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[ELECTUS Presents; OASIS| 90 Cap CH|Beta 02.01|Grand Opening 15.01|NO BOX,NO EP LIMIT

Discussion on [ELECTUS Presents; OASIS| 90 Cap CH|Beta 02.01|Grand Opening 15.01|NO BOX,NO EP LIMIT within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Electus Mobile App is now Available in App Store & Google Play Store. Download for Free Silk & More.

Greetings from Electus Team.

A new server ''Oasis'' will be added to our network on 15-01-2021.

Oasis Server will have some major changes (Electus Concept), below you can find the sneak peek.


19-12-2020 Closed Beta Access is Available Now. Info on Electus Discord.
29-12-2020 Download Links

Every Sunday, 09-01-2021, 20:30 and the occupier guild members will receive

FREE Rare Character Visual

1st Player to hit 90 Lv will receive following Rewards;

FREE Rare fellow pet
FREE Beginner Pack
FREE Tryhard title (Colored) in real Oasis server
FREE Tryhard Discord Role (Permanent)
FREE Colored Title
FREE Character Icon

First 8 Players will receive Beginner Pack for free.

First 8 Players to hit 90 Lv will receive following Reward;
-Beginner Pack

First 100 Players to hit Level 90 will be rewarded with Silk + Server Notification their charnames.

#1 FREE 1000 Silk,
#2-10 FREE 500 Silk,
#11-30 FREE 400 Silks,
#31-50 FREE 300 Silks,
#51-75 FREE 200 Silks,
#76-100 FREE 100 Silks

- 1x 144 Hz MSI Gaming Monitor
- 1x Razer Gaming Keyboard
- 1x Razer Gaming Mouse
- 10,000 Electus Cash (10 x 1000).
- 10,000 Electus Cash (20 x 500).
- 15 Beginner Pack.
- 20 Legendary Avatar.
- 20 Rare Char Visual.
- 20 Rare Fellow Pet.
- 2x Electus T-Shirt (Personal guild logo / charname on it).

- 1 Razer Gaming Keyboard
- 1 Razer Gaming Headphones
- 1 Razer Gaming Mouse
- 5 Exclusive Beginner Packs
- 5 Character Name Color
- 5 Legendary Avatar Set
- 5 1000 Silk EPIN

- Razer Headphones.
- 5x Beginner Packs.
- 4x 1000 EPIN.
- 10x 500 EPIN.

- Razer Gaming Mouse

- MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 Graphic Card]
- Discord Nitro
- Custom Title of Your Choice
- 2000 Silk EPIN

Youtube Event TBA.

During the leveling journey in Oasis, you will be provided with enough equipment and materials.
Low-tier 1 to 8 degree SOX will be obtainable for free. (Available as you lv up and teleport/Protector NPC's).
You will have to work for the 9 degree equipment by yourself.
There will be normal (npc) and SOS items available in the server in the first weeks.
There will never be a SOA - SOE item in the server. They are removed entirely in Oasis Server.

Doing nothing, getting free silk per hour is not fun.

Let's make it fun to get free silk. Lots of free silk.

1. Join Automated Events. The winners get a fixed amount of silk. There are numerious auto-events in the game. Follow the notices, join and win.
2. Sell any in-game item for gold and buy silk with gold. You can also sell any item for silk, except for the best items in the game. Best items are not tradeable.
3. Join Facebook Events (Comment and Share events) we run multiple times after the release and obtain beginner packs, free silks and silk worth items. (+ Razer Gaming Equipments)
4. Join Daily Discord Events to win Silk or Silk worth items. (+ Razer Gaming Equipments)
5. Join Monthly Instagram Events to win Silk or Silk worth items. (+ Razer Gaming Equipments)
6. Kill uniques, obtain Silk Scroll.
7. Install Electus Online Mobile App, join weekly Silk Giveaway for free. Win Silk in a range of 10 and 10,000.

The amount of total FREE SILKS given to players every month (in 1 server only) is more than $20.000 worth. You'll eventually get lots of free silks when you follow up with all events.

English, Turkish, Spanish and German language options available.


SOS Items enter the server will be coming from Dungeons mostly (90%) and Monsters partially (10%).
SOM Weapons are obtained from Forgotten World Quest.
SOM Equipment & Accessory drops to be announced.
SUN Items are obtained with Electus Points (Activities) and Coins (Dungeon/Unique Drops).

All 9 and 8 degree shields are nerfed by 1 degree.

SOX equipments come along with additional blue options. You can mix up different type of SoX items, that's OK.
You will still receive the blue option reward.


Gallery 1

Oasis Server Cap will be increased from 90 to 100 after several months. (3 to 6).

When the cap is raised, you can upgrade your end-game items to 10dg end-game items with EP and Coins. (NO SILK!)

Your items will still be available with PLUS, BLUES, ADV. ELIXIR and ALL.

The cap expansion will bring NEW AREAS, NEW QUESTS, NEW SKILLS AND MORE TBA.

The best items in the game = Seal of Sun
Requirements Electus Points + Coins


There are several methods to farm 'EP'.
You can choose any method you like.
Activate Electus Menu by clicking the ''E'' icon underneath theminimap.
Then select 'Electus Points' window. You will see your Electus Points status live.


Chapter 2 Brings changes, one of them is limit removal.

1000 EP Cap Per Week.

Seal of Sun Weapons to be enabled at 4500-6500 EP range. TBA. SOX Releases are slowed down as announced.


Gold Rewards

5* Loot Price : ~20M

Gold Limit

There is a gold cap for jobbing activity.
You can see your gold cap in EP window.
Once you hit 100%, the gold profit will decrease. Once your gold cap is vanished the next day at 18:00 Electus time, it will go back to 0% and you can earn full gold profit from jobbing again.
This is to avoid gold inflation in the server.

EP limit for the thieves is not static and will be determined depending on the number of active thieves in the server.

Unlock WANTED buffs by killing 10 or more enemies without dying at all. Enjoy them as much as you can because you only have 8 hours until the buff expires. As soon as you die in job mode (whilst you have a wanted buff), it will be vanished.

10 kills = Wanted Lv. 1
20 kills = Wanted Lv. 2
30 kills = Wanted Lv. 3
40 kills = Wanted Lv. 4
50 kills = Wanted Lv. 5

Each job union has it's Top 75 rank. Ranks are updated every 15 minutes.

Honor Ranks and buffs are reset on weekly basis on Thursday update time.


- You will obtain same amount of honor point for every electus point obtained from jobbing
- There is no honor point limit from jobbing.

- You will obtain 5 Honor Points if you get 10 kills.
- You will obtain 10 Honor Points if you get 25 kills.
Survival Winner:
#1 Place: 40 HP (Extra)
#2 Place: 30 HP (Extra)
#3 Place: 20 HP (Extra)
#4 Place: 15 HP (Extra)
#5 Place: 10 HP

You will obtain Copper Coin, Arena Coin and EP from Survival, too. For the details, you need to visit Survival Arena section.

- Each job kill grants you honor point depending on your job type.
- Trader and Hunter gets 5 HP per kill. Thieves earn 1 HP. (Each job union compete in their own job type rank)
- Death in job mode cost thieves HP loss, does not cost Trader and Hunter HP loss.
- Killing the same opponent in job mode will not grant another honor point in the next 8 hours.

- Each unique kill will grant honor point as it's given below.

- Each BA winning will grant 20 to 25 honor points

Battle Arena (Random): 20 Honor Points
Battle Arena (Party): 20 Honor Points
Battle Arena (Guild): 20 Honor Points
Battle Arena (Job): 25 Honor Points

- Each CTF winning will grant 20 honor points.

- Each kill in fortress war grants 1 honor point.
- 1 honor point can be obtained from a certain enemy at a fortress war.
- There is no overall honor point limit in fortress war(s).

Electus Battle Royale Event takes place twice a day a the winner gets 500 Silk reward.

Event concept and details are explained here:

Event Basics

Electus Battle Royale Event is held in one of the most iconic regions in Silkroad map, Taklamakan.

For every Battle Royale Event, players have to create a new character in the same account. The characters will have exact same items, level, sp and everything. Literally everything the same.

The map is full of monsters and they will drop potions, elixirs and more.

You have limited time to make it to the next circle. The faster you farm, the more skills you learn, the more items you farm. So be quick.

If you fail to rotate into the next circle, you will lose ~10% HP every second and will eventually die. So you better be quick.

Event Time & Reward

The event will take place twice every day.
17:00 and 23:30

Login Period

17:00 - 17:05 and 23:30-23:35


The winner of the Battle Royale event will automatically receive Special Items (SOS & Rare Items) in Oasis server. (On the account he used to login Battle Royale Server)

How to Participate

There will be several in-game notices before the Battle Royale Event starts.

Once the event starts login server will be open only for 5 minutes. You will have to LOG OFF from your account in Oasis server and LOGIN Battle Royale Server. Login server will be closed after 5 minutes and you will not be able to login anymore! During this 5 minute period, you will not get kicked out of the event even if your enemies kills you. You will get disconnected (kicked from the server/event) upon death AFTER the 5 minutes / login server is closed. You will see Battle Royale server under check status then.

After you login Battle Royale server, create a new character (every time), start the game and choose your build & stats. You will have enough SP to learn all the masteries. Learning masteries and adding start is automated. Simply click on the stat / mastery you like to add and you'll automatically get it.

In order to activate this menu, click on Battle Royale under Electus menu icon.

The time is gold. Kill as many monsters as you can and collect items, potions, elixirs and of course, vigor grains. EU/CH item drop ratio is default. So you might just be unlucky and get CH items when you create an EU character. This is all about luck.

Yes, you also need luck. Random Boxes will spawn in circle number 2, 3 and 4. If you are lucky, you'll find some of them. Kill them and collect the SOX items.

There are also uniques in circle number 3 and 4. They drop high tier SOX items and Skill Points. Many of them.

We have a customized honor ranking system in Battle Royale Event. Once the event starts, we will track your activities and grant honor buffs on the top 10 players once the last circle shrinks. In order to farm more Honor Points, you need to farm as many player, chest, unique kills as you can.

Once the event is over, characters in every account and honor ranking will be removed.


Claim one of the exclusive rewards by unlocking them.

Character visuals obtained through achievements are exclusive.

SOLO Rewards:

Survival TOP 5 (Extra Rewards)
#1 Place: 40 HP + 10 Arena Coin
#2 Place: 30 HP + 5 Arena Coin
#3 Place: 20 HP + 5 Arena Coin
#4 Place: 15 HP + 5 Arena Coin
#5 Place: 10 HP + 5 Arena Coin

This event takes place once every day and the winner of the event gets 500 silks and 45 Honor Points.

- Event duration has been lowered to 15 minutes.
- Event participants are 12 (6v6) instead of 16 (8v8).
- Each member of the winner team will receive 14 Arena Coins
- Each member of the loser team will receive 4 Arena Coins
- You will get disconnected if you stand still in CTF. (AFK Kicker)

Capture the Flag takes place 6 times a day, every 4 hours starting from 00:00.

Capture the Flag Event Duration : 12 minutes

- Winning CTF grants 20 Electus Points on your account
- Winning CTF grants 20 Honor Points on your account.
- Event participants are 12 (6v6) instead of 16 (8v8).
- You will get disconnected if you stand still in CTF. (AFK Kicker)
- You can not use res skills in that event. (Anti-Cheat)

Press F6 to activate Electus Menu and then open Event Timers.


Gallery 2

Gallery 3


Godsend Dungeon is the main Dungeon in Electus Online. As the server is Dungeon based, main source of the SoX items will be this dungeon. You will have multiple purposes to complete the dungeon.

1. Complete Godsend Dungeon Quests

By completing the dungeon quests, you will receive 20 Electus Points and 5M Skill Points per run.

2. Collecting Coins a

The uniques will drop coins.
Check the unique drop list to find out what drops you will get in Godsend Dungeon.

-The dungeon consists of a garden where you'll find tens of monsters in
and 3 rooms connected to it.
-In order to remove the seals of the rooms, you have to kill all the monsters in the garden.
-It's recommended to enter the dungeon with at least 6 party members.
-Dungeon Time Limit: 60 Minutes
- Once you enter the dungeon, you will have 22 hours cooldown. Make sure take and complete the quests before the time runs out.
- Once you enter the area, party banish feature will be disabled temporarily in order to avoid people stealing the drops. The dungeon can be entered only once a day and the quests/drops are quite valuable so we don't want anyone's day to be ruined by an ice-cream sucker.

Godsend Dungeon Teleporter

The dimensions are sold in Donwhang, @ electus NPC near the guild manager. The dimension is costy so it makes sense to share the cost with your team mates. Watch out though, not everyone is trustable. Make sure to collabrate with your guild mates or with people you know of in order to avoid scam.

Team up, hunt monsters and collect SOS items + talismans. Talisman collection will reward you with Seal of Moon weapon that is one of the best SOX in the game. Banned in the first 3 weeks. (Can't redeem)


1. Cooldown:
Once you enter the dungeon, you will have 8 hours cooldown.

2. Party-Banish Once you enter the area, party banish feature will be disabled temporarily in order to avoid people stealing the drops.

Hall of Worship (FGW) Teleporter

The dimensions are located in Donwhang Electus NPC near the guild manager. The dimension is costy so it makes sense to share the cost with your team mates.

The quest can be taken from the Quest Manager NPC in Donwhang, next to the hunter shop.
The reward for completing Hall of Warship collection is a choice of Seal of Moon Weapon. Moon Equipments and accessories will be dropping from dungeons.

The purpose of completing the quest is to obtain ''Godsend SP Scroll'' that grants 2.500.000 skill points on your character.
You will be asked to hunt 100 Soldier of God and Light Spirit in Godsend Dungeon and you'll be rewarded with 2x scrolls when you deliver the quest.

As it is already mentioned previously, you can complete quests to earn Electus Points on daily basis.
You will be asked to hunt Shadow Spirit and Zielkiaxe in order to obtain 2x Godsend EP scrolls. Each scroll will grant 10 Electus Points on your character.
It's important to know that in order to have the unique kills counted, you must have a EXP-SHARED party.

These are the daily quests you can complete once per day. You can complete all quests and earn 7m on daily basis.

We re-worked job cave sp quests. There are only quests instead of 5. Each quest grants you 1M sp, 2M in total - instead of 400k x 5. You have to visit both trader's & thieves' first room to hunt monsters every day. It goes fast, gonna be fun hunting mobs while trying to tank your enemies.

Room: Sanctum of Blue Eye
Kill 100 Keisas Berserker
Reward; SP Scroll (1M)

Room: Sanctum of Red Eye (Neith Room)
Kill 100 Priest of Terror
Reward: SP Scroll (1M)

There are 5 types of coins.

To buy a Seal of Sun item, you need these coins and Electus Points.
Arena Coin = Events
Silver/Iron/Copper Coin = Dungeons/Job Cave
Gold Coin = Buy with gold @ Electus Shop/Simulation/Medusa Uniques



- Cold imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Cold imbue damage has been increased to be equal with light imbue.
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.
- Last tier cold meteor/nuke atk. pwr. is equal to last tier light nuke

- Light imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Force Piercing Force last tier 17%
- Last tier walk speed is 105%.

- Fire imbue cooldown: 16 seconds
- Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds.

- Force cure series skill tree: Shared cooldown, 10 seconds cooldown
- Impotent:80% to 35
- Weaken: 80% to 45
- Decay: 80% to 45
- Division 80% to 40

- Summit & Depth Bicheon Force: Bonus 4% magical damage increase.
- Demon Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%
- Ocean Blade Force: Knock Down Probability 50% to 45%


- Anti Devil Bow Strike: Extra Critical +10 (45)
- Anti Devil Bow Annihilate: Extra Critical +10 (50)
- Increased Ice Hawk Attack rate 37>73


3x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Snow Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 1689 - 1837 (305%)
Slayer - Godsend : Critical Increase 7 (STR Requirement 380)
Cold Shot - Godsend : Magical attack power > 1689 - 1837 (255%)
Ice Force - Godsend : Magical attack power > 642-1000


3x Active Skill
2x Active Buff
1x Passive Buff

Ghost Walk - Godsend: Moving Speed 120% Increase
Holy Spell - Godsend: Weakening, Restriction, Curse Series Probability Reduce 30%, Cooldown 180 seconds.
Lightning Storm - Godsend: Magical attack power > 1689 - 1837 (305%)
Lion Shout - Godsend : Magical attack power 968 - 1626 (100%)
Lightning Strength - Godsend : Critical Increase 3
Thunder Force - Godsend : Magical attack power > 642-1000

3x Active Skill
3x Active Buff

Flame Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 1210-2016 (265%)
Fire Wave - Godsend: Magical attack power 1278-1964 (315%)
Fire Wall - Godsend: HP 16710, Mag. Absorption 90
Fire Protection - Godsend: Magical defense power 282 Increase
Flame Body - Godsend : Physical damage 16% Increase
Fire Force - Godsend : Magical attack power > 708 - 1097

6x Active Skill

Fear Spot - Godsend: Fear Probability 40%, 8 Seconds
Force Nuke - Godsend: Magical attack power 1889-1937 (315%)(380 INT Required)
Dark Force - Godsend(Imbue) : Mag attack power 708-1147 (100%) - Better than Fire imbue.
Magical Ravage - Godsend : Weaken Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Force Ravage - Godsend : Decay Probability 60% - Simultaneous attack 4
Vital Spot - Muscle : Attack Rate 117, Parry Rate 117 Reduce

3x Active Buff
4x Active Skill
2x Passive Buff

Bicheon Scud - Godsend: Moving Speed 300% Increase, Continuous hours 15 Second.
Bicheon Force - Godsend: Physical damage 12% Increase, Magical damage 8% Increase, Phy def power of shield 105% Reduce, Phy attack power 235 Increase
Bicheon Active - Godsend: Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 45% Increase, Continuous hours 120 Second.
Cut Blade - Godsend: Phy attack Power 836-988
Sword Dance - Godsend: Phy attack power 796-891
Blade Force - Godsend: Phy attack power 927-1054, Knock-down 50%
Bicheon Spirit - Godsend: MaximumHP 920 Increase - Int requirement : 400
Destruction Smash - Godsend Lv 3: 667-804 (74%), Bleed 9Level (Probability 16%)
Hybrid Bicheon - Godsend : (STR-INT 270 Required) Physical Damage 7%, Magical Damage 4% Increase, BR 4%, attack rate 88, Parry Rate 72 Increase

5x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff

Ghost Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 950-1164(285%)
Flying Dragon - Godsend: Phy attack power 873-1093,
Soul Spear - Godsend: Phy attack power 930-1223 (Stun 9Level Probability 8% 3Time/times)
Black Spear - Godsend : Phy attack power 967-1267
Chain Spear - Godsend : 1907-2452
Hybrid Heuksal - Godsend : (STR-INT 260 Required) - Magical damage 7%, Physical Damage 7% Increase

3x Active Skill
1x Passive Buff
2x Active Buff

Black Arrow - Godsend: Phy attack power 893-1067 (370%), Attack rate 40 Increase, Critical Increase 5, Bleed 9Level (Probability 40%), Darkness 10Level (Probability 20%)
Resistance - Godsend: Phy def power 180 Increase (300 INT REQUIRED)
Anti Devil Bow - Godsend: Phy attack power 893-1067(350%)
Fire Hawk - Godsend : Attack Rate 124 Increase
Strong Bow Godsend Lv 3: 664-867 (355%), Critical 12 Increase, Shot Range 5m increase, Stun 9Level(Probability 25%)
Pacheon Boost - Godsend : Physical damage 10%, Magical Damage 10% Increase

Gallery 4

Save time and money. Choose your style and buy one of the beginner packs to save silks.

Maximum plus 5. Ideal to keep it plus 3.
Using 1 degree magic powder doubles the success rate.
New Devil & Angel Spirits are available. They are same as original devil/angel except they have visual difference.

Check them out:

+0 = 13% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 14% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+2 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [20% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+3 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+4 = 19% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive]
+5 = 21% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 2 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 1]

+0 = 10% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active]
+1 = 11% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+2 = 12% HP - MP increase passive [25% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+3 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]
+4 = 16% HP - MP increase passive [30% phy/mag dmg increase active , ignore monsters defence lv 1]]
+5 = 18% HP - MP increase passive [35% phy/mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive, ignore monsters defence lv 2]

By starting to play in Electus server, you accept the Alchemy Challenge in advance.

+1/5 = Do-able
+6/7 = Challenging
+8 = Hard
+8/9 = Very hard

Better lower your expectations to have above +9 already because +10 and +11 success rates are 1% (Excluding premium, avatar, alchemy scroll).

Using 1dg magic powder increases the success rate by 100% (Obtainable from Electus NPC for gold).
Maximum limit is +5

+1/3 = Do-able
+4/5 = Very hard

Are you an oldschool one? Then stick to default SOX glow.
You like your weapon fancy? Upgrade your weapon's SOX glow using a SOX Glow Changer Scroll, available in Item Mall. Each SOX has 1 default and 2 alternative SOX glow available. To find out more, visit Electus Showroom (Teleport from Donwhang Teleporter).


Gallery 5

To find out more, visit Electus Showroom (Teleport from Donwhang Teleporter).

There is additional gold reward for the ''GUILD'' that occupies the fortresses. The gold reward will be granted in Guild Master's inventory after the fortress war.
The gold reward mentioned above is approximate. Exact gold reward will be announced on 27th of August (Weekly Update - Changelog) as we will have more reliable information regarding silk price in the server market then.

Fortress owners are able to produce Behemoth (+25% Loot, 40% Higher HP compared to normal trans pets) and high tier attack and defence flags.

Boosted Attack Pet's Attack Power by 2x.
Boosted Fellow Pet's Attack Power by 3x.

Fellow Pets

Growth Pets

Pick Pets

Thanks to [GM]Simulation, the players can see BEST IN SLOT item in their inventory now, means if you have an item in your inventory that is better than the one you have equipped, it will have BEST ON SLOT on it

Comes next item levels which will be shown on every item and the sum of all the items you have equipped will be shown under your characer in inventory

Jackpot event is a simple and fun event that consist of a silk prize pool that is filled by players and 5 lucky winners.

Once the event start, players will have ability to add silks to the jackpot for some time. (You can add any amount and as many times as you want). Every silk will be marked as 1 line in our database. So the more silks you add to the pool, you have higher chance to be one of the winners of the event.

Let's make a quick calculation. If 5000 players to add 20 silks to the jackpot at an event, the silk prize pool will have 100,000 silks in it. The system will randomly select 60% to 100% ratio and 5 numbers in the prize pool.

Ratio: 80% (Example)
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5000, 15000, 50000, 95000.

Players who matches with these lines will share total of 80,000 silks equally which means, by adding 20 silks to the jackpot, the player will receive 16000 silks. That's about $150 worthy silks. Well, maybe less or more people will participate or maybe average silks added to the pool by the players will be lower or higher than 20 silks but in general that's how the system works.

Once again, the more silks you add to the pool, the more lines you will have in the database which will automatically higher your chance to win. So, let's say if you are there are 6 participants, first 5 with 1 silk entry and the 10th guy with 10 silks. There is a chance for this guy to not win (which is low chance but mathematically possible but also he will have 10 times more winning chance compared to the other players).

Long story short, add as much silks as you can and you'll have a high chance to win this event. Too bad if you don't, someone else will walk away with all that free silk

Like the visuals? then you will like what you are about to see, Choose your favorite icon out of 50 icons available @ Electus Stylish Shop.
You can also change your Character Name color, 8 colors are available @ Electus Stylish Shop.

PS: icons / Charname colors doesn't affect game play but are only COSMETICS.

You can challenge other players for silk by opening Electus Menu then click on PVP Challenge
By clicking on PVP Challenge it will open another window

You will need to write the Character Name of the player you want to challenge and the silk amount you wanna bet you can bet from 100 Silk to 10000 Silk, you must have the silk in your item mall not in your inventory once you click on PVP Challenge the other player will receive a window with the character name of the player he wants to challenge and the bet he added for the other player to accept he must have the silk in his item mall and not in his inventory otherwise it will not work once he accept, the silk will be removed from both players and they will get recalled to PVP Challenge arena, people can watch the pvp by porting to PVP Challenge area from donwhang portal

- The winner will get all the silk from the bet
- You may not start more than 2 matches per day
- Zerk, Scrolls and Devil Spirit may not be used in PvP Area
- The match has to end in 4 minutes latest, else, players will be refunded and teleported back to town
- If a player gets disconnected, he will lose the match

Rich Presence is here! when you launch Electus Online Discord will detect it and will show up in your status, it includes Character name, Level, Location, Race and either if you are in job mode or not.

Electus Filter features, limitations, restrictions, bug-fixes and server protection.

Personalize your character. Make sure to check out all the visual items (testers for 5 second) that are obtainable from Character Visuals NPC (located behind Donwhang Storage NPC).

These visuals do not provide with any kind of blue option / technical advantage versus other players.

Gallery 9

Access to room using Donwhang Teleport, where you can find all kind of SOX glows, Weapon and Equipment Skins.

Ever thought about having emojis in sro? now its here, for limited use tho to avoid mess.

Every Week, Thursday, 18:00 CET+1

The updates include weekly Electus Point limit increase and honor buff and ranking reset.

Patchnotes are posted on Discord, Facebook, Elitepvpers and on our Forum during the maintenance. Changelogs are available in English, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Chinese and more.

We appreciate for the donations and they help us to provide and improve Electus Online.

Donation period will start on 12-01-2021 at 2 PM (CET+1)

Refund Policy

Eligibility for Refund
You may be eligible for refund if you purchased 'Electus Cash' and haven't played the game for more than 2 hours within 14 days of purchase and haven't purchased any items in ingame store.
You will not be eligible for refunds if have been banned or violated the terms of service / server rules. In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if Electus determines that you are abusing the refund policy.

How can I request a refund?
You can request a refund by opening a support ticket after you login to your account.

How will I get my refund?
By default, purchases will be refunded to the payment method used to make the purchase, but this may not always be possible depending on the payment method. You and Electus may also agree that the refund be issued by alternative method. Please note the amount of time for the refund to process is dependent on your payment method.

To be able to play on the newer servers as an old chargebacker, you will have to communicate with server admin and accept the terms and conditions given. (This policy apply to all the running Electus servers.)

- Facebook Share Event :
- Facebook Comment Event #1:
- Facebook Comment Event #2: TBA
- Discord Event #1:
- Electus App Event: ACTIVE, Download Electus APP to join
- Electus Instagram Event:

Follow us on Discord to receive the most recent updates regarding the server+events.


1. Free Silk. There will be an EPIN Generator that you can use 1 time every 4 days (or so). You will earn approximately 10 to 10.000 Silk every time you generate an epin. (EPIN Game)
2. Giveaways. There will be a giveaway with multiple rewards going on all the time.
3. Set Alerts. Hate yourself when you miss Survival or CTF? No worries, turn on alerts for any event you want and you will receive a reminder notifications 10 minutes in advance.
4. Make alchemy for fun. 50% chance, you can play once every 12 hours. Success = 1 in-app EP, use 5 EP to join the giveaways.
5. Stay up to date. We will send you notifications when there is something you must know. Only when there is something you really need to know.

Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServer

Electus Support Team,
Username - epvpJoin Date - epvpNickname - PServer

Thank you very much for reading this and we hope to see you in Oasis server along with your friends.
Remember, 1+ year up time guarantee or full money refund. Hit us up on Discord any time of the day.

To fulfill the rules of posting a thread the Virustotal results of our Client files. It's well known that especially in the scene many files might be shown as Virus, that being that many of those ARE containing legit malware! Beside that, components like VM Detection, HWID Protection, Packers, Encryption etc. is often detected as malicous by some scanners, those are the components that are included in Electus files too. No harmful / malicious component will EVER be part of Electus Client Files!

880f0149cb4472890f78a54d955f7a95c4004ac30daaae483 eeb1e18c4c6c12e
5cf390318dce6d807adc3826e2f3b87c25b5b3eb10d969456 6cb1cb7859b3ce3
583ffa2091e853dec31654853d86b6562ce8ab9873b6f6129 2f569817fda57d6
7cabd4d02bbeda58bc415aabcbffe50e3a5508d9e001839dd dadeea44543883c
c78edbb1536558ce02fd994e41b9e56a6a89f1a3fb7d44906 9ad0aa277b255ad

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Join Electus Signature Event for a chance to win E-PIN and more!

The winners will be announced on 14-01-2021.

How to join?

Use Electus new signature and post your character name in this thread

HTML Code:
[CENTER][URL=][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL]
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Broeki best player on ELECTUS :-))))

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Friend said it’s a good server, but who I am to judge
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90 china like in ecsro baby
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''Signature Event, My Charname is ''FascinaTe''
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another milk2play system with same edits repeating?
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Wohooo finally

Sig event charname - Maze
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''Signature Event, My Charname is ''RACA''

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Electus #1 LETS GO !
Signature Event
IGN #Tsuki
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Good luck, names "Mazenolla"
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!!! ELECTUS !!!

Signature Event, My Charname is ''BLOKA"
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Im so ready for this, Sharky is here!

Signature Event, My Charname is "Sharky"
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Signature Event, My Charname is "Babba"
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another Pay2win server
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