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Underworld|CAP 140|D14|Craft System|New Gold Ranking|Play2Win|Achievement|GO 20.8

Discussion on Underworld|CAP 140|D14|Craft System|New Gold Ranking|Play2Win|Achievement|GO 20.8 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Underworld|CAP 140|D14|Craft System|New Gold Ranking|Play2Win|Achievement|GO 20.8

Our version of a perfect server. So much time was invested into developing and implementing features into UNDERWORLD to create the perfect old school and enjoyable server. We spent hours and hours testing every single feature we implemented into our game. We strive to become one of the best private Silkroad servers ever created. We've implemented many features to provide the players with best game play and extreme excitement and to make sure that no one get's bored playing while playing UNDERWORLD. We've based the server on extreme jobbing and questing, and we've also made unique hunting very important.

We're offering you the best 140 cap server out there! We plan to make sure that UNDERWORLD exceeds your imagination! Our team is very cooperative, very helpful, friendly and most importantly adults. We grew up playing Silkroad. As of right now there is no server that can provide you with the best game play features to bring those old school feelings back. None other than UNDERWORLD!

Our main goal is to be able to provide you with the best long-term system and features! We are also going to update every once in a while with new features to refresh the game play and to keep the server even more alive and active! Just as we've been working silently and improving our game even further, we'll always be working in the background and looking for ways to improve UNDERWORLD even more!. We listen to every suggestion, feel free to post any suggestion you have!

We spent most of our time developing in a closed beta phase with very limited and selected people. UNDERWORLD. We tested every single feature to make sure you guys having a smooth experience! Please continue reading to understand our server features better! And just to let you know, we already surpassed this stage, and server is online!

August 20, 2021 20:00 server time.

EXP/SPCustom & High
Server Type PVE
EU Mastery280
CH Mastery560
Magic POPEnabled, useful
CTF\BAEnabled, useful
PC Limit10
Guild Limit32
Union Limit2
Job Limit2 Traders + 8 non-traders
Plus Limit25 no adv
Adv Limit[E] +5
Alchemy RateCustom
Silk/H1 Silk (Only one char)
ALL Instances/Dungeons Limit3/Day/PC

Starting Out
This is a quick and easy quest to do, just take it and teleport from the portal near you and get it done.

Auto Equipment
You get a Sun +7 80% on Degrees 1 ~ 10 then Nova until D12.

Auto Equipment Button
This button can be used anytime to teleport you to your current place to have the latest auto equipment gear.

Leveling Up
Level up is not a problem on Underworld, you start 64 after doing the quick quest.
Move to the Power Leveling room at Jangan and then Mirror Dimension then Baghdad and its done.

Main Currencies

  • Gold: Can be obtained by doing trades.
  • Silk: Can be obtained by being online, hunting uniques and playing the automatic events.
  • Job Coin: Can be obtained by killing job uniques or killing people inside job areas.
  • Arena Coin: Can be obtained from any level 140 monster.
  • Copper Coin: Can be bought from Underworld NPC at Jangan for 1 Job Coin.
  • Silver Coin: Can be bought from Underworld NPC at Jangan for 1B.
  • Underworld Coin: Can be obtained from ingame uniques, Battle Arena and Capture The Flag (CTF).

You can use the following button to register this character to receive silk per hour.

D13 Nova those items are obtained in two different ways.
  • Weapon/Shield: Can be obtained from Holy Water Temple portal at Jangan.
  • Armor/Accessory: Can be obtained from all level 140 monsters.
  • D13 Moon.
    • You can upgrade 5x D13 Nova items to D13 Moon item (Same Item).

  • D13 Sun.
    • You can upgrade 3x D13 Moon items to D13 Sun item (Same Item) (You get 1x element that is used to craft D14 by upgrading to sun).

  • D14 Moon | (Nova is disabled)
    • Can be obtained by crafting the soulless items on Soulless Items Shop at Jangan.
    • Required items are listed and told where to get.

  • D14 Sun
    • You can upgrade your D14 Moon item to Sun by buying Shipwreck FGW and (look below).
    • You can get shield upgrader from [Ghost Sereness & 8/8 collection books only].

We have a custom rates for all elixirs, lucky powders, you can check them all in the spoiler.

  • You can get Lucky Powder, Lucky Magic Powder, Luck Stone and Steady from Alchemy NPC at Jangan.
  • You can get normal elixirs from all monsters.
  • You can get Holy Bible and Crystal elixirs from Job, Crystal 1, 2 and Jupiter Uniques (Mirror Dimension Instances).
  • You can get Holy Crystal elixirs from Job Uniques.
  • You can get Sabakun's Jewel, Spirit Lucky Powder and Spirit Lucky Magic Powder from Mustafa Unique (Dungeon 3/Day) or Item Mall.
  • Stones can only be bought for gold from Holy Stealer NPC at Jangan

Magic POP
  • (Most items that obtained from magic pop cannot be obtained elsewhere)

Quick Item Mall View:

Server Features
  • Grant Name: Everyone is able to create his own grant name.
  • Title Manager: Where you can choose between your titles.
  • Dynamic Ranking: Where you can view current ingame ranks anywhere.
  • Unique History: Where you can view when the unique died or who killed it or whether its ALIVE or DEAD.
  • Event Schedule: Where you can see the upcoming events.
  • Item Chest: Where you receive any items obtained by scrolls/events.

All ranks except Gold Ranking gets reset Friday 00:00 server time | Gold Ranking resets every month.

  • Gambling:

  • TOP Players (Hourly)
    Each player gets a specific unique title:

  • TOP Players (Weekly)
    Each player gets a specific unique title:

  • Honor Buffs:
    You get one honor point for each kill you get Job Coins for when you kill another player wearing job suit in job areas.

  • Friday Lucky:
    Friday Lucky is a new system that gives everyone a lucky 10% buff on Friday 00:00 that remains only for 1 hour upon usage and gets deleted from everyone on Friday 23:59:59

  • Uniques:
    We have more than 40 unique around the map that spawns every 2 or 4 hours.

  • Underworld Mastery:
    For each skill level you need to do a quest of 5 quests on Holy Stealer NPC.

  • Events Register Button:
    No longer have to pm any kind of bot to register for an event.

  • Custom Title:

  • New Reverse Functions:

  • Gold Ranking (Exclusive):
    This is a new system, it works like the honor system, the more gold you donate, the higher buff you get with a max buff (King/Queen), the higher buff the higher stats you may get. (Updates every 1 hour). Ranking is [King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Duke, Earl and Baron].

  • Signature Event:
    You can earn easy 25 silk by using our signature.

[CENTER][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG]
[URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][URL=""][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]
Team Members
Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNicknamePosition - PServer
02/22/2021DeadlyServer Admin

SRO File Hash

  • Added 10, 15, 20 and 25 silk scrolls to item mall.
  • Added 5% magical damage to bow and spear extra buff.
  • Added Crystal Elixir drop to almost all uniques (jupiter included).
  • Added alexandria south trader npc.
  • Adjusted and sorted Extra Mall, Underworld and Holy Stealer NPCs.
  • Changed plus notice minimum to 15 (no adv).
  • Fixed holy water temple quest, it now counts for all party.
  • Increased Arena Coin and D13 Nova Items drop ratio.
  • Silk drop from uniques is now 100% to drop 2 to 5 silk.

  • Added trans pet to stable for thieves.
  • Enabled stall network [F] button.
  • Fixed honor buffs.
  • Increased d13 nova items drop rate.
  • Reduced item mall slow trade pets price.
  • Reduced npc thieves.

  • Added holy crystal elixirs lottery to item mall.
  • Added str and int of almost all existing uniques.
  • Fixed avatars npc items.
  • Increased d13 nova items drop rate.
  • Removed CH restriction from arabia uniques, eu and ch can now attack them.
  • Replaced honor rank crown buff berserk by 2% alchemy luck and 5% movement speed.
  • Replaced item mall honor rank buff berserk gage by 10% speed.

  • Added 15 silk to Roc STR/INT and Bone Roc
  • Added Copper Coin rewards to trades (acquired when a trade is delivered).
  • Added a weekly quest that gives so much rewards.
  • Added buy one get one event (check item mall).
  • Added d14 moon models.
  • Changed Thief, Trader and Hunter #1 system to be based on doing trades instead of job kills, honor buffs are still obtained from job kills.
  • Changed alchemy rates to be +1 ~ +11 100% using the correct combination (check discord d14 server-info channel).
  • Enabled guild emblems, re-register if its not showing. (Emblems show only under normal launcher and some bots (not all)).
  • Enabled stall network [F]. (It was open since day 1, this is a reminder).
  • Fixed berserk obtaining while having godbless buff.
  • Moved our host to a new and better one.
  • Moved stall consignment next to jangan storage. (You can put stall items there without opening a stall in town).
  • Reduced Holy Death's damage by 20%.
  • Reduced Thief Boss Kalia, Holy Death and Holy Water Temple uniques HP.

  • Added Priest of Terror and Sopdu monsters to daily quests 2 and 5.
  • Added most used npcs and baghdad npc to all towns.
  • Enabled special trade goods schedule, it runs every 6 hours starting 00:00.
  • Enabled underworld box event, hunt monsters and collect underworld box and deliver it to Event So-Ok located on each town.
  • Fixed so much texts.
  • Fixed town music.
  • Increased daily quest 2 and 5 required monsters hunt to 1500.
  • Increased fgw 4 star awakening drop rate.
  • Removed unnecessary elements from alchemy npc.

  • Added Iron Coin as 1B currency to Extra Mall NPC (No taxes).
  • Added Male/Female words to d13 armor elements.
  • Added STR/INT stat scrolls to Holy Stealer NPC for 1 gold.
  • Added Weekly 2 and 3 quests.
  • Added a new uniques quest to Holy Stealer NPC (Hunt quest on sro is weird, it may count to the last hit party).
  • Added d14 weapons to Magic POP at a VERY LOW rate.
  • Added more 2 ranks to the gold ranking, Emperor and Empress and more gold ranking amounts.
  • Added special thief return scroll for copper coin to Holy Stealer NPC.
  • Added the starter pet to Holy Stealer NPC for 1 gold.
  • Changed Gold Scroll currency to Iron Coin.
  • Changed Neith, Selket, Isis, Anubis, Haroeris, and Seth HP.
  • Fixed some texts / Stall network wrong earring detection.
  • Increased special trade profit by 50%.
  • Moved job temple npcs to job field.
  • Reduced STR Uniques hp by 50%.
  • Reduced reflect skill returned damage on warlock.
  • Removed seth grab pet effect.

  • Added 300 x 4 (1200) Awakenings Armor-Accessory or Weapon-Shield reward to FGW Collection Book.
  • Added buy one get one event ends Monday 00:00.
  • Added dance skills to Extra Mall NPC.
  • Added higher honor point scrolls to Underworld NPC.
  • Cooldown sharing (Blader/Bow Knockbacks, Light/Warrior Sprints)
  • Disabled first row spear skill series.
  • Enabled safe trade (1 star) to be 50 times/day.
  • Fixed force quick debuff.
  • Increased STR and job temple uniques hp.
  • Increased bow rocy attack.
  • Increased force Heal and Mana party buffs.
  • Increased magic damage on sword.
  • Increased magic/phy damage on glaive/bow.
  • Reduced warlock stuns to 50%.
  • Reduced warrior manas and screens duration and increased their cooldown.
  • Replaced alexandria monsters by Dark Khepri (the monster exists on samarkand).

  • Fixed STR uniques HP.
  • Fixed Honor Point (1) price.
  • Enabled dances for European characters.

  • Added Race Changer scroll (a scroll that switches your character from EU <> CH) to Item Mall.
  • Added honor point (100) scroll for 300 silk.
  • Added premium zerk buff that gives you 5 berserk potions everyday 00:00 into your items chest to Underworld NPC located each town.
  • Enabled uniques event to be daily 20:00 server time (STILL BETA).
  • Fixed the uniques schedule.
  • Increased some stacks to 25k.
  • Increased warlock new stuns to 80%.
  • Increased warrior reflect returned damage amount: 45% to 55%.
  • Reduced old warlock stuns to 0%.
  • Added STR/INT versions of Selket, Neith, Isis and Anubis to uniques event.

  • Added Underworld Snowman event. A random monster will be spawned automatically near you while you are attacking. It drops something that you will certainly use. Check d14-news-images on discord for more information.
  • Decreased bow balance passive phy damage to 20%.
  • Deleted premium berserk from the npc.
  • Disabled Underworld Box event.
  • Increased awakening stones on uniques to be 2 with 100% drop ratio.
  • Increased bow knockback cooldown to 8 seconds.
  • Increased d14 material drop rate in baghdad dungeon.
  • Increased fortress war flags hp.
  • Increased the level and exp on White Knight uniques.
  • Prepared the server for weekly events.
  • Reduced job field monsters damages.
  • Removed Ivy and Roc Mountain berserk quests and their items.

  • Added Snowman Quest to Underworld NPC.
  • Added Underworld Ox to the system, delivered Friday ~ Sunday to everyone and removed Monday 00:00.
  • Added a FGW Remover (Flame) to item mall.
  • Added a new NPC that sells D13 SUN Items at Jangan.
  • Added new cool avatars to Exclusive tab on Item Mall.
  • Added new stars system that can be applied to every d14 sun weapon/shield to add an extra +5 stats to it. +25 no adv or +30 adv item is required, item resets to +0 when it upgrades to a new star. Check news-images for more information.
  • Added so much of trash avatars to Avatars NPC.
  • Doubled the drop ratio of d13 nova weapons.
  • Increased d13 nova armor/accessory drop ratio
  • Increased the cooldown of block/phy def shield buff on sword to 90 seconds.
  • Increased weekly quests drop rate to 70%.
  • Reduced ch pain to 50%.
  • Reduced cleric glut healing damages.
  • Reduced job field quests to 500 kills.
  • Reduced warrior's pain quota to 50%.
  • Removed berserk scrolls from magic pop.

  • Added a new spirit item to item mall (Asura's Spirit).
  • Changed Underworld Ox to be only Friday and Saturday (Twice a week).
  • Increasd Flame Mountain collection drop ratio.
  • Increased some Flame Mountain monsters HP since some of them had 60k HP.
  • Moved most silk items to item mall (All avatars included).
  • Removed PK Remover from item mall.

  • Added D14 Sun Armor/Accessory upgrader to Shipwreck Collection Book quest.
  • Added a new flame quest to Holy Stealer that gives you a flame talisman of your choice upon completion.
  • Changed Flame Mountain FGW to be able to enter by only one character and not a party anymore.
  • Disabled item drop on pk and item drop in town.
  • Increased the drop of the flame fgw talismans.
  • Increased the drop of the shipwreck collection.
  • Increased warrior damage by 7%.
  • Stars can only now be applied to weapons (NO SHIELD).

  • Added VIP Premium to Item mall.
  • Added a new poro pet to the item mall.
  • Added glorious effects to star weapons.
  • Added lottery material to Underworld NPC.
  • Added new reverse points to Asia Minor, Red Eggre and Black Eggre.
  • Added wanted buff to item mall.
  • Silver Coin and Gold Ranking scrolls now cannot be traded.
  • Silver Coin and Iron Coins can now be sold for 1B to NPCs that has no taxes.

  • Fixed the 2 stars dye on staff weapon.
  • Fixed the last hit of the flame books quest.
  • PK is now disabled on the uniques event area.
  • Removed the job penalty scroll from item mall.
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I have waiting from long time , looks great
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lol every month new season , i was playing on this server close and open noone join this server again you guys just collect money illegally
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Nice guys i can't wait for it
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sound good guys
cant wait till GO
IGN: DeadLiest
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Originally Posted by Ezioa View Post
lol every month new season , i was playing on this server close and open noone join this server again you guys just collect money illegally
this is not a new season, this is a different system and degree, the d15 server is still up and we have no plans to close it.
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Good luck bro wish you the best
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waited for so long

IGN: Malika
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Interesting system
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I Can't Wait For It

IGN (OmarFanta)
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Originally Posted by -[Anxi]- View Post
I have waiting from long time , looks great
We'll be waiting for you.

Originally Posted by ehabeslam View Post
Nice guys i can't wait for it
We'll be waiting for you.

Originally Posted by Brother55 View Post
sound good guys
cant wait till GO
IGN: DeadLiest
We'll be waiting for you.

Originally Posted by saiko1337 View Post

Originally Posted by wouwou1337 View Post
waited for so long

IGN: Malika
Originally Posted by Bastiras Online View Post
Interesting system
Originally Posted by Om3rFanta View Post
I Can't Wait For It

IGN (OmarFanta)
We'll be waiting for you.
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good luck
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again underworld again craft system -.-
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