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Araxion Online | Cap 90 CH | No Limits | Drop System | A Game to Remember | GO 08.01

Discussion on Araxion Online | Cap 90 CH | No Limits | Drop System | A Game to Remember | GO 08.01 within the SRO PServer Advertising forum part of the SRO Private Server category.

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Cool Araxion Online | Cap 90 CH | No Limits | Drop System | A Game to Remember | GO 08.01

Greetings, Araxion is back for you to enjoy, with more than a year and half of consistent work, outstanding features, massive performance, and as far as "long-term" can go! This has all been achieved by constant observance, perception, tight grasp of any situation, or hurdle. Araxion was first introduced in 2016, then was later reopened in 2018. This time, we have been working for a year and half to put our absolute best efforts into the features, and performance. So, this project is basically the pinnacle of our experience throughout all the years we have been in the scene for as players, and as people who want to build a utopia for our community and maintain it. For everyone that has trusted us, and for everyone that has added any value to Araxion, we wanted to develop a long-term server, a new community, and as stated above the utopia we dream of, which we can escape to. Sky is no longer the limit, we will be able to implement anything that we want without any limitations, welcome to your escapade!

The links above are the ONLY official links for Araxion, if you were sent any other link; it might be a phishing website meant to steal, or hack your data, so if you insist on using any other website than the ones we published, please do it at your own risk!

You probably have noticed that it took time for our dates to be published, but this is because we wanted to make sure that Araxion will be the definition of “exceptional” and that everything we promise is going to be sincere to the core.
Our closed beta started since the beginning of the development phase, but unlike any closed beta that had taken place in the scene; this one only had professional programmers that we hired for the sole purpose of hard testing the networking, performance, and heavy multitasking with thousands of characters open. The 30th of October was the official closed beta that selected players have participated in.
Although our closed beta was handled by professionals, will still be tested by our dear community, an Open Beta is still mandatory, as we need to test the database, and its components as well with a larger amount of players this time.
This is the best part, we prefer not to talk about it that much because you will notice everything on your own. This is going to be the beginning of our utopia, and the beginning of your escapade. Prepare yourselves, sharpen your weapons, and may the odds be in your favor!

Top 300 Players
The first 300 players to reach Level 90 will be rewarded with silk based on the category they’re in, is the hardcore mode on yet? We have made sure to make the categories fairer for challenge and excitement purposes. Make sure you use your previous leveling up experience as a reference to be able to make it through the top 300!
  • Top 1~8 are getting [500] Silk.
  • Top 9~16: is getting [400] Silk.
  • Top 17~50 are getting [300] Silk.
  • Top 51~100 is getting [200] Silk.
  • Top 101~200 is getting [150] Silk.
  • Top 201~300 is getting [100] Silk.

Our discord server is not just going to be for chatting. We will have a customized DRP (Discord Rich Presence) to make you look fancy while playing the game and its going to have what you are currently doing displayed as well. We will have a bot that will take care of linking things from inside the game straight to the discord server which will allow us to send you notifications regarding uniques (spawn/death), so if you don’t take your phone with you to the bathroom, you better start doing so.

Do you want to have a rare and special colored title with a special player icon and many other privilege? Boost our discord server today to enjoy the following privileges:
  • Colored In-game title
  • In-game Player Icon
  • Stay on top of the other members by having a unique @ Booster role.
  • Exclusive private channel for Nitro Boosters
  • Exclusive giveaways for Nitro Boosters
  • Developed discord server (level-wise) with its awesome privileges, such as:
    • 100+ server emoji slots (for a total of 250)
    • 384 Kbps audio quality (Better voice channels for speech and music)
    • Vanity URL for the server (Custom invitation link)
    • 100 MB upload limit for all members (Other members won't need to be nitro boosters to have more upload capacity)

vSRO files were originally made to handle 8,000 players maximally, but with crashes every 5 minutes, and instability if that number was ever accomplished. However, we have INFINITY Slots, with no effect on the performance whatsoever.

We have given this many thoughts, but to maintain a perfect mixture of old-school and new-fashioned gameplay, we decided Araxion is going to be a Cap 90 server.

Chinese Only to the moon and back as the European race makes the game more complex, but we are looking forward to hear your feedback after the Chinese only server and whether it’s needed to add another race in the future or not.

Mastery Cap will be 300. You will have 3 masteries maxed out, and you will have room to upgrade a fourth one up to level 30 to guarantee variety.

EXP Rates
The experience rate in Araxion is going to be x20, this is not going to be hard nor easy to ensure that you still get to enjoy the leveling up phase.

Skill Points
When you start, you will already have plenty of points enough to max you up, so modifying the rates will not be necessary.

Starter Items
The starter period, although it ends fast, it is still one of the most enjoyable periods in a server’s lifespan, so we wanted to make you comfortable leveling up. In Araxion, you will be starting with the following kit:

Starter Items
Araxion Beginner Boost
3 Inventory Pages
500,000 Gold
2,000,000 Skill Points
5,000 HP Potion
5,000 MP Potion
11x Instant Return Scroll
3-Day Pig (Ability Pet)
Full Equipped Set

Auto Equipment
You will see this icon that will teleport you to the same spot you are but with upgraded items, the items are going to be +7, with full blue stats and 100% white stats. The latest item you will get is going to be the Tier 3 D8 Chest (Lv77) and the icon will not disappear until Lv80 in case you miss an item, teleport while equipping the wrong weapon, or anything of that sort.

Alchemy Rate
When it comes to Alchemy, the rates are going to be VERY fair, meaning that it is neither easy, nor hard. The exact rates will be kept confidential to avoid theft.

Maximum Plus
The most balanced and favoured Maximum Plus is present in Araxion, so +10 it is.

Alchemy Notification
A notification is going to be sent to the game in case of any attempt made to increase the enhancement level of an item to +9 or more with the result (Success or Fail.)

Equipment Destructibility
You can only destroy Seal of Star D9 items but this will not give you an Advanced Elixir, instead it’s going to give you something that will be explained in the SoX Category of the thread, meaning that you will not receive elements or stones as well.

Advanced Elixirs
The advanced elixirs in Cap 90 aren’t needed to exist from the very beginning, so they are disabled. However, we might have a use for them later on the long run.

Maximum Devil Plus
The maximum enhancement level (plus) for Devil/Angel is going to be +3.

Max Stack
We will put an end to your suffering by expanding the stack limit for each category of items as per need, so the maximum stack for items will be as follows:

Item Max Stack
Arrows 10,000
Potions 10,000
Universal Pills 10,000
Purification Pills 500
Vigors 500
Elixirs 1,000
Luck Powders 1,000
Stones 1,000
Max Plus +10

PK Disabled
Having Player Killing (PK) enabled would only cause unnecessary drama especially when it comes to unique killing, so it’s going to be disabled in Araxion.

We have applied some basic modifications to the client to customize it to your comfort and to ensure the experience is going to be as limitless as possible.

Araxion’s launcher is epic and it’s by far the team’s favorite launcher we have ever seen, we are sure it’s going to be your favorite too!

Region Selection
We will have 3 datacenters (host-like) that you can connect to through the launcher to give you the best ping possible according to where you live, this is to make sure no matter how remote you are to Europe (every server’s host) you will still be able to play with your region’s ping.

The weather has been modified to always be sunny so that you always feel the warmth of Silkroad <3

Zoom Hack
Your zoom in/out will be unlimited to ensure you can view the biggest scale possible and to give you a great view of the population from above.

Fixed Collisions
In Araxion, several collisions all over the map were fixed, and if you are asking what collisions are; it’s basically being stuck within an unseen object, so for example you cannot move forward without there actually being something to block your path.

Bugged Models
We have fixed common visual bugs with some old models like the Ostrich Fellow Pet that Joymax failed to do properly regarding character size deformations when you mounted it. The same thing applies to character flipping while attacking with the hound and dragon fellow pets while mounting them.
Thunder Sound
We all definitely hate the guts of this sound and it probably gave most of us one panic attack at the very least, this is why we have disabled it completely and you shall no longer be scared (noshame.)

Araxion should not be taken lightly security-wise as our filter has the latest updates and was tested multiple times before already, so it is okay to say that Araxion is going to be a safe environment for anyone that hates cheating and cheaters. Find below details regarding Araxion’s security:

Araxion will have a PC Limit of 2 that has been well-tested with other servers, so no matter how hard you try, no matter how many people try, you will not be able to bypass our hardware limitations, so save your time for fair gameplay.

IP Limit
Unbreakable HWID Limit is cool and everything, but we also must have an IP Limit of 4 because an individual with many devices can still open plenty of characters, and who knows? Maybe Bill Gates is going to play Araxion too!

Anti-Exploit/Flood System
Araxion is going to be empowered by the latest exploit and flood protection updates, meaning that we will have a healthy environment for the players without any possibility of your information being leaked, or the server being taken down because of an attack by haters. Alongside all of that, we also did some modifications to our Gateway servers to block all possible floods.

Secondary Passcode System
Your account is going to be protected by a passcode system, this means that nobody will be able to access your account without knowing this passcode, even if they have your ID and Password. This will protect you from a common case which is people using login details from an old database they have to try to ruin a server and hack its players.
Warning: Your account will be blocked for 10 minutes in case you enter the incorrect passcode 3 times in a row.
PC/IP Punishments
In case you severely violated our Terms & Conditions, we have an effective punishment system where we can ban your whole computer or your whole network (IP), or both of them together. So, make sure to play fair, read the rules, and comply to them.

Global Chatting Punishment
Like account banning, we will have individual banning, or PC/IP banning when it comes to Global Chatting, so leveling up new characters to spam Global Chatting after getting banned is now deemed pointless.

Hide Names Function
Hiding character and guild names, names in chat, or blocking the whole chatting function is now possible, this is going to be really helpful when it comes to events that are meant to be done Solo (Free for All), yet people still attempt to group up for it.

One of the perks that we have is an active packet-logger, so we know what you were doing, what you are doing, and what you are willing to do. And since all the requested packets are stored automatically in order, it couldn’t be hard to activate an Anti-Cheat system based on all the scenarios we want to prevent to make sure everything’s fair, could it?

Anti-Cheat System
By usage of the arranged logging system that we have, we have an automated system based on it that prevents cheating related to job, and events, and we’ll release a list of the cheaters on a weekly basis with the attempted cheating method attached as well.

Araxion Menu
We replaced the original skill-bar menu alongside its components with our own menu to make it look as if it’s actually part of the original game, not a modification.
Achievements (UI)
Making you feel rewarded is one of our main priorities, and we’re looking forward to give you a prize for all activities that you do, so we will have our own achievements system in Araxion.
Titles play a huge role in identifying who you are as a player, your preferences, and what you like, so we’ll have an awesome window that will makes sure you won’t lose any title you purchase, and you’ll be able to switch between them whenever you like LIVE.

Live Title Shop (UI)
Now instead of visiting an NPC to purchase a title or a modified color for your existing title, you will be able to make any title-related purchase through our exclusive live title shop window. Upon purchase, you will receive the title straight away to your Titles Manager
Live Title Switching/Update (UI)
Tired of servers lying to you about live features? Then come and try our real-time title switching, it’s not going to be updated client-side only awaiting a teleport, but it’s going to update everywhere, to all players, without the need to move an inch.
Customized Notifications
You will be seeing a lot of custom notification in Araxion, whether they’re personalized (private notifications shown only to you) or global (shown to the whole server at the same time.)

Character Icons
Another customization to your character, you will be getting an icon next to your name as a reward for several things, read more for further information.

Unique Status
Missed a unique spawn or death while teleporting is one of the major inconveniences in Silkroad as it can cause two bad scenarios, this first is being ignorant to the fact that a unique spawned, or search for infinity as it died while you were teleporting. This is why we have created a window that will assist you in your adventure by letting you know the statuses of all unique monsters.
Unique status window has been attached to F6 as well besides the menu

Special Reverse Return Scroll (New)
One of the very original features, it’s an existing feature only in the original Silkroad owned by Joymax, which means that the implementation of this feature in Araxion makes us second only to Joymax. This scroll allows you to move to any party member’s location, and you’ll also be able to save up to 5 different locations that you can teleport to afterwards.
Live Item Granting
You have probably heard about this before, but have you ever seen it in action? No. In Araxion, any item you receive in your personal Chest can be claimed to your inventory Real-Time, which means that you won’t need to teleport or anything, just press on the item, then claim!

Live Chest
Upon successfully receiving an item, it’s going to be automatically moved to your character’s chest, then once you claim any item from it, it’s going to be moved live to the nearest empty inventory slot.
Live Gold Granting
Like items, gold is also going to be included in the Live Granting series. This applies for cases like selling goods, under normal circumstances; you would only get a small portion of the profit, and then get the full amount when you re-login, but nah that’s old-fashioned now, you will be granted the full amount live to your inventory.
AFK Bubbles
Tired of your friends getting mad at you for thinking you’re ignoring them? No problem, whenever your character stops moving for 5 minutes, you’ll gain the AFK Bubbles above your head, and it only breaks by movement, stall, NPC talk, and death, which means that you can pretend to be AFK while still chatting with friends and ignoring the rest, privacy comes first .
Old Avatars
We have updated our client with every single avatar to exist that wasn’t made by a third-party, allowing you to enjoy customizing your character to your preference, as we know cosmetics make you feel awesome!
New Avatars
Cannot find a hat, dress or attachment that can satisfy your taste? No problem! You can pick from Araxion’s avatars! We will not stop creating new awesome avatars every now and then for you, alongside the old ones of course!

Stall, Exchange, Restart and Exit bugs
Disabling functions was the getaway for many servers to avoid bug-abuse, but disabling a WHOLE function to get a part of it is not really our method of doing things, we will keep digging until we find what needs to be fixed, but disable it whole? No. We will not be disabling the functions but will be limiting their usage during combat, so for 20 seconds after the end of a combat with other characters, you will not be able to initiate a Stall, Exchange, Restart, or Exit requests.

Skills Cooldown
The cooldown reset after teleporting between game-servers has been fixed, meaning that you cannot reset the cooldown of your Snow Shield by teleporting anymore.

Global Chatting Delay
To avoid another Pay2Win scenario where someone who has many globals can outvoice someone who doesn’t have many by spamming his own globals, and to ensure the server is going to be spam-free, we have set the Global Chatting delay to 120 seconds.

Skill Edit Potion Bug
The bug people used to reset the cooldown of skills like Snow Shield using skill edit potions are fixed in Araxion by not letting you use them on skills that have are on a cooldown until it’s over.

Trace Function
Tracing has been slightly modified in Araxion, you will not be able to perform the trace function on any character that is not under the same mode as you, meaning that if you are not wearing a job suit, you cannot trace a character wearing one, and vice versa.

Buffs Cast-Time
It’s not really nice having to wait 2~3 seconds per buff to cast, and we’re trying to save you as much time as possible, so the cast time has been modified to just some milliseconds instead.
Permanent Buffs
We do not say no to more time-saving features, do we? Alongside the cast-time that is now measured by milliseconds (MS) you will be able to keep the buffs permanently.

Adventurer Zheng He | Special Goods
One of the perks of travelling is that you can find items that might be useless in its home country, but when it’s brought back to YOUR home country; it might hold great value, and this is Zheng He’s job, to get items from all around the world, and resell them to you.

Lanista Xiang Yu | Battle Master
Xiang Yu is going to be the manager of our events and is going to be the one you will be registering with in case you want to participate in a specific event excluding Survival Arena.

Survival Arena Manager | Event Manager
We have created a whole NPC for Survival Arena because we will have multiply modes for it, not just the ‘Free for All’ mode which is already existent in every server out there, find more about it in its respective section.

Dungeon Master Fu | Dungeon Shop
Fu will be selling Dungeon Instances (Pillars) for two of our dungeons, Togui and Shipwreck, however there’s a 3rd one that he couldn’t conquer and is going to have a different entry method, which is Holy Water Temple.

Trainer Sung Wu | Missions Manager
Sung Wu is going to be training you by assigning missions to you whenever you want to grow stronger, beware though as he is going to be harsher on you the next time upon each time you meet his expectations!

Daily Offers
This NPC’s mission is to deliver different discounted items every day that get updated live by the team without the need to restart the server or anything like that! All purchased items are going to be moved to your Character’s Chest and you can claim them anytime. The NPC does not have a unique name because it is more like a mall rather than an individual.

Having unique and exclusive features means that there has to be unique details as well to enhance them. In Araxion, we are going to have completely remade some of the NPC functions to be able to have detailed dialogues with NPCs. Find below some examples:

NPC Interactions

There will be 3 main currencies; Job Coin, Arena Coin, and Gold Coin. Find below a brief explanation about each coin:

Job Coin
This coin is going to be acquired by jobbing activities.

Arena Coin
You all probably guessed it right, this coin is going to be attained by completing different event activities.

Gold Coin
Too obvious from the name? This coin is going to be purchasable by gold through Adventurer Zheng He for 1,000,000,000 gold each.

This lamp is going to be dropping from unique monsters and will get you amazing rewards as Araxion is Play2Win; we have to ensure that all activities are very rewarding. Find below what you can get from this lamp with the difficulty level:

Item Rate
Immortal Stone(s) Hard
Astral Stone(s) Hard
Sabukan Jewel Hard
Lucky Powder D1 Hard
Random Attack Pet Mid
Random Pick Pet Mid
Lucky Magic Powder (9th) Mid
Golden Dragon Flag Mid
10% Damage Absorption Scroll Low
Global Chatting Package Low
Reverse Return Scroll Package Low
Repair Hammer Package Low

This box is a reward from the Togui Dungeon, we thought multiple times about adding this long since forgotten dungeon to the game, and an idea popped up; elixirs and stones, up to 100x stacks of them. Something we will always need is elixirs and stones, since it is extremely hard to pimp our sets to full 100% stats. Find below the rates for this box:

Item Rate Quantity
Elixirs 30% Up to 100
Att. Stones 30% Up to 100
Mag. Stones 40% Up to 100

Here we are going to talk about everything town-related in Araxion, whether it be custom-made stuff modifications done to old stuff, or just a couple of tweaks. This is a very important section as it contain information about the main town, grinding town, and a brand new town!
We have tried thinking of alternatives, but this one just works the best taking every aspect into consideration; Donwhang is going to be the main town of Araxion and it is going to contain our new NPCs.

This is the start of every game, you grind to reach the level cap and start unfolding the activities one by one. Grinding in Araxion is going to be different though, because it is going to include custom-made Lv89~90 monsters. The only grinding area for now is Samarkand, should it be needed to unlock a new area, it will be done straight away.

Grinding Areas Monsters

Since Araxion will have the beloved Battle Royale event, we have a enlisted Sand Storm Desert as its host map. Apart from it being a very vast place, it works very well with the concept of the event.

Probably the most awaited section of the thread, where you want to know how you can buff your equipment up and have the best items in-game. You wouldn’t believe the amount of combined ideas we came up with on the course of almost 2 years to come up with the best SoX System possible, many ideas, many changes, many internal and external discussions, while wanting to please people who prefer doing things the old way, and people who like modern methods; we will be using different obtain-methods for each SoX.
SoX balance is one of the factors that determine a server’s lifespan and we acknowledge how important it is to have the item balance itself balanced with the obtain methods, sounds complicated? Well, welcome to more than a year worth of effort.
SoX Available Equipment Enhancement Inc. Reinforcement Inc.
Seal of Star Weapons, Shield, Sets & Accessories Last Tier +1.5 Last Tier +2.5%
Seal of Rigel Weapons only Last Tier +2.5 Last Tier +6%
Seal of Aurora Weapons, Shield, Sets & Accessories Last Tier +3.5 Last Tier +13%
Seal of Moon Weapons only Last Tier +5 Last Tier +15%

First SoX type and the weakest of them, but you will need to pass by it in order to be able to obtain the better SoX type. While it’s the weakest SoX out of 4, it’s still not going to be relatively easy to obtain as the server is designed to be a long-term one.

How to obtain Seal of Star?
You can obtain All Seal Of Star items as drops from multiple options according to your preference.

- Samarkand Mobs (Very Hard)
- Job Temple (Hard)
- Normal Uniques (Medium)
- Job Temple Uniques (Medium)
- Dungeon Uniques (Difficulty Level Dependent)
- High-End Uniques (Easy)
Usually Seal of Star is disregarded after people start getting the 2nd SoX type, however this is not going to be the case in Araxion as the Seal of Rigel is based on Seal of Star.

How to obtain Seal of Rigel?
You can obtain all Seal Of Rigel Weapons through destroying Seal of Star items with ‘Destroyer Rondo’.

How to obtain How to obtain Destroyer Rondo?
You can purchase it from Adventurer Zheng He (Special Goods) for 500,000 Gold each, and the rondos required to destroy each SoS item is 130 Destroyer Rondo.
This is going to be the 3rd SoX type and it’s going to have a different obtain method for weapons, sets, and accessories. Also note that the SoA set and accessory parts are the endgame ones.

You will be able to obtain Seal of Aurora weapons through the Forgotten World (Shipwreck) collection, but one of the cards, Broken Key is not going to be drop-able, but will be purchasable with gold from Adventurer Zheng He (Special Goods.)

The Seal of Aurora shield is drop-able from the Shipwreck boss, Ghost Sereness, but it’s going to be a dead item that you can activate with an Awakening Elixir through Adventurer Zheng He (Special Goods.)

As for the Seal of Aurora set parts, you will be able to purchase it with Job and Gold Coins through Blacksmith Mo Ye.

Lastly, the Seal of Aurora accessory parts are going to be purchasable through Arena and Gold Coins through Blacksmith Mo Ye.
Endgame Weapons, while the endgame shield, set and accessory parts are Seal of Aurora. Information about the latest SoX type is currently classified and more information regarding it is going to be released before its update.
In Araxion we care a lot of cosmetics just like we do care about technicalities. You will never find more detailed effects than ours, so bless your eyes with the original SoX Effects in Araxion.
Default SoX

Not only do we have awesome default SoX effects, but we also have customized ones you can purchase. This is mainly for people who like to look unique and stand out. Find below a list of the Custom SoX glows.
Custom SoX

in Araxion, we have created our customized models for everything, whether it be weapons, normal monsters, unique monsters, avatars, or even all kind of pets. Thanks to our talented Pk2 King DocLex who is a great asset and gift to the team; we have managed to have great modifications done to the game, including the custom models that will be discussed in this section of the thread. We do believe that looks/cosmetics play a huge role in having fun, as we tend to get bored from the old-fashioned stuff way too fast like the old avatars for example and it’s nothing be ashamed of, we are all the same!
Having a customized weapon is more frightening to your enemies than having the default weapon look as it shows your dedication into enhancing and pimping your weaponry as much as you can. In Araxion we will have the default Model Switchers ranging from D1 until D15, then our customized models Dragon Slayer (D17) and Devil’s Bane (D18) sets. Check the gallery for more.

Just like we promised to provide all old-school avatars, we will also have a pool of customized avatars to choose from so you can look as fancy as possible. A lot of efforts were spent on the models as you will be able to see in the gallery below.
Custom Avatars

Of course we have added the default fellow pets, but that’s not everything as we have made 7 custom fellow pets! You can choose which buddy you would like to company you during your journey. Find below all of our customized fellow pets.
Custom Fellow Pets

You never want to go through the hassle of picking the items with your own character, whether this is while actively playing or botting, so having a grab pet to do this job for you is a must. Alongside all the default grab pets, we have 3 customized grab pets that you can choose from! Find pictures in the gallery below.
Custom Grab Pets

Apart from the 3 default trans-pets in the item mall, we have customized 1 more for you in case you wanted to look special while doing jobbing activities. More are going to be in the making soon!
Custom Tans Pet

Going to your grinding area? In search for unique monsters? Looking for opposite jobbers? Having a special customized vehicle is the first thing your opponents will lay eyes on while it’s still something that looks different and better in your own eyes, so we created 4 customized vehicles in the Item mall, and 1 customized vehicle in your local stable. Find pictures in the gallery below.
Custom Vehicles

Monsters' existence is everlasting in every aspect, whether it be related to grinding or quests or other activities, so the last tier monsters in Samarkand are going to be customized as well. We will let you see them in-game!
Hunting unique monsters is the favorite activity for many, it might even be more than 50% of the community, so we couldn’t forget you while deciding on which models we will customize, this is why in Araxion we will have 3 different custom made unique monsters while there are 3 others in stock that will be released in a planned future update. Find pictures in the Uniques section below.

We have different dungeons with different functions and different features, and even different drops to ensure that you get a different experience from each and every one of them. Below, you will find detailed information regarding all dungeons that we have, alongside with how they work, and how they are beneficial for you.
Araxion Dungeons Showreel

One of the main dungeons that you can enter by giving our Dungeon Master Fu a visit, and purchasing a dimensional pillar. For Shipwreck, we will have 4 different difficulty levels, each one is more rewarding than the one afterwards of course and you will be able to gather The Sea of Resentment’s collection and obtain a Seal of Aurora weapon, not only that, you will be able to drop a Seal of Aurora shield from the boss monster Ghost Sereness as well! Find the drops for each difficulty level below:
Unique Seal of Star Magic Lamp SoA Shield
Ghost Beast/Gultton 1* 2.5% 20% 0%
Ghost Beast/Gultton 2* 7% 40% 0%
Ghost Beast/Gultton 3* 13% 50% 0%
Ghost Beast/Gultton 4* 20% 70% 0%
Ghost Sereness 1* 1x (10%) 1x 3.5%
Ghost Sereness 2* 1x (30%) 2x 4%
Ghost Sereness 3* 1~2x (60%) 3x 7%
Ghost Sereness 4* 2~3x (100%) 4x 20%
(Rates are subject to change according to the beta testing)

You probably have not seen this dungeon in ages, or even never if you are not a very old player. This dungeon is originally based around Lv35~50, Lv51~60, and Lv61~70 and has two difficulty levels for each level range. In Araxion, we tweaked things a little bit, so we based it on Lv90~90, and created a 3rd difficulty level for it. The reward for this dungeon is mainly in-game minerals like stones and elixirs in a form of a Mysterious Box that will send a random amount of elixirs/stones to your Character Chest upon usage, we will later update this dungeon to drop more valuable items, but for the opening this will be very sufficient. Find the drop rate of the Mysterious Box below:
Unique Mysterious Box
Togui Monster 1* 5%
Togui Monster 2* 10%
Togui Monster 3* 15%
Togui Treasure Box 1* 10%
Togui Treasure Box 2* 15%
Togui Treasure Box 3* 20%
Togui 1* Unique 15%
Togui 2* Unique 20%
Togui 3* Unique 25%
(Rates are subject to change according to the beta testing)

The most favored dungeon for Silkroad players, Holy Water Temple is going to be available in Araxion but with our own adjustments as well. The rooms are going to be progressive apart from the difficulty level (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced) meaning that every room you pass, the level gets harder inside any of the 3. So, Nephthys’ room is harder than Sphinx’s room, Sekhmet’s room is harder than Nephthys’ room, etc. Not only the damage increases, the monsters and unique monsters as well gain a noticeable amount of HP. The concept of progression is what makes a dungeon special, and we really wanted to try doing something like this, we sure do know that you will like it as well, and as the concept of progression is not easy, we will be rewarding you with amazing drops! Find the Holy Water Temple drops below:
Unique Seal of Star Magic Lamp
Sphinx *1 1x (7%) 1x (40%)
Nephthys *1 1x (12%) 1x (45%)
Sekhmet *1 1x (15%) 1x (50%)
Horus *1 1x (17%) 1x (55%)
Osiris *1 1x (19%) 1x (60%)
Sphinx *2 1x (35%) 1x (65%)
Nephthys *2 1x (40%) 1x (70%)
Sekhmet *2 1x (45%) 1x (75%)
Horus *2 1x (50%) 1x (80%)
Osiris *2 1x (55%) 1x (85%)
Sphinx *3 1x (65%) 1~2x (70)
Nephthys *3 1x (70%) 1~2x (75%)
Sekhmet *3 1x (75%) 1~2x (80%)
Horus *3 2x (80%) 1~2x (85%)
Osiris *3 2~3x (90%) 1~2x (90%)
(Rates are subject to change according to the beta testing)

Unique monsters have nostalgia all over them, in this section we have done our best to satisfy those who like hunting the old ones, while innovating when it comes to the high-end ones, all while creating our own custom-made unique monsters to make the experience all the more exciting. Unique monsters in Araxion will be very rewarding in terms of drops and to keep everything fair and square, we will have STR versions of all unique levels so that you can play your favorite build, but STR Force players will have the advantage because they will be needed in INT parties as well in order to tank or resurrect them when it comes to strong unique monsters. After the introduction of every unique category, you will find a schedule containing all relevant information regarding their drops and respawn time.
We are in 2020, everything needs to be done live. Upon slaying a unique monster; you will be receiving a title immediately real-time while it’s going to be taken away from the old slayer real-time as well without the need for either of you to teleport, and the same concept applies to silk granting as well.

The term “normal” applies to old-school unique monsters ranging from Tiger Girl until Demon Shaitan, and they are going to keep their default spawn points on the map, but their drops and respawn time have been altered according to their level.
Devil Shaitan is a unique that nobody really put into consideration for a fair amount of time despite how awesome it looks. Both Devil Shaitan and Demon Shaitan are going to have something in common, their curse inflicted upon whoever dares to slay them. Find below Devil Shaitan’s spawn points. The Devil Shaitan is going to be available in both STR/INT versions.

Since Demon Shaitan and Devil Shaitan are the primary last tier unique monsters by default standards (only default standards, since we have stronger unique monsters) we thought thoroughly about how to make them rewarding, so we came up with a buff to heat things up, the buff lasts for 4 hours and 30 minutes (roughly Demon Shaitan’s respawn time.)

Voliath is one of our custom-made unique monsters and it will spawn across Asia Minor, it’s a monster that’s weaker against magical attack, so INT players should be targeting it for its awesome drops.

It’s the darker version of Voliath, but the other difference is that this one is weaker against physical attacks, so it should be targeted by STR players instead for the same drops as Voliath. Dark Voliath spawns across Samarkand.

This once forsaken monster has been unleashed and found it's way out of its lair to the land of Samarkand, seeking Vengeance against those who have once imprisoned him. Stop it, if you dare!

Nobody can overlook the unique monsters that have the potential of starting a huge battlefield, so we did our best to make these unique monsters appealing to you whether prefer an INT or STR build to make things even fairer, here’s the distribution that we have decided on.
Selket Anubis
Isis Neith

Apis appears in the job temple as well however exactly in Sanctum of Audience, it's a fight for all with massive drops!

The White Viper has been the embodiment of our dreams very far in the past when we wanted to see our name next to the slay notification, so bringing it back to you balanced for a 90 Cap server was a very challenging thing to do as it’s fit for caps beyond, but your excitement matters the most to us. Medusa will spawn in its own room that you can access through a Dimensional Gate in Donwhang every day at 19:00 (Server Time.) Medusa is going to be an INT unique monster.

After Medusa’s dream was fulfilled, Roc was released and became an even harder milestone to achieve. However, Roc is going to basically be the STR version of Medusa in terms of drops and defense. It is also going to spawn in its own room that you can access from the same Dimensional Gate as Medusa every day at 18:30 (Server Time.)

We are not going to let you do something that you enjoy just for fun, we will also reward you with precious stuff! Find below the drops of every unique monster in Araxion excluding dungeon unique monsters as their drops are explained in their respective sections.
Unique Seal of Star Magic Lamp Reverse Global Special Reverse Silk (Live) Silk (Scrolls)
Tiger Girl - 20% 1 1 - 25 Silk
Cerberus - 20% 1 1 - 25 Silk
Captain Ivy - 25% 1 1 - 30 Silk
Uruchi - 25% 1 1 - 30 Silk
Rage Cloud - 30% 2 1 - 50 Silk
Isyutaru - 40% 2 1 - 60 Silk
Taishan Monster - 45% 3 3 - 70 Silk
Lord Yarkan - 90% 3 3 - 80 Silk
Demon Shaitan 5% 1 5 3 - 90 Silk
Devil Shaitan 7% 1~2 - 5 1~2 - 100 Silk
Voliath 7% 1~2 - 5 1~2 - 100 Silk
Dark Voliath 7% 1~2 - 5 1~2 - 100 Silk
Hell Hound 15% 2~3 - 6 1~3 - 150 Silk
Apis 15% 2~3 - 6 1~3 - 150 Silk
Isis 30% 2 4 - 2~3 - 400 Silk
Anubis 30% 2 4 - 2~3 - 400 Silk
Selket 30% 2 4 - 2~3 - 400 Silk
Neith 30% 2 4 - 2~3 - 400 Silk
Medusa 2~4x 3~4 4 4~5 3~4 - 600 Silk
Roc 2~4x 3~4 4 4~5 3~4 - 600 Silk
(Rates are subject to change according to the beta testing)

Having a ranking for something means that there would be extra room for challenge, and rivalry spirit. Hence, the development of many rankings with newly designed UIs to make things look in order and user-friendly, what is awesome is that you will have a title and a buff with every ranking to keep you shining! Just for the record, all buffs are stackable, meaning that you can have all ranking buffs as long as you are #1 at all rankings, as for the titles; you can have all of them as well, but you will switch between them from our Title UI window. Some rankings will be updated live (real-time), and some others will be updated on a weekly basis to ensure that you can keep your lead if something urgent happens with your life and because we do not want you to be overwhelmed by always wanting to stay on top for the extra buff. If you want to know how the ranking updates (live/weekly) will work, please read the following examples:
How will some Rankings be updated Live (real-time)?
Easy question, some rankings alongside their title and buff will be updated and given to their respectable players immediately if they have surpassed the players already on top. Let’s say I am ranking #1 Job Unique Slayer, with a flashy title and buff, and a player just surpassed me in points, this means my flashy title and buff are going to be removed from my character (without teleporting) and move to the player that just surpassed me in points (without teleporting as well.)

How do the Weekly Rankings work, and how are they going to be updated?
The points for each player will be stored, and updated live through the ranking’s UI (window), and then according to the scoreboard for each ranking, the titles and buffs are going to be distributed to those who ranked #1 for the whole past week after the Fortress War (Every Sunday). Let’s today was the grand-opening and I was #2 Alchemist (no title or Icon) the whole week, and I managed to get my Spear to +10 (Haha, as if) before the Fortress War which made me #1 Alchemist (still no title or icon) and then everybody got busy with the Fortress, and the ranking update happened when the FW ended, I will get my #1 Alchemist title and Character Icon as long as nobody has surpassed me before the ranking updated.

How are we going to see the scoreboard for every ranking?
We will have an NPC for every ranking that we have in the game and we will have a gallery below to show you the pinpoints of exactly where they’re located.
We have collected all ranking information and stored them in an NPC for you to ensure that your journey will be easier. You will be able to see the scoreboards for all rankings and keep an eye on who you need to surpass. Titles and Buffs are going to be distributed from the same place this information is stored at, so do not miss the updates!

Fighting for honor has been a really motivating thing to do and since we want to appreciate your motivation; we have assigned the honor ranking to all possible activities, this will make sure that all activities are given their proper rights.
As for buffs, they are going to be distributed among the first 20 players of each job, so things are going to be very competitive!
- honor buffs will be given to the top 50 in the over all ranking.

1≈3 = king
4≈15 = gold
16≈30 = silver
31≈50 = copper
Unique Hunting
Apart from the various drops you will be getting from unique monsters, you can also enjoy Honor Points from them. Find below how many points you can earn from Araxion’s unique monsters:
- Tiger Girl/Cerberus: 1 Point.
- Captain Ivy/Uruchi: 2 Points.
- Rage Cloud: 3 Points.
- Isyutaru: 4 Points.
- Taishan Monster: 5 Points.
- Lord Yarkan: 6 Points.
- Demon Shaitan: 8 Points.
- Devil Shaitan: 8 Points.
- Voliath: 12 Points.
- Dark Voliath: 12 Points
- Anubis: 20 Points.
- Isis: 20 Points.
- Neith: 20 Points.
- Selket: 20 Points.
- Medusa: 30 Points.
- Roc: 30 Points.
- Hell hound : 15 Points.
- Apis : 17 Points.

Job Kills
This one is going to be different, as you will be risking to lose points as well. For every kill you land, you will receive [1] Point, and for every death, your slayer will steal [1] Point from you. Just like it’s mentioned in multiple points of the thread, we have a very strict Anti-Cheat policy, so any attempts will be countered with heavy measures.

This is included to add some spice to specific events like:

- Madness Unique: 15 Points
- War of Leagues Unique: 15 Points
- Survival Arena gives 1 honor per kill, Max 3 honor points per character you kill, you cannot get more than 3 honor points from the same character.
- Survival Arena winners 1st will get 10 honor points, 2nd will get 5 honor points, 3rd will get 3 honor points.
- You cannot earn points or kills from the killing the same character twice in a row
- CTF win will earn you 4 honor points, Draw 2 honor points, lose 1 honor point.
- Battle Arena win will earn you 4 honor points, Draw 2 honor points, lose 1 honor point.
- Last man standing each kill gives 1 honor point.
- Last man standing win gives 6 honor points.

This is only applicable to D9 SoX items.

+7: 2 points
+8: 4 points
+9: 8 points
+10: 12 points


- Togui: 2, 4, 8 Points. Scales according to the level of your dungeon.
- Shipwreck: 3, 6, 9, 12 Points. Scales according to the level of your dungeon.
- Holy Water Temple: 1 Point for killing each unique.
This ranking will have everything character-related, like Level and Item Points, and it’s going to be the core of your challenge to shine among the other players, because in order to shine in the other rankings, you’ll have to stand out in this one. This ranking is very generalized, so we will not have a buff for it as it would be unfair.

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- Top 1: #1 Player Title & Character Icon
- Top 2: #2 Player Title
- Top 3: #3 Player Title
Not only can you be the #1 Player, but #1 as a guild as well! Like the Character Ranking, this ranking will not have a buff as it is very generalized, only a flashy color for the guild’s name. Imagine being the only guild with a custom color, awesome huh?

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- Customized Guild Color
Hunting unique monsters and having an announcement go off with your name to the whole server is a satisfaction that you will never cease to get, so we are just throwing some flames to your esteem by implementing a ranking for your hunt.

Ranking Update Type
- Weekly

- Top 1: #1 Unique Slayer Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Top 2: #2 Unique Slayer Title
- Top 3: #3 Unique Slayer Title

- STR 5 Increase
- INT 5 Increase
- 15% Attack Rate Increase
This could have been included in the “Unique Ranking” category, but we also never say no to variety and giving you more options to show off by switching between your ranking titles that only you own near Donwhang storage where but everybody is watching yOuUuuUuu. No, really this is just to have 2 separate rankings for unique monsters.

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- Top 1: #1 Job Unique Slayer & Buff & Character Icon
- Top 2: #2 Job Unique Slayer
- Top 3: #3 Job Unique Slayer

- STR 5 Increase
- INT 5 Increase
- 15% Attack Rate Increase
The ranking for job will be split into 2 sections, one for Trading (Goods-Selling) and one for combat engagement (Kills) and this is to make sure none of the jobs will be looked down on as traders for example don’t have to engage in combat that much, so this is our method of making it fair for everyone.

Trading Ranking

Ranking Update Type
- Weekly

- Trader #1: #1 Merchant Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Trader #2 : #2 Merchant Title
- Trader #3 : #3 Merchant Title

- Hunter #1: #1 Hunter Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Hunter #2: #2 Hunter Title
- Hunter #3: #3 Hunter Title

- Thief #1: #1 Thief Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Thief #2: #2 Thief Title
- Thief #3: #3 Thief Title

Buff (Combined)
- 2% Physical Damage Absorb.
- 2% Magical Damage Absorb.

Combat Ranking

Ranking Update Type
- Live

- Trader #1: #1 Merchant Manslayer Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Trader #2: #2 Merchant Manslayer Title
- Trader #3: #3 Merchant Manslayer Title

- Hunter #1: #1 Hunter Manslayer Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Hunter #2: #2 Hunter Manslayer Title
- Hunter #3: #3 Hunter Manslayer Title

- Thief #1: #1 Thief Manslayer Title & Buff & Character Icon
- Thief #2: #2 Thief Manslayer Title
- Thief #3: #3 Thief Manslayer Title

Buff (Combined)
- 2% Physical Damage Increase.
- 2% Magical Damage Increase.
Even while you are just in town pimping your equipment, you will still not lose your lead because you’ll be working towards ranking on top of the other alchemists.

Ranking Update Type
- Weekly

- #1 Alchemist Title & Character Icon

+5 = 2 Points
+6 = 4 Points
+7 = 6 Points
+8 = 8 Points
+9 = 15 Points
+10 = 30 Points
The title speaks for it itself, this ranking is generalized as well, but it’s extremely hard to obtain so there has to be a nice reward for it. Yes, this ranking is for ALL ARAXION EVENTS COMBINED that we broke down below. Mostly, all event rankings are going to be live, except for the combined Event Ranking itself.

Ranking Update Type
- Weekly

- Event Champion Title & Character Icon

- MaximumHP 2,500 Increase.
- MaximumMP 2,500 Increase.
The ranking for this one will be amazing we know, and it’s going to be very hard staying #1 because of the amount of players that would be playing it, can you do it?

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Title & Character Icon
Hunt a unique where everyone can kill each other via PvP Capes. The ranking is going to be based on unique kills.

Ranking Update Type
Live (Real-time)

#1 Madness
Like the Madness event, but with job suits instead of PvP capes. The ranking is going to be based on unique kills.

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- #1 War of Leagues
Your beloved event, but looked at from different angles. Since we have 3 different types of Survival Arena, we will also have 3 separate rankings for it, each has its own title.

Survival Arena (Free for All)

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- #1 Survivalist (Free For All) Title & Character Icon

Survival Arena (2 vs 2)

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- #1 Survivalist (Duo) Title & Character Icon

Survival Arena (4 vs 4)

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

#1 Survivalist (Squad) Title & Character Icon
Fighting to see who will have the last stand is something worthy of honoring, so we also have a ranking for this one that will give you a nice title.

Ranking Update Type
- Live (Real-time)

- #1 Last Man Standing Title & Character Icon

Now this is a very exciting part! Trader, Hunter, or Thief, we all have our own preference, but will always have memories in regards to playing the 3 different jobs and enjoying our time doing so, I believe you also remember your first Trade, your first portion of a protected Trade, and your first stolen loot. Jobbing is going to be valuable and rewarding in Araxion because it goes without saying that Jobbing is one of the core features in Silkroad that gets adrenaline pumping in your veins uninvited, we all love it when we deliver goods from town to town after a long battlefield, and the longest the distance is, the more fun and rewarding feeling we get. In this section everything regarding jobbing will be explained in detail, bit by bit.

In this section, the basic modifications done to improve your job experience are going to be discussed to ensure you know what exactly has been done for you.
Fellow Pets
We have disabled the ability to spawn Fellow Pets under Job Mode or while you’re wearing any Job Suit in general

Trade Pets & Goods Stack
The Slots for trade pets have been modified to 14, while the Goods Stack quantity has been modified to 350 Units as a maximum stack.

NPC Spawns
The max spawn has been altered to 3 to avoid any FPS lags as we have to respect Silkroad’s old engine that wouldn’t match our PC specifications.

Reverse & Return Scroll Restrictions
The usage of Reverse and Return scrolls is going to be restricted during Job Mode combat, and you won’t be able to use Return and Reverse scrolls 60 seconds after death.

Hunter Trace
As a Hunter, the trace function is going to be disabled for you, meaning that you cannot trace ANY characters at all, including those not wearing job suits or under job mode.

Thief Town (NPC)
We don’t want to limit you to Jangan only if you want to visit the Thief Town, so we created a Thief NPC in Donwhang and Hotan as well, you can check the below image for the exact location on the map.
Job Leave Penalty
The penalty for leaving your job has been customized to 3 days, which can of course be waived by using the Penalty Reset scroll.
Of course something like this wouldn’t be forgotten, but we have reworked and tweaked it to be a LIVE feature, meaning that everything about it updates real-time including buffs and awesome cosmetics. Not only that, we did our best to make sure there is going to be a lot of other custom features to make the experience awesome and better than ever. The wanted buff will be untimed (no remaining time or blue bar) just like the original iSro Honor Buffs. Find below the required kills required for each Wanted Buff and its stats.

Buff Required Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv1 10 Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv2 20 Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv3 30 Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv4 40 Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv5 50 Kills
Hero Wanted Mode Lv6 60 Kills

Wanted Mode

Kill/Death Notifications
You will get a personalized private notification upon killing someone or dying to someone under job mode, of course the other player will also receive a notification but it’s going to be the opposite of the one you got and both notifications will have the other player’s nickname included in it so you can know who exactly you killed and who killed you.

Wanted Notifications
The server will receive a global notification upon anyone gaining or losing the Wanted mark and buff, so you will be able to know when a player is wanted, and when a player rids someone of the Wanted mark basically, plus another type of Wanted Notification to notify you when you break your own kill record.

Global Notifications
The second global notification type for Wanted is going to be for when someone breaks the global kill streak record, making the player infamous and literally everyone will start searching for his whereabouts.
Having awesome customized features for kills is great and everything, but having it monitored and secured is what matters most. Below you will find implemented methods to ensure there will not be any cheating when it comes to job. As stated in the Security section, we will have everything logged.

Job Kills
As stated in the Security section, we will have everything logged, which means that it’s pointless to attempt cheating when it comes to job kills as you are risking to get your whole account or even your whole PC/IP banned for violating our obvious Terms & Conditions, so save your time for fair gameplay.

phBot Automatic Trading Security
Trading should be done manually, and manually only. Any sorts of automatic trading in Araxion is disabled and this has been tested before, so there’s no need to waste your time by attempting to bypass it.

Trader Goods-Dropping
As a Trader, you will not be able to drop goods anywhere inside and near safe zones to prevent cheating.

Thieves Return Scroll
As a Thief, you will not be able to initiate a return scroll back to Thief Town while you’re already inside or anywhere near a safe zone.
This usually determines who is going to play which Job according to your preference when it comes to Coin/Gold balance, but we have done our best to balance things out for you.

Gold Earnings

- 5* Loot Total Price: 28,000,000 Gold

- Trader Earning (Town-to-Town):
~60,000,000 Gold

- Hunter Earning (Town-to-Town): 14,000,000 Gold + 60% on each Hunter in the party THEN divided on all Hunters.

- 1 Hunter Earning: 14,000,000 Gold
- 2 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 60% = 22,000,000 Gold, each 11,000,000 Gold.
- 3 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 120% = 30,800,000 Gold, each 10,200,000 Gold.
- 4 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 180% = 39,200,000 Gold, each 9,800,000 Gold.
- 5 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 240% = 47,600,000 Gold, each 9,500,000 Gold.
- 6 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 300% = 56,000,000 Gold, each 9,000,000 Gold.
- 7 Hunters Earning: 14,000,000 Gold + 360% = 64,400,000 Gold, each 9,000,000 Gold.

Thief Earning (Solo): 24,000,000 Gold
Thief Earning (Party): 20,000,000 Gold for the Seller, and 6,000,000 Gold divided to the rest of the party.

Coin Earnings

Trader Earning [Town-to-Town (Nearby)]: 2 Job Coins

- 1 Hunter Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 60% on each Hunter in the party THEN divided on all Hunters.

- 1 Hunter Earning: 1.5 Job Coin
- 2 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 60% = 2.4 Job Coins, each 1.2 Job Coin.
- 3 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 120% = 3.3 Job Coins, each 1.1 Job Coin.
- 4 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 180% = 4.2 Job Coins, each 1.05 Job Coin
- 5 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 240% = 5.1 Job Coins, each 1.02 Job Coin
- 6 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 300% = 6 Job Coins, each 1 Job Coin
- 7 Hunters Earning: 1.5 Job Coin + 360% = 7 Job Coins, each 1 Job Coin

Thief Earning (Solo): 2 Job Coins
Thief Earning (Party): 2.4 divided by 2 = 1.2 Job Coins for the Seller, and 1.2 distributed to the rest of the nearby party members.
The development of a job-related window to monitor your job stats is a mandatory thing that was ignored for years, also note that everything in this UI gets updated Real-time as well. Our Job Interface is going to include the following:

- Your Job Information (Live-Update)
- Opposite Job Opponents under Job Mode + Their location (Live-Update)
- Your Job Earnings (Live-Update)

In Araxion, the official Job Temple will be used to keep the nostalgia and original feeling going. Inside Job Temple, the drop rate is going to be noticeably increased, plus quests and missions that will be assigned inside to people of opposite jobs at the same time for continuous challenges. Beware though, as botting inside is unsafe because you might get murdered any time by a wandering opposite jobber. The temple is also going to be home to our job unique monsters like Isis, Anubis, Neith, and Selket. Job Temple will be the host of the Treasure Box event which will be explained in the event section.

Your guild is a second family to you, we shared ups and downs, we shared glorious moments related to Fortress War and events, we shared exciting moments whether it be regarding unique kills or a weapon we could plus to the maximum enhancement level, this is why we have tried our best not to overlook anything that can be done to improve your experience as a guild and union.

We have updated guilds to have a capacity per level, the purpose for this is to bring back memories on how hard we worked to level our guilds up, and raise awareness that guilds should not actually start at Level 5 immediately. The capacity per level is going to work as follows:
Guild Level Member Cap
Guild Lv1 8 Members
Guild Lv2 8 Members
Guild Lv3 16 Members
Guild Lv4 16 Members
Guild Lv5 24 Members

GPs have been disabled for the time being as we will be using the points for something awesome in a future update related to Fortress War.
The master of the guild will be able to lock the job league to ensure that none of the members will be able to join the opposite job and that the guild will be a true one hand. So the master will be able to lock Trader/Hunter or Thief.
The penalty for leaving your guild in Araxion is going to be 1 day, however you can reset this by using the Penalty Reset scroll.
The union limit is going to be 3, we find this to be the most optimal and compatible option nowadays alongside 24 guild limit.
The limit for granting members the ability to chat in union has been removed, meaning that you can grant all 24 members of your guild the union chat.
So far in Silkroad, the Fortress War has been the biggest method of showing how awesome our gang is, this War in Araxion is going to be every Sunday when everyone is off work (unless you work a night shift on a weekend.) It's going to have plenty of awesome features like kill counters and other stuff we don't want to spoil now.

Going back in time, it’s hard to remember when the concept of events was first introduced to Silkroad, but whenever it was, we cannot deny the fact that it was a great add on to the game, as we can enjoy slaughtering fellow players instead of monsters who don’t have a brain, with any event; the outcome is never the same every time as we change our strategy every time to avoid being predictable and catch people off-guard. Find below Araxion’s events.

Upon registering, you will be teleported to an arena with your fellow participants. After the event commences, slaughter each other until there is only one person left standing, he who has the courage to stand above others will be chosen as the winner.

- 200 Silk & 16 Arena Coins

Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.
Our madness event is going to have two modes; solo and party. In any case, once you get inside the enclosed area, you will be equipped with a PvP cape while also finding a unique monster there which is what you’re going to be aiming for as it grants silk and has valuable drops.

- 3x 100 Silk Scroll & 3x Magic lamps

Duration: Infinity, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.

It’s the same as the Madness event, but the difference is that this time it’s going to be wearing job suits instead of PvP capes. You will get inside an enclosed area, and your main focus is going to be hunting the unique monster which you will find inside.

- 4x 100 Silk Scroll & 6x Magic lamps

Duration: Infinity, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.
This normal Survival Arena mode that you’re used to play, you get inside an enclosed arena, have a PvP cape equipped on your character, and fight!

- 1st Place: 16x Arena Coin & 150 Silk.
- 2nd Place: 10x Arena Coin & 80 Silk.
- 3rd Place: 6x Arena Coin & 50 Silk.

Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.
You have read on some occasions previously in the thread that we have multiple modes for Survival Arena in Araxion, here you will participate in the Survival Arena, but it’s going to be a 2vs2 arena instead of a solo one, meaning that multiples teams of 2 are going to be fighting each other.

- 1st Place: 10x Arena Coin & 100 Silk each.
- 2nd Place: 8x Arena Coin & 60 Silk each.
- 3rd Place: 5x Arena Coin & 50 Silk each.

Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.
The third mode for Survival Arena is going to be teams of 4 fighting against each other instead of 2. This just makes things more intense and trains you strategically and teamwork-wise.

- 1st Place: 8x Arena Coin & 100 Silk each.
- 2nd Place: 6x Arena Coin & 60 Silk each.
- 3rd Place: 4x Arena Coin & 50 Silk each.

Duration: 11 minutes, the first minute will be a stalemate, meaning that no one will be able to attack each other.

Functionality: Hidden Player and Guild names.

This is a 8vs8 randomly matchmade event, where you register, get teamed up with 8 random people against 8 random people. The purpose of the event is to kill your opponents while also hunting the Pandora Boxes for points, and the team with the highest points by the end of the event is declared the winner.

- Opponent Kill: 10 Points
- Pandora Box: 100 Points

- Winning Team: 6x Arena Coins
- Losing Team: 2x Arena Coins
A GM character will hide somewhere in the map (yes, all of it) and you have to be the first to find it and send an exchange request to it in order to be declared the winner.

- 60 Silk
Search for the hidden unique monster that spawns across the globe (all map,) the first person to kill it will be announced as the winner.

- 60 Silk
A bot GM character will spawn in the southern gate of Donwhang wearing a PvP cape, the bot GM character will detect who landed the last hit on it and make an announcement with his name. The event will have 3 rounds.

- 75 Silk each.
16 PvP matching arenas are waiting for you to show your skills off, all you need to do is to register your name, and the system will match you up with a worthy opponent, and soon we will introduce a bidding system to this amazing feature. A feature dedicated to those who fight for honor.

- pvp matching rewards, 3 honor points and 30 silks
- pvp matching only 2 rounds per day
- pvp matching ticket available in gold npc for 80m to increase the entry count by 3 max per day

Adding more spice to the temple. Treasure Boxes are going to spawn across the Job Temple, and they will have valuable drops, so you will definitely make time to go hunt them if you want to get those awesome rewards all while hunting down opposite jobbers!

Rewards (Chance)
- 1% Lucky Boost Scroll
- 2% Lucky Boost Scroll
- 5% Lucky Boost Scroll
- 10% Lucky Boost Scroll
- Magic Lamp

This is basically a test for your general knowledge, try your best to answer these questions and see how much you know about the world.

- 25 Silk
You will need to open a party in the matching window and your party has to have the same order in the event notice. Will the odds be in your favor or will your luck betray you?

- 50 Silk
When it’s time for the event, a bot account will drop random degree items (to avoid preparations) and ask you to enhance their level (plus) to a specific extent, only the first person who reaches that enhancement level is the winner.

- 50 Silk
Battle Royale is slowly invading the Video Game industry and replacing some of its fundamentals and standards, this is why this cannot be missed in Araxion although it’s a hard event to code. Everything about Araxion’s Battle Royale is well-thought about including the codes as we didn’t just want to release “another” Battle Royale event, but we wanted to release a Battle Royale event that will get you hooked and addicted. The Battle Royale event will be hosted on the live server, needless to have a separate server for it. You will start Lv90 with a hammer to start your hunt.

Map: Storm Cloud Desert
Goblin: The main mob inside the event of which you will obtain drops from, it has a random spawn rate and once they have all been killed, they won’t respawn until the storm afterwards.
Copper Chest: You will find this box scattered in the Battle Royale Desert, and it drops low-tier items.
Jewel Chest: You will find this box scattered in the Battle Royale Desert, and it drops high-tier items.
Statistics: You will find a brand-new interface when you are inside the event area containing the number of players alive, and how many kills you have landed.

Araxion has hosted a lot of giveaways, and we still are, those offline events are basically events where you participate in them without having to login to the game. whether it's hosted on Discord, Social media and so on..

Razer blackwidow chroma keyboard giveaway

This Event has ended on the 28th of November, And the reward has been dispatched already. We would like to congratulate Kenan Imamovic once more!

Araxion Teaser share event

Still on going Event and it will end on the 25th of December. Click the image below to be redirected to the Event post in-order for you to participate.

- 20,000 Silk for 20 winners, each getting 1000.
- 30 Beginner pack for 30 winners.

Signature Event
- We are going to pick 10 random players that are using our signature to win [500] Silk as the usage of the signature helps our community grow and we have to support you just like you're supporting us!
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Our skill balance has been updated according to the beta reports. The purpose of this balance is to give you a variety of skills usage and rid you of the routine for every Cap, which means that you'll need to come up with new combos since you have new skills you can use in your arsenal. Find below the changes made for each mastery:

- Increased Flying Stone Smash's Bleed probability from 18% to 20%
- Increased Lightning Chain debuffs probability from 20% to 25%
- Modified Summit & Depth Bicheon Force's Phy. def of shield reduction from 74% to 46% (earlier levels of this skill were modified, while leaving the earlier 3 skills untouched)
- Increased Summit & Depth Bicheon Force's Phy. atk. pwr. Increase from 119 to 139 (at Lv4)

- Reduced Ocean Blade Force knock-down probability from 50% to 40%
- Reduced Demon Blade Force knock-down probability from 50% to 45%

- Increased Soul Spear - Move's Stun probability from 20% to 30%

- Modified Chain Spear - Dragon to have 18% Decay probability with a 10 seconds duration.
- Modified Chain Spear - Pluto to have 18% Weaken probability with a 10 seconds duration.

- Decreased Soul Spear - Soul's Stun probability from 30% to 20%

- Increased Mind Concentration Lv9's Attack rate from 33 to 43
- Increased Anti Devil Bow - Strike's Critical from 35 to 40

- Modified Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate to have 20% Fear probability with a 5 seconds duration
- Modified Autumn Wind - Red to have 18% Bleed Probability with a 15 seconds duration.
- Modified Mind Concentration Lv9 to have 3% Phy & 3% Mag atk. Increase.

- Reduced 5 Arrow Combo's Knock-back probability from 30% to 24%

- Increased all Cold Imbue series to be the same as Fire Imbue series.

- Added a restriction to Snow Shields to ensure STR builds won't be able to use it. (270 for Novice - Adept) and (338 for Freeze and Intensify)

- Added a shared cooldown of 10 seconds to all Ice Walls.

- Increased all Lightning Imbue series to be the same as Fire Imbue series.
- Increased Grass Walk - Speed's Moving speed to 104%.

- Added a shared cooldown of 8 seconds to the Ghost Walk dashes.

- Added a shared cooldown of 10 seconds to all Fire Walls.

- Added a shared cooldown of 20 seconds to all Force Cure skills.
- Added a shared cooldown of 20 seconds to all Cure Therapy skills.
- Reduced Vital Spot - Body Decay probability from 80% to 45%
- Reduced Vital Spot - Mind Weaken probability from 80% to 45%
- Reduced Vital Spot - Zero Impotent probability from 80% to 30%
- Reduced Vital Spot - Brain Division probability from 80% to 35%
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Waiting for beta. what attract me is the 16 player PVP event.
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hahaha pay2play
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Just Wowww im in for sure
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g.l guys
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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post

hahaha pay2play
The prices were just for testing purposes, none of them is real by any mean. Apart from that, titles don’t empower you in any way and even if they did, there are A LOT of free titles given for ranking and unique kills.
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Looks good man! Defenetily going to play the beta to see how it goes!!!
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what bots are supported? and could u maybe do your community the favour and publish working+clean bot on your homepage?

thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by megaman4999 View Post

hahaha pay2play
every uniq u kill wil get free silk lol
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Looks great lul , give a try ^^

Waiting beta.
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pay2win system how electus, ruby...
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Originally Posted by 380667267468s View Post
pay2win system how electus, ruby...
If you really think Araxion is Pay2Win, then the only explanation is that you haven't read the whole thread. Araxion was, is, and will always be Play2Win, so please read the thread again and you'll understand that you are mistaken.
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Back again with some amazing innovation and new features.
Don't expect any less than perfect from this team. Best of luck, my dear friend Doclex, and the others the same.
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9 degree silkroad, araxion online, cap 90 server, ch only, silkroad

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