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Discussion on ENOX ONLINE | CAP 100 | CH ONLY | BALANCED RATES | WAR DRUMS ARE KNOCKED ! within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Lately, we noticed most of the servers are not good enough, and most of them are pay2win including all the reborn servers, so as old Silkroad players we have decided to gather all of our knowledge in the game and provide you with this great experience. Professional Silkroad developing team makes this server, so there is no chance of any failure to happen on this server. We have made every single detail, every individual code from scratch and tried it more than one time to make sure it is bug-free. Finally, after working for months, we have come to light, I would like to introduce you to Enox Online the most significant hype of Silkroad servers in 2021.


We have mixed between old school and new school, and we have made something unique, and we will explain what we are saying when we present our system later on. Regardless of the money that we will be gaining out of the server that is not our first concern here, we are just looking to provide you with a decent, enjoyable, lag-free, long-term server.
We hope we can build a terrific community with this server so you guys can support us in our big project, which will be multiple servers and to prove to you we can provide you with reliable, clean gameplay. This server is just the spark that will light up the straw.
And It's time to speak about the guys who worked on Enox, to reach this point.. we cared about choosing every single member of our team, professional team is the first step to produce a professional server.
Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServerPosition - PServer
He has no epvp acc----KhatabServer Admin
03/27/2016ArmusAdmin & Developer

We have done a closed beta phase on our own with a few players, and everything seemed pretty good.

Beta, one of the most important keys to success in any server. Undeniably, a server's beta phase is incredibly useful and necessary to maintain stability and have no unexpected issues. Although our team has heavily tested every feature in our closed beta, we all know the reality of SRO files... we can't find all mistakes alone! Some stuff is hidden, some stuff needs several users to test accurately, and for that reason, we have decided to incorporate a four phase BETA for a length of 7 days. It's going to be divided into various phases to ensure everything is well tested and is ready to go!

• Beta Phase I. (Balance, & Server Stability testing): All participants will start at level 100 with access to all endgame items, and will have the freedom to test and suggest any balance changes they might have! Alchemy is NOT ENABLED in Phase I.

• Beta Phase II. (Level Up Event): All participants will begin at level 1 and battle to be the first player to reach level 100! The rates will be extremely boosted for this event, it will not take a long time to complete. The first 8 players to reach level 100 in this beta powerleveling event will receive a very beneficial reward on the grand opening; Starter Package.

• Beta Phase III. (Alchemy Enabled): You will have the opportunity to test Enox alchemy rates and know what to expect on the live server in this phase! Yes, that's right: alchemy will be enabled here for you to test freely!

• Beta Phase IV. (Beta Events): Events will be tested in this phase, final balance changes will be made, and finalized changes will be activated. This phase will be where all features on the Grand Opening will be available to test.

Beta Rewards:
• Attending our beta phase is helping us much more than you think. Bug discoveries, imbalances, and other poor qualities that you discover and report before the GO help us to avoid excessive downtimes and make the server as close to perfection as possible, so you all can have an excellent and amazing experience on the live server! For these reasons; any beta participant, in any phase, who discovers a critical bug, will be rewarded with silk! (This amount is up to the admin's discretion.)

For optimal performance, we have decided to add 5 gameservers and 5 agentservers to our server. With one of the highest amounts of agentservers in the scene, it is guaranteed that you will be able to login with no delay! The performance will be completely optimal for your sake. The additional gameservers will also be beneficial for performance in game. With each gameserver covering only a few regions each, the pressure on each will be divided, therefore giving you, the players, lower ping and better quality.

Cap 100
Race Chinese Only
EXP 30x
EXP Pt 35x
Max Plus 12
PC Limit 2
IP Limit 4
Job PC Limit 1
Union Limit 2
Fortress War Hotan
Battle Arena Enabled
Capture The Flag Enabled
Forgotten World Enabled
Wanted System Enabled
Magic Pop Enabled
Job Temple Enabled
New Dungeon System ( Garden - HWT - Jupiter )
Permanent Buffs Enabled
Auto Equipment Enabled

We all know that leveling up is tedious and annoying, but still a part of the game that needs to be completed. In order to help you with this journey, we have added a few key starter items that will make your leveling experience a lot less stressful and easier to manage!

We noticed this is the most popular cap in Silkroad, so that's what we are going for on this server.

It is so hard to balance between Chinese and Europe characters, but we promise we will try our best in our next server.

We have set it to 330, so you can be unique in your build.

We were thinking about this for a long time, but no any other city can compete with Downhang in job/pvp.

In Enox Online we don't want to go crazy about making alchemy so +12 should suit everybody, and present balance to everyone.

Leveling up guilds and waiting to open slots for members is so annoying, so we have solved the problem by instant level five guild creation.

Fortress wars are the most significant thing in Enox Online server, so we have decided to only have these one towns for fortress just for now (maybe we will add Constantinople in any future updates)

We have increased every single stack in the game to suit you and give you more space

You do not have to donate to be a top player you can win up to a 100 silk per day from auto events, all you need to do is be an active player.

You will get 1 silk every 1 hour .. must be active

Server stability is one of the leading things in our server, for that, we have managed to have our dedicated server placed in Europe. We will be running with three game servers to support as many players as we can achieve.

Here at Enox , we are utilizing all three of the overheard notifications. With our custom changes in the activity log, coloring of notifications, etc., you can be sure that you will not miss a single bit of important information!

One of the most beloved features in SRO that very few servers managed to achieve: the item chest! Of course Enox will have it! No longer will you be pressured to clear inventory or storage spaces to receive items... they will lie dormant in your chest, whenever you decide you want to take them, you can! On top of that; the items are live-transferred, which means no need to teleport to receive them!

A game is supposed to be fun, but competitive, right? That just adds to the excitement! Even from your first moments in Enox Online, the competition has already begun! All players will compete to be within the first 300 players to reach level 100! Your reward, you ask? Silk & a notice with your name!

[*]• Rewards:
  • 1~16: 500 silk.
  • 17~50: 400 silk.
  • 51~200: 300 silk.
  • 201~300: 200 Silk.

On our custom in-game menu, we have a ton of brand new windows and features that will totally enhance your gameplay experience! It's not common to see custom menus so detailed as Enox, but this just furthers our thoughts and motives on a high-quality server!
• Live Update Ranking Window:
Tired of needing to visit our website to see how your character stacks up against the others? Checking a certain guild's points to get a sense of the competition? No worries! With our new, simplistic ranking window, you can check all types of rankings directly from the Enox Menu!

• Point/Currency Window:
This window displays your earned points, what type of points, your daily limits, and much more! Be sure to always check to see if you have reached your limit and how much more you have to go!

• Kill Counter GUI:
Whether it be Survival Arena, or Fortress War - you can see how many times you destroyed your enemies, and so can everyone else, with this advanced table! Show off the result of glorious wars and brag to the entire server with your appearance on this UI!

• Damage Counter GUI (DPS Meter):
Get insights as to who is going to kill the unique without having to wait until the end! See your damage and other's damage on a unique in real-time!

• Colorized & Customized Unique Notifications:
The action log box is constantly being spammed with random messages. Never miss a unique spawn with its new color and changed format, no more struggling to find a spawn message!

• Character Icons:
Yet another advanced feature we are presenting here at Enox - you will now be able to customize your character even further by using our character icon system! On the left side of your character name, you can see the icon being displayed. Just to let you know that these icon is JUST FOR VISUAL PURPOSES and provides NO ADVANTAGE TO THE CHARACTER WHO HAS IT COMBAT-WISE. This item is permanent and will always be displayed beside your name until you remove it or replace it!
• Custom Title:
You can write any custom title you want and set it for yourself.

1. Thousand Army Chain: Debuff probability increased to 25%.
2. Lightning Chain: Debuff probability increased to 25%.
3. Celestial Ground Bicheon Force: Def.pwr of shield reduce reduced to 40%, increased phy.atk.pwr increase to 240 & added 10% Physical and 5% Magical damage increase. It is now worth to use!
4. Ocean Blade Force: Knock-down probability reduced to 45%.

1. Removed First Skill In Heuksal Mastery.

1. Mind Concentration: Attack Rate increased to 45.
2. 6 Arrow Combo: Knock-back probability has been reduced to 26(-4)%.
3. Celestial Beast Arrow: add bleed and fear 20% probability.

1. Last imbue damage has been modified to 912~1520.
2. Snow shields Novice & Adept now require 270 INT.
3. Snow shields Freeze, Intensify & Freeze now require 338 INT.
4. Firewall & Icewall now have a shared cooldown of 13 seconds.
5. Snowstorm - Multishot Lv6 has been modified to 1330~2470.
1. Last imbue damage has been modified to 912~1520.
2. Ghost Walk - Phantom & Shadow: Cool-down increased to 8 seconds (+3)
3. Grass Walk speed increase it from 77% to 105%.

1. Last imbue damage has been modified to 912~1520.
1. Firewall & Icewall now have a shared cooldown of 13 seconds.

1. Vital Spot - Body: Debuff probability reduced to 45% & cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
2. Vital Spot - Mind: Debuff probability reduced to 45% & cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
3. Vital Spot - Brain: Debuff probability reduced to 40% & cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
4. Vital Spot - Zero: Debuff probability reduced to 30% & cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
5. Force - Cure: Added cooldown of 18 seconds.
6. Cure Therapy: Added cooldown of 18 seconds.
7. Self Heal Series: Added cooldown of 8 seconds.
8. Heal Series: Added cooldown of 8 seconds.
9. Rebirth Art Series: Added cooldown of 13 seconds.

Garden Dungeon allows you to earn boxes from garden quest, there are 2 different uniques inside the dungeon. You can enter the Garden once in a day. Garden Dungeon opens with the entry stone taken from the Gold Miner NPC.

-PC Limit is 1 for this dungeon.

-Hall Of Worship Dungeon allows you to earn boxes from Hall Of Worship quest, there are 2 different uniques inside the dungeon. You can enter the it once in a day, and it opens with the entry stone taken from the Gold Miner NPC.

-PC Limit is 1 for this dungeon.

Holy Water Temple Dungeon allows you to earn Elixier from Holy Water Temple quest, you can enter the it once in a day. Holy Water Temple Dungeon opens with the entry stone taken from the Gold Miner NPC.

-PC Limit is 1 for this dungeon.

The Baghdad Dungeon is a rare, custom-triggered dungeon that unlocks different rooms and uniques after each group is slayed!
This dungeon will be added as a future update in Enox Online.

Enox will be quite competitive with a large number of players actively grinding to hit the cap as quickly as possible. For that reason, we increased spawnrates, decreased spawn cooldowns, increased number of spawnpoints for mobs, and introduced several grinding areas for the upper battle!
Here is a list of the areas:
Samarkand Level 88~95
Constantinople Level 96~99
Alexandria Level 100
Downhang Cave Level 100

Grinding Areas
We have come up with something new in Enox Online which is Seal of Enox (SOE) it is +1 than Seal of Star (SOS) power and -1.5 than Seal of Moon (SOM) power. However, these three types of SOX should provide you guys with more balanced gameplay.

Q: How to obtain?

Drops from level 90~100 mobs at a very low rate, obtainable from Sos Box.

-You can get SOS Shield from Magic Pop

Q: How to obtain?

A: -You can get SOE weapon by collecting talisman books from FGW.
-You Can get SOE Shield from Sereness Drop With Low Rate

-Seal of Enox set/accessories: Unavailable.

Q:How to obtain?

A:Seal of Moon items take place at MOON Dealer, you can get them by :
  • Arena Coin
  • Gold Coin
  • Gold
  • Enox Points

In Order to keep balance between our server tears, you will find them as:
  • Seal of Star (SOS)= last tier +1
  • Seal of Enox (SOE) = last tier +2
  • Seal of Moon (SOM) = last tier +3.5
In Enox, we've provided you some NPCs in DW, which will satisfy all of your needs.


There are three (3) different currencies in Enox, each with several unique ways to obtain them.

1.) Arena Coin (Tradable):
- Battle Arena
- Capture The Flag
- Survival Arena
2.) Job Points (Untradable):
- Job Kills
- Selling Goods (Jobbing)
- Job Battle Arena
3.) Activity Coin
- Uniques
- Daily Quests
Each currency is very valuable and will eventually be used to obtain end game items. Be sure to not slack off while farming them!
Jobbing is the main activity in Silkroad, no matter which server you play. This activity is essential, and we have crafted it specifically so you can actually enjoy doing it!

You will find the main details of our jobbing system in the upcoming list:
Job Goods Price 30 Millions for full stuck.
Trader Profit 70 Millions / 7 Jop Point.
Hunter 5 Millions for each trade delivered with a maximum limit of 35 millions & 7 Jop Point if you're in a party with 7 traders.
Thief Thieves get a worth of 20 millions & 4 Jop Point for each stolen trade delivered to the thief town.
Multiply Job Rewards On JG <> HT Route.
1 Job Kill = 2 point for Trader + Hunter / thief = 1 point.
Job Details

•We closed the thief town return scroll . and we put Thief Town Teleports at the map .And you see the closest to you on the map and travel from it to the thief town with your goods.

Job Details

•We made Togui to get more gold than normal trade .. It will stay open for 10 minutes at three in the morning and nine in the evening [ 3 AM / 9 PM ] GMT +2 .

-Reward = 300 Millions For Trader / 180 Millions For Hunter Or Thief .

- NOTE:There is a maximum amount of gold/Jop Point that you can get daily which is 1 BILLION/60 Jop Point. These limits do reset at 00:00 (server time)

•Be not afraid to waste all of your time doing trades since we have made sure that it will only requires you a worth of 2:30 HOURS of trading to get your limit finished, so that you can focus on doing the other activities with NO FEAR of not catching up with the other players if you don't have the enough time to play.
• Please note that THIEF Jop Point RATES are NOT STATIC! They may be updated depending on the thief population in the server.
Jobbing Limitations & Restrictions:
• Terminating trade pet NEAR or INSIDE of towns has been DISABLED.
• Thief pet summoning NEAR or INSIDE of towns has been DISABLED.

  • Players under job mode cannot trace normal players.
  • Hunters cannot trace traders.

Gallery 6

Exclusive Enox job suits will provide you with a special effect & buff Each Level Jop.

[#] Advanced Trading Suit:

Trader Suit

[#] Advanced Steal Suit:

Thief Suit

- The original job temple has been replaced with the Zealot's Hideout Map.
- Job unique spawns have been overlap triggered, which means that you must first kill one unique in order for the corresponding one to spawn. For example, Neith will appear. After Neith is killed, Selket will appear in the same room. The same system is applied to Isis/Anubis.

Wanted system is one of the most entertaining features that have been done in SRO since Enox is job-based, we added this feature. It will be the usual wanted system as in any server else just to prevent confusing you and so on. To be wanted, you have to kill a specific number of opposite jobbers without dying. The more you kill, the better buff you get, the more wanted you to become. Our system bot will announce that you have become wanted so that the players will target you. When you become wanted, try as much as you can to keep the wanted status with you because you will also get an exclusive buff with individual stats.
Here is some detailed information you might need to know about our Wanted system.
  • Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1
  • Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 2
  • Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 3
  • Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 4
  • Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 5
You will not be able to cheat in the necessary system so do not try since we added a strong anti-cheat system, we are not going to announce how it works to make it even safer and better. PS: If you tried to cheat many times, our anti-cheat system would ban you.

Killing Spree Announcement:
After reaching any killing spree in job, it will be globally announced to all of the server!
• 20 Kills:
[Job Alias] is on a Killing spree!
• 30 Kills:
[Job Alias] is on a Rampage!
• 40 Kills:
[Job Alias] is Dominating!
• 50 Kills:
[Job Alias] is Unstoppable!
• 60 Kills:
[Job Alias] is Godlike!
• 70 Kills:
[Job Alias] is Legendary!
Honor Buffs are an essential addition to every server. It gives you an additional thing to fight for! These buffs can strengthen your char, give you a good advantage over your opponents and help you conquer Enox! We have heavily edited the honor system in order to provide the most plausible and enjoyable way to farm honor buffs/points.

The methods in which you can obtain honor points are listed below:
• Survival Arena
• Job Kills
• Battle Arena
• Uniques
Each Kill: +2 Honor Points
Each Death: -1 Honor Point
Each Kill: +2 Honor Points
Each Death : -1 Honor Point
Each Win: +10 Honor Points
Each Loss: +3 Honor Points
Tiger Girl/Cerberus/Captain Ivy/Uruchi: +1 Honor Point
Isyutaru/Lord Yarkan/Demon Shaitan: +3 Honor Points
Arabian Uniques: +5 Honor Points
Kalia's Hideout Unique: +10 Honor Points
Job Temple Uniques: +10 Honor Points
Medusa/Enox Boss: +20 Honor Points

The ranking resets every Sunday at 11:59 PM server time and updates every hour.

King Buff: #1-5 (Honor Ranking)
Benefits: Physical & Magical damage 5% increase, Physical & Magical damage 5% absorption, Attack rate 7% increase, Moving speed 15% increase, and chance to obtain berserker gauge 20% increase.

Gold Buff: #6-15 (Honor Ranking)
Benefits: Physical & Magical damage 5% increase, Physical & Magical damage 5% absorption, Attack rate 7% increase, and Moving speed 15% increase.

Silver Buff: #16-30 (Honor Ranking)
Benefits: Attack rate 7% increase, moving speed 15% increase.

Bronze Buff: #31-50 (Honor Ranking)
Benefits: Attack rate 7% increase.

Each job faction will have 50 honor ranking spaces, meaning a total of 150 players can have honor buffs.
NOTE: If you leave your job faction, you will lose all honor points you have accumulated.

An iconic feature, one of the most competitive and exhilarating events to be created. Survival Arena is a core method to obtain currencies that you need to purchase endgame items & gear, and an overall beautiful event. When you get teleported, the fight has begun! The top five players with the top number of kills win the event.

•1st Place: 250 Silks.
•2nd Place: 200 Silks.
•3rd Place: 150 Silks.
•4th Place: 100 Silks.
•5th Place: 50 Silks.
•Each kill: +2 Honor Point, and +1 Arena Coin.
•Each death: -1 Honor Point.
Guild & Player names are disabled. You won't be able to team up with your friends in this event! Play fairly!
Fellow pets, growth pets, ability pets(pickpets), and parties are all disabled in this event!
When the character gets in. It'll be suited with the same suit of battle arena.

A newer event that is quite underappreciated; but still very fun to play! It is a beautiful combination of a war and unique hunting. You will be moved into an enclosed area, PVP capes will automatically be equipped, and the war begins! The unique killer receives special & useful rewards.

•Unique Killer will receive: 100 silk, 10 Arena coins.
Note: The same restrictions will be applied as in Survival Arena.

Another iconic and popular event that is widely participated in, and very appreciated! An unlimited amount of players will be matched against each other in an enclosed area, and the one who survives, wins! Despite the high mass, the ping will remain low! There’s going to be a player counter inside! Participants can choose to register for this event via. the Event Registration Window on the Enox Menu.

•The final survivor will receive: 150 Silks.
Note: The same restrictions will be applied as in Survival Arena.

Battle Arena and its various types are some of the most enjoyable events in the history of the SRO. It's available with Random, Party, and Job matching types!

Each win(Random/Party): 10 Arena Coins and 10 Honor Points.
Each win(JOB): 10 Arena Coins, 10 Honor Points and 10 Job Points.
Each loss(Random/Party): 3 Arena Coins and 3 Honor Points.
Each loss(JOB): 3 Arena Coins, 3 Honor Points and 3 Job Points.

JOYMAX really wasted a lot of effort on this event... so complex and fun, yet such a horrible reward. Here at Enox, we modified this event to be much more fun and worth it to attend!

Each Kill: 1 Arena coin and 1 Honor Point.
Each Win: 5 Arena Coin.

A nice trivia from time to time is always nice to alleviate the heat of the grind, especially when it's rewarding! Answer the question correctly first and you will be rewarded. Be the first to answer and earn 25 Silk!

A GM character will be spawned globally on Enox with various hints given out over a specific span of time, and whoever finds him first wins 100 silk!

Feelin' lucky? When the event starts, a random party number will be announced. The person that forms that number wins! Reward is 50 silk.

A monster will appear on the Global Enox map. Several hints will be given as to where this monster is located. Find and kill the monster and win 50 silk!

A GM character will be spawned at an announced location, the killer(player with the last hit) will be rewarded with 100 silk, 3 rounds

Gamblers out there, this event will definitely appeal to you! You can buy lottery tickets from the Gold Manager NPC. There are Small Tickets and Large Tickets. Each Small Ticket you use will grant you 1 point in that day's lottery and each Large Ticket you use you will grant you 3 points. Remember, the more points you have, the higher your chance to win!

-Winners are announced every Monday & Wednesday at 00:00 Server Time.

• #1: 1000 Silk
• #2: 900 Silk
• #3: 800 Silk
• #4: 700 Silk
• #5: 600 Silk
• #6: 500 Silk
• #7: 400 Silk
• #8: 300 Silk
• #9: 200 Silk
• #10: 100 Silk
Don't miss the chance of winning free rewards by using our signature, you can use it under your posts by using the upcoming code.

• #20x 500 Silk


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amazing job bro, best of luck in your journey!
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great system.
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that's so great bro, good luck.
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Keep Going
Thanks Dude <3
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no website link ??
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balanced rates, cap 100, degree 10, play2win

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