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Erebos Online | Cap 110 | Battle Royal | New Era Is Begin | GO 12 -11 -2021

Discussion on Erebos Online | Cap 110 | Battle Royal | New Era Is Begin | GO 12 -11 -2021 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Erebos Online | Cap 110 | Battle Royal | New Era Is Begin | GO 12 -11 -2021

Erebos Trial

Erebos Teaser Cinmatic

  • Introduction:

    The time has finally come. It's the long awaited day. The day you've all been waiting for. It's your appointment with the server of Erebus. We have done wonderful things in this server. We have added many wonderful things that

  • our vision:

    We are trying to offer you the most interesting and fun Silk Road servers, and we designed this server in the old school style, we spent a lot of time working on this server until it became the look that we hope you will like. We have added a lot of interesting materials that will help you in every Thing. We ask that you follow and read everything carefully.

  • Our goal:

    Our goal in creating a server is that we want to give you fun and excitement because we are players like you. We want to build a long-term server with lots of community-friendly players, a play2win server without any bugs or issues where everyone enjoys their time and experience, a server where you can invest your time knowing it's not wasted

  • Server Construction:

    Building our server depends on some of the ideas that have been invented by some experts. We've made our server as oldschool gameplay as it can be ​with some innovative features which will make an incredible gameplay. Also, you are able to participate in building our server by giving your ideas to us and if there's something in our gameplay you don't like it, we can discuss it in our Discord server.

    Expert Management:

    We have a big knowledge in Silkroad online in last 5 years we can provide full team with full features such as SQL Server Developers , PHP front-end & back-end developers and C# programers , also we have our own social media marketers (Facebook,Vk,Instram..etc) with very good experience with SEO in addition to Discord and game support 24/7 so you will find good stuff with good support and awosome features

  • Main Targets:
    Let me tell you about our main goals so that everything is clear.

    • An active and friendly community.
    • A really long-term server.
    • A really play2win server.
    • Bug-free gameplay.
    • Lagless gameplay.
    • Lots of fun for the players.

  • Beta Phase:

    Beta. It is one of the most important keys to success and it is also one of the important things that we must do and we all know that no matter what we test, Silk Road files cannot be tested alone, you must test with more players because there are many errors that can be hidden, but this time The beta is different in Erebos, we will try and win, yes we win, and there are a lot of events inside the beta.
    • Beta Phase I: It is the first stage and is considered the most difficult stage because it is the first impression that will be taken about the server All participants will start at level 110 with All Items will be available until they are tested and know if there are any problems with them and also we will listen to your opinions and suggestions and if we have to change anything we will change it.

      Beta Phase II: In the second phase of the testing period, in order to bring more fun and satisfy our players, we will do the first beta event, which is it (pvp event) there will be winners and they will receive very valuable prizes at the grand opening

      Beta Phase III: We will test the most important event, which is (Fortress war event) We will give the winner $200 Cash , Come on tell your friends and gather your guild and get ready for this huge event and win some money while you have fun.

    • Beta Phase I: Just Testing No Reward in it

      Beta Phase II: there is will be 3x winner
      1st 3000 Silk
      2and 1500 silk
      3th 800 silk

      Beta Phase III: 200 $ Cash for FTW winner Guild

  • Grand Opening:

    Novamber 12th, 2021; The time for excitement has finally come, and after many Beta Days , the time has come Come on, my friend, tell your friends, gather your guild, show your enthusiasm, for the decisive day is the date of the grand opening, the date of the birth of a new hero, a day you will never forget, the day you will remember forever, the opening of Erebos Online.

  • Menu & GUIs
    In our dedicated in-game menu, we have loads of completely new windows and features that will enhance your gaming experience and give you more in-game comfort! Because it is not common to see menus dedicated to only in large servers and we want to be big and that is why we made them specially

  • Title Storage:
    Yes, it's your Title Storage We know that you may be tired of your old title, but you spent a lot of silk and you don't want to lose it, but you want to change your Title. That's why we made that Gui specifically to keep it. It is in that Storage and you can retrieve it at any moment. We also added to you the feature of changing the color.

  • Grant Name Creator:
    Grant names are great things, but it's annoying to wait for the guild leader to be available to give them to us, but in Erebos this problem is solved, now you can change it Without going back to your guild leader and without bothering him by pressing a single button

  • Unique Status & History:
    It is one of the very cool features that will help you to know Witch unique Alive and Witch unique Killed also from how much he die

  • Schedule Manager:
    It is not important to review the list of external events in order to know the dates of the events, because you can know all the dates from within the game. This window has been specially designed to make this point easier for you.

  • Change Log:
    Now you can see which updates have been added within a server Erebos without referring to Discord because it will be added here after each update

  • AFK Bubbles:
    It's a fun feature and a lot of people tried to do it, but it always worked wrong, but in our service it works perfectly, it's when you are idle in the game! When you are away from your account, bubbles will appear above the Character so that others know you are not there

  • Item Chest:
    We provide custom item chest in addition to your inventory which allow you have more slots to receive packages and rewards ,our team is doing the best to make server one of the most unique server in this field

  • Starting Items:
    We know that your adventure will have many challenges and that is why we have decided to help you a little bit on your adventure. Look, here's your gear, to start the adventure

  • Auto Equipment:
    There is nothing to say about this part because we all know how crucial auto equipment to the players during their level up. it saves their time and make their journey actually fun so we added this feature to our server, but we improved it and now you dont need to teleport back to town to get you equipment just Press our Botton in Action Windows.

  • Max stack:
    It is very annoying to have a lot of junk items in the inventory pages, so we have increased the number of these items to give you other places for other items and the next picture is an illustration of that

  • Leveling Up Competition - Top 200
    Since the first minute in Erebos, there is competition, yes there is competition, because there must be fun, and for this we have activated that feature that many people love, and we have also added some valuable prizes

    1. The first 50 player reaches level 110 will receive 150 silk.
    2. The following 100 player reaches level 110 will receive 100 silk.
    3. The first 150 player reaches level 110 will receive 50 silk.

  • Custom NPCs:
    List included Custom NPCs for Erebos Server , that has equipment will help you a lot on your adventure

    1. Outfits Producer Yawen:
    Here you will find all the avatars of the server of Erebus, we hope you like it, and there is also more that we will add in the updates

    2. Gold Miner Sanji:
    So that we have a balance between gold and silk in the server, we put this merchant here because he maintains this balance and also has some important equipment that can only be bought with gold

    3. Title Executive Lian:
    With this seller there are all kinds of Title that we hope you will like, and also has a scroll in which you can write the Title you want

    4. Color Vendor Rose:
    Do you want to change the color of your name, do you want to use a colored global and become unique in the server, then this is your place

    5.Daily Quest Manager Bai Man:
    When you talk to this merchant you will find all daily custom quests available, Complete them and get great rewards.

    1.Hall Of Worship(Party Dungeon):
    There is not much to talk about on this point but let me say one thing; We've completely redesigned this dungeon so it's fun, see it for yourself in the game! There are great rewards that you will get when you enter this dungeon, as well as great equipment, but you and your friends must enter it only.

    Unique: Drops
    Yuno 1x immortal , 2x reverse
    Babilion 2x reverse ,1x Dungeon BOX
    Baalt 2x reverse ,1xLucky Scroll
    Jupiter 1x immortal , 2x revers ,1x Dungeon BOX

    2.Sky Temple(Solo Dungeon):
    Yes, what I read is true, it is a Dungeon that you only enter by yourself But you won't be alone, I know I confused your thinking, but let me make it clear to you This dungeon will open its doors at a certain time and you can enter it at this time only because you will get exciting rewards if you can finish it before the end of time, but you will not be alone. There will be many players with you who also want to finish the dungeon before the end of time and there will be a great competition Whoever finishes and gets the grand prize

    3.Forgotten world :
    Forgotten World Dungeon is by far the most important dungeon for all Silkroad players. it's the main source to obtain your power weapon in original old school silkroad also the only method to obtain Protection shields.
    As mention above, Power weapons can be obtained by delivering complete tailsmens collection. The tailsmen drop from boxes inside forgotten world also from Ghost Sereness boss with different rates that are explained in the table below.
    Protection shield as well drops from Ghost sereness boss as explained above with low rates so have a good luck with it.

    Book NameRate
    Broken Key 75%
    Large tong 60%
    Phantom harp 80%
    Evil's heart 50%
    Vindictive sprit's bead 40%
    Hook hand 90%
    Commander's patch 20%
    Sereness's tears 15%

    4. Holy Water Temple :
    Holly Water Temple is an important dungeon to all players and it gonna remain the same in Erebos. It has several important stuff:

    1. Drops Copper/Silver coins
    2. Intermidiate dungeon quest(baron) for high hwan level
    3. Advanced dungeon quest(Count) for the highest hwan level
      both quests will be available for those who don't want to spend silk on title scrolls.

    We all know that the job is one of the most important things in Silk Road and one of the most fun, and that's why in Erebos we focused a lot on it so that it appears in its best form and to increase the fun, there are only three ways to jobing.

    TRADER: It requires you 100 millions so that you can load up your trade pet and once you deliver it, you instantly receive a 300 millions .

    HUNTER: He take 35M from every Tread he protaced.

    THIEF: he take 75 M from every Tread he stolen.

    Wanted System

    One of the features which adds excitement to the jobbing part.
    For each 10 kills you are granted a buff, there is a maximum on buffs and kills which is 50.
    In order to make the system a little easier and achievable, you can get 2 kills form 1 same character and HWID.

    Level 1: 10 job kills.
    • 1% physical/magical damage increase.
    • 1% physical/magical defense increase.
    • 1% movement speed increase.
    • 1 STR Increase
    • 1 INT Increase

    Level 2: 20 job kills.
    • 2% physical/magical damage increase.
    • 2% physical/magical defense increase.
    • 2% movement speed increase.
    • 2 STR Increase
    • 2 INT Increase

    Level 3: 30 job kills.
    • 3% physical/magical damage increase.
    • 3% physical/magical defense increase.
    • 3% movement speed increase.
    • 3 STR Increase
    • 3 INT Increase

    Level 4: 40 job kills.
    • 4% physical/magical damage increase.
    • 4% physical/magical defense increase.
    • 4% movement speed increase.
    • 4 STR Increase
    • 4 INT Increase

    Level 5: 50 job kills.
    • 5% physical/magical damage increase.
    • 5% physical/magical defense increase.
    • 5% movement speed increase.
    • 5 STR Increase
    • 5 INT Increase

    We have modified the honor system to meet your needs as players. No more farming/academic farming, just pure activity.
    • Unique Kills:

      - [Tiger Girl] will grant you [2] Honor Points.
      - [Cerberus] will grant you [2] Honor Points.
      - [Captain Ivy] will grant you [3] Honor Points.
      - [Uruchi] will grant you [4] Honor Points.
      - [Isyutaru] will grant you [6] Honor Points.
      - [Lord Yarkan] will grant you [8] Honor Points.
      - [Demon Shaitan] will grant you [10] Honor Points.
      - [Medusa] will grant you [15] Honor Points.
      - [Roc] will grant you [30] Honor Points.
      - All Alex [Job Temple uniques] will grant you [15] Honor Points.
      - All Jupiter [Job Temple uniques] will grant you [20] Honor Points..
      - Solo Dungeon uniques will grant you [10] Honor Points.

    • Capture the Flag:

    • - Each member of the winning team will receive [10] Honor Points.
      - Each member of the losing team will receive [5] Honor Points.

    • Battle Arena:

    • - Each member of the winning team will receive [10] Honor Points.
      - Each member of the losing team will receive [5] Honor Points.

    How To Obtain Nova Items ?

    We all know that the Nova is one of the important things and there are some who make changes to it, but we work the old school way so the only way to get it is through monster 101 ~ 110 as Drop

    How To Obtain EGY A Weapon ?

    What we said before, we are working on the old school method, so you can Obtain Egy A Weapon from collecting Card In FGW

    How To Obtain EGY A Set ?

    Collecting Coin and buy it from Orginal NPC

    How To Obtain EGY A Acc ?

    Via Arena Coin and Iron Coin



    • • God Fire Protection Lv 1 = Inc Mag. Def Pwr from 380 ~ 400

      • Flame Devil Force Lv 11 = Inc Phy.Damage from 11% to 15%

      • Flame Body - God Lv 1 = Inc Phy Damage From 11% to 15%

      • Cloud Fire Force Lv 7 = Inc Mag . Atk .Pwr from 1212 ~ 2026 to 1450 ~ 2210


    • • Ice Air Force Lv 7 = Inc Mag.atk Pwr from 993 ~ 1489 to 1120 ~ 1800

      • Snow Storm Multi Shot Lv 11 = Inc Mag.atk Pwr from 810 ~ 1216 to 1100 ~ 1600


    • • God - Piercing Force lv 1 = Inc Mag Damage from 19% to 25%

      • Ghost Walk - God Lv 3 = Inc moving speed from 95 to 110%

      • Horse Thunderbolt lv 9 = Inc Mag Atk.Pwr from 876 ~ 1627 to 960 ~ 1980

      • Thunder Phoenix Force lv 7 = Inc Mag Atk.Pwr from 964 ~ 1791 to 2000

      • Concentration - 4th Lv 4 = Inc Parry Rate from 40 to 50

      • Crane Thunderbolt Lv 9 = Inc Mag Atk.Pwr from 1582 ~ 2938 to 1890 ~ 3100


    • • Cheolsam Force Lv 11 = Change Maximum HP from 5065 to 8000

      • Ghost Spear - Emperor Lv 3 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1385 ~ 1781 to 1460 ~ 1930

      •Soul Spear - Destruction Lv 5 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1385 to 1781

      • Add Chaines Pain


    • • Mind Concentration Lv 11 = Inc Attack Rate from 37 to 40

      • Strong Bow - Will Lv7 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1029 ~ 1392 to 1230 ~ 1460

      •Anti Devil Bow - Demolition Lv 1 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1000 ~ 1353 to 1210 ~ 1500

      • Add Chaines Pain


    • • Demon Blade Force Lv 18 = Inc Phy Atak.Pwr from 783 ~ 957 to 960 ~ 1100

      • Asura Cut Blade Lv 9 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1017 ~ 1243 to 12010 ~ 1360

      • Ocean Blade Force Lv 13 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1108 ~ 1354 to 1250 ~ 1510

      • Heavenly Blade Lv 1 = Inc Phy Atk.Pwr from 1140 ~ 1393 to 1300 ~ 1450

      • Add Chaines Pain


    • • Soul Diety Added Delay 15 Sec

      • Reverse Immoaltion contunuse time to 25 Sec and delay 20 Sec

      •Body Diety Added Delay 15 Sec

    Automatic Kill the GM Event

    You are not called for registering in this event, The event will take place at Donwhang South, You have to run there as soon as you see the notice that will be written by our bot, the bot is going to appear and wear a cape, you got to sorely attack the BOT that appears in order to kill him as fast as possible, once he is dead, the bot is going to announce the wage earner.

    Automatic Hide & Seek event

    An old event which has a great taste of using your intuition, The bot is going to hide and it will ask you to find them, It will reveal some details about it's location , and you will have to know where is the bot hidden, the first one that locates him will receive a some silks.

    Automatic Trivia Event

    It's an event that requires your interpretation and distinguishing skills, The bot will write a BLUE notice asking you a question, and you have to pm BOT with the correct answer, ofcourse the fastest message will be the winner.

    Automatic Lucky party number event

    The event is totally based on calculation and luck, the bot is going to write a specific number, and you have to create parties insanely until you reach the required number, the one that has the desired party's number will be the winner.

    Automatic Last man standing event

    Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory, once the event is on, all you have to do is to send a private message to our bot with "LMSRegister".

    Automatic Unique event

    The bot will announce the unique event 5 minutes before it starts, it is usually held in order to give a boost for our beginners, multiple unique will appear and you have to kill them to gain silk & drops, the last unique will be Medusa, the killer will get 150 silks as reward.

    Automatic Alchemy event

    It is an event where everything is based on your fortune, a lot of players like to try their luck, so we have made an event that provides a fantastic challenge that proves your luck and enchanting skill, Our bot will write an announcement as soon as the event begins, you have to register for the event then start attempting to enchant the item that you are required to enchant, the one that gets the wanted enchantment level first will be announced as the fastest one to fulfill the event's request and that player will be the winner.

    Survival Arena:

    Survival arena is one of the most intense events in Silkroad, in Erebos you will be able to fight against other players, the bot will announce the start of the event, all you have to do it send PM to the bot to register at the event, when the survival arena starts, the bot will recall you all. You will find a timer countdown in the screen shows how much time left. The player who get the most kills will be the winner.

    Madness Event

    a new brand event most of you may know it it will be you will login into room from teleport @ our main town when event start and then you will found mobs and player all you have to do is killing mobs and player

    Battle Royal
    i know only less server doing this event but we made it to and you can join into it with easy 2 step after Notice Said Battle Royal will start in 30 Min all you have to do is Restart your Char and login into Our Battle Royal Server and start the Fun.

    In Earthquake, your purpose is to search for Earthquake boxes on the ground.
    In this area, there are constantly earthquakes happenning.
    Your character will fall down very often. It is very hard to walk in this area.
    The amount of boxes and their location is randomized every event.
    Event registrants will also be randomly spread around the event area.

    Attacking is NOT allowed.
    Berserk is NOT allowed.
    Pets are automatically unsummoned.

    Solo FTW

    There are many who like to play solo without joining any guild, that's why we made this event especially for them, now you can experience the fun but Solo with out joining to any guild

    ♦ Offline Events.
    • Signature
      You can earn 150 silk for free by using our signature, all you have to do is to copy this code and paste it in your USER CP > Signature, you will receive the 150 silk in the grand opening!

    • Discord
      You can earn 100 silk for free by joining our discord, all you have to do it enter our discord, and write your name in the #Elitepvpers Event channel.

    Erebos Team
    Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNicknamePosition - PServer

    Virus TOTAL
    SRO File Hash
    silkroad.exe e17853e3fb61d649414a66f8047124d8133ade70c863077d116abd6457ba4461
    sro_client.exe b6e789d08da3bd6635679b645240b5d0a05c1083cb18061664d11f3366f677f0
    MaxiGuard.dll dda9bea46eca5152da75cbdd84992201a48a9fdecec35d0c7a666966411106ad
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nice design
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the graphics are very good i like it good luck
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pc limit 4 IP limit 8/ u killed fun over here and ur own server at the very beginning xD
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yeah like this system
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Originally Posted by SuperSonic2005 View Post
yeah like this system
thank you <3
Originally Posted by Simhon View Post
pc limit 4 IP limit 8/ u killed fun over here and ur own server at the very beginning xD

Originally Posted by serocan21 View Post
the graphics are very good i like it good luck
thank you
Originally Posted by CriZ- View Post
nice design
thank you
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i saw this skill balance before ..
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Originally Posted by VORTEX* View Post
i saw this skill balance before ..

yea me too.. and its kinda useless :/
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Originally Posted by VORTEX* View Post
i saw this skill balance before ..
Originally Posted by xX_Scrubs_Xx View Post
yea me too.. and its kinda useless :/
this is not our finel Balance we will see what we have to change in Beta
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Originally Posted by VORTEX* View Post
i saw this skill balance before ..
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HUNTER: He take 35M from every Tread he protaced.

THIEF: he take 75 M from every Tread he stolen.
Interesting grammar.

Good luck
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Welcome Back Ocean ...
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Looks good
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Originally Posted by SpritBirne View Post
Welcome Back Ocean ...
Originally Posted by Midomido22 View Post
Originally Posted by Kled. View Post
Looks good
thank You.
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