have been well tested.

Bicheon mastery: Bicheon has just one down-attack skill until level 45. Knocking down an opponent, and using the single down attack skill resulted in opponents having more HP when they got up. So knocking down and stabbing only once actually helped the opponent.

Lowering the 45 level's down-attack skill to level 20, and changing its stats would cause too much confusion.

Instead, the cooldown of the first down-attack skill has been reduced, just enough to allow a second usage of the same skill on a downed opponent. (You can't see the cooldown in this screenshot, but you can see which skill it is to give you an idea)

As a counterbalance to this change, KD ratio has been dropped from 50% to 37%

Heuksal mastery: After the balance changes to the other two masteries, Heuksal's throne at cap 20 was shaken a bit. To bring it back into contention, and to add its 20 level skills a bit of color, the required level for the 3 combo skill, which is useful at lower levels, has been changed from level 24, to 20. Again, without any stat changes.

Curiously, PvP'ing at lower levels requires a lot more concentration.

Skills are short, cooldowns are long, you won't be able to "press a button and forget". Skills don't follow one after the other smoothly and you need to time them correctly and be more alert while fighting.

Low level skills feel exactly like.. Low level skills. You don't realize it much when you go through these levels on 25x exp, or without once trying to use your character competitively. But once you try to compete with it, you feel these details.

The higher we go in caps, the more fluent skills will start to feel. You will realize that your character is turning "professional" as it levels up, as flow between skills gets better and better.

Since you only played the last 10% of the game for years and repeated it over and over, this should be one of the interesting discoveries.

The balance changes add even more fun to Cap 20, makes it a lot more interesting, and works much better than default.

We already have balance plans laid out and tested for cap 30, 40, 50 and 60. We trust our testing procedure and know that we can provide a fun, balanced gameplay at every cap. We are going to apply the same logic beyond 60 too.


Balance changes apply for traditional builds.

If you create a non-traditional build and happen to dial it in perfectly and start ruling the server, we won't touch anything. On the same terms, if you create a really bad custom build, we won't be doing a balance change to prop your character up.

We are expecting some interesting custom build attempts, since it is not too hard to get a new character up to level 20. HWID and IP is 1, you'll need to log off on your character to create the experiment char.

4) No SOX Manipulations

a) No SOX lock manipulation (Disabling SOX items for a while etc)

You'd only to do this if you break the game with "activities" or sell "SOX boxes" or "SOX scrolls".

Players run after the modified SOS parts, paying for those SOS scrolls or whatever they are, then server owner repeats this process for SOM and SUN parts.

Sometimes these are not that "direct" to disguise the pay2win nature of the game. But the essence is always the same.

Putting aside the fact that this really is a shady practice, it kills the fun and mystery in the server, since it means that the whole server switches to new shinier weapons and items at the same time. There are no outliers.

There are no people with +7's, then a few guys with moons or suns. There are no differences like some players having sun weapons, some moon, and some others having sun accessories and a +7.

They all have SOS at the same time, then they all have MOON at the same time, then they all have SUN shortly after they are "unlocked". When you "unlock" suns and give them to all players at roughly the same time through "activities" or "SOX boxes", the mystery is lost.

Think about dropping a sun weapon in a server that isn't restricted and being one of the few to have them. It would create a lot of fun, and mystery, for you and others. How much damage can you do? You have a sun, maybe the only sun, but are you really the strongest? Will there be someone else with a sun weapon soon? Will he beat you? Can players with regular weapons do amazing work with their sets and beat a sun player?

b) No SOX stat manipulation

You gotta respect the power of a SUN item. No, it shouldn't be last tier +3 or something to "balance". A few sun players in a server doesn't break the balance. Neither does sparsely distributed suns. If a hardcore player collects suns from everyone through deals, and builds himself a full sun set and becomes the king, well then he is the king. There's no arguing about that, just run if he is a thief and you are a hunter.
Fundamentally there would only be very few of such players in the whole server since sun items don't (shouldn't) drop often enough to let almost everybody have a sun set.

What breaks balance is, when the server founder, essentially sells SUN items to whoever pays with made up silk items or with made up coins gained through "activities". And then he reduces their stats to "balance", which makes the sun players try to plus their items even higher to make a difference, and it makes one big circle and comes back to the server owner again.
A SUN that is only +3 or so better than a SOS? That is not a SUN, and that is not Silkroad.

You are trading 5* and you see a thief in really shiny weapons? That didn't feel so great. Even if you had a full party and the thief was lone.
With the original drop system, the suns will be sparsely distributed. The rates are default, the powers are default. You most likely won't see a player that has full sun set who destroys everyone. You may even see a player with a sun weapon lose, because his opponent just happened to have last tier +7 set.

They are fully original, but most SOS items in every cap will also be very valuable thanks to the leveling system. While the worth of many SUN, and some SOM items will extend beyond the current cap.

5) Botting

Botting is allowed. However, if you are a legit player, you won't be left in the dust since we stop at every cap. And we made some other changes (that we will talk about) which makes botting less advantageous. We didn't make those changes to "fight a war on botters", but that they were logical changes which resulted in botters having more reduced advantage. And a legit player going up to 20 will have more advantage than someone who will bot up to level 20.

If you don't know what you are doing and/or just botting mindlessly, you will lose gold in most cases let alone breaking even. Keep in mind that this isn't a 99999 server. But a proper server requiring you to make intelligent moves in developing your char. You will need to understand the game. If you are going to complain as to why you don't have 6 mil gold when you just leveled up to 20, then Immortales isn't for you.

6) When is Immortales opening?

There is no plan to do an open beta, there will be a closed beta with our testers. We are preparing to get everything ready by the middle of next week, probably wednesday is our target launch date. That will be between 14th and 20th this month. We will update the thread as we work on the project. You can also join us in Discord or FB to get the updates.


FB Page:

Update: After around ~50 hours of nonstop work with zero sleep and only a little bit to eat, we finally got the closed beta ready at yesterday afternoon. Closed beta is currently underway.

Account infos have been sent to all boosters.

We thought we could do a global opening this weekend, but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances which always rival optimistic timelines, but as does many of you, we also believe that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In a few days we will launch the open beta, and 25th of Nov we will have a global opening.

This will allow us to have a much bigger launch next friday instead of an insta-launch before any kind of open beta, and it will also allow you test out the real Silkroad Online within the week, and not this "999999 Online" you've been playing for so long, so that you're better prepared for the official start.

7) Level cap starts at 20 - With two item changes.

The only changes for Cap 20 item-wise, are the lowering of the required level of two items.

21 level Chests & 21 level weapons (Incl. shield)

At 20 level and a 99%, it wouldn't look great with the whole set being 3D, and the chest part being 2D. To enable the players to fully wear the 3D set, we reduced the required level of first tier 3D chest by 1 level.

SOX chests are also 20 level, this means you can wear the 3D moon chest for a massive advantage, if you drop one. (All sox drops are default & not restricted or disabled. More on this, and other changes later in the thread)

We also reduced the last tier 3D weapons' required level from 21 to 20, so that there is a bit more firepower and PvP's don't end up in a stalemate, and less gap against SOX weapon players.

We didn't change the stats of these items, only the required levels to equip them.

There are a few other 21 level items which we didn't lower the required levels of.

Don't be upset when you drop one of them and ask why that one isn't lowered to 20. It isn't, because the reasoning is not "Let's make every 21 level item usable at level 20".

On the contrary, it is important to keep the rest as it is. Otherwise it would increase the overall defense of everyone by quite a lot for no reason. One of the bad things in SRO are pvps that don't end. Or players being unkillable by either side.

That's why we didn't touch other 21 level parts which are: Two rings, hand armor, and head armor. Which means we effectively avoided adding everyone's accessories +6, bracers +3, and crown +2 for no reason, by simply keeping them as they are.

So we avoided adding a total of +11 to everyone's set. One could argue to keep the shield also 21 level, but since it is basically half the weapon of Bicheon mastery, it was also included, not to disadvantage S/S and Blader builds.

8) Mastery level is 60. Increased as the cap increases.

Why 60 mastery? Because if we had left the mastery as it is, everyone would have all the builds and there'd be no difference among characters other than the stat points distribution. We eliminated this issue by progressively increasing the mastery along with level.

9) When will the cap limit be increased?

There is no set time and there is no rush. We will definitely not jump up too quickly. We will stay and discover, enjoy the cap, see who is what, see what is doable at 20 level, how the fortress wars, trade wars, CTF, guild wars go, can Uruchi be killed by parties of 20 levels with great sets, up to what level quests are doable at 20, and when the krall becomes the krall and the challenger accepts the defeat, we will move up to enjoy the next cap.

Will the kralls of cap 20 survive in cap 30? Will there be new kings rising? Will Uruchi get killed on cap 20, or will it be done in 30?

General Changes and non-Changes

We have done a lot of small but effective changes, and we have done a lot of non-changes. This is the part where you will realize why everyone has been doing it wrong so far.

Non-change meaning; The stuff that is done by 99% of the servers and regarded as "must have" - which we kept non-diverted from the original.

Players might have gotten so used to these things, so they might ask "Why isn't this here?" That's why it is important to talk about why we didn't do most of the things that are done by 99.9% of servers.


Non-Change: Only "NPC Items" in NPC

We have mentioned all the reasons for this. But don't disregard them yet. You may need some of them especially in the beginning.

Non-Change: No huge stacks of pots

We don't want you to buy 99999 special pills, pots and vigors and never worry about it anymore. Keep in mind what you got in your inventory. Keep track of empty slots. Going to the npc and buying pots and cleaning your inventory and making it neat and tidy when you're back in town is a part of the game. Having 99999 pots and not having to worry about anything sterilizes the game, makes it bland, and robotifies it.

Besides, you probably won't have that much gold to buy thousands of pots anyway.

This is with the exception of arrows, which will be increased by 400%, hence stacks of 1000.


No safe trades - Simple but effective trade adjustment

"Safe trade" has been removed. Even with a 1* trade, you may be attacked by a thief. So you can decide exactly how much you're going to buy without thinking of that artificial 1* limit. You can trade with 70k, or 150k worth of goods. Star won't determine much this time, you will buy depending on how much you want to risk, or how confident you are in your group.

Why did we do this change?

Safe trades have purpose in a server when you are low level, and there are 120 level players. You basically need a way to give low level players a chance to explore the mechanics of the game. But in a server that starts with cap 20, you don't need such "protection". You can fight a thief who will be the same level.

This will also increase team play. It won't be wise to go alone with a 1* trade. Keep a hunter with you, and just hope that the thief doesn't have his buddies close by.

We must mention that we are aware, that we are writing from traders' perspective. That's because they are the ones who are taking the risk with their gold, not that we prefer a job to another. All 3 jobs have a harmony that complements each other.

NPC thieves have been massively reduced.

To give the traders a break and not make them lose half their profits on COS HP, NPC thief count has been massively reduced. You won't be fighting players and NPC's at the same time.

While they will spawn in very small amounts at 1*, as the trade stars increase, NPC thieves spawn will also increase exponentially.

No ADV SOX elixirs

We have disabled the SOX ADV. We have done it in a way that you can't destroy a SOX item. This way a player who doesn't know about it, won't destroy a sos item and learn after the fact that sox adv were disabled.

You will be able to get normal ADV elixirs from regular items. This is to give the players with regular sets a chance to close the gap to someone with a SOX.

It also means that the regular set you made, can be dismantled for ADV's and used to upgrade your whole next cap set, making it useful both in the current cap, also in the next cap.

This change will protect the nice items of the game when we move up the caps. You will still be seeing around a player with a 16+7 sun weapon moving up.

Classic job suits reintroduced.

Special Identity Card, Black Devil Suit, Red Flag.

These legendary items will be available for a while. We didn't want to complicate the gameplay by rolling out other job suits at cap 20. The classic suits will be in their corresponding NPC's in Jangan.

As the cap increases, there will be new job suits introduced, at which point the classic suits won't be available.

But, the legacy items will keep their worth, since low to mid tier job suits will not provide as much advantage as the legacy suits. Only the top of the top job suits will be better than legacy units.

And they will be a lot more expensive & will have job level requirements which you can start progressing towards before they are introduced.

So you won't be at a disadvantage for buying the legacy units, since they will be better than low to mid tier job suits. We envisioned these suits to be rare, once available items, owned by a few people. Like in the original experience.

Reduced item NPC-ing prices & Zero'ed NPC'ing prices of alchemy related items.

All the alchemy related items NPC-ing price is 0.

There will be no auto npc'ing alchemy related drops to make gold. Therefore they will be useless except for the use they are intended for - Which is alchemy.

And item sale prices to NPC have been massively reduced. If selling an item gets you 15k with default rates, it will get you 2 to 3k.

We have done these changes to keep the value of gold proper, and make mindless botting not the best option to make gold.

This will also make the trades much more exciting. 200k worth of goods in a trade will be much more valuable in a server where you can't just bot for an hour and drop 50 items and stones, sell them to the npc and make 500k.

It will also make much more sense to sell that decent item you dropped to a player for a few K gold, than to NPC for 500 gold. Or to exchange with them for something you need. Or just give it to your friend or guild buddies.

"If I can't get gold by grinding, how am I going to find gold to trade?"

You can increase the gold you have by grinding, but it won't be the best way to earn it. Someone who doesn't understand the game would end up with a net loss every time he comes back from grinding. We have included a refresher readme.txt in the client, for players whose minds have been hijacked by 999999 servers.

Original pet items introduced

We have added growth pet skill scrolls. Scrolls are very cheap, and they will be useful.

And the pet items aren't custom. They are original items.

No Consignment

Consignment makes the game too automated. Seeing bunch of stalls in the town, gazing the stalls, asking for discounts, actually seeing the items nicely listed in a stall is a good part of the game. It's more fun to set up a stall and come back to it later, seeing you have sold things rather than a notice at the bottom right. We even have a MSG feature in Silkroad. Do you remember it? You see an item on a stall, and you want a discount? Use it! Leave a message in the stall or send the seller a MSG.

Besides, stalling is a feature that gives you a way to be "active", when you're not active. You can basically make use of your away time by creating a stall, coming back to your character with a few items sold, and a lot more gold.

Consignment kills this. While it's true that you could consign items, and then also create a stall, it's not the same thing. The game becomes more balanced without consignment since even though you are AFK and aren't "progressing", you are making gold, while the ones who are active, aren't able to also sell items at the same time. This is one of the changes that will reduce the advantage of botting. Along with NPC'ing changes and leveling system.

You should have something advantageous you can do even when you're AFK. Removal of consignment gives you that incentive and makes the game more interesting.

We all liked checking back on our stalls to see that we sold stuff, and the gold in our inventory has now changed color, did we not?

Come on, could you really tell me that this isn't nice?

Horses are relevant again

Horses run faster than humans which is a fact we all agree on. So lets use this part of the game too.

Even the level 10 horse will run faster than a garment character on a 100% speed scroll.

You won't have much gold to buy horses in the beginning, but one of the early quests will provide you with 10 horses.

Spawn increased

Nothing worse than trying to find mobs to kill, moving all around the map for a good spot but failing to find one. Taking into account that the whole server will be basically based in Jangan during cap 20, with a few outliers living in Donwhang, we have increased the spawn of mobs from 1 to 14 quite a bit, and from 14 to 23, a lot.

Of course, spawn increase does not mean to have every sq meter of the map filled with monsters. There are still "good spots" and "bad spots". And also spots that just have too much spawn and are outright dangerous.

Elixirs, not paper.

Elixirs will not be stackable. They will not be paper-like or scroll-like items.

We believe that elixirs are supposed to be rare, valuable items. They will still drop, but you won't have 400 elixirs to start an alchemy with. You will have to make do with 30. Or as long as the free space and gold you have allows.

Still, we have some other legacy items to help you out in case you happen to collect too many elixirs.

No free sos weapons except level 1

The free sos weapon rewards have been removed except for level 1. At level 1 you will get a SOS weapon just by visiting the potion seller. FYI: There is a quest which has a reward of Lv10 weapon. If you couldn't find a 2D weapon, it would be a good idea to do that quest.

Magic Pop only has one item: GDF

The rate of success of this item is default, it has not been changed.


Tiger Girl spawns every 3 hours. It's not too often so that it wouldn't lose the magic, or cause you to stop what you are doing every 1 or 2 hours.

Uruchi's elites have been removed. Still, you will need several strong players and force players in the party. To even attempt to kill it. We don't even know if this is possible at cap 20, we will all see together.

No beginner teleport NPC

It would make no sense to have this NPC during 20 cap. We may enable it as the cap progresses.

This change also ties in with our "no easy res & worthy kills" approach.

The teleports at the other 3 gates are available. They will bring you to wherever they normally bring, including to the center of the town, Imperial Palace.

No alias star in job

Aliases themselves are available, you just won't have the * in front of your nick. It looks ugly and we decided to remove it. Hunter, Thief and Trader icons are enough to differentiate someone who is under job mode, so it's not their real nick but their alias.

Item Mall Changes & Additions

Sabakun's Jewel

This item works better when it is on the Item Mall. Players like it, so we put it on the shop. We also updated the unflattering icon with something that looks much better & like an elixir, since Sabakun's Jewel is an elixir.

The pickpet charge

You can find it on Item Mall to give your pet a second page, and the charge also gives the owner +1 STR and +1 INT.

It has 28 days of charge, you can either use it on a new pet, or, for example, on 4 different pets each with a 7 days rental period left. They will all have a second page, and all will provide 1 STR and 1 INT to their owners.

No res scrolls in Item Mall

No easy res. Worthy kills. Dying stings.

Killing another player should have a meaning. If you killed someone and they immediately got back up with a res scroll, or ressed with black res in 0.3 seconds and got back into action, what is the value of your kill? Exactly. Zero. If everyone could easily get back up, how would a party war be ever won by one side?

Since we have removed the res scrolls from Item Mall, and since there are no EU's, the person you killed won't be ressed back in half a second & get back into action and make your kill worthless.

The killed player will have to go back to town. Either come back through the traditional ways, or use a reverse. All of which will keep that player out of action for substantial amount of time, which will make the kill worth it.

We will keep an eye on the use of reverse scrolls. If it's too extensively used, and if the players report that the killed players are still able to get back into action quickly even after teleporting back and forth, we may add delay of another 10 or 20 seconds on the usage of reverse scrolls.

There may be a few force players, who will have the valuable res skill, but they will also be relatively weaker, for dedicating one of their masteries to force. They will also be one of the first ones to be targeted by the opponent team, so try to protect your force guy if you got one.

We don't plan to remove the self res feature Premium gives you once a day. We will let it be the joker. Which Prem users will need to use in correct circumstances.

And the other side of the coin of course: Dying will sting. As it should. You'll have to get ressed or go back to town.
Player kills will be meaningful here. No more meaningless kill and res cycles.

Note: I once had been in a 10 minute long party "war" in a CTF event. It was a disgusting 10 minute res, black res, group res, pain, bless fest in the same room. Nothing mattered. Damages most of the time were ridiculous because of buffs. Only the players who ran out of buffs would get killed, and they'd get black ressed back up in half a second.

It was an incredibly silly waste of time with no fun. Such stuff is where you realize killing someone or getting killed should have a definite meaning.

20% Damage & Defense scrolls removed

These scrolls never made the game better. Reducing them to 10% wouldn't fix it. Since it is not player's actual strength, we removed them.

We have the Devil for this purpose which we all can agree that is part of a player's actual power. Unfair in PvP but useful in situations like FTW, CTF, Trade wars etc. And Sabakun's jewels are available in the Item Mall to make it even better.

There is a new section in Item Mall called "Packages" which has 2 tabs: Packages, Bundles.

Packages tab: Includes a massive discount pack that has many silk items you can expect in a pack. Full avatar set, Prem+, Devil, Grab pet, Inventory expansion, Reverse & Global packs and more.

Bundles tab: Includes avatar bundles. They are essentially each a complete avatar set.

The first one you see is a combination. It is a combination of different avatar parts and not the set of a single avatar. We saw that some avatars look better with different attachments and hats than original, so we decided to have a combination bundle. We will have one combination there, and it will change from time to time, offering different combos. We can also take your suggestions for combination bundles.

The regular bundles belong to a single set. Including the dress, hat and the attachment. All bundles are sold at a discount.

(The original Avatar section has all the original avatars & hats & attachments available)

About the pricing of avatars

We were originally planning to remove avatars completely to preserve the natural look of Silkroad. Especially in lower caps. But we got feedback from the community saying that we should still make it available for players who really want avatars. Least as an option to donate to the server.

Therefore we priced the avatars bit higher. Not everyone in the server will have an avatar because of the relatively higher price. It will both preserve the classic look, and also a player with an avatar will very much stand out. When every single player has an avatar, they all become meaningless. When only some players have them, it makes them a lot more special.


We will update the thread with much more interesting things than we just talked about as we approach the day of the launch. We will talk about many other things we did, all the changes, and "non-changes" we made and why. So do check the post from time to time if you want to read more about Immortales. We will also notify you on discord when we update the thread.



The changes we made are small but effective, and intuitive. You won't see customized weapons, customized glows, customized items, SOX boxes or anything like that. Just very small touches that go a long way, which increase the fun in the game 10 fold and make it way better than default. Plus, they are easily understandable. Not only in how, but also in why as well.

Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer

Virustotal links:

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Looking awesome!
IGN: KevinKing
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Great idea. However if you enable higher set item to drop you will basically ruin the next cap because on the first day everyone will have their set ready and there will be nothing to look forward.
Good luck. I will definitely give it a try
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sound good am not wanna be rude but disappointed after i saw starting Items , you should make no devils no any stupid titles no avatar's no premium no over edit maybe you can add some features later with progressive, just make 1:1 isro old school players want nostalgia by doing quest's, hunt a mobs ,jobs , etc...,anyway nice idea i like it good luck ^^
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Originally Posted by Sona1234 View Post
Great idea. However if you enable higher set item to drop you will basically ruin the next cap because on the first day everyone will have their set ready and there will be nothing to look forward.
Good luck. I will definitely give it a try
Hi, that won't be the case since as mentioned in the thread:

One thing to keep in mind: It is going to be costly to do this. You most likely won't recoup the gold you spent on pots while grinding at 4D monsters. Which means everytime you go back to buying pots you will realize you are going there with less and less gold. This is due to the NPC-ing price changes we made to prevent mindless gold farming which we will talk about later.
Besides this, the drops of 3D and 4D have been tested and adjusted. While you may be able to build a decent 3D set with some difficulty, farming at 4D mobs is going to be a lot harder, and a lot more costly, even with a decent set. These are explained in the upcoming sections of the thread.

Also, there will be a conundrum: Do you want to work on the current cap and be better, or do you wanna be better prepared for the next cap, and not be as strong in the current cap? Because while you try to complete your 4D set and lose gold doing it, others will be getting their 3D sets even better.
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website not working
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i will be there i love old times of silkroad online and for sure i will give a try!
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Originally Posted by karkusa2 View Post
website not working
There's not much to do in the website when registration and download are not yet available. We are working on it and getting it ready, as mentioned, at times it may go offline.
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Cool, even though I don't play SRO anymore I still appreciate when someone tries something new! Sounds like this concept could be really fun, never understood why most people think they need to lvl 80 (or whatever server cap is) to have fun in SRO activities.

I agree with many of your explanations regarding the game mechanics and I like your "basic" approach regarding start items, sox and stuff like that. About EU chars I wouldn't agree, even though I never really enjoyed nor played them, but personally I cannot deny that they brought a lot of diversity and group dynamic into the game which is overall positive. I do agree that they're not balanced compared to CH chars though, which is a consequence of their fundamentally different play-style compared to CH chars. I never understood why people try to compensate this issue with a simple dmg/def buff.

Lastly I just wanna mention that I think that imho you should not go "the normal way" by increasing the cap by 10 every few months because basically you'll end up like any other common private server once you hit cap 60. Your server would lose its "unique selling point" and that'd be a shame.

Well, excuse me for the wall of text, but since this project is finally something different than the usual boring copy-paste server I thought it'd be nice to share some constructive thoughts, even you might follow a different way. Best luck mate!
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Interesting, i will play this server, it's gonna bring back so many memories.

Can you check the discord link?
I'm trying to join and it says: Unable to accept invite
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Originally Posted by bufake View Post
Interesting, i will play this server, it's gonna bring back so many memories.

Can you check the discord link?
I'm trying to join and it says: Unable to accept invite
Strange since 2 more players just joined.

Try this link:
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Old 11/10/2022, 20:22   #12
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Curious to try this system out, looking forward to the lv 20 pvps.
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Old 11/10/2022, 20:43   #13
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Wish it works out for you mate
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Cap 20 ? sounds amazing,count me in !

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Holy ****, this is hilarious.
Can't wait.
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