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Archon | 110 Cap - PVE | Old School | Long-term | Balanced | Play2Win | G.O 19.02

Discussion on Archon | 110 Cap - PVE | Old School | Long-term | Balanced | Play2Win | G.O 19.02 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Archon | 110 Cap - PVE | Old School | Long-term | Balanced | Play2Win | G.O 19.02

Greetings, Elitepvpers and all Silkroad Enthusiasts! who searching for a server can guarantee an infinity battle, Waking your willingness to come in a new battle is something that we glad to, Our Archon isn't a thing that we can allow any horde to take it lightly. This If you've enough valor to have an infinity war. Thus If you've enough valor to have an infinity war .. You can continue reading.
We are proud to deliver our upcoming project and we can confidently state that it will have you stunned! We've put in an incredible amount of effort into our new and never-before-seen features. After completing some preparations and careful discussions - we decided it was time to release our piece to the SRO community. With Archon's system, community, and futuristic innovation, we strive to present a new and groundbreaking world of Silkroad Online, which is more enjoyable, active, and entertaining than previous encounters. We're going on wild adventures with wars, fights, and never-ending battles that you are sure to remember for ages!

After we put a lot of effort and prepared to the big adventure, we decided to We knew that no one is impeccable, thus we've decided to launch a trial phase that will help us to test our gameplay systems and features for testing gameplay systems well and making sure from everything is working smoothly to provide a completely bug-free, lag-free grand opening. before the grand opening, You will get everything free in the trial phase to help you in testing everything quickly but make sure that all the characters will be deleted after finishing the trial phase so you don't need to register a new account again. Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021

Now after studying the community needs, testing everything, passing through closed BETA and open BETA phases, now is our time so, "GO".
We decided that our grand opening date is : Friday, February 19, 2021.

One of our firm principles lies in encouraging players to level up, So we decided to make a rewards goes to the first players who reach the cap, yeah go with your party it worth.
  • First Players : 2000 silks
  • Second Players : 1500 silks
  • Third Players : 1000 silks
  • From Four To Ten : 500 silks
  • From Eleven To Twenty : 250 silks

Now it's time to speak about our gameplay systems, so please read our gameplay guide well and contact us if there a problem.

Starter Package:
  • 1000x HP Potion
  • 1000x MP Potion
  • Exp Increase Ticket [7 days]
  • Devil Spirit Grade A (5%) [Male/Female]
  • Grap Pet [3 days]
  • 10x 100% Speed increase
  • 3x 20% Damage Absorption Scroll
  • 3x 20% Damage Increase Scroll
  • 20x Instant Return Scroll
  • 50x Reverse Scroll

Old Interface+

We've added a new AFK detection, helps you to know who is currently active and who is just online, While the Char is AFK. you will see a animated bubbles above his head, Your char will be affected with this action only when it goes online with no action for a 2 minutes at least, then when you back to do any action [ Sending party request for example ], the AFK. bubbles will automatically disappear from your Char.

Visual Effects

Permanent Buff

Filter features

Char Name Color / New Char Icon

Global Item Link

Stall Network

Unique Target

DPS Meter

Honor Buff

Archon Quest Manager

Model Switcher

Chinese Weapon Style D14 - D15

Europe Weapon Style D14 - D15

All of us knows that, Europe skills is much stronger than Chinese one, So we have to do something in order to achieve the balance between Sparta's races, And after a lot of tests we decided to increases the rates of passive skills mastery as explained below, Thus we finally closed the gab between both races.

Chinese Passive Skill:
  • Physical Damage 20% Absorption
  • Physical Damage 20% Increase
  • Magical Damage 20% Increase
  • Attack rate 20% Increase
  • Parry rate 20% Increase

Reverse Immolation:
  • Black Resurrections are fully disabled.

  • All Resurrections delay is modified to be 2 minutes.

Stackable Items:
  • The max stack of some items is increased to save your slots.

Reverse Return Scroll:
  • Reverse Scroll is disabled while you are wearing the job suit.
  • Reverse Scroll delay is modified to be 15 seconds.

Global Chatting:
  • Global Chatting delay is modified to be 30 seconds.

Skill Reset:
  • Skill Reset Will Reset your Skills.

Resets Stats:
  • Reset Stats Will Reset your HP-MP.

Change Name Scroll:
  • it will change your char name.

Remove Job Scroll:
  • will removed your job days.

Adv Remove Scroll:
  • Will Remove your adv from the item.

Durability Remove:
  • Will Remove maximum from your item.

Dimension Pillar:
  • Dimension Pillar.

Silk Scroll:
  • Silk Scroll available [50,100,500,1000]

We used to play the private servers with enjoying the auto equipment system so, it will be available in our server. It always giving the players a big chance to reach the level limit faster and provide an enjoyable journey without any boredom. As usual your items will be change automatically once you teleport until degree 10.

Our main purpose to have fun in a long-term server making a beloved memories with our unforgettable events so you didn't have to spend money in order to have a such item, You can get every thing by spending time playing hard and having fun with Archon family. So you can get a free silk from :

  • 1 Silk per hour [ You will win 1 free silks after spending 1 Hour playing Archon online ]
  • Hunting Uniques You will get a free silks scroll from hunting
  • You can get free silks from Auto events.
  • You can get free silks from Giveaways/share events.
  • You can get free silks from Vote At Website.
So we are a fully play-to-win server.

It's sure we're caring about your look, that's leading us care about your weapon glows, review it through the upcoming gallery.
Weapon Glows

We've added that special funny feature to add some more fun to our system, so now you're able to the color you like from
[Red, Green,Blue ,Olive ,Orange ,Purple and Yellow]
It will be like :-

This is the place where you can buy the useful scrolls and power ups. In item mall, you will find the original silkroad items with some extras which are needed. With this way, we provide you a many ways to customize your character and getting the power.
Item Mall

With Magic PoP cards, you can try your luck in winning items such as Seal of Nova, Seal of Sun, Flags and more useful items.
You can buy Magic PoP cards from Item Mall [F10].
Make sure the better the item the harder it is to win it.

When you activate the lock system, Your account will be Protected by a Secondary Passcode.

We all love fortress war and always want to experience it because it's the most fun and exciting war in silkroad. There's will be 1 fortress available and it will be Hotan. Every week there will be one day where all the guilds compete against each other.

In general you can make your deals with Archon Markets using these main 4 currencies.

How to get Arena coin?
  • From unique hunting.
  • From battle arena.
  • From capture the flag.
  • Jupiter's Room.
  • Yuno's Room.
  • The Earth's Room.
  • Zealots Hideout.
  • Daily Quest.
  • Survival Event.

How to get Gold/Silver/Copper coins?
  • From unique hunting.
  • From job temple.
  • From holy water temple.

How to get Astral/Immortal Stone?
  • From item mall for silk.
  • From NPC For Gold/Arena.

Eng-game Items:
In this part we explain you everything about the end gears items and how to obtain them. In Archon there's nothing new in our sox system so the way to obtain them is the original way. Keep in your mind that the drop rate will be pretty hard because of ensuring a long-term server.

Seal of Sun [Degree 10]
  • You can get Seal of Sun items by farming 90++ mobs.
Seal of Nova [Degree 11]
  • You can get Seal of Nova items by farming 101++ mobs.
Egy [A] [Degree 11]
  • Weapon & Shield: You can get them by collecting talisman cards from Forgotten world.

  • Clothes: You can buy the Clothes from NPC for Gold and Silver coin.

  • Accessories: You can buy the Accessories from NPC for Arena coin.

The most enjoyable side in Archon is the job system. It's the usual way of the original silkroad with some small edits that will make the game more fair. This system help you to earn the main currency (Gold) and the only way to be moneymaker. We have identified three route to trade (Jangan/Hotan/Donwhang) to present you the best job wars ever.
  • You can't use more than [1] character in job mode.
  • Reverse scroll is disabled during job mode.
Jangan Donwhang Buying 120m Selling 310M
Donwhang Hotan Buying 120m Selling 347M
Jangan Hotan Buying 120m Selling 471M

In order to keeping your character looking special even in job mode, so we designed a new job suits, review them via the upcoming gallery.

Hint : Your Job Must be lvl 7 to be able to wear the job shits Lv[] but lvl 1 job suit can wear it from Lv1, Normally.
Job Suits

- Lv 7 Job suit glow effect:-

Job Buff

Customization Character Icon - Title Color To - Nitro Booster - Streamer + 500 Silk

Automatic events will be available in Archon. A play2win system helps you to earn free silks without donating. There are many events available in our game: You Can See Event Schedule In Game Window
  • Trivia
  • Choose The Correct Answer
  • Lucky Party Number
  • Lucky Global
  • Lucky PM
  • Kill GM
  • Search & Destroy
  • Hide And Seek
  • Stall Events
  • Uniques 1 VS 1
  • Survival Event

Facebook Page: [Free chances to win silks]
Follow us in our Facebook page, we will be running share events every week. If you want to get a chance of winning silks every week, you will be having to participate in share events.

Fourm Signature: [100 silk unit]
If you love this server, please support us by using our forum signature code and earn 100 silk unit. The requirements are that you must have more than 50 posts on the forum. Simply send your IGN and get your reward in the grand opening!

News Update #1:
  • Added 300 Int In Snow Shield
  • Added Moving Speed 120% in item mall.
  • Change D1 and D11 Lucky Powder Price to 500,000 Gold
  • Change 20% Damage Increase / Absorption Price To Be 11 Quantity = 200 Silk
  • Remove wizard's auto attack skill
  • Disable drop items or gold inside town.
  • Change Immortal Price To Be 300,000,000 Gold + 1 Arena Coin.
  • Increase Mob Spawn rate.
  • Fixed The weather.
  • Fixed Archon Avatar's dc.
  • Removed D16-D20 Model Switcher
  • Added icon For Weapon/Shield D12-D15
  • Change Alexandria Entry Level to 1

News Update #2:
  • Fix Cannot Find Target in scroll..
  • Remove HP , MP Grain 25% From Shop.
  • Added New Quest Eliminate Sylakenth 5000 Time . Reward [ 100x HP / MP Grain 25%.
  • Change All Samarkand Mobs to Sylakenth mob .

News Update #3:
  • Pain | Magical and Physical Defance Reduced %75 to %65.
  • Physical Fence | Physical Defance Reduced %72 to %54.
  • Magical Fence | Magical Defance Reduced %69 to %51.
  • Warrior Screen's | Continous hours Reduced 30 Second.
  • Guard & Mana Tambour | Defance Probabilitys Reduced %35 . Range reduced to 30 meters.
  • Clouth & Hit March | Range Reduced to 30 Meters.
  • Dance's | Properties reduced from 46% to 38% And Range Reduced to 30 Meters.
  • Warlock Advanced Reflect | Damage Return Probability Reduced %135 to %90 And Countinuous hours Reduced 45 Second to 30 Second.
  • Warlock Reflect | Damage Return Probability Reduced %135 to %90 And Countinuous hours Reduced 45 Second to 30 Second.
  • Warlock Scream Mask | Stun Probability Reduced %35 to %15.
  • Warlock Debuff's | Debuff Probability's Reduced %80 to %50 and added 10 second delay.
  • Warlock Debuff's ( Range Debuff's ) | Debuff Probability's Reduced %80 to %50 and added 10 second delay.
  • Force Debuff Probability | Debuff probability Reduced %80 to %60.
  • Cleric Black Res | Removed.
  • Change Lucky Powder (1th) Price To --> 50m.
  • Change Lucky Powder (11th) Price To --> 500k.
  • Change Moveing Speed %120 Price To --> 150 Silk.
  • Change Moveing Speed %120 Remaining Time To 1 Week.
  • Change Sabakun's Jewel to --> 25 Silk.

News Update #4:
  • Change Mastery 220/440.
  • Change Guild / Union 24/3 .
  • Added Model Switcher (11th) (EGY A).
  • Added 40 Custom Title Name.
  • Change Notice Color To Green.
  • Change Str/Int Unique HP Same Normal.

News Update #5:
  • Thief Boss - Abshad Force High General - Khulood - Karkadann - Spawn Every 3 Hour Drop
  • [ 'Arena Coin' '20 Silk Scroll' 'Reverse Return Scroll' 'Global Chating' 'Immortal Stone' ]
  • Medusa Spawn in Event Room Every 6 Hour Drop
  • [ 'Arena Coin' 'Global Chating' 'Immortal Stone' '2x 50 Silk Scroll'. ]
  • Change All Uniques Silk drop to 20x
  • Disable berserking while jobbing.
  • Change CastinqTime for buff 0.5 and Remaining Time to 30 Minute.
  • Added Immortal+50x Silk To [The Earth, Jupiter, Babilion , Baal, Yuno, Zielkiaxe]
  • Battle Arena Guild/Job Winner Amount = 7 Arena
  • Battle Arena Guild/Job Lose Amount = 2 Arena
  • Battle Arena Random/Party Winner Amount = 5 Arena
  • Battle Arena Random/Party Lose Amount = 1 Arena
  • CTF Per Kill Reward Amount = 1 Arena
  • CTF Team Win Reward Amount = 5 Arena Coin
  • Enable Hotan Fortress War.
  • Increase EXP-PARTY 25/30x
  • Enable Event Room - Teleport From Donwhang
  • Added 50 Silk scroll drop from Job Temple Uniques
  • Added Wedding - Tuxedo Dress in item mall.

News Update #6:
  • Increase PC/IP Limited 4/6.
  • Reset Honor Buff.
  • Enable Reverse in job with 4 minute delay.

Virus Total Scan.
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great design and development good luck brother
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cool and interesting features
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i will play this server @ come with me!
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looks good
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Look great
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2st Beta Phase Has Been Started.
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great work ! we are hyped for this server cant wait for grand opening
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Get error (code4) while updating the client? "Patch has not finished. Please try again later"
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Originally Posted by factorvagyok View Post
Get error (code4) while updating the client? "Patch has not finished. Please try again later"
redownload the full client from web page.
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Looks great , goodluck my bruh.
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Gonna try it.. hope will be good.
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nice game but need more avater
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Originally Posted by modeabdo View Post
nice game but need more avater
Thank you, new avatars will be added with all upcoming updates
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Gonna be here at grand opening
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