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ZEUS |Cap 110 |Simplistic Gameplay |LifeTime |Grand Opening 12.02.2021

Discussion on ZEUS |Cap 110 |Simplistic Gameplay |LifeTime |Grand Opening 12.02.2021 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Arrow ZEUS |Cap 110 |Simplistic Gameplay |LifeTime |Grand Opening 12.02.2021

First greetings community of elitepvpers
Zeus launched for the first time ever in January this year, We promised on the first season that we will provide something you deserve and we did it. Here we are again to provide something bigger and better than before. first of all if you searching for much over-edit server then you are in the wrong place. It's an old school this server has been created to get inside your head and bring back the best memories you had when you were a child. Also to create a new memories that you will never forget. We've been working on Zeus for more than 4 months to make sure that everything is working fine even before the phase ,We decided to start it and leave our very own mark in the history of Silkroad private servers. Our goal is to make an extraordinary server with a great deal of interesting and new features, yet, not over-editing the game-play. All the features have been added for the sole purpose of complementing the game-play, leaving fundamental ideas untouched, yet enhancing them with interesting and unique rewards.

We’ve made Zeus in a simple way that anyone can understand, this doesn’t mean that the server is easy, but it’s easy to understand. Zeus is a place where you can chill and relax with your friends and guild-mates, come hop on our train and experience those old days again, make your own story, here in Zeus!
Our Team Zeus
As you’re already aware, our team is composed of two experienced, friendly developers and several Supporters who speak different languages in order to provide the best possible support,than the donations we’ll get,we enjoyed the old-school days, all of the leveling up and the grinding were certainly worth it! And that’s why we want to bring back those days again, however; with some advanced features. You’ll like the mixture we made for sure!
Be certain that there will be always someone available to handle all of your issues, questions and suggestions, we will basically help you and relieve your concerns in every way we can

Open Beta : 31.01.2021
Zeus Team will be there in Beta to follow your suggestions and to make sure that we will be offering a Free bugs/errors system and of course your help will be counted since we will be giving away rewards for the players who will help us in Beta and we will take care of it as fast as we can and clean of bugs or any errors that might face you in Beta and we will be making the changes that players will need as well. We hope that Beta will get a good start for a great server in the future.
Grand Opening : 12.02.2021
Once we have a professional server clean from bugs/errors, we will let you get start a gameplay based on entertainment, fun and a fair server. We made this server just for you we will be opening the server and we will get online as soon as possible.

Top 300 reaching level 110

ZEUS likes to reward its most active players, hence; the top [300] players to reach Lv100 will be rewarded with Silk depending on the following order
1~10: 500 Silks.
11~50: 250 Silks.
101~200: 200 Silks.
201~300: 150 Silks.
Start Items

These items are a necessity for early gameplay, and will greatly benefit you.
that’s why we put a little starting gift in your newly made characters, you’ll find them in your inventory when you log into a new character! Keep in mind that they’re neither store-able nor trade-able, though.
20x Instant Return Scroll
20x Reverse Scroll
Pick Pet Summon Scroll (3days)
20x 100% moving speed
3000 HP XLarge Potions
3000 MP XLarge Potions
Devil Spirit (3days)
2M skill points
Title Zeus Lover
1M gold

Auto Equipment

Since we know that this feature is very useful, as it save a lot of time and effort to create and make low degree equipment, And so you will have full blue sun set starting from D1 to D9,This should help your leveling journey!

Yes Given through automatic events & Silk scroll drops from some uniques ,You can collect Free silks from the Events and Uniques + Giveaways ETC.
How to Obtain Free Silks.
-Uniques ~ Silk Scroll Drop
- Magic POP
- Auto Events ~ Silk Granting Automatic events rewards is a fair, chellanging and fun for all Players who can win it, you can get from 3 ~ 50 silk depends on the type of event.


Description: Seal Of Nova & Set- Accessories -Weapon ] is the basic SOX items.
Obtain Method: Usually be dropped with a good rate from all 110 monsters and also dropped in Dungeon Legend Of Zeus
You can obtain Magic POP from job temple (Medium rate)
You can obtain Magic POP from job temple (Medium rate)
Egy A Weapon : From FGW By Collecting 8 Cards
Egy A Set : By Gold/Silver/Arena Coins which are dropable from uniques survival arena CTF / battle arena
Egy A Accessory : By Arena Coins which are given from Battle Arena survival arena CTF
Chinese Balance

Since Chinese race has been a wide part of silkroad and its builds game play were giving continuously fun, It was "oppress ".
Thats why we decided to balance between the 2 races for better game play by giving all Chinese characters a special spirit.. samurai spirit buff .Chinese mastery is now 400 instead of 330. Chinese characters also get a skill which will boost their damage by 10% and defense by 10%. This skill will increase their parry/attack ratio by 10% and their str/int points by 10 as well.

Special Quests

We've special quests for what reward is Scroll lucky and Scrolls up items.
You can do each Quest 1 time per day
Quests are something really important for our community , However, we want to keep them really simple and understandable for everyone.Players should also put some efforts to do these quests and get the reward as it wont mostly depend on botting. Some of them will depend on killing strong mobs and some of them will depend on killing opposite jobbers, more information on the quests are written below.
is simple it's merged with the holy water temple You Must take this from Quest Manager in main town
You need to hunting unique and monster mobs in holy water temple
What you have to do kill 1000 Mobs level 110 in Alexandria
Reward :[10]Point's & 1x Diamond Box & 1x Platinum Box

Title Slayers
you can just take the quest and deliver it mediate. there are 9 Slayers titles you can take them by killing the uniques as the quest asks you ! and you will mediate rewards.
hunting 30X Tiger girl to receive a title by her name.
hunting 30X Cerberus to receive a title by his name.
hunting 25X Captain Ivy to receive a title by her name.
hunting 25X Uruchi to receive a title by his name.
hunting 25X Isyutaru to receive a title by her name.
hunting 15X Lord Yarkan to receive a title by his name.
hunting 10X Demon Shaitan to receive a title by his name.
hunting 3X BeakYung The White Viper to receive a title by her name.
hunting 1X Roc to receive a title by his name.

Survival Arena

Once the event has started, you will be teleport in a room with plenty of other players, all will be wearing Yellow PvP Cape. The goal is to kill as many as possible and to die as less as possible until the time is up. The top 5 players with the most kills and least deaths will be rewarded as winners.
Winners Rewards
1st: 250 Silk & 25x arena coins
2nd: 200 Silk & 20x arena coins
3rd: 150 Silk & 15x arena coins
4th: 100 Silk & 10x arena coins
5th: 50 Silk & 5x arena coins
Also every killer Get Honor Point & ZPoint
Survival Arena Timers
Survival Arena 03:00 AM
Survival Arena 11:00 AM
Survival Arena 03:00 PM
Survival Arena 07:00 PM
Survival Arena 11:00 PM

Garden Dungeon
As you've probably seen before the Garden is open in this server but we have changed it! Once you join you'll have to kill all the mobs to open the first door once you've opened this door you'll be able to go through where another 5 mobs will appear, you'll have to kill them to get the unique to appear once the unique has appeared you'll kill it to open door number 2 and then you'll do the same as you did in garden 1.
There are 3 Garden doors for you to fight your way through!
This dungeon is availble every 24 hours
You're probably wondering if there's any rewards for this!
Each mob has a high rate to drop immortal stone & nova items, where the unique will drop some valueable rewards!

Uniques Drop
Unique ZEUS Points Coins Magic POP Silk Scroll
Tiger Girl 2 ZP 1 1 ~~~
Uruchi 2 ZP 1 1 ~~~
Isyutaru 4 ZP 1 1 ~~~
Lord Yarkan 2 ZP 1 1~2 ~~~
Demon Shaitan 4 ZP 1~2 1~3 ~~~
Neith 4 ZP 1~2 1~2 50~100 silks
Selket 4 ZP 1~2 1~2 50~100 silks
Karkadann 6 ZP 1~2 1~2 50~100 silks
Manho 6 ZP 3~5 2~3 100~200 SILKS
ThiefBoss 6 ZP 4~8 2~4 50~100 silks
Roc 8 ZP 4~8 2~4 800~1000 silks
Medusa 8 ZP 2~4 2~4 500~1000 silks
THE_EARTH 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
YUNO 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
BABILION 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
Giant Overlord 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
Launatune 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
Santa 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~300 silks
JUPITER 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 50~200 silks
KHULOOD 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
KIDEMONAS 6 ZP 2~4 2~4 100~200 silks
ZEUS Job System

How to obtain Zeus Points by jobbing.
you can obtain them through Contribution Points, they are automatically converted.
Job Suits : Old & New Suits
Available Towns : Except Alexandria Constantinople
Reward : Gold + Zeus Points
Trader : 250m + 5 Zeus Points Per Trade
Hunter : 20M + 2 Zeus Points Per Trader
Thief : 10 + 2 Zeus Points Per Trade
Trade Goods
We'v increased stack of Goods so you won't waste much time buying and selling them, or even picking up them.
Job level expansion
We've increased the maximum job level from 7 to 12, while adjusting the experience rates which you'll notice once you hit level 7 to level 12 , for example once you've hit level 7 you'll need a requirement of 50 kills points, one opposing player death will grant you a single point.. meanwhile if you die you'll lose half a poinst ! The higher the job level the better stats and overal apperance you'll obtain.
An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 6 hours.
A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it.
Guild Jobbing
Increased profit rates with guild members
The profit you receive while jobbing has been increased by 20% if you have an 8/8 party of guild members
Wanted System
Pretty simple, per 10 skill streak will get you a single level of wanted. A wanted level bestows you with +1 dmg increase/absorption. This will also give the wanted character a rather unique effect. There are 5 levels and regardless of which you have it will only last 8 hours!
Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 2
Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 3
Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 4
Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 5
Job Suits
New Job Suits available at all the usual Job NPC's. Each of them come with different blues, the better ones have higher Job Level Restrictions and each of them look different.
Rewarding Job Titles
One of our more exciting additions, job titles! An automatic system of ours will be moderating the ranks weekly, with a better title reaps better rewards;
(#Top Thief by ranks
(#1 Top Hunter by ranks
(#1 Top Trader by ranks


Question: Why is job Important?
Answer: Job is the most important part on Silkroad Online, so we wouldn't miss it forsure.. Job is important because by jobbing you're able to gain much gold and job points.

Question : Why is Gold Important?
Answer : Because by gold you're able to buy Reverse Scrolls, Buffalo, And Gold Coin From The Special Shop.

Question : Why are Job points Important?
Answer : Because by Job Points You're able to buy useful stuff such as Immortal Stone & Magic Pop & Hp/Mp 1300 Scrolls & STR/INT 5 Scrolls.

Question: Why is CTF Important?
Answer : CTF Reminds us of the old days of Silkroad by it's much fun, so we've added useful things you can trade tickets for such as Immortal Stone/Silk Scroll/Reverse Scroll/Global Chatting/Arena coin

Question : Why Is Battle Arena Importat?
Answer : Because it is the easiest way to collect arena to buy last gear accessory.

Question : Why are normal uniques important?
Answer : Because normal uniques drop magic pop which is removed from Item Mall.

Question: Why is Magic Pop Important?
Answer: By magic pop you've a chance to win Avatar Santa & Gold Dragon Flag or 500 Silk Scroll or Angel Wing / Devil Wing Avatars which are removed from Item Mall and it is the only way to get them
Other Features:

Considering the vast amount of feedback regarding Private SRO Server mistakes of the past, we took the liberty of further implementing various other features that we regard as improvements:
Purification Pill Bug Fixed.
Name character colors Active
Titles colors Enabled
Titles top week Enabled
Immortal/Astral 10th icon modified to another colour.
Destroyer Rondo Disabled.
Advanced Elixir Enabled.
Resurrection Scrolls Enabled.
Damage Scrolls Enabled.
Vigor decreased to 12%.
Job Max Level modified from 7 to 12
Guild instantly promoted to Level 5 instead of Level 1.
Guild Emblem Fully Working.
Alchemy Notice
Upon succeeding to Plus any item to +9 [Max plus], a GM Notice with your name and the item that you plused will appear for everyone to see.
Permanent Buffs
All buffs regardless of their level will become permanent after using them. Re-logging or dying won't have your buffs removed,so we've added permanent buffs. We hope you enjoy this feature.
AFK Bubbles
Since in game community there is direct communication such feature was required to make the connection bond much stronger between players..
Max Stack
Since we know that playing with low amount of stack on items is just a pain, and so we thought about increasing the main items to help you in playing.

Capture The Flag
The renowned Capture The Flag event, Joymax has really invented their whole brain to do it, yet they failed on rewarding the players with worthy items. In Rebellion, CTF will reward you with 1 Ice Trophy per kill, and 4 Arena Coins per win. You can then trade Ice Trophies for Arena Coins with the ratio of 10:1 CTF has its own Ranking.
Battle Arena
Best of the best, Battle Arena and its various types is the most enjoyable event in the history of the Silk-Road. It's available with Random/Party points matching type in ZEUS BA has its own Ranking!

A nice trivia from time to time is always nice to alleviate the heat of the grind. Especially when it's rewarding, Answer the question and you will be rewarded. Be the efirst to answer and earn 50 Silks.
Kill The GM

A GM character will be spawned at an announced location, The killer will be rewarded with 50 silks, 3 rounds.
Hide & Seek

A GM character will be spawned globally on the land of Zeus with various hints given out over a specific span of time, whoever finds him first, wins 150 silks
Lucky Party Number

Feeling lucky? Well, create a party number and you might be win 40 Silks.
Search & Destroy

A global monster that appears globally on the land of Rebellion, Search for it, and destroy it for the reward. A single hint is given on spawn with the meant area! 50 Silks.
Feeling lucky? Participate and be the first to reach the required plus, and get 150 Silks
Remember to participate on our huge events don't miss it!

First Share Event:
Comment Event :

Signature Event :
In order to celebrate our new journey
All you have to do is post your IGN and using our freshly made signature in EPVP

Rewards: You will be Reward 250 Silks Also You will receive the profit directly

Discord Event: Everyday giveaways in discord For this event all you have to do is simply create your own invitation link and invite your own friends, we will choose highest 5 people who have invited their friends and we will reward each one with 1000 silk at the grand opening! don't miss the chance to get a great jump start into ZEUS online by telling as much friends as possible.

MaxiGuard.dll =
replacer.exe =
silkroad.exe =
remove.exe =
sro_client.exe =

PHP Code:

Zeus team list:
Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer
11/28/2018[GM]SpikeGame Master
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finely ... topic released
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i will join EnvenoM
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that is vrey good server
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great system
iam in

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I’m in��
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When beta open time?
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iam in
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What are the server files?
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yo yo cya there
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Originally Posted by factorvagyok View Post
When beta open time?
Beta will launch tomorrow at 20:00 GMT+2 (server time).
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Let's Gooooooooooooooo
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Signature Event
Prizes : 20.000 Silk | 20x Winners
to the first 20 Comment participate this event will be rewarding them with [1000] silk to each one,
We will announce the winners in grand opening day.

PHP Code:
Share Event
Participate in this event by completing the following steps and claim your free chances to win [20.000] Silks!

We will announce the winners in grand opening day.

Event link :

good luck for everyone
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Originally Posted by pln102 View Post
What are the server files?
iSro Files
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