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Babel Online | 110 CAP | Eu & CH | Balanced Mastery|GOLD VALUE | Old School features!

Discussion on Babel Online | 110 CAP | Eu & CH | Balanced Mastery|GOLD VALUE | Old School features! within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Post Babel Online | 110 CAP | Eu & CH | Balanced Mastery|GOLD VALUE | Old School features!

I'd like to present you Babel Online created for all the players in search of an exciting server, distinct game play with old features and much more.

• We've decided to start our own project focusing on preserving the SRO experience and improving on it as much as possible without breaking the Silkroad spirit.

• We've done a mix between PVP activities and PVE system, setting the game with a certain necessity to do multiple activities to obtain good benefits.

• We have a moderately low experience rate and SP, so true SRO lovers can enjoy leveling up and interacting with the game environment.

• Mainly we have focused the game systems and the economy to a system supported by silk and gold, preserving the ancient essence of SRO that gold was the engine of the economy, in babel you can use both currencies for buying everything,100% play to win!

You can Follow us on Discord & FB,We strongly appreciate your patience & your trust in our project.

Beta Phase finished Official Phase Current phase
05-02-2021 04-03-2021

-Discord,Facebook & download Links:

Our main community is discord!

Level cap 110
Gear cap 1~101
Skill cap 110
Monster cap 110
Server files Vsro
Security- Filter Maxiguard
Race Eu/Ch
Fortress Hotan
Fortress Time Every Sunday 21:30 GMT+1
Main Towns jangan~Alexandria
Guild/Union Limit 50/4
Vigor,HP/MP Recovery Grain Enabled
Sox Type Custom
Ip Limit 6
Advanced Elixirs Enabled
Purification Pills Bug Disabled
Common Attack Wizzard's Bug Disabled
Oldschool capes Enabled
Daily Auto Events Enabled
Custom Alchemy Rate Enabled
Solo Experience Rate 50x
Solo SP Experience Rate 50x
Party Experience Rate 60x
Party SP Experience Rate 60x
Berserk Rate 2x
Drop Rate 50x
Drop Specially Goods Box Rate 30x
Nova & Egy A items Enabled
Auto Equipment Enabled
GodBless Scroll Enabled
Honor Buff Scroll Enabled
Magic Pop Enabled
Battle Arena Enabled
Survival Arena Enabled
Capture the flag Enabled
JOB,FTW,BA,CTF ip limit Enabled
Silk per Hour Enabled
Alchemy max plus +11 ADV(+2)
Special Lucky Magic Powder Enabled
Discord/Streamer Events Enabled
Daily,Weekly,Monthly PVP,Unique Events Enabled
UNIQUE, FTW & JOB ranking Enabled
20% Balance CHN Enabled

Custom trade routes under development
Free Silk System Enabled
New Custom quests Enabled
New Custom Auto Events Enabled
New job System Enabled
New job suits under development
Item Upgrader scroll under development
Lucky Magic Powder (high rate) Enabled
Anti cheat system Enabled
Chinese Balance Enabled
Custom Avatars Enabled
New triggered dungeon's (INSTANCES) under development
Custom Honor Buff Scroll Enabled
Custom Dragon Flag Enabled
Gold Value System Enabled
New Berserk Quest Title Enabled

Custom Launcher, Select Character & logging room:

IP, Restrictions & Delays:

ActivityIp restriction
Battle Arena 1
Survival Arena 1
Capture the Flag 1
JOB Trade,Hunter,Thief 2
IP PC limit 6

Reverse Return Scroll 30 seconds
Global Chat 30 seconds
Resurrection Scroll 30 seconds
Berserk Scroll 2 minutes
Purification Pill 18 seconds
Exchange 20 seconds
Stall 20 seconds

What should i do if i'm a new Player?

•First of all I recommend that you hunt mobs and go up to level, collect all your drops, save & sell them in any NPC in order to get some gold, you have 3 inventory pages, do not worry about space!

•The idea is to obtain 10 million gold, which you need to buy a 1* trader which you can earn up to 10 times more than invested when selling in another town!, For example, if you sell a 1* trade that cost you 10 million in Jangan, when selling it in Hotan you will receive 90/100 million, enough to continue making trade or stock up on daily Scrolls or buy your Pick pet with a gold price.

Pick pet that you can buy with gold and has 7 inventory pages, you will find it in the NPC Stable Jangan, it costs 80 million gold.

Scrolls for daily use that you can buy for gold such as Reverse return, global chat, resurrection, DMG & DEF 10% increase, clock pick pet 1 day.

Starter Items:

•Auto Equipment is a great help to start playing on a long-term private server, in Babel Online you will have Auto equipment for your character from Degree 1 to Degree 10 +3 50% FB!

•It has a random Item selection system, which you can get SOS, MOON or SUN auto-equipment parts, it all depends on your luck!

You will also start with these items in your inventory:

You will start with 3 pages of inventory so you don't have to go and do the inventory quests, you can directly focus your activities on uploading LVL, hunting uniques or trading.

If you do not receive your auto-equipment when advancing from LVL, I recommend that you use a Return Scroll or a Reverse Return Scroll and your corresponding auto-equipment will be immediately updated.

• EXP & SP 60% scroll
• 1000000 SP
• HP & MP x500 units
• Devil Spirit B
• Return Scroll x10 units
• Reverse return Scroll x10 units
• Avatar Dress able to use x2 Magical options
• Speed Scroll 100% x10 units

It's true that you will not have a Pick Pet in the starter pack, but we have Clock pet and Pick pet for a small amount of gold, very easy to get, it all depends on you


We have implemented some small features which are very typical of silkroad, there are many things that have been lost due to the marketing and the way how some new servers does to attract as many users as possible!

• Pick pet that you can buy with gold, costs 80m and lasts 3 days,You can buy that Gold Pick Pet in Stable JG NPC, you can revive it whenever you want!

Since always in silkroad when you started, you did not have any starter pack, if you wanted a pick pet you had to farm silks, if you wanted silks you needed to donate or buy them from another player, we have implemented this system which you can achieve everything from different ways, almost all things are priced in gold and silk, Fair server, everyone has the chance to have fun and achieve their goals!

Balance CH Skill 20%:

We've implemented a Balance CH Skill 20% which you will find in Force mastery but its not neccesary to upgrade any Force lvl, it requires Force lvl 0 to be used

For a better conditioning and a great performance of our future PVP activities, we have decided to make some improvements to the balance between the two great races that predominate in SRO; the Chinese vs the Europeans.


•We have added a small collection of uniques, respecting the classic unique spots, all normal uniques and Titan Uniques will give you silks.

•Beakyun The WhiteViper & Sereness have a 5-8% Drop rate, chance to drop Shield Egy A, Immortal Stone, and Arena coins.

•Princess Miyene and White Knight have a 55% Drop rate,chance to drop Immortals, Magic POP Cards & Arena coins!

Unique Drop Drop Rate frequency
Tiger Girl Silks 100% 240 minutes
Captain Ivy Silks 100% 240 minutes
Isyutaru Silks 100% 240 minutes
Lord Yarkan Silks 100% 240 minutes
Uruchi Silks 100% 240 minutes
Cerberus Silks 100% 240 minutes
BeakYun The WhiteViper Silks,Shield Egy A,Immortals 8% 240 minutes
Demon Shaitan Silks, Inmortals 50% 120 minutes
White Knight Immortals, Magic Pop, Arena coins 55% 600 minutes
Princess Myrene Immortals, Magic Pop, Arena coins 55% 600 minutes
Titan Uniques Silks 100% 480 minutes
Tai-Sui Immortal Stone D11, Arena Coins 55% 360 minutes
Undine Spirit Immortal Stone D11,Magic POP Card 55% 360 minutes
Demon Shaitan Titan Silks, Silver coin 70% 480 minutes
Haroeris Babel coins 100% Temple AP
Eris Babel coins 100% Temple AP
Selket Babel coins 100% Temple AP
Neith Babel Coins 100% Temple AP
Isis Babel Coins 100% Temple AP
Anubis Babel coins 100% Temple AP
Holy Water Temple Uniques Silver coin 100% Relative
Senior General Betun coins, Astral Stone d11 55% 360 minutes

Note: We will add new custom uniques in future updates!!

•We are also highly willing to receive future proposals regarding uniques and their systems, any suggestion will be very appreciated, as it will help us to have an idea of what the players are really looking for

•Lvl 100 Princess Miyene which you will find next to Pamir Plateau, will drop Immortal stone D11, Magic POP & Arena coins!

Lvl 100 WhiteKnight Unique Which you will find next to Ancient Remains, Karakoram. Will drop Arena Coins,Immortal Stone d11 & Magic POP

•Lvl 105 Tai-Sui which you will find next to Hyungno Homeland, Donwhang, will drop Immortal stone D11 & Arena coins!

•Lvl 100 Undine Spirit which you will find close to Wing Peak, Roc Mountain, will drop Immortal stone D11 & Magic POP cards!

•You will find the Senior General somewhere in the Survival Colosseum (Jangan Teleport), S.G. will drop Astrals & Betun coins

Weekly Unique Ranking:

•By hunting uniques you will be able to obtain uniques points, the first player in the ranking after each ftw on Sunday, will be awarded with silks and will obtain the title The Best Unique hunter

Maintenance & Updates:

•A server that has the intention to last a long time, as long as possible, needs people, but it also needs maintenance, stability and a lot of dynamic.

•For all this it is necessary to constantly check and keep it looking good and as optimal as possible! as long as the activity of the players is not interrupted! that's why we will take care to notify you before starting any Update/Maintenance.

Auto Events

•We have a small collection of auto events that by participating and winning you will automatically receive silks as a prize in your ITEM MALL (F10)

•Many of them are random, so it will depend on your luck and your speed!

•Using bot in auto events, according with our rules, is highly punished!
The events are made for everyone, which, for a fair game system and a balance it is important to use our skills and not programs to answer questions for us!

Event Frequency
Re-Arrange Words 60 minutes
Trivia Questions 60 minutes
Find the missing letters 60 minutes
Lucky Party Number 60 minutes
First type 60 minutes
Lucky Global 60 minutes
Lucky Lottery 60 minutes
Lucky Stall 60 minutes
Maths Event 60 minutes
Longest Online Player 60 minutes
Alchemy Event 60 minutes
Capture the Flag 120 minutes
Battle Arena 120 minutes
Survival Arena 240 Minutes
Last Man standing 240 minutes
Team vs Team 240 minutes
Auto Unique Event 600 minutes

Daily,Weekly & Monthly Events

•Our Events are divided into 3 categories, daily, weekly and monthly. the value of the rewards for the winners is equivalent to the importance of the event.

•The daily and weekly events will start from the beginning of the official phase, the monthly events will take place 1 month after the grand opening!

•The most important events of all and the ones that give the best reward are the monthly events.

Event Frequency
H&S Daily
F&K Daily
PVP Team vs Team Weekly
Scrumble Words Daily
Madness Weekly
Horse Race Weekly
Guess the CircleWeekly
PVP Event 1vs1 on bounty Daily
Crazy Uniques Daily
Lucky Crit Daily
1vs1 Unique Daily
Best Int Player 2 times per month
Best PVP Player Weekly
Best Str Player 2 times per month
Best CH Player Monthly
Best EU player Monthly
Best Unique Killer Weekly
Babel Monthly PVP Contest Monthly
Babel Monthly Unique Contest Monthly

•All daily and weekly events will give silks as a reward.

•monthly events will give Silks, special titles, job suits with magic options, Arena coins.

•In order to participate in the monthly PVP and Uniques Events, you must be in the top 3 best players in the weekly events.

•The winner in the first place of each monthly event, either PVP or Uniques, will obtain a special title which will be reflected that he is the best player of the month in that activity.

•The winners of each Weekly PVP and Unique Event will get a coin called Babel Talisman, which you will use to participate in the PVP Events.

•At the moment, Monthly Events require a minimum of 5 Babel Talisman, the amount will increase progressively.

Weekly PVP/Unique Events Babel Talisman Amount Arena Coins Silks
First Place 3 60 200
Second Place 2 30 100
Third Place 1 15 50

Monthly PVP/Unique Events Babel Talisman Amount Arena Coins Silks
First Place 3 200 400
Second Place 2100 200
Third Place 1 50 100

First place will get the title The best player of this month which will give you some extra Magical options:

• STR/INT +3 increase
• Magical, Physical Damage increase 3%
• Magical, Physical absorption increase 3%

Discord Events

Boosting Babel Online discord server makes you get the following things:

•Get your "Nitro Booster" title in-game, in the grand opening, then you dont have to do the berserk quests

Daily & weekly Discord GiveAways:

• In Babel Online there will be daily,weekly & monthly Discord Giveaways, you may win any time! don't miss any of the giveaways ! so stay tuned in discord & FB.


Battle Arena & Capture The Flag

• BA & CTF are two very good and dynamic ways to relive battles! They are also one of the most important ways to collect Arena Coins and buy your EGY A accessories at the NPC EGY ITEMS!

Battle ArenaTime
BA 00.00.00
BA 02.00.00
BA 04.00.00
BA 06.00.00
BA 08.00.00
BA 10.00.00
BA 12.00.00
BA 14.00.00
BA 16.00.00
BA 18.00.00
BA 20.00.00
BA 22.00.00

•Battle Arena takes place 12 times a day, every 2 hours starting from 00:00.00(Belgium time).

• Battle Arena Event Duration : 15 minutes.

• You will get disconnected if you stand afk inside Battle Arena. (AFK Kicking).

• You cannot use res skills in Battle Arena event. (Anti-Cheat).

Capture the flagTime
CTF 01.00.00
CTF 03.00.00
CTF 05.00.00
CTF 07.00.00
CTF 09.00.00
CTF 11.00.00
CTF 13.00.00
CTF 15.00.00
CTF 17.00.00
CTF 19.00.00
CTF 21.00.00
CTF 23.00.00

• Capture the Flag takes place 12 times a day, every 2 hours starting from 01:00.00 (Belgium time)

• Capture the flag Event Duration : 12 minutes.

• You will get disconnected if you stand afk inside CTF. (AFK Kicker).

• You can not use res skills in CTF event. (Anti-Cheat).

How to find silks in Babel Online

There are many ways about how to find silks, but the most important are the PVP events and hunting uniques!

• You can get free silks from Auto events.

• You can get free silks from Uniques.

• You can get free silks from Giveaways/share Discord & FB events.

• You can get free silks from Daily Live events hosted by the Support Team

• You can get free silks from Daily Quests.

• You can get free silks from silk per hour.


Arena Babel Silver Gold Betun
Usage:You can use Arena coins for buying 30% scrolls, Lucky 5% scroll, Fortress/job war scrolls, Titles, Pets You can use Babel coin for buying Set Egy A You can use Silver coin for buying set Egy A Gold is one of the main currencies, useful for doing trades, also for buying Betun coins, Scrolls, Avatars, Sockets, Stones, Daily scrolls. With Betun coins you can buy Berzerk scrolls, Accesories Egy A, Avatars, Tittles, Scrolls.
How to get:Uniques, Capture The Flag, Job Temple Uniques, Battle arena, PVP Events Unique Events, Job Temple UniquesHoly Water Temple, Job Temple, Uniques Doing Trades, selling items or coins Buyable with gold, you will find in Babel Shop NPC


The only way to get GOLD is by trading or stealing trades, we have put this system as the main feature, always in SRO you have had to steal or make a trader, or sell your items and progress to get most of things since everything had to be bought with gold/silks.

Gold in Babel Online is one of the most important things for your character's development, you will need Gold for everything, participating in trade caravans or stealing them, you will make high profits.

Daily safe trade system ,It will allow you to make a few daily insured trades without theft, that way new players or players who do not have gold, will be able to improve their economic situation through the trade!

Trade stars (*) Trade goods Price in gold
1* 10M
2* 20M
3* 30M
4* 40M
5* 56M

You will get paid 10 times more than what you invest in your trade when selling it in another town!

Starter town Hotan Constantinople Alexandria
Jangan (Trade 5* Stars= 56M Gold) 600M 1.4B 1.1B

We have implemented a system which is only possible to sell your trades in Jangan, Hotan, Constantinople and Alexandria ... DonWhang and Samarkand have been removed from the trading system!!

NPC trade & towns Trade sell Status
Jangan enabled
DonWhang Disabled
Hotan Enabled
Alexandria Enabled
Samarkand Disabled
Constantinople Enabled
Bargain Npc Enabled
Special Togui Route Under development

• Old School trade system with the original trade features! 5 full pages of Trade goods x40 stack, Thats not neccesary to get disconnected from the server in order to get your reward, once you sell your Trade goods, you are going to receive the gold inmediately!

•We have added the behemoth as a great support to go in trade especially alone, if you want to make a mega caravan, it will be your best option!
•The Behemoth transport will cost you 6 silks each, it has 1015256 HP and a moving speed of 6m (60%)

•The Buffalo has almost half the life of the behemoth and has 16.66% less moving speed, Buffalo transport, will cost you 2 silks each, has 615000 HP and a moving speed of 5 (50%)

Scrolls that you will find in Babel Online

•In BaBel Online we have added a small series of scrolls that will make things much easier for you! you no longer have an excuse to achieve your goals!

Scroll Type Description Price
Stat Reset Scroll Scroll which removes your stat points configuration 399 Silks
Skill Reset Scroll Scroll which removes your Skill configuration 600 Silks
PK Remover Scroll Useful scroll for removing the current PK 150 Silks
Holy Water Temple Reset Scroll this Scroll makes you be able to join again to the Holy Water Temple without waiting the next day! 75 Silks
Forgotten world Reset Scroll with this scroll you don't need to wait to get into the fgw once again 75 Silks
God Blessing Scroll gives you extra magical options 998 Silks
Premium Plus 10% premium with 10% stats,5% applied on alchemy 499 Silks
Devil Spirit's S you can obtain an extra Damage by using Devil S( limit plus +9) 499 Silks
Honor Buff Scroll gives you extra DMG/DEF & attack rate 650 silks
Intelligence Scroll (11 unit) extra +5 Int points 33 Silks
Strength Scroll (11 unit) extra +5 Str points 33 silks
Extra HP Scroll (11 Unit) +4100 HP increase by 30 mins 35 Silks
Extra MP Scroll (11 Unit) +4100 MP increase by 30 mins 35 Silks
Trigger Scroll (11 unit) 30% Parry-Attack rate increase by 1h 26 Silks

The Most important NPCs on Babel Online

•There are some important NPC's in Babel Online, which you should be interested in knowing where they are and what items each one has for a better character development!

NPC name Current Location Item type Required Currency
Babel Shop NPC Close to Jangan Storage Char Effects, Alchemy items, FGW entrance, Titles, Daily Scrolls, Honor buff, Silk Scrolls, Remover Scrolls Silks & Gold

Babel Shop NPC located next to JG Storage

NPC Name Current Location Item type Required currency
Egypt Items NPC Close to Jangan Storage Set & Accesory D11 Egy A Babel coins, Silver Coins, Gold, Betun coins

Egypt Items NPC located next to JG Storage


-Our fortress wars will be on Sundays at 21:30 GMT + 1 (Belgium Time), the FTW registration will be enabled from Thursday of each week until Saturday, that means, the registration period is only 3 days before the FTW day.

-You will get as a reward of the FTW immortal Stone D11 , for the moment, its amount will even be increased as the difficulty of the ftw progresses!

-On Sundays at the end of the ftw, the immortals will be given to the master of the winning guild and he will distribute it among his entire guild!

How to get Weapons Egy A in Babel Online

• You can get weapons d11 egy A by doing the FGW quest that you will find in the Governor Senmute NPC located in Alexandria.

• Once you have taken the quest, you have to go to the fgw grade 1,2,3,4 and collect the talismans that drop the boxes and the sereness.

•The server is based in uniques and PVP activity without heavy or useless editions, but it requires your dedication in the ''Job Temple,FGW & HWT'' to be able to build your Set Egy A and Accessories.

•We have implemented a system to revive the real value of gold within our server, you will notice that gold is one of the most important currencies to build your character!

•You can use bot all day, but really if you don't play events or participate in trade, you won't be able to Assemble your character well and it will take you longer than normal! It is a 100% play to win server, you can find everything within the server! We have 100% time 24/7 to serve Babel Online users and solve all the problems that occur.

•We have focused heavily on server security and the stability of our systems to create a long term server!

•Feel free to DM us on discord and make us any suggestion or solve any doubt about our Server, we accept all the suggestions that you want to give us! it will help us to be better ! We strongly appreciate your time and your trust in us!

Some images


File VirusTotal Link

Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer Discord
Hiroshima29 27/1/2021 [GM]Hiro Administrator Babel Online/ Owner Hiro#2228
[GM]Ronald Developer & security manager at Babel Online Ronald#8534

- Feel free to be part of our family and support us by using this signature:

- You can use this signature by adding this code in your signature to get your first 100 Silk in Babel Online.

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Nice one, good luck Hiro
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Ouuu yeah, this is what am talking about ,cant wait !!!!
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which one is true i saw ip limit 8 but at the down ip limit 6 ?

and im in
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Thanks for the correction

The ip limit will be 8, I forgot change it in both sides
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¡WOW! Really amazing, Nice job Hiro.. This is exciting.. cant wait to play this
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Look nice..there will be weapon switcher later?
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ip limit 8 pc limit 6 ?
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Originally Posted by romlah5209 View Post
Look nice..there will be weapon switcher later?
Sure there will be with some different models
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Finally something real and serious , cant wait!!!Go Go Go
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IGN : Zentaroth
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It's amazing bruh
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im still waiting that server

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Thanks dude, will be in Official phase asap!
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d11 private server, old school server, silkroad private server, vsro, vsro 1.88

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